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Found 91 results

  1. Welcome, Everypony, to our 5th Equestrian Cider Contest! Our next "challenge" will be a simple one: Role-Playing! Simply role-play the pony you are supporting, as if you are that pony. Say what you think she would be saying, as if she were participating in the contest. And that's it! No strict rules for this challenge, like rhyming or syllables. This is all just for fun! Our contestants for this contest are as follows: 1. Applejack 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Pinkie Pie 4. Twilight Sparkle 5. Fluttershy 6. Rarity 7. Lyra 8. Starlight Glimmer 9. Trixie 10. Princess Luna Here are the basic rules of the game: 1. All ten contestants start with zero points (i.e. no ciders drunk). 2. Make a post in support of the contestant you want to win. 3. For each post made in support of a contestant, one point will be added to that contestant (i.e. she will drink one cider). To make the game easier to keep track, I recommend counting to 200 for your pony. For example, if your post is the 12th to support Twilight Sparkle, then say something like, "Twilight Sparkle: 12" 4. Rules for posting are as follows: a. You may only give a point to one of the ten ponies, listed above. No other ponies may compete in this competition. b. No consecutive posts by the same poster are allowed. (if the thread gets too inactive, I may make an exception at my discretion.) c. Back-and-forth posting by only two posters may count for up to 20 consecutive posts for one contestant. Beyond that, no points will be given. d. See above for the role-play requirement! 5. The first contestant to get 200 points (i.e. drink two hundred ciders) wins! Inside is a glance of the History of the Cider Cup: Are you ready, Everypony?! Three ... two ... one ... Chug!
  2. Make yer best countyisims. I want this here topic to git so dang many it'll look like a barn O' chickins with 5 tons of grain, left alone durin matin season.
  3. Welcome, Everypony, to our 4th Equestrian Cider Contest! Our Cider Contest History: Our next challenge is the Haiku challenge! This time, the score limit is only 50, but everyone has to make a Haiku for each post. A Haiku is a three line poem with 17 syllables: 5 on the first line, 7 on the second line, and 5 on the third line. Here are some examples: For more examples of Haiku, see here: If you are unsure how many syllables a word or phrase has, please use this: A few rules for our challenge: It must be related to MLP. You may not use the same Haiku twice or copy a Haiku from someone else. Our contestants for this contest are as follows: 1. Applejack 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Pinkie Pie 4. Twilight Sparkle 5. Fluttershy 6. Rarity 7. Lyra 8. Starlight Glimmer 9. Trixie 10. Princess Luna Here are the basic rules of the game: 1. All ten contestants start with zero points (i.e. no ciders drunk). 2. Make a post in support of the contestant you want to win. 3. For each post made in support of a contestant, one point will be added to that contestant (i.e. she will drink one cider). To make the game easier to keep track, I recommend counting to 50 for your pony. For example, if your post is the 12th to support Twilight Sparkle, then say something like, "Twilight Sparkle: 12" 4. Rules for posting are as follows: a. You may only give a point to one of the ten ponies, listed above. No other ponies may compete in this competition. b. You may post consecutively, as long as your replies don't merge. The time window of merging is 10 minutes, so you may only post once every 10 minutes if no one else posts. c. See above for the Haiku challenge. If you ignore the challenge, your post will not count. 5. The first contestant to get 50 points (i.e. drink fifty ciders) wins! Get Ready ... Set ... Chug!
  4. Hey everypony! With Nightmare Night fast approaching, we felt it time to reintroduce an old MLP Forums tradition and get ourselves into the festive spirit with a Nightmare Night themed art contest! This contest will be open to any and all, irrespective of artistic skill. Feel like you want to make a contribution to the holidays? Well, now is your chance! However, in the time-honored sense of fair competition, we do have one simple guideline for all entries to follow: That they depict a scene featuring at least one of our Poniverse Mascots. It's entirely up to yourselves who or how many you want to include, but we want to see what scenarios you can come up with under this heading. (If you need reminders or references of what our mascots look like, images will be included in the following post.) Entries can be submitted as of this announcement going live! All entries should be submitted to: Submissions end on October 31st at 2PM EST/1PM Central SHARP. So get cracking if you want the most amount of time to work! But wait...! You may be wondering what exactly is up for grabs in this contest? Well, I'm glad you asked! If your piece is selected to be a winner, you could be in with a shot of: First Place Prize: A special "Nightmare Night" badge applied to your profile to display your victory across the forum! You will also receive a complementary $35 commissions voucher to spend as you wish within our commissions section, as well as have your piece featured! Second Place Prize: You will receive a $25 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Third Place Prize: You will receive a $10 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Remember that you will need an active MLP Forums account in order to claim any of these prizes! If you have any additional questions relating to the contest, feel free to leave either a comment on this thread, or contact @Heart Container for assistance. And with all that said, I now declare this contest officially OPEN! Best of luck everypony!
