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Found 44 results

  1. It looks like there will be a EFNW if things go as planned. I got tickets. I have never been to it before. Is anyone else going?
  2. (Wasnt sure where this would go.) Anyways, is anyone planning any good conventions they will be going to in 2016? As for me, I am making a plan for TrotCon. I was going to do BronyCon as well, but as of now I dont think I'd have the funds for it. But this year, I went to TrotCon and had tons of fun. If anyone is going to TrotCon next year, maybe everyone could go make a meet up of some sort.
  3. So, I'm just being a bit curious here, but is anyone else on the forums going to conventions later on this year? And I don't just mean things like Bronycon and the such, but also stuff like ComiCon and things like that. I currently am looking forward to attending Midwest Brony Fest and the Anime Festival that we have in my hometown. How about you guys? Anything cool you want to or are going to attend?
  4. Heya. Just thought I should start a new thread. I am curious! What conventions have all of you attended? Pony, anime, comic, etc. And any convention stories to share? post them here, for a good laugh, fright, or cringe even! All in good fun! Conventions I have attended: Anime Central, Anime Midwest, Midwest Furfest, ColossalCon, Katsucon Upcoming Cons: ColossalCon Conventions I plan to go to: Whinny City Con, D23 Expo Conventions I want to attend: AnthroCon, Biggest Little Furcon, Bronycon Feel free to use the template below for a reply if any of you wish.
  5. Does anybody else get super excited when they're confirmed for a panel at a con then go out and make a bunch of fancy banners to advertise for it? Cuz I do. Here's some examples of what I mean.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Tedwin, the Chair of Pacifc PonyCon 2017! I'm very happy to welcome everyone to our new forums, brought to you by our kind partners at Poniverse. Feel free to discuss anything related to the con here, and we are looking forward to seeing you in January! Tedwin Chairman, Pacific PonyCon 2017
  7. So, I was watching the episode "The Cart Before the Ponies" and I got a really good idea for a possible Brony convention in the near future. The convention would be themed around the Ponyville Derby and would be held in either Indianapolis, IN or Charlotte, NC, two cities that are home to both Indy Car and NASCAR, respectively. What do you think?
  8. There are sub sections for Everfree Northwest, BronyCAN, BABScon and many other MLP conventions over in the conventions forum section, but there is not one for the biggest MLP gathering: Bronycon. Is all Bronycon discussion expected to go down in Sugarcube corner, including talk of ride and room shares, meet ups and special events? Is there any reason why MLPforums in general tends to shy away from associating with Bronycon?
  9. ITT: We give advice to those planning on attending conventions. I'll start: Don't get drunk before visiting the vendors hall. I did and blew $500 on pic related.
  10. Well, I have returned from Nightmare Nights Dallas several days ago..which would be my first MLP convention. I will admit, when I was heading there..I was a tad nervous as I did not know what I would be expecting. I was able to squeeze myself in with a group that was going at the last minute and finally made it to Dallas after a brief car trip. Well, I made it..and it was a surreal moment to be with these guys..actually at the convention. After my bags were stashed safely in our room, I ventured out onto the convention floor to fully immerse myself in the convention and all it had to offer. I would like to say…I LOVED every moment I was there. From the opening ceremony to the vendor’s room, it felt like non-stop fun. People of all shapes and size from all walks of life, adorned their pony clothes and badges, eager to explore and converse with their fellow bronies and pegasisters. All of whom were quite friendly and very engaging as well, which I found quite delightful. I am willing to say that I made quite a number of new friends while I was there. Panels and panels as far as the eye could see..there was always something to do, places to see, and people to meet. I even met/ran into DustyKatt..a man whom only Paul Teutul Sr. could come close to rivalling in regards to manly soup strainers. Amy Keating Rodgers I also met while wandering the halls of the hotel, she was quite nice and approachable. Heh..I even told her that she did a marvelous job on the show..working hard to make it how it was and looking forward to her future endeavors. Hoof Hearted and Dr. Wolf to name a few were among my who’s who among the fandom. The voice actors/writer’s panels were