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Found 20 results

  1. Would you rather have a first date at an expensive, luxurious restaurant, or at a cheap, little but comfortable pizza parlour ? :3
  2. Mine would be the wonka banana pops you peel. *Drools* So yummy!
  3. I love cookies. I also love Christmas! Put them together and you got a happy pony! But... Which is the Best? Gingerbread or sugar cookie??? Tell us which one and why!
  4. I know these are usually for members but I thought it was fun to do one with my OC. So if you want to ask any question towards Captain Caramel, go ahead. She will answer any question you have for her. (link for her is in my signature) If you tag me, I'll respond sooner!
  5. I'd give her all of the cookies she wanted and more!
  6. Here's the rules for this game: ~There will always be some food on the dining room table, but you can't add more food if there's already some (that hasn't expired) on there ~If you eat the food on the table- or if it you ignore it and it expires on your turn- then you must leave some more of your choice on the table ~Food expires if nopony eats it in the three posts after it's left out (it's okay for the pony that left it out, as well as someone who once ignored it, to post again to eat/ignore it). If you ignore it, it'd be helpful- though still optional- if you could please say when the food will expire If you're the first pony to ignore it, then it will expire after two posts; if you're the pony that ignores it for the third time, then it expires and you have to replace it I suck at explaining this, sorry I'll give an example too; hopefully this will make more sense: ...and so on It should make more sense once it's played, and the expiry rule can be removed if it becomes too annoying. So.. I'll start? =) *leaves out cookies* <3
  7. The title is self explanatory. What are your favorite kinds of cookies? Personally for me, I don't really have any preference, mostly because there are so many to choose from. There are so many different brands and flavors that I have tried throughout my life, many that are so delicious that I can't really think of right off the back! Generally, I would say that sugar cookies are among my favorites.
  8. Another Sketchbook Express Drawing. Goes something like: Me: Luna? Have you seen my Ore.....*facepalms* Luna: *munch munch* Sorry
  9. So, with the Girls Scouts Cookie fundraiser underway and everyone debating what cookies are the best, I got to thinking that there should be a thread where we can all talk about our scouting experiences. I know there are the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, but I am pretty sure there are equivalents to these all over the world. So what better way to compare and contrast all these lifeskill building programs by talking about it! I was a Girl Scout. I was only one for 1 and half years, when I was 11-12 years old. I was a Junior Scout. I remember loving it so much, and in the place where I lived, I was the only Junior scout in my district (yey rural communities) so my foster mom was my troop leader (she was also the Brownie and Cadet Leaders for the district). I ended up earning EVERY single badge in the Junior Girl Scout handbook. I remember going to multiple camps at the Wisconsin Girl Scout camp, Camp Sacajawea. I especially enjoyed the horse camps, and I remember having to care for and ride this old horse named Thomas (very sweet old horse). In our trail rides, we always had to follow one another single file, and there was this girl behind me who had this horse the farted all the time on our trail rides. Other than my horse care badge unit and wilderness unit (getting all the badges at once that had similarities), I don't remember much else in the way of badge getting. Since it's cookie time, I must brag just a little bit. The year that I sold cookies, I sold over 4000 boxes, and ended up getting a massive white teddy bear (the theme was "Dream Big" that year), a t-shirt, some patches, and national recognition as a top cookie seller for that year. I had no competition so it was fairly easy. I still have that teddy bear, and it reminds me of some of the best direction and drive I had through some of my toughest years in foster care. It was a fun experience overall, and looking back, I must have been quite the dorky geek, but who cares what other people think? Were you a boy/girl scout?
  10. Hello, and welcome to the Dark Side. My name here for our purposes is Asmodeus. Now here you stand wondering why you have been separated from the mane group, well there are two answers, one you where originally part of the whole, the separated into ponies, and whatever else; then into those who are here for cookies, and those who are not. You all are here for cookies, and because you are ponies, and everyone loves ponies. I am here to regretfully inform you that the dark side has no cookies. While Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and myself may gather round in a kitchen, and bake some cookies, these are purely personal cookies between friends. They are not communal cookies to be shared with the whole of the Dark Side. As of right now we are at work finding the source of this common misconnection that the Dark Side has cookies. On the note of desserts we do have wonderful ice cream, but only in Dark Side Chocolate. Oh, and we have no cheese, or cheese related food items, as it tends to incur the wrath of our dear Queen Chrysalis. Now what we do have is a Cake, but it is indeed a lie. We have a singular cake in the Dark Side, but it's a hologram set down by the Mane-iac to trap Princess Celestia… it has not, and most likely will not capture Princess Celestia. What else? Ahh yes, sign ups for the Dark Side are over by the holographic cake, it is currently managed by Zoroark, and Queen Chrysalis. Those not interested please follow King Sombra to the portal to Equestria. Say hi to Absol as well while you leave if you do! Any and all questions can be directed to Nightmare Rarity. The Dark Side thanks you for your time, and your soul. Have a happy day!
  11. So yeah my mom just got a couple of boxes of them a few days ago and so I wanted to ask you, what is your favorite type of girl scout cookie. I'm going to have to say Samoas are the best. Also forgot to say Tagalongs are my 2nd favorite
  12. I'm at a loss for words. For the record, I LOVE Girl Scouts cookies. Especially thin mints. I don't buy them often. I bought some tonight and this was the first time I bought Girl Scout cookies in a couple years because when I buy Girl Scout cookies, I make them disappear. Anyway, I just saw a commercial for it on TV so it HAS to be real. You guys, if I see this stuff at the store, I'm buying all of it. Then I will go home and drink coffee by the gallon.