  5. Good evening, everypony! Well, after a splendid bit of competition in our latest contest in which we saw a grand total of 11 stories submitted for it, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0: Family Is Magic Contest! All of the entries were enjoyable to read, and I want to personally thank each and every author for taking the time to write and enter your submissions. We hope that many of our members and other bronies throughout the fandom have enjoyed them as well as much as we did, and if you haven't read any of them yet, folks, I would highly recommend you to check them out here, they are well worth your time. Now that that's out of the way, let's begin. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0: Family Is Magic Contest!!! Winners First Place: Thankfulness and High Society by CategoricalGrant Out of all the entries we received in this contest, none handled the "Family Is Magic" theme of it better than CaterogicalGrant's outstanding Thankfulness and High Society. This one shot, clocking in at just over 5,000 words, actually felt like a story which, aside from a few adult elements and jokes, could easily feature in the show itself. The story revolves around Rarity who, while attending what is presumably Equestria's most prestigious designer awards show (as a nominee herself, at that), has to struggle with her family's presence and their inability to behave with the proper decorum around the high fashion and Canterlot crowds. The handling of her parents, Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles, is especially delightful and, for characters who have only ever truly featured in one scene of the show, feels spot on for their characters, but every member of Rarity's family, including Rarity herself, is great here. On top of that, the pacing is also fantastic, featuring far more scenes than one would think would feature in a fic this short, none of which are underdeveloped or overstay their welcome. Finally, in addition to the multitude of scenes, there are a multitude of fan favorite supporting characters from the show as well, again, surprising for a fic this short, but all of the characters themselves make delightful appearances that do not take away or distract from the main narrative. Overall, this is a fic that is beautifully organized, has a wonderful story, lesson, and characterization, and is well worth a read from anyone who has the time. Congratulations, CaterogicalGrant, on the well-deserved win! Second Place: My Wings Will Keep You Safe by Brony250 Our second place entry comes from Brony250, an author that, if you've been on Fimfiction for long, you are probably familiar with to some extent. Brony250 has been writing on the site for a long time, but surprisingly, this is his first ever one shot. Well, thankfully, I'm pleased to say that for his first ever one shot, Brony250 has given us a delightful read. The fic features Apple Bloom hunkering down at Twilight's library (back in Season 4, so Twilight is a princess by now but still is living in Golden Oaks Library) in the middle of a ferocious storm. Unlike our winning entry, there's not much of a moral lesson at play here; instead, it's a very slice-of-life story in every sense of the word. That's certainly not a bad thing, but do not go into this fic expecting it to build up to a clear cut climax. It's more like a nice, quiet chapter in both Twilight and Apple Bloom's lives where they share in a nice moment with each other, where Twilight spends the night looking out as best as she can for the frightened young filly. The most endearing aspects of this fic are Twilight's interactions with Apple Bloom, as well as the ways in which we see how special Twilight's relationship with the Apples, the first family to welcome her to Ponyville at all, is to her and them. You'll definitely come away from this fic wishing to see a story like it in the show itself, so I would definitely recommend you check it out if you can. Third Place: The Patter of Rain by NavelColt Third place goes to NavelColt's quiet, relaxing fic The Patter of Rain, featuring a pair of OC changelings along with everyone's favorite changeling monarch (or as I like to call him, King Deer Bug Pony) King Thorax. As with our second place winner, this fic also takes place in the middle of a storm, although whereas that fic has a certain level of tension given Apple Bloom's consistent terror at the raging storm outside, this fic will make you want to curl up by a fire with a cup of coffee and hot cocoa, even if it isn't raining outside. The one word that especially comes to mind with this fic for me is serenity, it is a very serene, calm, relaxed fic. We get a little insight into some of the tensions that some changelings may feel about their abrupt transformations and reformations, but also a fun, cute look at what Thorax could be like as leader of the changelings: that being a very cuddly, calm, loving, serene parental-like figure. While not much overall happens in terms of the story itself, this fic will put you in a very relaxed mood, and is well worth a look. Honorable Mentions While all of our other entries deserve commendation, two in particular, while not in the top three, deserve special praise as well. First, Chicanery by Silver Letter may well have been our most unique entry out of all of them, at least in terms of its story. It tells a story which, believe it or not, involves time travel, land disputes, and, of all things, has an open-ended, ambiguous ending at that. All of this is very deliberate, and in less qualified hands this story wouldn't work, but Silver Letter is a highly talented writer, and as a result what we've gotten instead is a very fascinating fic. Second, Symphony in Green by ThunderGust, one of the only fics entered into our contest to feature, instead of a main show character or an original character, a background character! This delightful little read features Lyra Heartstrings just hanging out with her grandparents on her birthday; if that sounds like a very simple slice-of-life premise, trust me, it is. But simple slice-of-life is great when it's executed well, and this is most definitely executed well. It's basically just a day in the life of somepony celebrating their birthday, but hey, birthday celebrations are tons of fun, and what we have here is very fun and heartwarming indeed! Check it out if you get the chance. Well, that's about it for this contest everypony! Once again, a very big thank you to everyone who participated, and to anyone looking for a good read, I'd highly recommend you check some of these stories out! Till next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  6. Good morning, everypony! Batbrony here with a friendly reminder that Poniverse's Summerpalooza 3.0 Contest's deadline is in a week! After midnight on Sunday, August 13 (so, to clarify, 12:01 AM on Monday, August 14) no new entries will be accepted (unless due to time constraints or scheduling conflicts, contestants arrange something with me beforehand so they can submit their entries, at most, 1-2 days after the contest deadline). For all of you participating, remember, the the central theme of the contest is "Family Is Magic"! To learn more about the contest's rules, stipulations, and prizes, click here to get to the original contest thread. We hope to see plenty of contest submissions in the coming week, and best of luck to all of you who are participating!
  7. Do you guys like voting? Well, I sure do, so I've decided to host a double-elimination tournament in order to decide who the best characters are! Only characters from the main series are included, and only if they have a speaking role. I've run a similar tournament before, with 64 characters, between Season 2 and Season 3. This taught me a few things that I'll use to hopefully make this contest even better. I'm also using parts of the previous results to create some seeding (that one was with random seeding, which wasn't ideal). There is one notable change to the traditional double-elimination format: The winner of the winners finals will be #1, and the winner of the losers bracket will be #2 (no grand finals, since chances are we'd just end up with the same two characters facing each other again). Oh, and I've decided to skip the mane 6 this time, partly because there have already been so many polls with them, and partly because they tend to steamroll most matchups. You're only allowed to vote once per round, even if you have multiple accounts. In order to reduce the risk of cheating, I will only accept votes from users with a minimum of 5 posts.
