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Found 8 results

  1. Has there ever been any instances throughout the show where a typical background pony somehow appeared in two places at once during one event, but ONLY as a continuity mistake? I know it's never supposed to happen at all, but I'm sure several movies and other shows has done something like this at least once before.
  2. OK, so here's a thing I've been worried about, from what I heard, Black Ops II was supposed to be another Vietnam-Era game in the series and it was supposed to focus on Reznov, but I think Activision deliberately bowdlerized it by turning it into a 2025 futuristic game, now don't get me wrong, Black Ops II was amazing, with it's Campaign which was slightly non-linear. And it did have slight continuation. But I don't like the fact that the ''Reznov is Dead or Is He'' message is essentially meaningless. Unless of course Activision followed the ''Completion Principle'' like Scott Cawthon did, but I think it's unlikely. The other thing that worries me is Soap Opera continuity errors. Coronation Street had this storyline, where after the fire, SPOILERS. Tracy was supposed to be redeeming herself, there would be a court case. But after the boss of the show, Stuart Blackburn, got axed. I think they did what Activision did. This means that Maddie's death is Meaningless and Maddie is still alive, and that Sophie and Kevin have become Underdeveloped. Also, are Activision hypocrites? They said during the court case against Jason West and Vince Zampella that they ''Tried to Hijack the IP for their own personal gain''. However, I think that Activision did something very Hypocritical, I think they bowdlerized Black Ops II. I'm not pleased that Black Ops III, SPOILERS. Contains no Reznov, and it basically has no continuity to the previous games apart from a reference in the beginning. The first one is related to Activision, because I think the ''Completion Principle'' goes perfectly well with COD: Black Ops. I believe this is essentially ITV and Activision basically screwing the entire continuity over. What do you think? I'm still looking at my theory.
  3. So in Fiendship is Magic series issue #5, it was later shown that Chrysalis had no significant backstory to cause her become evil like the other villains, which is by far the best kind of villains in my opinion (joker for instance). But, there's something wrong. In A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, Chrysalis was seen singing This Day Aria and in the lyrics there are the words "...since I was small." Which in return gives us the knowledge that Changelings do grow like any other animals in the show. This however does not happen in the comic, as Chrysalis was already of that size within the tree... So, what's really happening here? Is it a mistake or what?
  4. In winter wrap up ponyville is hndreds of years old, yet granny smith founded it. how old is she?
  5. For several cartoons, there's almost no continuity. One episode could have a character turned into a sack of baloniga, only to be fine the next episode as if it never happened. For other shows, continuity plays an important part. It can range from call backs, permanent changes, and sequel episodes, to myth arcs lasting the entire series, to long sprawling stories spanning several episodes. With that being said, what is your stance on continuity in cartoons? If a cartoon is say, 3-4 season long zany gag comedy, then you can get away with little or no continuity. But, if your planning a myth arc of sorts, if you plan to revisit plot points, or if your planning for more 4 seasons. Then it's important to have continuity in some way. Lack of continuity can lead to a series growing stale from the lack of evolution, as well an increase risk at flanderization. Continuity can keep the show fresh, and allows the dynamics or a formula for a show to change and evolve.
