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Found 26 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. In the event we peacefully made contact with a universe of MLP FIM. No war, blah blah blah, trans-dimensional portal linking both universes, blah blah blah. And after some point during few months after first contact, a spinet MLP FIM Pony and Human fall in love, get married and have mutant babies together with magic. How do you think our more less open minded Humans like the Westboro Baptist Church would react? I think it be so funny if Westboro Baptist Church saw the Human male and a stallion (seeing how homophobic they are) to be the first xenophilia relationship to happen we between Humans and Ponies. I think the Internet would go insane.
  3. I've been to a few conventions and read alot of guidelines online for convention rules and none of them seem to have consistent policies and enforcement. The guidelines are often fairly vague like no "offensive content" or "hate symbols". I can understand the rules about no real or realistic weapons, although I have still seen plenty of cosplayers walking around cons with fairly realistic looking prop guns. Also, how do you determine offensive content? Like I was thinking about putting together a cosplay of Schrodinger from Hellsing but I don't want to get kicked out of a con before I even walk in the door. Does this mean all realistic military uniforms are inappropriate? What about Tanya the Evil or Marvel's Hydra? Also, what determines appropriate sexual content. I've seen plenty of cosplayers in what amounts to lingerie, bikinis, and dominatrix gear, and this was still during daylight hours. Also, not to mention all the dealers selling barely obscured porn art. What do you think is appropriate and not appropriate for a convention, especially one open to all ages, and who determines that?
  4. I just want to preface this with saying that this situation has a lot of personal stakes, so I will try to treat it with as much respect as I possibly can. However, some information on the topic has been forever deleted or just not publicly shown, so I had to try my best to create a semi-accurate summary of what happened. For the purposes of this summary, I will start with the release of Xericide's song "Without You." It was a part of the Ponies at Dawn album "Anthology," but it was released early with Horse Music Herald. On this release, a lot of people loved this future base track, including John Kenza. Upon its release, the music video on the Ponies at Dawn YouTube channel gained a lot of popularity. As far as I can tell, the premonitions of the controversies to come started when Xericide personally requested that the Ponies at Dawn video be unlisted. However, the song was also released with the new label Onward, who kept the track online. However, Onward's choice caused a downward spiral into confused morality. It truly started when Xericide's aunt found Onward's video. While information is not clear as to what she commented on the video, but it has been described as slander. Apparently, the aunt followed up by telling Xericide's parents about the song, and the parents proceeded to take Xericide off of social media so he could focus on his grades. And this would have been the whole story. But "Without You" was copied from a YouTube tutorial. I am unsure who discovered this video, but it shines an interesting light on the situation. So, what do you think? Please discuss below, and tell me how I did summarizing the situation. Thanks for reading! Sources: (Now unlisted video by The Wubstep Brony)
  5. Hello everyone. I will admit that I have not posted any of my blog reviews in a long while and after this one, I won't anymore here. It saddens me that this has to come, but I do not wish to support anymore of Poniverse and it's assets any longer. Hearing of how Simon and Stitch's back room politicking of the many folks they've thrown out and have attempted to destroy such as Silver Eagle, Kyoshi, and Koukatsu with their power play, apathy, and lies respectively, I've chosen to refuse to abide by their terrible acts and blatant attempts to steer the justified backlash towards anyone in their attempt to restore their order they've created at everyone's expense. It is also on Feld0, Poniverse's owner, who has allowed this situation to come due to his incompetence and own apathetic behavior to the abuses that Simon especially has committed in his blind greed. As a result, I've deleted all of my blogs here, all of my hard work and toil that I've created here out of the comfort and cared I once showed to these forums is gone by my hand. This is to show of how far and willing I' am to go to no longer associate myself with the disgusting behavior of Ponivere's heads or provide support to them anymore. You will not see me ever on these forums again. I've already established in other third party sites in order to alleviate the impact of this departure. As a result, I will give the link to my profile page here: where you can find where I frequent and use these days if you wish to continue to associate with me outside of these forums. Goodbye to the folks of MLP Forums (save for those I mentioned above and those who are willing to support their behavior). I will miss you dearly and the fond memories I had with this place that I once called my internet home.