  8. It’s time to whip out those vocal exercises because returning this April, is Season 4 of The Voice: Equestria! We challenge you to show us what you’ve got in that mouth of yours, in the ultimate contest of audible creativity. But we don’t want to hear your best impressions of Twilight or Pinkie, we want your own characters out of your own head. That’s right, we want your original characters. Make it past our pre-judges, to the final round, and Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germain, and Ashleigh Ball get to hear and judge you, on stage, in lights, in front of a live audience at BABSCon 2017. So, do you have what it takes to impress Tara and our other Guests of Honor? Read the rules below.... If you, brave and talented soul, are attending BABSCon this April and wish to enter, submit to us a short YouTube video of yourself strutting your stuff and that wicked tongue of yours, then tweet a link of that video to @BABScon with the hashtag #TheVoiceEquestria, or post to our Facebook, to grab the pre-contest judges’ attention. Finalists will be chosen to compete and perform in front of a panel of our Guests of Honor for the grand prize and the title of being The Voice of Equestria. The Rules: You must be attending BABSCon in person and be 18 or over to be eligible. To enter, upload a video to YouTube (or similar service) of no more than 3 minutes in length displaying your range as a VA* (Note: This is NOT “mimic as many ponies from MLP:FiM as possible”…we want distinct characters with a variety of pitches, tonalities, accents, etc.). Tweet a link of your video to @babscon with the hashtag #TheVoiceEquestria, or post to our Facebook, to submit it, and send an email to with your name, BABSCon badge name, email address, and phone number. Our staff will select finalists from the submissions to compete on stage, live at BABSCon, where Tara Strong herself plus two more of the show's VAs will audition you! Finalists from The Voice: Equestria Season 3 are not eligible. We’ll be accepting entries from now until 3/31/17. GoH OCs by PixelKitties
  9. Say, we host a cooking contest, in which the Two Twilight Sparkles and Sunset Shimmer got invited to attend. Each contestant may cook any dish, but it has to involve at least something and eggs, eggplants, and bacon. Which of the three do you think will win this contest, and what kind of dish do you think she will create? And would you, or the other two, enjoy the winning dish? Thank you.
  10. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Thank you for entering. Check out this post for more details Image by Brian Blackberry Attention music artists! Get your music making skills ready because is launching a special contest for the Christmas season! Do you think you can produce the best Christmas/Hearth's Warming song? We’re holding a song contest to find the best Hearth’s Warming songs this season. They can be original songs or remixes of some of the show’s songs from the Hearth’s Warming episodes. To submit, just upload a track to between now and the 18th of December and make sure to check "Submit to Hearth's Warming Contest" in the track editor. The best three songs made by you will be featured on the homepage of on the week of Christmas and you’ll be receiving an Amazon gift voucher ($50 for 1st place, $25 for 2nd and $10 for 3rd). Songs that are not featured in the homepage will be put into a Hearth's Warming playlist for all to enjoy. Submissions are open right now! We’ll close the submissions on the 18th 20th of December and the winners will be announced a few days before Christmas. Please be sure to read the official contest rules. If you want to collab with other composers, feel free. So, what are you waiting for! Get out there and start making some great tunes! EDIT: We've extended the closing date to the 20th! FAQs: Contest Rules and Terms (Also available at
  11. Good afternoon everypony! First of all, I need to issue an apology for taking so long to get these contest results posted. In my defense, I've been super busy with job hunting (a long, frustrating process), but that still doesn't excuse how ridiculously long it has taken to get these up. With that out of the way, let's get to the contest results themselves! Sadly, we only had 4 entries this time around, so all four of them place in the contest and will be ranked here. Thankfully, the entries themselves were all very enjoyable, and I highly recommend everyone to check them out! I want to give a big thank you to the folks who were kind enough to take the time to write fics for our contest and also displayed a lot of patience with the judges (especially myself) in getting the results up and posted. I'll contact you all personally when I know who will be doing your art prize. With that said, let's begin. Winners First Place: Compersion by Etolia If there was any fic more worthy of first place than Rainbow Shells, it was Compersion. Etolia offers readers a sweet, sad, romantic, and compelling fic featuring Buffy, Viola, and Azura struggling to make a very unusual kind of relationship work. Yes, in case you were wondering, this fic is indeed about a polyamorous relationship, and before you think that raises a red flag, no, it's not about being "sensual". This fic actually approaches its subject matter quite maturely, dealing with the struggle that goes into making such a relationship work for all parties involved. It's a sequel to Setting the Rift and is largely about Viola and Buffy, but with a pretty fair dose of Azura thrown in there as well. All are wonderfully characterized and Buffy is absolutely adorable through and through (as she should be). Overall, this is a truly worthwhile fic and most deserving of getting first place and your time to read it if you get the chance. Wonderful job Etolia, and congratulations on your well-deserved win! Second Place: Rainbow Shells by Silver Letter Returning to Poniverse once more, Silver Letter gives us a super solid fic starring Pixel Wavelength and Buffy as they take a vacation to Sweetie Shores, as well as Azura as she follows their exploits in the midst of DJing for her radio show. This was probably the most fun fic out of all of our entries and offers some great shenanigans from Pixel, Buffy, and Azura all around. As usual, Silver Letter's characterization of Pixel is spot on and offers readers the chance to see her further grow, not to mention it's always fun seeing the perspective of an older character like her (remember, she is middle age after all, with a husband and family) as opposed to most of the other Poniverse mascots, who range from late teens to young adults for the most part. I found Azura to be particularly enjoyable as well since we get to see her working as an actual radio DJ for most of the fic, something which most of the other entries largely did not offer, and his handling of dialogue in these scenes is masterful, it very much sounds like a behind the scenes look at an actual radio DJ. This fic's got sand, surf, and ponies in the sunshine having fun and learning valuable lessons, what more could you want? Definitely worth a read a most certainly worthy of second place! Third Place: Radio Station Dilemmas by John29 The third place winner of our contest gets a special shout-out for the extra efforts he went to in putting this fic together. John29 made a lot (and when I say 'a lot' I mean A LOT) of edits to his fic in the course of submitting it to our contest and I commend him for all the hard work and time he put into making his fic as good as he possibly could. The fic itself stars Azura Peavielle, PVL's mascot, in the midst of solving a mystery at a radio station involving herself, the Mane 6, Spike, and Discord. While a bit repetitive at times, the fic overall is very enjoyable and has some very solid characterization, of both its sole OC and the show-canon characters. A very solid fic all around, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Poniverse mascots, and once again, great work John29, thank you for all the hard efforts you made. Fourth Place: Apocryphal thoughts by Shadowboltwriter Our fourth place winner features Wordplay and the rest of the mascot team embarking on an adventure to protect Equestria's Internet! While definitely an ensemble fic, all the same Wordplay is most certainly the main character, and in it we see him dealing with some feelings of angst and inadequacy, uncertain of the larger role he plays in Poniverse besides being good at roleplaying. While a little rough around the edges as far as spelling or grammar goes, this is a fun and brisk read, and most definitely worth your time. Give it a read if you get the chance, and a big shout-out to Shadowboltwriter on the enjoyable fic!
