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Found 21 results

  1. Guest

    Can you Cook?

    This is a topic that me and my wife have to explore quite often. The short version is: she can cook, and I am pretty rubbish. I'm getting better, but I can't seem to get it down. I mean I'm at a level where I could survive if I was left alone for a few weeks, but I wouldn't be making anything amazing. My biggest blunder is seasoning and trying to get flavor into stuff. My wife just knows how to mix things to create flavor that I can not seem to do. She can pull flavour out of just about nothing. It's a frustrating thing, but I can't seem to get recipes as well as she does. What about you guys? Who here is good at cooking, and who is rubbish like myself?
  2. Hey guys. So I just got done seeing today's episode, and no one made a fan club for Saffron? Come all Saffron Masala admirers to the Grand Opening of the MLP FORUMS Tasty Treat!
  3. In other words what's the most complex meal you can make/cook/prepare? Mine would be an English breakfast (sausage, fried egg, bacon, toast and baked beans) but I can't cook much else.
  4. Alright, for all you popcorn connoisseurs out there; I have a simple question. In order to get your popcorn to prime condition for nomming, how long do you cook it in your microwave/oven/cauldron/etc.? Vote in the poll and post below! I personally use 1:41 minutes most of the time. 1:40 generally cooks popcorn well without leaving a lot of kernels or burning it, but I tend to cook popcorn at night and I don't want to wake everyone else up with the beeping of the microwave, so I add another second so I can stop the microwave early without losing time.
  5. Okay, starting off I AM a CHEF. I went to Culinary School and EARNED the right to call myself that. Secondly, I like food. I LOVE FOOD! And I love to SHARE food with others. So I got to thinking about MLP-related recipes. I thought it would be nice to share them Please share your own recipes. Heck, post recipes that AREN'T yours but that you like. If anyone is Interested, (or wants to contribute), I am making a FREE MLP Cookbook on GoogleDocs, and I'm willing to share it. Starting off, a recipe from a friend of mine (exactly as he wrote it, as per his request when I asked to use it) Cucumber Sandwich recipe. NO REALLY Submitted by Caerdwyn So. There was this show with horses in it. And there was "Q" from Star Trek, and he was all "prison food for ponies, I'ma betrays you!" And there was a mention of cucumber sandwiches. And people said "Whaaaaa? Cucumber sandwiches, that's not a thing!" CUCUMBER SANDWICHES BECAUSE THEY ARE A THING Soft-crusted bread, sliced (a "more wholesome than thou" stunt-bread with about a billion different grains works really well for this, but feel free to mock it mercilessly if the word "goodness" is anywhere to be found on the package) Cucumber, peeled and sliced about 1/8" thick Fresh spinach leaves Sliced ripe tomato (maybe 1/4" thick) Thin-sliced red onion (as thin as you can cut it) Fresh-style mozzarella cheese in 1/4" slices <--- choose the right cheese! It matters! None of that waxy slabby stuff you find with the Velveeta. Barbecue sauce THAT'S RIGHT YOU HEARD ME KC Original Masterpiece yo The secret to making a good cucumber sandwich is to keep the bread from getting soggy. You do this by layering correctly, keeping the wettest ingredients from being in direct contact with soft breads. Note that watery-wet like tomatoes and cucumbers is different from fatty-wet as in most sauces, which have oils and proteins that make them behave differently in contact with bread. Water will dissolve bread. That's yuck. The secret to making ANY sandwich good is about texture and "tooth". You do this by slicing things to the correct thickness and going easy on the sauces. Mayo is evil, okay? Layer it like this, Padawan, top to bottom. Bread. Mozzarella cheese slices. Onion. Tomato slices. Barbecue sauce SHUT UP IT'S GOOD YOU'RE THE ONE LOOKING FOR RECIPES PAL Cucumber slices (2 layers). Spinach leaves (lots and lots... no, more than that). Bread. It's an amazingly tasty sandwich that's low-cal and freakishly good for you. Aaaand if you want to take it to the next level, a few slices of thick-cut baked-to-chewy bacon make it just stupid-crazy good. But if I catch you cutting off the crusts like some frou-frou inbred European aristocrat I'ma empty a can of Cool Whip-@$$ on you.