  6. So a recent article came up on EQD that has caused a MASSIVE flame war that 4chan would be proud of. (I goti into it too and finally crawled out alive lol) At BabsCON, Jeremy Whitley brought up the possibility of female/female shipping (aka lesbianism) in the show. Image proof: Instead of starting another flame war on this topic, please fill out my form below. If you'd like me to fix any errors you find in the form, please reply and I'll respond as soon as I can. Form link (just copy-paste it into a new tab): Peace out, Shabb3r
  7. So recently, in the last few months, with all the controversy surrounding Starlight Glimmers redemption and the introduction princess flurry heart in the trailer for season 6, i see people already being enraged on the simple concept of these ideas, the very second they happen. I was always already of the opinion that there is never a thing, as a bad idea, just bad executions. You can take some of the most cliche ideas in the book and make something amazing out of it. Do we, as a fandom, really feel that unsure about those kind of things? Do we feel so unsure and like to spread doom and gloom about those things, just because they happend and not because what comes out of it? Look, i also thought that Starlights redemption was kinda cheesy and i also thought that Flurry Hearts design is kinda questionable. But is it so wrong, to give these things a chance?
  8. Just by reading the title you can tell this will get into some heated discussions, so I just want to say to provide a good reason why you don't like this episode and to respect the opinions of others. Do unto others as they do unto you, as they say. With that out of the way, I will admit and say I'm not the biggest fan of Tanks for the Memories. I'm sorry but Rainbow Dash was way too selfish and way too self-entitled in that episode. I get that what they were trying to do but that didn't make Rainbow any less of a jerk in that episode. The fact she didn't get any real comeuppance only makes things worse.
  9. OK, so there's a new character on Sesame Street called Julia. And she's the first Sesame Street character with autism. While I approve that it's good in concept. I'm worried that it's a negative stereotype, because guess who is working with Sesame Street for the character. ''Autism Speaks''. Who make stereotypes that Autistics people put people in poverty and that parents hate them and that they need to be Eliminated. Now here's the thing, if this is so, then the character is going to be a negative stereotype whose parents will want to ''Eliminate'' her. Autism Speaks does not speak for autism, autistic kids do. None of the members of the board are autistic. Here is an article on Deviantart by Mintaka-TK about them, and a stamp if you are interested. Their funding never goes to families, it only goes to labs where they research on something that will eliminate the gift of autism. Now, what do you think? Is Julia a negative stereotype who their parents will hate and want to eliminate or not? I have autism myself by the way, so go easy on me if you think this article is too sensitive. Also, please no autism insults.
  10. I don't know about anybody else, but when I heard derpy being derpy was controversial I was shocked. I am both physically and learning impaired myself. If derpy was meant to represent the disabled then she should be over-derped rather than un-derped. Underp-ing him is basically saying the disabled are nto woth putting on TV which I take offensively. Plus derpy is an inspiration and hero to me as she is so persistent despite her ditzy doo behaivor. She tries so hard to be helpful and I commend her for that. So for me it is long live the Derpster!
  11. Twilight Sparkle, hard-working, scholarly, smart, among many other great character qualities makes her who she is. Oh also the fact that she is a unicorn is strangely enough a big part of her character. If you think about it a good deal of things that happen to her happen mainly because she's a unicorn. Her becoming Celestia's star pupil, mainly because she's smart and dedicated but also the fact that she could actually do magic. And being Celestia's star pupil in the long run made Twilight the princess she is today. So as the subject title suggests, what would happen if Twilight was never a unicorn?
  12. So, this popped up early this morning... By the sound of it, it seems like it's quite a sticky situation. I feel bad for Ted, although I do not fully understand the extent of the anti-bronies/fan haters involvement. It's saying Cuteosphere is a brony hater (or something), and after looking a bit, although I am not much a fan of her art style, I don't really see the problem... I guess I am not too connected to the internet flame wars and such, but for it to hit someone a part of a franchise, I am not too happy about this at all. What do you guys think (and please explain what is actually happening if they know, or understand)
  13. So, in case you don't know, there is a videogame called "Hatred" that has recently been revealed, and it has ALOT of controversy going on. Here's the trailer for it. So if you don't want to watch it, it's basically a top-down shooter that revolves around killing as many innocent people you can before you get killed. And it goes into detail, too. People scream and beg for their lives and all that good stuff, and in general it's very gory. So, does this game offend you? Why or why not? 
  14. During my time on the internet it has come to my attention that it seems there is more controversy in the US than here in Britain, especially in regards to sexuality, race and scientific theories. I don't mean to judge anywhere I've never been so I thought I'd put together a little survey and I thought it would be interesting to find out where people are from and what is usually perceived as being controversial or even taboo in their area. It would also be intriguing to see what individuals find personally to be taboo I'll start us off: I'm from Leeds, West Yorkshire (a county in the north of England but not anywhere near Scotland) and because of a fairly multicultural population, many of which are students, there is very little which is controversial and even less which is taboo there. Being gay doesn't raise any eyebrows and religious people are in the minority (a creationist is almost impossible to find). It is all very liberal and aside from the occasional skin-head there aren't many cases of racism, homophobia etc. Because of this lack of taboo, I'm intrigued by what is controversial in other places so how about you guys?