  12. Good afternoon everypony! Just got a quick update for ya'll about the Poniverse Fimfiction Mascot Summerpalooza 2.0 contest. As of this date, the original contest end date of August 5 (this upcoming Friday) is officially being extended by three weeks to midnight on Friday, August 26. To those of you who haven't gotten entries in yet or need more time to revise your entries that have already been entered, this should give you more than enough time to do whatever you need to do before the end of the contest. We hope this is not inconvenient to anyone and apologize for the delay, but just feel this will make things easier for some late-comers to the contest. If you're unfamiliar with the contest but would like to enter, read this thread for more details on the rules and requirements to enter: Poniverse Fimfiction Mascot Summerpalooza 2.0 Contest Thread Thank you for your time, and have a nice day everypony!
  13. Well then, now that I have your attention, let's begin! Anyways, the Poniverse Fimfiction group (which you can find and join by clicking here if you haven't already) has not been very active in quite some time, and we at Poniverse are dead-set on fixing that. As such, we've decided to launch as our next fanfiction contest, Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza 2.0!!! Yes, once again we will have a fanfiction contest centered around the lovely mascots of Poniverse in which you will have the opportunity to leave your mark on Poniverse canon, only this time we actually have some canon established for them already for you guys to reference and look up in the course of writing! Below you will find all the rules you need to know: (1) Entries submitted to this contest must feature one or more of the Poniverse Mascots (Pixel Wavelength, Buffy, Viola, Viridian Meadows, Nova Blast, Wordplay (and twin sister Fair Dice and older brother Road Map), and our newest mascot, Azura Peavielle) in a starring role. Stories may fall into any genre and cover any subject the author desires, but in order to qualify as eligible for Poniverse canon, must fit into already existing canon. Existing canon may be found here in the Poniverse Mascot Canon folder and here on the Poniverse Networks Tumblr. But aside from that, go crazy and have fun! Be it a silly slice-of-life story to tell about one or more of the mascots, or a rollicking adventure, or a romance, or whatever, go for it! Whatever the fic, we will accept and judge it, so long as it features these characters. Now, in addition to canon for these characters that already exists, our staff has put together personality profiles for each character, which you will find below. These profiles do not provide background information about specific events or anything in these mascots lives, just some information about their personality traits and characteristics. You don't even have to follow them to the letter if you don't want to, but preference will be given in judging to fics that more closely follow these profiles. If you have any questions about something you'd like to do with a character, feel free to PM me or another member of our staff about it. Disclaimer: As these mascots are intellectual property of, judges reserve the right to ask for minor content changes from submissions from finalists. Poniverse Mascot Profiles Pixel Wavelength: Pixel Wavelength, Poniverse's overall, benevolent alicorn OC mascot, is a complete and total sweetheart: generous to the core, friendly as heck, super motherly as well. She's that friend you can call at 3am in the morning crying and she'll come to your house with food and a hug. She's pretty naive, though. She's also not very adventurous, preferring to stay home and work on creating better technology. She's a bit of a 'mad' scientist, you could say, in the same vein as Twilight. She's very scientific, certainly. She wants to make the Equestrian version of a computer that can work with all species of pony! In fact, within our own crazy Poniverse canon where computers apparently exist in Equestria, she also happens to be the Princess of the Internet, something I'm sure ya'll could do some very fun stuff with in your writing. Buffy: MLP Forums' mascot, Buffy is an absolute bundle of fun. She was based off of Shift, who designed her. So she will sometimes speak in CAPS LIKE THIS. Kind, adoring, would do anything for a friend. She's not really a voice of wisdom by any means, but she still gives her opinion anyway. She's a blabbermouth, and loves to chat (since, you know, forums and all!). She's a huge fan of watching shows and getting into heavy (but friendly) debates about them with the ponies around town. On a sadder note, she tends to feel lonely quite often, which is a big reason why she makes her voice so loud. She wants to be heard, to feel important and noticed. Viola:'s mascot is an uptight musician, who specializes in violins. She is quite the social luminary, and comes from a family full of musically talented ponies. She has a personality and exhibits mannerisms in the same vein as Rarity, including the manner in which she speaks. She is a bit snobbish when it comes to ponies trying to befriend her, but outside of her tough (seemingly mean at times) exterior is quite the caring pony. She is loyal to her friends to the very core. She's definitely the straight man of the mascots - rolling her eyes at puns and boorish or uncouth behavior. Still, she's always willing to help out her friends and give them advice. She's quite good at it! Viridian Meadows:'s mascot loves to gather her friends up for late night movies. She loves to crack puns and jokes (much to Viola's dismay at times), and is very much the jokester of the group. She can be quite the sassy pony too; quick with comebacks and always the one to break the silence. She's very confident and sure of herself. Sometimes, she run her mouth and fail to be careful in what she says, and that can be a bit of an issue. She's a budding filmmaker. Nova Blast: PoniArcade's mascot, Nova Blast was named after his parent's favorite arcade machine. Nova Blast was raised by video games - he practically lives and breathes them. Especially as a video game creator. Despite this, he was never a 'nerd.' Like Viridian, he's cool and confident. Suave. The