  6. Nope, the title really has little to do with Equestria, just a play on words. So, inspired by that topic on top 5 things people want to do, i noticed that learning to cook was seen often enough. And that's what this thread is about, cooking, food, yummi. So, for starters, i really love food, and i always try and change my recipes to improve the experience. And i'm sure there's otheres here who shares the love for consumables, and/or atleast someone who wants to learn something basic (but still tasty). As for my knowledge about cooking, i've gotten most of my knowledge from my father, who did finish some kind of chef school. I've brought that knowledge with me, and added my own experience much as i hate to brag, i've gotten some very good feedback on my meals, just by experimenting with even simple things. So, let's share recipes, taste experiences, seasonings for the season, helpful tips, make the world tastier again. I'll even add a recipe tomorrow of something i consider the best thing i've made, and quite easy and tasty too.
  7. Say, we host a cooking contest, in which the Two Twilight Sparkles and Sunset Shimmer got invited to attend. Each contestant may cook any dish, but it has to involve at least something and eggs, eggplants, and bacon. Which of the three do you think will win this contest, and what kind of dish do you think she will create? And would you, or the other two, enjoy the winning dish? Thank you.
  8. This is something I'm always curious about and love to ask any new people in my life. Is there a recipe that you love and want to perfect so badly that you've probably made it too often for too many friends and family but still can't help falling back on? If you do, please share! For me, it's cream sauce. I love to cook but I wouldn't say I have a talent for it at all. I just enjoy feeding people (and eating, the eating part is good too) and playing around in the kitchen. For this recipe, I'll typically make a chicken+spinach+mushroom linguine with garlic and drown it in a cream-sauce I've made lovingly from scratch. It's a therapeutic obsession for me, something I'll cook pretty frequently and shell out too much money for in order to have the best ingredients. I gather all my stuff together, throw on my favourite playlist, and go into some kind of King's Speech zen state, and start cooking. My sauce has seen many drastically different forms. When I started out I put bacon the sauce itself, used red onions and dry herbs, and stupidly used salted butter. And worse - I used to use olive oil! It changed an ingredient at a time, firstly switching to fresh herbs, then to shallots, then from oil to salted butter and from salted to unsalted. The fennel was eventually added, then apple as well to bring out a little more sweetness, then I introduced the smoked cheddar to give it that smoky goodness. I really think the smoky notes are the true je ne sais quois of the sauce! Right now my process is this: -Melt butter (unsalted) in sauce pan. Add garlic&shallots and cook down/infuse. -For a touch of sweetness, add some diced sweet apple and fennel. -Add a splash of dry white wine (I've tried with sweeter wines, the sauce just becomes sickly sweet and it's rather unfortunate) and let it reduce, then add heavy cream. -Add salt, pepper. This step is also why I avoid salted butter - if I use unsalted then I have direct control over how much salt I want tasted in the sauce. Too much salt ruins it! -Add grated smoked white cheddar (applewood smoked is my go-to), stir in. Between the cream, the reduced wine, and the cheese I get a nice, thick sauce. I hate thickening with flour, I've learned. -Once the sauce is ready, keep on low heat and add your fresh herbs. I use Italian parsley and fennel fronds lately. -My last last step is always to add a cold cube of butter at the end to stir in, from the advice of a fellow pasta lover. It really just adds that extra bit of richness and rounds things out at the end (don't ask me about the science behind it or any technical terms, that's too out of my depth!). Gives it that extra bit of body-ody-ody, as they say! Of course I'll have already cooked my linguine, plus I'll have fried up some chicken, baby bella mushrooms, spinach, and garlic in butter. I'm pretty particular about my chicken, too. It has to be browned a little, just because that's how I love it most! It all ends off with piling my chicken&veg on the linguine and pouring over just the right amount of sauce, garnished with fennel fronds&maple bacon bits! Occasionally, I like to quick-pickle red onions for certain chicken dishes and keep some on hand for other recipes. If I have any already made I sometimes throw a few on my pasta for garnish as well, but I'm slowly growing away from that now, too. I just don't think that bright, acidic kick of vinegar is very welcome in my rich, smoky, sweet sauce any more. But sometimes I crave it? It's also very pretty as a garnish. I'm so torn! In any case, what you typically get is a super rich chicken linguine with a sauce that has sweetness, salt, smokiness, and traces of herby goodness. If you've made it this far, I'm sorry! I tend to ramble. But I'd love to hear everyone's favourite recipes that you can't stop trying to perfect, the ones that have grown and changed alongside you over the years. ♥