  15. I was so unsure/frustrated about Twilight becoming a princess just as much as most people. I just couldn't see this new plot point working for season 4 and on. And for the longest time I kept thinking to myself... "Why am I so frustrated?!" Well, I've come to the conclusion that I was mostly frustrated NOT with the fact of her being given the responsibilities as a princess/leader, but more of the TITLE that Celestia had given her: Princess Twilight Sparkle. I actually see her becoming a fantastic leader over Equestria as time go by. She will definitely have acquired more knowledge of magic, friendship, and even leadership than Celestia several years from now. I can see her as the greatest leader that Equestria has ever known, no doubt about that! So...why does she need to have the title as "Princess"?! The title "Queen", "Ruler of Equestria", or "Ambassador" would make much more sense to me! You see, nowadays when most people, especially young girls, think of "princess", they think of the "Disney" princess archetype. Many say that they are not at all role models to be followed, that they hardly ever take their own responsibilities and just look for a "knight in shining armor" to come save them. Nobody thinks of Twilight as that kind of person...ur...pony. She's the opposite! She takes action, gets things done, is extremely organized, and becomes wiser and wiser all the time. And she was given the title of princess by someone who, many can agree, never seems to do anything except raise the sun, give simple advice, and just be a mentor/teacher. This isn't to say that Celestia is completely useless, but we always root for Twilight much more than Celestia when it comes to saving the day. In fact, Celestia is always the damsel in distress, while Twilight is the "knight in shining armor"! Anyway, it's safe to say that I'm getting more and more used to seeing the wings on Twilight, symbolizing her new status as princess. So I'd really like to see Twilight do three things before the whole series ends... Get married (not to Flash Century!) to someone compassionate, understanding, wise, a great leader, and a bit of bookworm like her. Take responsibility over her own land/empire. Yes, that would be awesome! Combine all her findings on friendship and make it into a sort of magnum opus of Equestrian Literature! Let me know what you think.
  16. So any ways we've had derpy, Sombre, and alicorn twilight (as well as magical mystery cure) in season 4 whats gonna make fans or soccer moms loose their mind? 1 I for on like the CMC being the cmc, but i'm not gonna whine (okay maybe the first day give me one day lol to pout), but I understand it's likely gonna happen. I'm gonna miss my favorite 3 stooges blindly blundering through life. Hell if i was a pony and i had a blank flank I'd just picture the cmc and smile. No one else could made failing look so awesome, so heart warming, so endearing. At the same time i'm gonna feel good for them when it happens. Provided they don't become boring. 2 Killing off another character. You know the show writers do something once, (EOH for example) they get it in their mind they can keep doing it. Just imagine if the introduce a new bad ass villian better than discord than kill him. Yeah i know it's hard to imagine, but that would just sit in my craw lol. 3 Cycling out one of the main six. And no not just talking about twilight. Rain bow dash is a full fledged wonder bolt. and.... she seems like that sucks up what less than 5 percent of her time? Seeing as how when ever you see any of the wonder bolts any where their always in full battle gear, just so dash can go "ZOMG A WONDER BOLT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" As the main cast hits their goals its just something to think about. I mean raritys main goal is to get a dress shop in canterlot. How is she gonna hang out and run that bad boy? I mean when apple jack finally um.... um.. um... unleashes her mutant army of killer apples similar to attack of the killer tomatoes, but legally distinct is she really gonna have time to have slice of life adventures? Or when pinkie goes so far into the 4th wall (okay i'll stop) but I could totally see the writers slowly cycling one of the main six out. testing the waters. 4 and than there's discords song, which we all hope is so terrible it's awesome, J.D.s been warning us rather steadily on this one, "remember you guys asked for it." When ever a troll tells you something like that, you should at least be concerned not look up with bright eyed wonderment lol.
