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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, this may be interesting to see how it goes. The game is called count ninja How to play: this game is much like any other count game, with a few key differences, one being that there is no number limit, so just count away, also the count does not reset when a specific person posts, and finaly something all counters should know and have encountered before, it's when you get ninjad, and for new counters, Geting ninjad is when you are about to post to extend the count, but another user (user two in the example) has the same idea and posts before you are done typing, leading to somthing much like this: User 2: 369 User 1: 369 User 1: 370 Post edited moments ago Any way about when you get ninjad, if anyone is ninjad at any point, then the count is reset, starting it off with the user that got ninjad. Rules: no last second post editing, if you get ninjad, you got ninjad, deal with it, start a new count sequence. If some one gets ninjad, and you counted higher than the high score, then tag me in the first post of the new count so I can quickly and easily update the new high score. I will offer tips and tricks as the months go by that may help you with this game, but this month your on your own, good luck, and have fun. Score to beat: 145
  2. Hello, is there anyone who plays War Thunder and wishes to play with me?