  6. I've been thinking for a while about starting up a series of blog posts looking into various characters in MLP: Friendship is Magic - specifically, looking at how they've evolved throughout the series and addressing concerns about whether they've been treated consistently. I decided to start with Discord, everyone's favorite trickster villain. In this post, I'll examine Discord's appearances throughout the series, explain his motivations and the sources of his power, and discuss how he has changed as a character over time. Discord's appearances, in chronological order (as of 3/18/2014): (Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2) In flashbacks, Discord is seen causing chaos and, just before Celestia and Luna defeat him, sewing the seeds of darkness that he had intended to use to capture and imprison the princesses. (The Return of Harmony, Parts 1 and 2) Discord breaks free of his stone prison and once again starts creating chaos. He hides the Elements of Harmony and sets the Mane 6 on a wild goose chase to find them, and in the process successfully turns them all against each other. It's only when Twilight Sparkle is reminded of all the friendship lessons she's learned that she's able to turn everyone back to the good side. Once reunited, they turn him back to stone. (Keep Calm and Flutter On) The Mane 6 free Discord at Princess Celestia's request, and while he causes more chaos, the scope and scale of his chaos is markedly reduced. Fluttershy insists on befriending him despite plenty of evidence of his antics, and this eventually causes him to see the error of his ways. At the end, he voluntarily promises to use his magic for good instead of evil (most of the time), and remains a free being. (Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2) Present-day Discord is obviously amused by the advance of the dark vines from the Everfree Forest, but he is only partially responsible for their presence. In his own twisted way, he teaches now-Princess Twilight a valuable lesson about friendship. (Three's a Crowd) Whether it's real or not, Discord presents himself with a sickness and begs for treatment. Since (or perhaps because) Fluttershy is unavailable, Discord turns to Twilight and Cadence for support, and has them fly almost literally to the ends of the earth to find a cure for his mysterious ailment. It appears that part of his purpose is to drive a wedge between Cadence and Twilight, which he fails to do. At the end of the episode, he appears to contract another disease, and must rely on Fluttershy to make him well. So, is Discord evil? In episode and show discussion threads, I frequently see people point to "Keep Calm and Flutter On" as a significant weakening of Discord's character - he goes from being a powerful villain to a weak and insubstantial character. Some have also said that this weakness is made even worse in "Three's a Crowd", in which he simply causes chaos to get attention. But I believe the reason people see these episodes as showing weakness in him is because they tend to assume that Discord is a classic villain - evil to the core. And I believe that isn't actually true of him at all. Evil, of course, is a subjective term. Villains usually don't see themselves as evil, but the good guys see them as such. Most of the time, the villain's motive (usually power) is where that term derives from. King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis are well and truly proper evil villains - they each had sole purposes, to reign supreme over their subjects. It appears that there was only one way to deal with them - to banish them - and that there was no hope of redemption for them. At first, Discord was portrayed this way as well. He had an unusual motive - chaos, which only has some roots in power - but just the same, nobody could fault you for calling him evil when he first appeared in Season 2. In particular, the peculiar way he turned the Mane 6 against each other was most certainly evil in nature. However, "Keep Calm and Flutter On" established that Discord is more than just an evil villain. In fact, it showed that he's not really a villain at all - he's a trickster, a class clown, a bully - an attention whore, if you will. He thrives on getting attention through whatever means necessary, and he has the power to force attention upon himself in ways no ordinary class clown could. But in many ways, this doesn't make him evil. When I was in school, I was a bit of a class clown myself. I had a deep-rooted need for attention, and I spent a couple of years in a private school full of other children who had similar behavioral problems. Every once in a while, I'd tip my chair far enough that I'd fall backwards. I'd drop pencils and pens, I'd get glue all over my fingers, I'd sneeze and cough loudly, play with my beepy watch, and do all sorts of other things my classmates and teachers found really annoying. Others in my class took more violent approaches to attention-getting - frequently getting into fights, literally throwing chairs, and shouting and screaming when they were restrained. All in all, it wasn't exactly a happy time. But would you classify any of us as evil because we did these things? I can't speak for anyone else in that class since I've never seen them again since I left it, but I know for myself that I grew up to have a successful career and a successful marriage, and I like to think that I'm a pretty ordinary guy now. But looking back, I see that all of those little behavior tics were ways of getting attention - even if the attention I got was negative. It was better than being forgotten. This, I believe, is what drives Discord. I won't attempt to psychoanalyze him too deeply, but all the forms of his chaos have been temporary disturbances - he's never been seen making permanent changes to any landscape he's messed with. (In fact, "Keep Calm" clearly showed that he was capable of instantly undoing everything he'd done.) Just as dropping my pencil on the floor was a momentary disturbance done mostly for my own amusement, Discord's ability to mess with the day and night cycle in Ponyville was little different - just at a much larger scale. In short, Discord