  17. The Amazing Spiderman left a mixed impression on the Spiderman fanbase; Some people liked it and some people didn't. I, myself, thought the movie was pretty good. I still liked the original three movies better, though. The Amazing Spiderman just seemed too early for the franchise to get a reboot. Anyways, there has been a lot of controversy going into Spidey's next film, The Amazing Spiderman 2. Marvel seems to be going back to square one. They're getting the old suit back, Peter is going to start acting like Peter again, and other things are going to be changed. But, at the same time, they'll still be following the comics. People who saw the first Amazing Spiderman seem to see this next film going in a bunch of different directions. But, here's how I see it; Marvel is going to fix everything they got wrong in Amazing Spiderman. In the first film, it took about 75 minutes into the film for Peter to finally get the suit on. In my opinion, that's too long. It's okay to have a descriptive introduction to the main character, but I wouldn't have it go on for half of the entire film. People who don't like or know much about Spiderman probably aren't going to see the movie. If you're going to have an introduction, make it quick and make it descriptive. There are other things they could fix, but if I went into that, I'll start sounding like a whiny bitch, Toby for life :3
  18. I know what some of you are thinking "oh another Derpy thread I wonder when the flame war is going to start?" I will of course do my best to try to not make that happen, sure telling off a certain someone felt pretty good at the time but it sure didn't help anything and I feel bad for the mods who had to clean up that mess. I had a conversation with this same certain someone a few days ago in response to a blog post called "Derpy Is Mentally Challenged?" Don't worry folks it didn't get ugly, anyway I won't rehash it but generally the point of the post was a rant about how Derpy is supposedly always portrayed in fanon as a walking talking stereotype which in some cases is true but I have seen plenty of fan material where Derpy aside from her eyes and slight clumsiness is not that different from the other ponies. And I have seen fan material where Derpy is even fairly intelligent so it is not exactly monolithic. That made me wonder exactly how everyone on here thinks Derpy should be portrayed. I think Derpy should be portrayed as fairly intelligent maybe not Twilight Sparkle level but clearly enough to where she is not seen as "mentally challenged" yet still keep the eyes and slight clumsiness because they help her to stand out and make her the cutest, most adorable pony ever. I guess in many ways I like the idea of Derpy just as much as the character as I know what it is like to be considered different and a character like that has the opportunity to be a great teaching tool.
  19. I've heard some wacky things went down at Everfree Northwest. Assault Molestation jokes around the younger VAs Conventions conspiring against and stealing from each other Open transphobia Can any of these incidences by confirmed? So far Michelle Creber has denied that the second one happened. Several of the claims seem to come from PurpleTinker, Bronycon's organizer whom I heard several negative things about (none of which had to do with being transgender). Can somebody clear the air on all this?
  20. what socks have that makes ponies look even more cuter than they already are? Anyways... I can't believe I sort of started a trending with ponies in socks but with the other way around.. with stallions haha, yeah stallions, they DO look good as good as mares with socks and it seems that people like them as well. If you don't believe me, take a look at these threads, haha, they all blame me *evil grin* Everything started here (kudos to ponyEcho for letting me do whatever the hell I wanted with his OC) then this o_o take a look at the spoiler of this post and finally, the same Motion Spark with socks <3 as you can see it's really fun, why don't you give it a try and be creative and put some really well designed socks on your OC.
  21. If you guys don't know already, here is what's up. (It took me a while to understand this, so there may be some holes) This began about ten days ago. Reddit moderator violentacrez, who watched over 400+ subreddits, left Reddit, leaving a goodbye post. Apparently he along with another Redditor had been threatened by Gawker writer Adrian Chen that he would reveal their identity for posting creepshots on the web of several women. -To make a long story of insanity and side events short- Two days later, on the 12th, his identity was revealed by Chen in an article on Gawker. He was Michael Brutsch, a computer programmer in Texas. He was later fired and was left with only three weeks of pay for his disabled wife and kids. He has received donations via paypal, but still is struggling to get by. So what do you guys think? Is this justified, for a person who takes creepshots to be exposed and laid off, or not? Source(s) KnowYourMeme The Huffington Post
  22. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, please move it if it fits better somewhere else. So, I have to write an essay for a writing class this semester, and I get to choose the topic. It needs to be about something controversial, and I have to argue a point. I'd like to write it on something I'm actually interested in, and my teacher is looking for essays about things she hasn't read about before, so I thought I'd try and find a way to make bronies work with the prompt I've been given. I was hoping to write about bronies and how they have become a sort of controversial topic. I'll be writing four smaller essays to put together into one big, 10-15 page essay. The first is just background information on my topic, and basically just what my topic is all about. The second is what the cause of the issue is, how we got to the point we're at now. The third is about what is being done now to solve the issue, and the fourth is about what could be done in the future to help solve the problem. I was just posting to ask if anybody has any ideas for things I could bring up in the essay, good resources that I could use, just anything you think would help. I have some ideas, but I would be interested in hearing input from other people, I'm sure there's a million things I haven't thought of. There is no guarantee that I will definitely use this topic, but if I can make it work then I think I would have a lot of fun with it. Thanks
  23. In my opinion I think Norwegian black metal is the most controversial genre of music. Sure gangsta rap was violent and anti-woman but, black metal started church burnings, murder and suicide. Dead (singer from Mayhem) shot himself in the head, then Varg Vikernes killed Euronymous. Varg was sentenced to 21 years in prison. So what do you guys think? What do you think is the most controversial genre of music?