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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm on Youtube and looking at completely fanmade pony animations, and I see that many videos have the "More from: HasbroStudiosShorts" next to the description in the About section. From what I know, this means that Hasbro is using ContentID on these videos. A favorite pony reviewer of mine says that he got hit with a Content Match from Hasbro over his review of Snowdrop. For those who don't know, Snowdrop is a completely fanmade animation, with not a second of music or animation from the show or anything related whatsoever, and his review video that got hit did not have any violating content either. I see this on other 100% original videos too, like Twilight the Unicorn and Digibro's review of Snowdrop. Click below to see two videos that have the "More from: HasbroStudiosShorts" next to their descriptions. You have to go to the video's original page to see it. What this means is that Hasbro is claiming to own content that they do not and have never owned. To add insult to injury, if Hasbro is doing like many music companies do with ContentID, Hasbro is making thousands of dollars off of these animations that again, they do not own, while the actual video owners and creators get nothing. So now, I'm wondering, why on Earth is Hasbro claiming videos that they don't own? And how are they using ContentID to auto-match content that they did not know even existed until it hit Youtube? I am led to believe that they are manually tag these videos as they see them get popular, or they have agreements with the videomakers beforehand (which would be a relief). I would chalk this up as being like the Button Mash drama, but in that case, they didn't try to make money off of his work, they asked him to take it down because every character in the cartoons bar one violated their copyrights (and possibly trademarks). Is it legal to monetize a video and keep the entirety of the profits without consent, just because of one or two characters? I would think Hasbro would have to take the video maker to court and sue for damages first. A video violating one's copyright does not mean that they own the entire video.