  9. Home made Caramel Apples. Mom and I made them after picking them from a friend's tree. First time we made them too.
  10. So, who here likes to cook? I am in the process of making one of my favorite soups, Lentil Soup! Lentil Soup!!!! Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 cup finely chopped onion 1/2 cup finely chopped carrot 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1 pound lentils, picked and rinsed 1 cup peeled and chopped tomatoes 2 quarts chicken or vegetable broth 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground garam masala 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground toasted cumin 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Directions Place the olive oil into a large 6-quart Dutch oven and set over medium heat. Once hot, add the onion, carrot, celery and salt and sweat until the onions are translucent, approximately 6 to 7 minutes. Add the lentils, tomatoes, broth, coriander, cumin and grains of paradise and stir to combine. Increase the heat to high and bring just to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook at a low simmer until the lentils are tender, approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour. Using a stick blender, puree to your preferred consistency. Top with a dollup of yogurt and cilantro.
  11. This game is more or less the TV show "Chopped" adapted for forums. The rules are simple: One person posts four ingredients. The person below them states what they would make with them. They may use other ingredients as well, but the main four MUST be incorporated. Here goes: Pepperoni Farfalle pasta Kettle-cooked potato chips Celery
  12. So, I enjoy cooking & working in the kitchen and such, and looking around, it doesn't look like there's a thread for exchanging and posting recipes here and I thought to myself "This must be rectified." I figure that if you're old enough to provide for yourself, it's fun to exchange recipes, and if you're young enough, it's never to early to learn to cook and impress your friends, family, significant others, etc. And, where possible, feel free to post pics of what you've made. Half the fun is presentation, after all. Now I've got the intro up, let's jump right in with a new recipe I've found that has turned out pretty well. Something I call.... BEST CHICKEN WINGS You will need the following: 3-4 lbs of chicken wings, separated into drums and flats with the tips discarded. approximately 2 cups of all purpose flour 2 eggs 1/2 cup of soy sauce 1/2 cup of rice or white vinegar 1/2 cup of sugar 2 Teaspoons of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ginger 1 and 1/4 stick of butter a cast iron skillet a roasting pan 3 large cereal bowls a plate a range top stove and, optional, but recommended: chef's knife, tinfoil, tongs, green onions and a basting brush. To begin: For the chicken wings, you can either buy them from the store whole or separated into wing sections. Personally, I prefer to buy them whole so that way you can use the tips later to create chicken stock. If you buy the wings whole, use the knife to separate the drum (the bit that attaches to the chicken itself) from the flat (the middle section) and the flat from the tip. This is easily done by cutting along the joints with your chef's knife. Once you've got the wings separated, crack the eggs into a bowl and lightly beat them with a fork. Add the flour to the other bowl. Once the eggs are beaten, dip both sides of each wing section in the egg, then transfer to the flour and coat evenly. After that, transfer the flour coated wings to a plate or a wire rack if you have one. Heat your oven to 375 degrees (or whatever temperature that is in the godforsaken celsius system) and melt a whole stick of butter into your frying pan. Once your butter is melted, brown the wings on both sides in your frying pan. Once browned, transfer them to a foil lined roasting pan. In the last cereal bowl, combine the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, ginger and garlic and stir to combine. Baste the individual wings with the sauce. (this can be done with a basting brush or with a spoon). Put the wings in the oven and bake them for approximately 30-45 minutes. Now, at this point, you'll have a lot of extra sauce. You can do a couple of things with it. Either you can baste the wings with the sauce every 10 minutes or so, or you can reduce the sauce in the skillet (once you've cleaned it off) to pour over the wings. I usually do a mix of both, basting the wings after about 10 minutes and then reducing the remainder. While the wings are cooking, if you have about 3 green onions, cut them up width wise into narrow strips, so you can use them as a garnish when they're done (this is entirely optional, but a) I'm a sucker for green onions, it adds to the overall presentation, and c) it's my recipe, so there). Check the wings after about a half hour of cooking, and if done, serve warm. Some notes: Really, this recipe is all about two parts: setting up the wing, and making the sauce. The second part is where you can really play around and have some fun with the recipe. Do you want the wings to be sweeter? Up the amount of sugar you're using. Want some more heat to your wings? Add about 1-2 tablespoons of hot sauce ( Sriracha would probably work best in this instance, but use what you have handy). Really, the sauce is variable to your palate and what you have handy. Enjoy!