one who has a group of mares and stallions swooning over him. Nova tries to think of himself as this too cool to touch dude, but he's very much a dork at heart. He loves his friends to the core, even if he doesn't always show it. He's not one for hugs or 'I love yous,' but he does care a lot. He just has some trouble expressing himself. Wordplay: Leave it to the roleplayers/world-builders to have most a story for him. Pony Roleplay's mascot Wordplay is actually the only mascot with siblings, an older brother named Road Map and a younger sister named Fair Dice. Wordplay is a bit shy, but is a strong writer and D&D player. He is the quietest among his friends, but don't think lightly of him; he has a very sharp tongue, and can get irritated easily. He's a perfectionist, and has a bit of trouble when it comes to sharing. He also happens to be a colt-cuddler (for those of you not in the know, that means he prefers stallions over mares), and we do ask that this trait of his not be changed, though it is not, I repeat, NOT necessary to bring it up in any fic about him, and the same can be said as far as any of the mascots love-lives or sexual preferences are concerned. Wordplay is the stallion depicted in the various artworks, and is the storyteller and RPer of the family. Fair Dice is his fractionally younger twin sister, and is far more interested in the mechanical aspects of RPs, with resolution systems, min/maxing, and so on. The little-seen Road Map is the much older brother who spends his time in the basement running massive, overenthusastic wargame scenarios such as the War of the Sun and Moon, or the Fall of the Crystal Empire. And painting all those miniatures. Can't use unpainted miniatures, you know! That would ruin the experience. Azura Peavielle: Our newest member of the Poniverse Mascot family is none other than Azura Peavielle (the mare on the right in the above pic), Ponyvillelive's mascot designed by none other than Petirep himself of Rainbow Dash Presentsfame. Ponyvillelive, as you may or may not know, is the network of brony radio stations, and one of the more recent additions to the Poniverse family. So it can be assumed that Azura's special talent or job is tied into radio work somehow; for example, perhaps she's a DJ! But the good news with Azura is that, unlike our other mascots, she has barely any canon to speak of. She's got her cutie mark, her design, and some appearances in our Tumblr, but that's about it. So writers can especially go crazy with Azura and come up with all sorts of stories for her; be it an origin story, how she came to work with Poniverse, or something else entirely, be our guest and go for it! We just want to get something of a canon story, background, and character established for our lovely little Azura. (2) Entries should be no longer than 30,000 words. We'd prefer that all entries be one-shot fics, but if the author requires multiple chapters for their fic, that's fine, so long as the fic does not exceed 30,000 words and is complete upon entry. (3) Entries cannot exceed a Teen rating. We will not accept any Mature rated fics, whether they be Gore fics, Slash fics, Clop fics, etc. That's not to say that you can't enter scary fics, but our group has a strict policy of not accepting Mature rated fics. If any Mature rated fics are entered, we will not read or review them. (4) Fics can be submitted to the contest in the folder titled Mascot Summerpalooza 2.0 Contest Entries. (5) Contestants can enter no more than 1 submission of their own work (and please, do not enter any other author's work into the contest, even if you're doing it for them; if they'd like to enter the contest, they can do so themselves). (6) Entries will be accepted until Friday, August 5, 2016; after that date, we will accept no new submissions. We hope to announce the contest winners in the middle or towards the end of August, although that time-slot may change depending on whatever real life demands may arise in the next month. Unlike our usual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place format, winning entries will be selected based on the best fic for each of the respective mascots. Don't let that stop you from using multiple mascots in a fic, cause if a fic's well-written enough, there's certainly no reason it couldn't qualify as the best fic about 2 or more of the mascots. Just do whatever you feel is most manageable. Once the winning entries have been selected, special prize art commissions will be awarded to those writers of the best entries for each respective character; you will find additional details about these art commissions below. In addition, as usual, all winning entries will be featured on MLP Forums, our Fimfiction group, and in the next Poniverse newsletter, along with reviews published for each one. Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, the winning entries for each mascot will be accepted as official Poniverse canon for these characters. We hope you all enjoy this contest as much as the last one, and hope to see some wonderful entries that help us to celebrate summer and continue to expand Poniverse! So get to it writers, and show us what you've got up your sleeves! I'm sure many of you have some very interesting stories in mind for each of these characters, and can't wait to see your ideas in action. If you have any questions about the contest, do not hesitate to post them here or to PM me, and feel free to share this contest prompt with any friends of yours here on MLP Forums, Fimfiction, or any other pony site you can think of! Have a pleasant day, everypony, and happy writing one and all! Art Commission Prizes Seven winners maximum (one for each mascot, although it is possible for peopl to win for more than one mascot) will receive free art commissions; these pieces will be 1-2 character full art pieces with a basic background, and may be whatever the winners desire, whether it be cover art for a fic, or just art of an OC. The following artists will work on these commissions: Sadatrix, Core-MLP, Numzie, icyfire888, ButteredRoses, Tyzain, and Tinkk611. Be sure to check out their art and DA profiles by clicking on their names! Once again, have a wonderful day everypony, and best of luck one and all!
