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Found 3 results

  1. Post a quote or thought from your day, without explaining any of the context behind it. For instance: "That's probably been stuck in there for years."
  2. This isn't exactly a forum game per say but still a little something fun to do here. We have 4 seasons worth of episode dialogue that we can pull from so I wanna see what you come up with. Basically post a quote from a MLP: FiM episode that can be funny when taken out of context. This can relate to any number of subtle "suggestions" that would be funny to imply from based on the dialogue. Hopefully this will stay PG-13 since the subjects wont be too explicit. I'll start: "Spike, I'm worried about you. You're usually not so...grabby!" -Twilight Sparkle (Secret of my Excess)
  3. So... Took a small break from things to collect myself. Recent events on another pony forums has still been plaguing me but now I can at least say that I'm STARTING to put it behind me despite the emotional investment I had made there. To summarize what I'm going to be talking about, I'll say that I really locked myself and my thoughts in this bubble that had been shrinking more and more. While I won't go into detail as to what kind of "threat" I was getting so worked up about, I will say what some time of reflection has done to help me move on. Alright then, the community has its problems and people are taking it very seriously. It's clear that there is a surplus of people wanting to make the site better for themselves, however that might look like but it's only been adding fuel to the fire, especially when personal vendettas come into the picture. Even when I was fully submerged into this troubled community, I would think about what could help or even fix things; something I've even lost some sleep over. Well, it didn't take long before I realized the absurdity of it all. What the eff am I doing with my life?! It's clear that my emotional investments were WAY out of line with my priorities. One of the things I did was go to a different forums about something completely unrelated and PM'ed someone showing him the mess I've made of myself so that the reality could be hammered into my head. Heck, the PM was titles "In SERIOUS need of a reality check". He was kind enough to have took the time to replied and made certain things clearer to me. For one that I've been spending way too much time online. Well, I tried to cut myself off for a week as recommended but that didn't quite work. In the time that I was trying, at least, I did manage to clear my mind a little bit. As I've come to learn, clearing your mind takes a bit of time and patience. Trying to rush the clearing of your mind is like trying to rush yourself into falling asleep. Just like with falling asleep, you find a nice, quiet place, you just let your thoughts run as they please and eventually, your mind will just relax and try to make sense of things. Now do not picture this as your mind having been rejuvenated and ready to process more information. Instead it's more like your mind being less burdened by thinking and working and more focused on rewiring itself. Growth happens in a place of rest. I'm sure many of us would think that we have to work our way out of all of our problems but under certain circumstances, working is the very thing you shouldn't do because that's not the state your body and mind can grow out of anything. Oh and it's technically work if your physiology is acting like it's doing work; which is what happens when you really are performing work or when you stress yourself over something. As my mind was in more of a state of rest and free to wander wherever it pleased, some interesting ideas came into my head. One of which is the other thing I want to talk about; context. Context affects how we consider, interpret or act on ideas, facts and events. For example if you're a farmer and your crops are getting a little dry, a good downpour's going to make you happy while it's a completely different story if you happen to be enjoying a parade. What this has to do with me getting flustered over something happening with people I don't really know over an essentially unremarkable website is that under the context of calling the website "my home" and seeing its people as my neighbors essentially, the whole game of politics happening there seemed very threatening to me. A few days later I think about it again while exposed to heat and UV radiation in the afternoon while surrounded by this sea of thorns made up of dried thorny trees where I nearly got an eye poked out getting to that clearing and I thought about the "threat" again. Well, seeing as I was alone in an environment I could not possibly survive in for a week, the whole thing on that other forums really doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. It became clear to me that I have much bigger problems to be focusing my resources and energy on. In conclusion to all this, it's clear that people can get stressed or lose sleep over the silliest of things and perhaps, something as small as thinking about the issue under a completely different context could really make it clear what is important and what isn't.