  13. I was looking up the recipe for Apple Fritter when I found this blog. it a PONY themed cooking blog fill with yummy thing ponies from mlp would eat. this is soooo awesome. what does everypony else think?
  14. Well, I've thinking about this topic for a while. I think it's a great idea! This is for you guys to post your awesome recipes here for others to enjoy. It can also be for those who wanna get some good recipe ideas from fellow bronies! Here's mine for a chocolate covered strawberry milkshake: 1/4 cup of milk about 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream about 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 cup of strawberries (recommended: cut strawberries in half or in fourths) Blend together and enjoy the deliciousness!
  15. Hey I was just wondering if there were any bronies here that are interested in either the sweet or the savory. It would be nice to connect with some fellow chefs to exchange recipes or something. Or something you have tasted that you just love to death. Talk everything Food here!!!
  16. I finally made my first batch of sukiyaki. Some of the ingredients were missing, but I did my best. I had to use rice noodles instead of konyaku noodles, I used teriyaki sauce for it (to make the original sauce would've cost too much), and I couldn't find any enoki mushrooms for it. Here's a photo of it:
  17. So, how's about we talk about what cooking technologies are out there? I've been hearing about induction cooking and induction stoves. For any who don't happen to know what induction is, it's about creating an electric voltage through magnetic fields. This principle is used in generators to generate the electricity you're using right now to read this message. More in induction cooking as it doesn't seem to be very well known, the most basic thing about it is that the only things that gets hot are the pots themselves. With gas stoves, burning the gas releases heat and that heat in turn heats up the pot. Induction stoves feed on electricity but unlike common electric stoves, there is no heating element. In fact, the heating element is are the pots themselves. This definitely has its benefits. For one, because there is very little waste heat, the kitchen doesn't get as hot as it would with gas or even common electric stoves. What's more, unless you're plugged in to a municipal gas piping, no more round trips to replace empty gas tanks. You can also say goodbye to any gas-related hazards as well. These stoves are also incredibly easy to clean and are generally safer as well. Here are two interesting pics to illustrate this working I'll say it again: the heating element is the pot itself. Some caveats; I'll start with the most important point; not all pots are suitable to be used with induction stoves. Aluminum and copper doesn't work well. Ideal pots are made from materials with good magnetic properties. That is, if you stick a refrigerator magnet on a pot and it sticks weakly if at all, that pot is not going to cook very well. If the magnet does stick well then that pot's going to be very effective with this technology. The of course there's the obvious drawback that if the power were to go out for any reason whatsoever, you can't do any cooking. As for me, I've been doing a lot of thinking... I'm still unsure at this point.
  18. This time I cooked chicken wraps, that in the end turned out to be chicken fajitas tacos!! D: why you ask? because the tortilla was too small and I ended up using a fajitas seasoning mix powder , it doesn't matter though, the result was marvelous, and it tasted very good too these are the chicken breasts when I cooked them. and this is the result when I added the cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc. love melted cheese *.*
  19. Motion Spark

    I cook!

    I don't consider myself a superb chef or anything, but I do enjoy "experimenting" in the kitchen. Sometimes I can make things that are not too tasty , and sometimes I make things so delicious, I can't believe I even cooked them when I found out my food is good, I stick to my recipe and convert it into a signature dish of mine. This time I'm gonna introduce you my "cheese" mashed potatoes (because I couldn't think of a better name for it). However, my signature dishes are very few, I'm a "specific" type of cook TBH. I can assure you it has potatoes in it, even if it looks like lasagna xD. Watcha think? :3 yay or nay?
  20. So here goes the first frame of a comic I am going to do: It's going to be humoristic, but we will see if it's actually funny once I have finished it. I'm not really looking for criticism but rather impressions. ( Or if you find something subtle you can tell me that as well. ) I probably won't color it but we will see. So far what I see that is wrong: Perspective with the stove: The stove is too inclined towards Twi Twi's forehoof is too thin. The whole picture( Can't do much against that ) Oh and not to forget, I never draw 3/4 ponies, so first time really there,
  21. I'm a bit of a foody so I'm always creating different recipes at home. I have far too many to mention so I'll just post a few pictures and what they are: Fried banana caramel a la mode. Shrimp and Cream of Wheat (for when you're out of grits). Made with the Holy Trinity, spinach, tomatoes, and Creole seasonings. The cream of wheat is infused with cheese and butter. Chicken tortilla soup Anyone else share this same interest?