  14. Who is prettier, appealing applejack or regular rarity? also I love this clip
  15. If you had a choice of using a pixel app to make a emoticon for this website how would you feel? This website is very creative and I respect the owners very much. This is just a little Idea I started thinking about after seeing the emotes. The emotes are good already, but what if custom emotes switched day to day? I enjoy a good set of art time and having fun posting topics. This is something that I think could become a thing. You'd have to limit the resolution of the art, and upload it. (I know it's not as easy as that...) The contest would involve the brohoof-ing of the custom emotes. Like the admin pick 5 custom emotes that A. Are appropriate and B. Are MLP related. The custom emote would get linked to the creator. The Brohoof-ing part involves us. The custom emote that got the most brohoofs will get to be in for another week. The contest would go on until the end of the year when the emote with the most brohoofs will become a permanent brohoof. If anyone has any other ideas, comment, ask others, get this noticed, and just tell your insight. Thank you...
  16. Goooooooooooood morning, everypony! Well, it's the second weekend of September. You know what time it is? YES! Wait, I mean, no, well, actually technically yes but that's beside the point. It's time... to announce the winners of the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest!!! OK, sure, not sure what you need the football gear for but please, continue. Yes, after an extensive judging period (and seriously, thank you all for your patience), I and the other judges have finally reached a consensus on the winning fics. There was some stiff competition to be sure, but we are confident that the fics we have chosen are the best of the bunch, and (for the most part) perfect for Poniverse canon! Before I continue, as always, I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit entries for this; we enjoyed all of these fics and really appreciate the effort it took to put them together, and ended up with a very fair number of fics as well. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest! Well that's... special. Winners Terms and Conditions by Fahrenheit Our best overall entry by far, Terms and Conditions is a wonderful ensemble fic featuring all of the Poniverse mascots (with the exception of Wordplay and his siblings) as they meet each other for the first time and embark on a nutty adventure together. As with Fahrenheit's past work, the group interactions are splendidly written, with characters bouncing off of each other smoothly and interacting with each other in a realistic manner, the setting and story itself wonderfully inventive, unique, original, and creative, and chock full of splendid humor through and through. It's most definitely a fun read worth anyone's time to sit down and read, a very clear-cut winner and wonderful origin story for the mascots as a group itself, and the best written fic for not one but two Poniverse mascots,'s Viridian Meadows and Poniarcade's Nova Blast. Thank you very, very much for the wonderful read Fahrenheit and congratulations on your double win, you most certainly earned it! Summers of Change by Silver Letter Winning for Poniverse's alicorn Princess of the Internet herself, Pixel Wavelength, Silver Letter's Summers of Change is both the longest entry of the contest overall and provides us with a backstory most suitable for Poniverse's leader. While admittedly it will need to undergo some revisions in order to more smoothly fit into Poniverse canon, as is it's already a very solid fic which gives the reader a wonderful idea of just how somepony like Pixel could come to play such an incremental role in building and running something like the Internet in Equestria. It also provides her with some nice characterization and personal history, even adding ponies from her background important to her besides any of the Poniverse mascot themselves, who do not actually make an appearance. This is a Pixel Wavelength backstory through and through, and its focus on her and her alone is exactly what a character like her needed in our canon. Wonderful work Silver Letter, congratulations, and if you haven't checked his fic out yet, do so, it's most definitely worthy of a read! Setting the Rift by Taialin Compared to the other winning entries on this list, Setting the Rift is very different from the others in its feel, with the possible exception of Summers of Change. Winning for's musician mascot Viola, Taialin's entry gives more of a look into the origins of her personality more than her special talent itself, and it works very, very well. It's a sad and somber fic that I'm sure most readers will agree actually has some real-world parallels even, but also a hopeful one that gives the reader an idea of how a pony as reserved as Viola could come to join a group as sociable and interactive with online communities as Poniverse. Definitely worth your time, this fic was the clear-cut winner for Viola, and we at Poniverse all thank you very, very much for writing and entering it, Taialin. Ogres and Oubliettes by Kolth Our sole entry starring Pony Roleplay's mascot Wordplay (along with his older brother Road Map and twin sister Fair Dice) was thankfully a wonderful fic in its own right and probably would have one for the character even if other entries had been added for him. Given that roleplaying itself is very different compared to some of the other Poniverse mascots' areas of interest, the fic actually does a great job of not just giving Wordplay a solid backstory but also giving the reader an idea of where exactly he fits into Poniverse and how his joining it comes to be. It's also got some very entertaining roleplay segments to boot that even non-roleplayers will be able to understand and enjoy, as well as some very humorous commentary about roleplaying through the characters' interactions with each other. A winning entry through and through, Ogres and Oubliettes is a fun read anytime and most definitely worthy of Poniverse canon. Creation of a Mediaverse by SFyr Our final winning entry is distinguished in one very odd regard; it actually cannot be accepted into Poniverse canon. This was something that I and the other judges struggled over very much, but given Terms and Conditions acceptance into Poniverse canon already, there was simply no way we could make this one work alongside that one. However, that does not take away from its quality in the slightest! Winning for MLP Forums' very own lovable mascot Buffy, SFyr's Creation of a Mediaverse was another ensemble fic just like Fahrenheit's Terms and Conditions, and is an origin story for the Poniverse group. While it is not the canon origin story, it's a delightful read all the same; the characters' personalities are spot on, their interactions with each other are delightful, believable, and entertaining, and Buffy, its primary star, especially stands out, her characterization is spot on and exactly what we want out of her. I cannot emphasize enough how much this fic deserves to be read despite not fitting into our canon, and hope as many of you as possible will do so (as you should with all of these entries). Thank you very much for your winning entry, SFyr, and many congratulations! Well, that's all the winning entries folks! We've finally got some canon established for our lovely Poniverse mascots, which means that we'll be able to continue to build upon them throughout different areas of Poniverse as well as incorporate into future contests, both on Fimfiction and elsewhere. Once again a big thank you on behalf of all of Poniverse and its staff to all the authors who took the time to write and enter fics; they were all enjoyable to read, and we hope you will all continue to write and improve your craft so that we might see you all in future fanfic contests. Enjoy this bit of news to open up the second half of Season 5, everypony, and hope you all enjoy the upcoming new episode! Have a wonderful Saturday! Brakes not included :comeatus:
  17. Just a quick reminder to everyone that the deadline for entering into Poniverse's Mascot Summerpalooza Contest is this upcoming Sunday, August 9, the last day of BronyCon. After that date, no new entries will be accepted. If you'd like a great shot at winning one of six $50 prizes, now's the time to enter, especially seeing as we still need entries for a number of mascots, including Wordplay, Nova Blast, and Viridian Meadows. You can find full details about the contest here in case this is the first time you've heard about it: Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest Thread. Good luck everypony, and write, write, write!