doesn't appear to want to subjugate anyone - he doesn't show an interest in literally controlling ponies. He simply does things to amuse himself, and he thrives on the responses he gets. The selfishness of this trait can be properly considered evil, but it nonetheless doesn't fit the classic definition of the evil villain. Discord's Power Unfortunately for Equestria, Discord is an extremely powerful creature - he possesses magic far beyond the capabilities of even Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight combined. But what kind of magic is it? Evidence would suggest that most of his magic is simply illusory in nature - ranging from tangible and visual illusions, to hypnosis and simple transformations. But he can act on an enormous scale, providing one grand illusion for an entire village. And the changes he makes can, in fact, have real consequences - the flooding at Sweet Apple Acres, for example. But even more important than what he can do is why he does it. As I mentioned above, his motivation appears to be self-amusement and attention. Thus, when someone reacts negatively to something he's done, he receives validation for his actions and has motivation to keep doing it. This is just like that class clown you hated in school - tell him to stop it, and he'll not only keep doing it, but he'll find other ways to push your buttons. Sound familiar? In addition to simply providing him with motivation, the negativity Discord receives actually helps to fuel his power - it seems to grow stronger the more everyone responds to him. Consider these points: - When he frees himself in "Return of Harmony", just the fact that he's returned draws significant attention to him. It's suggested that the scale of Discord's power is relatively low at this point - he only taunts Celestia and the Mane 6, and hides the Elements, and of course he caused the strange events at the start of the episode as well. But otherwise, there's not much going on yet. But as the ponies get increasingly agitated by his antics, his power continues to escalate until, as Rainbow Dash says, Ponyville becomes the "chaos capital of the world". - When Discord begins turning the Mane 6 against each other by hypnotizing them to become the opposite of their true selves, he succeeds with everyone except Fluttershy. Fluttershy resists his subterfuge as a consequence of her purity of spirit, and he has to resort to brute force to corrupt her. He clearly doesn't enjoy doing this - he much prefers it when he can make them corrupt themselves. The theme here is that DIscord remains powerful as long as the ponies keep fighting back. The fighting, and more generally the negative energy that comes from it, seems to be what gives him his power. When the Mane 6 reunite and use the Elements of Harmony together to defeat him, his power is very suddenly and literally gone. Now, look forward to "Keep Calm": Fluttershy is given the task to reform Discord, and the method she uses is an ambitious one: To become his friend, no matter the cost. - When he's initially freed, Discord immediately starts causing chaos again, though he keeps it to a relative minimum since the Mane 6 are already prepared to immediately turn him back to stone if they have to. But when he takes up residence in Fluttershy's cottage, he continues to wreak havoc in small but annoying ways. Each of his actions elicits a negative reaction from the rest of the ponies, but Fluttershy remains calm and lets him play. He seems to not have as much power at this point. - In the dinner scene, he continues to push the Mane 5's buttons through small, annoying actions, appearing to successfully create a rift between them and Fluttershy. However, he also begins to realize just how meaningful Fluttershy's friendship is to him, which causes him to doubt, for the first time, whether his antics are really getting him what he wants. But that thought is cut short when Angel tells everyone about the flooding at Sweet Apple Acres. - The scale of the flooding is quite huge, but in this case, it's not a direct result of Discord's power. He simply transformed a small group of beavers, and the flooding occurred as a result of their extraordinary dam-building capability. However, by now, everyone is mad at him, and his power is gaining strength. He successfully creates the rift he needs by getting Fluttershy to remove her Element as a sign of their friendship, which in turn gets him all the negative emotions he needs for his power to flourish. This is proven when he transforms the flooded orchard into an ice rink, and his power seems to continue to grow when Fluttershy herself starts getting mad at him. - The breaking point, though, comes when she renounces her friendship with him. After his initial "I don't need you!" reaction, he realizes that losing that friendship actually does mean a lot to him. Like an obstinate horse, Discord is broken and tamed, and he restores everything (including the dams he was responsible for causing) to its former state. At this point, it's not clear how much power Discord has, but his motivation has clearly changed. As such, it likely no longer matters whether he's powerful or not. Discord's reformation and subsequent need for attention Through all of "Keep Calm and Flutter On", we can see an interesting combination of power and strategy being played out in Discord - he plays Fluttershy for a fool at first, but her persistence in forging a friendship with him gets through to him better than all other forms of opposition. He seems to resort to ever more powerful forms of provocation to get the responses he wants, and when those tactics work, they give him power. But the thing he didn't expect was the reality that someone could genuinely care about him and want to be his friend - something he says he's never really had before, and that proves to be far more powerful a motivation than he realizes. Note that at the end of that episode, he promises to use his magic for good instead of evil "most of the time". He's not quite ready to give it up completely yet. And indeed, in both "Princess Twilight Sparkle" and "Three's a Crowd", Discord seems to miss the attention he'd gotten as a