  13. I've recently discovered a game called "Cookie Clicker" where the object of the game is to click a large cookie to get more cookies, and use cookies to buy things that will make cookies for you. You can also buy upgrades and earn achievements, but the only real point is to have fun. If you want to check it out, go ahead and click this link : If you feel like it, post how many cookies you've gotten, and how many cookies you are making per second. It's somewhat a work in progress, but still a really great game. Try it out and have fun!
  14. Diamond*


    Well, I got some cookies. HOW TO PLAY: You give or take 1 cookie from the person above. When cookies reach to 0 you start again from 200. Let me start. 200 cookies
  15. The title pretty much says it. SNATCH THE COOKIE! The game is simple really! When someone has the cookie, another person must snatch it by any means necessary. And I mean, ANY MEANS. For Example: Pony 1: I punch Pony 2 into the ground and take the cookie. Pony 2: I distract Pony 1 with music to the point where he forgets about the cookie and I snatch it. Pony 3: I trip Pony 2 and run off with the cookie. Rules You cannot kill the person who has the cookie and getting him out of the game permanently You cannot disable the person in any way. Only attack him to get the cookie. Lastly, YOU MUST NOT EAT THE COOKIE! (Very important rule. Don't screw it up.) Okay. I have the cookie now. I want you guys to take it by any means necessary. NOW GO MY FRIENDS! GET THE COOKIE! (On a off side note, this is my first official topic so yea!)
  16. OK, so the Mayan Calendar runs out on this day. Nothing in the calendar "says" the world will end. Modern people just assume so. --Frankly, I think the stone carver just ran out of room. All that said, some people are actually panicking, storing up food and such, (an aside, if the world is ending, why store food? its all gonna go boom, right?) The Mayans never wrote an apocalyptic scenario that I know of. So know one knows how we are all gonna die. If I'm gonna go, I want to go in a spectacular way, like Gollum did in the LOTRs. (at least I will get to see The Hobbit before the end) So since the Mayans never did say how the world will end...LETS HELP THEM OUT! Lets come up with a fun way to destroy the earth. Like giant man eating rabbits eat us all or something. I'll start: December 21st 2012, the world will end because a giant space guy named Galactus will land and literally EAT the Earth all up. Burp.
  17. Alright. I'm turning 17 on the 21st. Woo hoo? I don't really make a big deal out of birthdays. Every year, though, my guardians feel the need to buy me.. something. Just something. I don't like talking about our financial status, but we kind of... have money. Enough to where, if I were to ask for something that's $60, I would get a response along the lines of, "Okay, and what else?" Last year, I got a new laptop, clothes, and just a lot of miscellaneous things that really would just take up time trying to list. It's pretty important to mention that I really do NOT like receiving presents, because it makes me feel horrible. You know, wasting money and whatnot. And also, there's really nothing that I even want, which is why I'm making this thread. I've tried reasoning with my guardians that I really don't need or even want all these presents, but they won't hear anything of it. I'm guessing the only reason I didn't get a car for my "Sweet 16" is because where I live, you have to be 16 to even get your permit, and so they figured that they would just wait until next year, so I could actually drive around, since I would have my license by then. I would actually really really hate getting a car. That would... No. Just no. The only things that I even "want" are little nendoroid figurines of my favourite anime characters, and then the blu-ray copies of my favourite anime, but all this stuff seems like a waste of money to me, so I'd rather not get any of it. I'm already happy with all the things I have. I actually have too much. And it really just makes me feel horrible that I am allowed to get all these crazy ridiculous, expensive luxuries, whenever there's a lot more people who struggle just keeping themselves fed. They really won't listen to me whenever I explain my thoughts on the matter, and also, they refuse to just give me money, because they think that I'd give pretty much all of it to charity, which, they're right, I would. But enough rambling, I guess. What do you think I could ask for? I'd preferably like to get something useful rather than amazingly fun or awesome, and a car is not a valid answer (we have multiple cars, and I don't go to enough places to need my own). I really don't like much. The only things I like are anime, music (almost only electronic genres), and literature. Books aren't expensive enough for them to be satisfied, and there's nothing I can really do with the kind of music that I like, and then as I said, anime is pretty much a waste of money (it's pretty expensive). I'm kind of at a loss over this, and I hate it. I'd rather just have a day of peace and quiet at the house, all alone, but that's pretty impossible to achieve with my guardians being the way they are. TL;DR - 1 N33D 5UM 1D345 F0R PR353N75 F0R MY B1R7HD4Y 7H47 1 D0N'7 3V3N W4N7
  18. Here is the link to my pony blog: you ask a question, I hand-draw answer! My skills are still developing, so don't expect much! I wasn't born in Ponyville, but I was an adult pony without a cutie mark. Everypony looked at me as if I wasn't from here. I never felt home. I only had one real friend: Lemna. One day, I left home to crusade for my cutie mark. I somehow ended up in Ponyville. With a headache I moved into town because nopony seemed to treat me differently from the others. And then one day, I got my cutie mark. It stands for trust and protection!
  19. OK, Hook and crew get lost on the way to never never land and decide to take over Equestria. so there's a fight. Who would win?