absolutely hilarious and full of life. It makes me believe that they have a hilarious and fun time writing and voice acting and making each and every episode. They truly are one big happy family, just like our mighty herd. But of course, all good things must come to an end. Upon leaving the convention and embarking on my way home, I realized that I missed it all. No, no..not the convention. I missed the comraderie, the adventures, and the excitement that permeated the hotel..all of this that made a pony convention spectacular and unforgettable. And here I am, typing this up and sharing with you my experience at my first..and certainly not last..pony convention. If any of you saw me or talked to me while I was there, don’t hesitate to look me up on the forums. Brohoofs to all of you! <3 Sincerely, Crimson Fire
  11. Greetings and salutations, True Believers! Every year, around Labor Day weekend here in the US, there is a MASSIVE gathering of geekdom here in (kinda) beautiful Downtown Atlanta that takes over the whole city for the span of four days. It's a wonderful experience, and I have now been volunteering there for a grand total of 21 years(!). This year, my wife got me to take my phone along for the ride... and I brought back a dearth of pictures from the event. I keep trying to tell folks how it is, what folks dress as, and what kind of amosphere it has. Now, I can SHOW you folks what I've been yammering on about. I'll start with the MLP outfits, and go on to the rest in blocks - it would be a LOOOOOONG singular post otherwise. Fillies and gentlecolts, I give you DRAGONCON: Princess Celestia (she was really nice) Pinkie and Rarity Rarity (with a French accent, no less!) Rainbow Dash (her wig was back in her room) Vinyl Scratch (complete with hidden boombox) Queen Chrysalis Fluttershy (complete with parasprite and Luna) Applejack (with cider!) Great Galloping Gala Cadence and Derpy Spitfire (also a fellow security volunteer!) Celestia and Luna... ... and ME! ========================================== Okay, now that I've shown some of our representation, let me show you a few other outfits: Mumm-Ra, both forms (a husband and wife team) Rogue The cast of Chrono Trigger (minus Robo) Polaris and Scarlet Witch Brotherhood of Steel soldier and an Armored Vault Suit vault dweller Tigra (the whip lit up)
  12. OK, good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Well, well, well, did we get a treat this morning to kick off the second half of Season 6, or what??? Oh my goodness, "Stranger Than Fan Fiction." It's been awhile since the show had a love letter to the fans, but man oh man, when they do a love letter they bucking hit it out of the PARK! Let's dive into a real treat folks, without further ado, this is "Stranger Than Fan Fiction." Being nerdy is AWESOME!!! It must be so if Rainbow Dash is one! So given how much of a love letter to the fans this was, let's just focus on that. The plot isn't all that important, nor even the characters (at least not old ones like Rainbow Dash), though it did have a very heartfelt and well-delivered message. Basically, the whole episode is a celebration of all things fandom and nerdy, as well as a really well thought out examination of what makes for a good nerd and one who's taking things too far. This all centers around Quibble Pants, the AMAZING new supporting pony voiced by Patton Oswalt basically playing himself, because Patton Oswalt is a bonified nerd but also one who's very self aware of nerd tropes. Anyways, for most of the episode he exemplifies the "Nitpicky Nerd." We all know the type, and we've probably been that type at some point in our time as a nerd. The nerd who gets hung up over tiny details that might not matter, or who thinks that any nerd who disagrees with them on something is somehow less of a nerd than them because of it. Now here's the beauty of this episode and this character. The episode does not flat out say he's wrong. It becomes clear as the adventure continues that, yes, Daring Do's adventures are kind of ridiculous. Her enemies are very stupid and predictable at times, the most unrealistic coincidences just happen, and seemingly impossible feats are regularly pulled off. BUT what the episode does is turn that around on Quibble Pants by the end so that he finally realizes that all those elements, things he's never liked about the newer Daring Do novels/adventures, are things worthy of praise as well, even they're not his cup of tea. The seemingly impossible feats and over-the-top adventures, those are just as great as the smarter aspects of Daring Do like her puzzle solving and sharp wits. And we've all been there. I know I for one love, love, LOVE the original Star Wars trilogy so much more than the