mainstream villain. He stays within the lines, partially under continued threat of being turned back into stone, but he still finds ways to get under the Mane 6's skin and to get some satisfaction from their responses. He shows shades of his former evil in "Princess" by messing around with the two background ponies while the Mane 6 are away, but otherwise he's simply there, and obviously bored. His motivation for attention is made much more clear in "Three's a Crowd", where it's pretty obvious to everyone that he's acting like a baby just so he can get attention, whether he's actually sick or not. He clearly tries to drive a wedge between Twilight and Cadence, and seems visibly irritated when this plot fails (Twilight and Cadence grow closer, and Cadence confides that the trip, while annoying, was the most fun and interesting thing she's done in quite a while). But just the same, he still seems happy that the attention is focused on him for most of the episode. Conclusion What I took away from all of this is that, like class clowns and bullies everywhere, Discord is basically just a big, powerful attention seeker, and nothing more. He doesn't desire power, per se - he can clearly conjure all the wealth he could ever want, among other things. He simply wants attention. Prior to his reformation, he would stop at nothing to get it, and while he still acts up from time to time post-reformation, his tenuous friendship with Fluttershy and the trust he's received from Celestia give him a moral compass and a framework within which to live. Has Discord changed? Absolutely. He went from being the most powerful villain Equestria had ever seen (at least according to the show thus far), to being a tamed demigod. But has he fundamentally changed? I don't believe so - he's still a demigod, his central powers are still all about creating chaos, and he still thrives on attention. If anything, the fact that he has to resort to pity parties to get his attention is quite in-character for him since that's about all he can do without violating his trust with Celestia and Fluttershy. All in all, I've been pretty pleased with Discord's portrayal as a reformed villain. He started off as a villain, but he was reformed in a convincing way, with a powerful reason for doing so. And since then he's actually become a bit of a mentor for Twilight, in a way - perhaps the only being left who could teach her valuable lessons now that Celestia has effectively bowed out of that role. As always I welcome your comments - I don't claim to have covered every aspect of his appearances, and I'm sure with the great volume of text here, I've repeated myself, contradicted myself, and/or missed very obvious points. And of course, I don't expect everyone to agree with me on this - I welcome debate.
  7. This has been bugging me for a while, since at least halfway through season 2. The design of fillies has changed quite a bit from season 1 to season 2 and 3. For example, take this screencap of Apple Bloom from Bridle Gossip, in season 1. And now take a gander at a screencap of Apple Bloom from Apple Family Reunion, in season 3. I chose these two because Apple Bloom is in a pretty similar position in both (considering I found these in less than 10 minutes). Keep in mind she looks the same as the second picture throughout season 2 as well. The main difference between the design of the fillies is the legs. During season 1, their legs were much shorter and fatter while in season 2 and 3, they are longer and skinnier, more akin to an adult pony's legs. Some other differences include very slight change in coat color, but that is irrelevant. Also, the ears are slightly shorter and fatter during season 1, as is the rest of the body. Personally, I believe that this signifies their growth and development physically throughout the course of the show, which would lead one to believe that the show's episodes happen in a fairly chronological order, however that is a discussion for another day. In short, what do you think of the different designs, and why do you think they were changed?
  8. Within two seasons of the show, we've seen all four weather seasons of the ponies' world go by at least once. So, based off of these observations, episodes centering around seasons, and any slight sense of continuity in the show, can we make an estimate as to how long Twilight's been a resident of Ponyville? Twilight moved in on the second day she had been in Ponyville, to stay with her new-found friends and study the magic of friendship (but you knew that, right?). She's experienced most, if not all, of the celebrations Ponyville holds throughout one typical year. However, I don't think the storyline follows a strict chronological order. "Winter Wrap Up", which was episode 11, was just two episodes before "Fall Weather Friends", episode 13, and of course fall comes before winter (this is going off of the assumption that Equestria has the same seasonal and climatal patterns as Earth). There are some examples of continuity in the show that align with broadcast order: - Preparing for the Grand Galloping Gala - Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie Sense", since Twilight's (and consequently our) discovery of it in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen", has been referenced in several episodes beyond - The battle with and defeat of Nightmare Moon And maybe some more examples, if you can find them. This makes me think that, while different episodes contain separate events that most likely happened at different times, these events were not spread out very far from one another. That being said, my guess is that Twilight has been a resident of Ponyville for... A year? Probably. 18 months? Perhaps. Two years? Possibly. The show is no longer a young one, as we prepare to enter the third season of Friendship is Magic. Matters like this will hardly seem important later on, because time stops for nopony, nor any brony, and all things must progress. This is no reason we can't be sure of where we stand now, though. So as it stands, to rephrase my question, how long has Twilight Sparkle, our adorable, dedicated, studious little protagonist, been living in Ponyville?