  18. Big news Poniverse, come one, come all, cause have I got an announcement for you! As of today, Poniverse is officially offering a total of $300 USD cash prizes for the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest! $50 USD will be offered for the winning fic for each mascot character, coming out to a total of six $50 prizes altogether, and will be offered as cash or used at the winner's request to purchase non-cash prizes. If you need to learn more about the contest, follow this link to the original contest thread: Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest Announcement Get hype ya'll, this contest just went to a whole other level of serious!!! Now write your hearts out and win some cash-cash-money!!!
  19. Hey, everypony! I'm looking for a guest reviewer to read 'My Little Brony: An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship' by K.M. Hayes and write a review. Do you have mad writing skillz? If you win you will: - Receive a FREE copy of 'My Little Brony: An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship' - Have your review posted on and promoted at and on social media Removed website details - MLPF Administration If you win you will have 30 days to read 'My Little Brony' and write your review, which will be posted on and promoted at Good luck, everypony!
  20. *EDIT* Shall I make a poll? I'll add to the list the nominated evildoers with the most brohoofs? Also, I prefer if we keep to TV evils and not Movie evils. Anyways... Ideally from slightly older cartoons... Which fictional character do you think is the evilest of all? I nominate... HIM.
  21. Good afternoon, bronies and pegasisters of MLP Forums. I don't know how spring is shaping up for the rest of you, but right now here in the grand ol' state of Michigan, things are simply lovely! The sun is shining, birds are chirping their lovely songs, and new life is all around us, in more ways than one, I might add. After all, we are in the midst of a still recently-started new season of MLP, one that is shaping up so far to be rather splendid indeed. With all that said, I'd say it's high time we had a new fanfiction contest to celebrate this new season of MLP, hosted, as always, by the Poniverse Fimfiction group. Unlike our previous fanfic contests, however, this one will NOT have a holiday theme, or even a seasonal theme. No, rather, the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest will have a show-centric theme, in particular, one focused on a major theme of Season 5: cutie marks! Yes, that's right, cutie marks! Below, you'll find everything that you need to know: (1) Seeing as cutie marks seem to be a major theme of MLP this season, all entries must relate to cutie marks in some manner, whether they be comedy, slice of life, romance, horror, adventure, or some other genre. It can be about somepony getting their cutie mark, the meaning of a cutie mark, the cutie mark and one's self-identity, how cutie marks may relate to romance in Equestria, the role they've played in Equestria's history or the lives of major figures like the princesses, whatever, as long as cutie marks are involved in some way, your fic will qualify for our contest. (2) Entries should be no longer than 20,000 words. We'd prefer that all entries be one-shot fics, but if the author requires multiple chapters for their fic, that's fine, so long as the fic does not exceed 20,000 words and is complete upon entry. (3) Entries cannot exceed a Teen rating. We will not accept any Mature rated fics, whether they be Gore fics, Slash fics, Clop fics, etc. That's not to say that you can't enter scary or even sensual (to a certain extent) fics, but our group has a strict policy of not accepting Mature rated fics. If any Mature rated fics are entered, we will not read or review them. (4) Fics can be submitted to the contest in the folder titled "Spring Has Sprung Contest Entries". (5) Contestants can enter no more than 1 submission of their own work (and please, do not enter any other author's work into the contest, even if you're doing it for them; if they'd like to enter the contest, they can do so themselves). (6) Entries will be accepted until May 31; after that date, we will accept no new submissions. UPDATE: Due to a large number of potential contest entrants having very busy schedules at the moment, the Spring Has Sprung Contest timeline for entering will be extended by two weeks. The new deadline for entry is now Sunday, June 14, 2015. We hope to announce the contest winners in the beginning or middle of June, although that time-slot may change depending on whatever real life demands may arise in the next month. The fics that come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be featured on our Fimfiction group, MLP Forums, and the Poniverse Newsletter, along with reviews published for each one. In addition, 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place will all receive a free art commission by the artists Midnight Scribbler (deviantART account ID: soultrip69), Smash-N-Dash, and SFyr (deviantART account ID: SapphireFyr). The 1st place piece will be a 1-2 character full art piece with a basic background by Midnight Scribbler, and may be whatever the 1st place winner desires, whether it be cover art for a fic, or just art of an OC. The 2nd place piece will be a 1-2 character piece with a basic background by Smash-N-Dash. The third place piece will be specified at a later date once SFyr has determined the extent of what he's willing to do, but rest assured 3rd place will receive an art piece no matter what. Check out some of Midnight Scribbler, Smash-N-Dash, and SFyr's lovely art on their deviantART pages by clicking on the links above! We hope you all enjoy this contest as much as the last one, and hope to see some wonderful entries that help us to usher in both spring and the new season of MLP! So get to it writers, and show us what you've got up your sleeves! I'm sure many of you have some very interesting things to write about cutie marks, and can't wait to see your ideas in action. If you have any questions about the contest, do not hesitate to post them here or to PM me, and feel free to share this contest prompt with any friends of yours here on MLP Forums, Fimfiction, or any other pony site you can think of! Have a pleasant day, everypony, and happy writing one and all! Update: A quick reminder to everypony entering the contest; if you're not a member of our Poniverse Fimfic group yet, please do join it when you enter the contest. We're always trying to expand our group's numbers, and every new member counts.