prequels, to the point that I have a hard time even thinking of them belonging to the same franchise. But if someone enjoys the prequels, who am I to say they can't or shouldn't; after all, there is still a lot of cool world-building in the Star Wars universe that came from them, so that's something to be sure! The point of the episode is that there is no such thing as "Nerd Group Think." Each and every nerd, like people in general, are their own unique individual with their own unique tastes. Take me for example! I count Batman/DC, MLP, Marvel, Star Wars, anime, and classic films among the things I most nerd out about. What a wide, wide array of things, right?! And there's a beauty in that diversity, a beauty in the notion of all these different types of fans who love all these properties for so many different reasons. In many ways, this episode retread themes very similar to the Season 5 opening, just in a less serious and more nerd-focused manner. But it was a beautiful love letter to MLP fans and nerds everywhere, with a wise lesson to boot, and that alone makes it a great episode. Of course, there were other things as well. Honestly, my favorite half of the episode was the first one. Don't get me wrong, the Daring Do adventure was a lot of fun, mostly because Quibble Pants added a whole new element to it. BUT the Daring Do convention was PURE JOY! I am so, so happy that I went to BronyCon before this, because otherwise I might not have appreciated that bit nearly as much. But now that I've been to a con, I can seriously say that they without a doubt NAILED THAT!!! Everything about the con setting was amazing, the vendors hall, the cosplaying, the nerdy arguments, heck, Rainbow Dash meeting Quibble Pants! Things like that happen, I met so many people whose names I didn't even learn but who I just talked with because we were nerding out over MLP that weekend! This was a con, a very, very accurate representation of one, and I was honestly sad when they left the con setting. There were even some really hilarious jokes for the adults in the audience. I mean, apparently in this kids show it is now canon that there are body pillows of Daring Do, including one depicting her bound! That... is... AMAZING (and kinky). ... What? What??? I don't know, but I have so many confusing feelings in my head right now! ... ... I'll take one of the tied up ones ... ... ... DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Cosplaying is now canon, fan fiction got brought up yet again, there was fan art, vendors, even a HILARIOUS food vendor who took way too much joy in Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants' original spat in the background (seriously, watch for her in that scene, she is HILARIOUS!!!). This whole con setting was just pure joy through and through, and seeing Rainbow Dash at it of all ponies was simply the best. I mean, she can't deny it out, she is a total nerd. I loved every single moment of that part of the episode, and it made me just want to get back to another con again. "Heheheh, bucking nerds." Give this pony a boop! Her amusement is hilarious. Nerds and cosplaying, nerds and cosplaying EVERYWHERE! Besides that, this was easily Rainbow Dash's best episode of the season so far. It's been too long since we've seen nerdy Rainbow Dash, and it's always so much fun to see that side of her personality ever since Season 2 and how unapologetic she is about it. Seeing Daring Do return was great as well, she's always a fun character and my only complaint was that we didn't see more of her. Also, Caballeron as the villain was just the best. First of all, he needed more screen time since usually most focus has been on Ahuizotl as Daring Do's archnemesis, but man oh man were the jokes just flying with Caballeron, particularly Quibble Pants's insistence that he was a cheap, knock-off actor playing a villain poorly. Rainbow, what are you doing? Rainbow, stahp. Finally, this episode just had some of the most self-aware, meta humor we've ever seen in the show and I loved every minute of it. This could've gone very badly, but the writing was incredibly clever and again, the fact that they were able to balance so much humor with an actually really good message is to be commended. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better episode to kick off the second half of the season, nor a better love letter to the fans and nerds everywhere. Pony on everypony, and welcome to the herd Patton Oswalt, we're so happy to have you! That's it for this week everypony. Until next week, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* P.S. HOLY CRAP, SURPRISE DERPY COSPLAYING APPEARANCE WHICH I DIDN'T EVEN CATCH!!! Best cosplay hooves down, she gonna win ALL the cosplay contests!
  13. I was just curious about what motivates different people to cosplay. I am an introverted, somewhat anti-social person and cosplay helps me twofold. It forces me to have to deal with people asking about the costume, wanting pictures, and generally giving me attention, but it also gives me something to talk about and break the ice. Do you find it empowering or comforting? Or do you just like to make things? Is it an artistic expression? Please share your thought and insights.
  14. Bronies, My panel application for my game, "Pointless Ponies”, has been accepted at MLP-MSP! It’s based on a British game show on the BBC called “Pointless” which is like “Family Feud,” except the object is to find the most obscure answer to survey questions. In other words, the fewer the number of people said an answer, the better. Now, I really need your assistance in taking one of two surveys for the game. The first one is still in play: ( There's also a second one that may be a little easier: ( You may take either or both surveys. Please read each question carefully as some questions have multiple answers. Also, please feel free to look up websites such as or the IMDB for the answers. My goal is to get at least 100 respondents to both surveys. Please feel free to share this with someone who might be interested in taking part. The game will be Friday night (June 10th) at 7:30pm. Thank you, StatManDan
  15. I created this thread before, and I got no replies. I am trying again because I would really like to get at least a couple responses. If you didn't see before, I will be running a panel at Chicago's Whinny City and I need your help on this. The panel I'm running is about the audience (and me) sharing our stories of how we ended up in this fandom, what keeps us here, and the future of it. So I would love for you to answer these three questions if you would be so kind. I plan on taking comments from this thread and reading them out loud during the panel. Don't worry I'll be sure keep you anon, just be prepared for that when you comment. 1. Your Origin Story: What in your journey of life led you to joining the fandom? Tell me your story of how you were first introduced to the show and how it affected your life from then to today. 2. The Hold On You: What has kept you in this fandom all this time? More specifically, is there one (or more) particular thing(s) that have helped keep you here? Like do you enjoy making a type of content or do you enjoy experiencing community content? Or maybe it's predominantly the show? 3. The Future: What do you hope to see or experience in the future of the show and/or fandom? Are there any guests you would like see either at cons or in the series, something you plan to create, or maybe something you'd like to see someone else create? Sincere apologies if this is spamming, but your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  16. I build a Pony Timeplaner / Pony Date Overview. It shows all important Pony Dates with Countdowns clearly sorted in the Users Time. No matter where one lives, one always gets the Time that corresponds to his Timezone. The Dates have different categorie icons for a better overview. One can filter by books, media, conventions. Some Dates are linked to additional information pages or sources. It sync with the Server every 30min, and recreate the list if there are new dates, without reloading of the site. It color marks the dates that are reached soon within the next 24h, it keeps expired dates for 24h, and finally removes it. The Site Works on mobile devices and computers, with very little Traffic. Has the Design of the Book Horse. I hope you like it, and it helps you to keep track of the times.
  17. Anybody else planning to be there? Ticket, hotel, and flight are all booked. Would love to meet some of the forum members in person!
  18. Technically this should be a topic, but I made it a blog instead. I personally have never been to any pony cons. I was originally planning to go to BronyCon this year but the con was placed at the worst possible time for me. I once went to a few local cons in search of ponies but found nothing except for one pony/AOT crossover poster. I plan to go to Pacific Pony Con, BABS Con and Brony Con, and MLP MSP next year to make up for this year. ​
  19. Conventions: You gotta love em... if you're able to got to them, because the big ones always seem to be held really far away from me. Now, I can't say I've never gone to a con because well I have been, twice. One was Midwestria in 2012 and another was Chicago Comic Con. I am planning to go to the former again in a few weeks so I'll blog pictures from that as I did last year. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the distribution of cons around the world. Ever notice how in the grasp of people hyping for Bronycon or BABSCon, there's always that group of people going, "Aww, I wish I could go?" That's because there in the same basic areas every year. Now well they're both on the east and west coast of the U.S. respectively, that's only 2 areas on the whole planet. I certainly don't live in Baltimore or the Bay area. Now, people are able to drive or fly there and stay in hotels. I can barely drive and have no car or license, so that's out. How about flying? Have you seen how expensive plane tickets are? I haven't even been on a plane in 8 years mostly due to my family not having a lot of money. Now I might go to Bronycon next year if I can get a job and save up enough, but I don't know. The point I'm trying to make here is I feel that those few cons are the only ones with any real coverage. Well, them and Everfree Northwest. There are a lot more cons across the world that should get equal the amount of coverage. These three cons seem to be the ones that get all the coverage on EQD, most of the crew of the show end up coming to them, and they get the highest attendance. You know what would work? If other cons got this much coverage. There is a small pony con in Chicago coming next year, and it only got maybe one or two features on EQD, and I haven't heard any other details since. Now, I'll still go to this Con, but I don't know how big the attendance will be. The other pony con we had in Chicago couldn't get enough money to go again because the attendance was low. So what I think should happen is either cons in other areas should get more attention or we start adding more cons around the world. They've been doing a pretty good job with the latter but not the former. This is Chikorita giving advice.