  22. Hello everypony, i finished this song under the name "My little Amnesia" and i want to make a remix album and include another producers. (if you can´t see the song, just copy in the internet bar this address and delete the spaces: https://soundcloud. com/ eniix_official/ my-little-amnesia-eniix/ s-ACBnj) The link for the stems:!Bo4DhbhZ!5qA9c7jRWU-28rIrVDhM4MJtkYaTq7Wo6hdwYztv03M Rules: 1.- You can make in any style of music. 2.- Please, don´t post the full song, until the album is out, just wip´s, ok?? 3.- The submissions must be on .wav format 4.- All submissions must be under eight minutes long 5.- When you finished the song, send me the private link of soundcloud or link (mega, 4shared, etc.) to this email: with the subject "My Little Amnesia Remix Contest" The contest ends on July 17th and the final songs are anounced on August 28th, i´m gonna post the album in my soundcloud, equestrian beats page and youtube. GOOD LUCK!! :3
  23. This post comes in three parts: Banner Contest Theme, Non-Contest Season 5 Submissions, Banner Contest Rules. Important note: Please read the general rules and theme info below before submitting your banner. Otherwise, it may not be accepted! Submit your contest banner to the Admins Artemis, Lavo, Jeric, and Spoon (and nopony else) by Sunday, June 14th at 11:59 PM (EST). Voting begins immediately! Submit your Episode 100 banner to the Admins (and nopony else) by Thursday , June 11th at 11:59 PM (EST). Banner Contest Theme - Celebrating 100 Episodes On June 13th Friendship is Magic will air its 100th episode. In animation, that is a huge deal. What better to celebrate this momentous occasion over the weeks that follow than with a series of banners celebrating this episode and the history of the show? It has been a long journey from Friendship is Magic to Slice of Life. So for this theme we are looking for the following: Memorable moments from past episodes. This show has given us no shortage of encapsulated wonder, heart melting adorableness, heartfelt scenes, and showstopping songs. Focus of one moment in time of any previously aired episode and banner it up with style ... STYLE I SAY. Or create a banner that showcases an entire episode. (inb4 50 Smile Song themed entries). We want to also throw up a specific banner for Episode 100 on the day that it airs. This will not be a forum voted contest entry but specific for the 4th week banner with the winner selected by staff. We know only a little about the episode, so please use the synopsis and leaks ... or focus on something that screams ... 100 episodes! Non Contest Banner Submissions - AKA We like Season 5 Pls Thx At anytime should you wish to submit a banner highlighting a Season 5 episode ... please do. We are more apt to run these on the fly in season while we are so hyped for Pony. We used to run a lot on these even if just for a few days. PM these to all Admins These may not run a full week depending on contest timing (winners of contests get a full week). I can has Rarity Episode 100 banner? Banner Contest Rules. For those who don't know, we used to have banner contests every month. Each time, we had a different theme, usually based around a pony. The winning submission, chosen by our wonderful members, would be used as the site's banner. We now do contests a bit differently this time. Four weeks, four banners In the past, the winning banner was used for a month. Now, we'll have a new banner each week. For three of those weeks, we'll be using the top three banners in the contest. For the fourth week (not necessarily the last), we'll spice things up a bit. Three things can happen at this point: 1) the staff pick a fourth banner from the existing contest submissions, 2) we ask members to make a banner under a special theme (e.g., an international holiday or other special event), or 3) you send us a submission of your choosing (bonus points if it's episode related!). This also means... You can use any pony (or ponies) you want In the past, we allowed only certain ponies to be used in each contest. For example, one month was all about Applejack. Another was about the CMC. The rationale behind this was simple: to give less popular ponies a shot at success. But that was when we had one winner. Now that we have four (three for the contest, and one for the bonus), that's much less of a problem. Finally... Don't hesitate to send us banners outside of contests! Seriously, we love it when you send us banners! If you want to show off your creative talent, that fourth slot could very well be yours. Go nuts! General rules and submission instructions - Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here - Send contest submissions to the Admins (and nobody else) via PM - Send bonus (fourth week) submissions to all the admins in one PM. This can be done at any time during the month - One entry per member (with the exception of non contest submissions) - All entries must adhere to the current theme, but creative liberties may be taken (to fit an airing FiM episode, for example) - Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may do so, as long as the revised version is submitted by the deadline - All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the show in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! - All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted - Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announced. Although we can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, please keep them under wraps - Please put Banner Submission in the PM subject line
  24. Good morning, everypony! I hope you all are doing well on this lovely Memorial Day (apologies to any non-U.S. bronies who don't understand what holiday I'm talking about ). Just got a quick update for any pony who previously expressed interest in entering the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest on Fimfiction; due to a number of potential entrants conveying that their schedules are quite busy at the moment, the contest deadline for submitting an entry has been extended from the original date of May 31, to Sunday, June 14, 2015. That's all, everypony, have a pleasant day. If you have any questions about the contest itself, feel free to contact me here or on Fimfiction, and if you'd like more information about the contest, just click on the following link: Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest
  25. So yeah, the voting thread's up a bit late. Sorry about that! This month, we have 10 candidate banners! Voting will (tentatively) end at Wednesday, 11:59 PM PDT. However, if we don't receive enough votes by then, we can extend the voting period as needed.