  20. Dear Bronies, staff members and convention organizers, I'm just new here to join the herd, since I also like the series and the fanart and projects you guys create. But not only for that. Today I'm writing this short open letter to you about future conventions and mlp events if it's no problem for the Gaming and Comic Community to join. And to not ban them for having an other opinion or style. Because since last year both communities where attacked by a notorious group of people who participate in making politics out of entertainment and slandering fandoms. Most of them are like Starlight Glimmer, but even worser. Many people inside the gaming Community where attacked by antigamers and self-proclaimed SJW's over their opinion and artistic work. But they also started fights against famous youtubers like Totalbisquit and Jon Tron. For the Comic Community, it became more terrible. A Comic veteran called Alison Tieman was falsely accused, banned and bullied away from the Calgary Expo by the "Staff" for being herself. She eventually broke down during an explanation video, since she never had met with a horrible treatment like that. The Expo is being sued for their actions. And that's why I'm asking you to not exclude gamers and comic fans from the forum or conventions. We have much on common. We love our series, create artwork and go to Conventions. But you guys also got trouble with the same hatefilled group and I'm afraid they'll destroy other people and bronies for their opinions and works. And one certain MLP comic writer was an anti-Brony and tried to damage the fandom. He/she didn't met the goal and was eventually fired after they saw his/her true nature. I really hope the Brony Community and the rest is still open minded for the Gaming and Comic Community. Never forget the message that was created by Lauren Faust about tolerance and friendship. Because excluding, slandering and bullying others is not magic and never will be. Limeblossom. P.S. English is not my native language, but I hope you guys can understand the message.
  21. I wanted to go to a meetup, and I had a question about it. How old do you have to be to go to a brony convention?
  22. Anime Central is upon us once again, and for the 8th straight year I make my pilgrimage to the city of Rosemont, suburb of the metropolis that is (que singing) Chicagoooooooo! Chicagooooooo! (ends singing). Just like the Polish before me I will indulge in 3 days of anime, parties & expensive purchases, while my fellow otaku go off to battle 34,000 wehrmacht in the town of Wizna. Or... something along those lines. I'm looking forward to this a little more than usual because I feel like I've only reconnected with anime recently thanks to S.A.O, Kill La Kill & The Devil Is A Part Timer. I've been out of the otaku loop for the past year or so cause, well, ponies! But there is a sort of magic, a sort of familiarity & nostalgia I feel when I return to those hallowed grounds. For once I'm not confined to my house in my small town village, or my place of work in the slightly bigger town next door. I'm not amongst the normal people, the conformists, the mundanes, the elderly folk or the middle schoolers. I get to be among my people! The otaku, the nerds, the geeks, the fanatics, those who aren't afraid to show themselves. Sure I'll hardly talk to any of them, I'm just awkward & asocial that way, but there, I don't have to hide, I don't' have to avoid, I don't try blend in, I try to stand out. I get to be a part of a crowd that has energy & enthusiasm. Tonight I pack! Tomorrow I depart right after work! All I'll be needing are some cargo pants to carry my camera, phone, MP3, some swag shirts & my fedora trilby. Maybe I'll bring my Chrysalis plush along. We cracked 30,000 last year. Lets see where we end up in 2015. To those in the upper midwest & great lakes region: See you at the frontlines! P.S. Don't forget the soap.
  23. Does anyone have any favorite con mascot, even if you never been (like me, but one day will)? Mine, is Britanna, Mascot of BUCK (UK's Brony Convention), as being proud Brit. Also Babscon mascot, Golden Bridge are great, also.
  24. So, because my job has really been tearing me down (mentally), I decided on a whim that I am going to not only go to MLP-MSP, but also Midwest Bronyfest. However, being a brony without IRL brony friends, and a husband who is a big closet brony (and thus one con was enough for him), I am deciding to truck it alone. However, hotels are extremely expensive when all by myself, and I not only feel awkward, but also very unsure of the idea of rooming with strangers for everyone to get a discount on overall cost (maybe after the first day if I make friends, but that's just not practical). On top of that, the hotels that are available for Midwest Bronyfest are expensive! I am just not a hotel-y kind of person anyways....I would rather camp out. Camping would be a good thing considering all campgrounds open Memorial Day weekend (Midwest Bronyfest is that weekend and MLP-MSP is in June). But I also know, EVERYONE and their brothers are going to take the family out for the first summer camping trip and I really don't want to compete with late night shenanigans of screaming kids and yapping dogs in an overflowing campground . Plus, in places like Kansas City and Minneaoplis, campgrounds are not found in the cities, and those that are I believe are strange (isn't the point to camp out in know, away from city life? ) not to mention expensive and usually RV only (I'm a tenter). So if I want to camp out, I'd have to travel out of the city, and after the night concerts that may go into the early morning hours, I know I wouldn't to drive to a campground, sleep for a few hours, and then go right back....leaving all my camping stuff completely unattended on top of that. So I thought of combining the two problems into one solution. Camping in my pickup! I have a topper for our bigger pickup and since it's just me, it won't be too difficult. I actually plan to do this for my trip up to Fargo for my steam engine stuff (I will also be alone on that trip since it will be a week long). I am used to camping, so sleeping arrangements and stuff will not be too difficult. Parking laws, and vagrancy laws can be researched. The biggest thing I worry about is getting a shower. I could ask someone to use their shower at a con, but that would be awkward and I am not counting on it. I know I could use truck stop showers, but so far, my research has turned up potential truck stops as being nearly an hour away from the cons! So....has anyone ever done this? What are your thoughts on this idea? (I actually wasn't sure where to put this topic)
  25. With our NEIGHhem concert already bursting with bass dropping talent, we are excited to announce Special Guest, Black Gryph0n! Our mane event for the concerts, Black Gryph0n, (aka Gabriel Brown) is a 25 year old American singer, actor, songwriter and animator who is one of the MLP fandom’s most popular and versatile artists. Musically, Gabe first became known for such songs as Proud To Be A Brony and Paper Sky. As an animator, his “licious” series (Twilightlicious, Rainbowlicious, Pinkalicious,etc) was a huge hit. He is also a popular “reactor” on ACRacebest’s Bronies React series. At the age of 18, Gabe joined the US Navy and was training in special operations when he broke his femur in a sky diving accident. He switched to the Navy’s music department and then spent three years touring the Eastern Hemisphere as lead singer for the 7th Fleet Band’s Orient Express. He was awarded three Achievement Medals as "a superb vocalist/entertainer"; singing in 12 languages and multiple genres during hundreds of engagements. Now separated from active duty with an honourable discharge, Gabe has a full time career as a performing artist with an extensive following around the world. He has released IMmortal, a CD of original songs with his brother Baasik, including hits like Set in Stone, Crusader (Are We There Yet), and Faster Than You Know. After a successful collaborative cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It with Michelle Creber (voice of Apple Bloom), Gabe and Michelle now work as a duo; recording, performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and releasing co-written original songs. Gabe has also officially joined the MLP team, having recorded vocals with Daniel Ingram on several 2015 songs. Visit him at If you’re ready to get down with the some of the best talent of the fandom, register now at The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • • • •