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Found 10 results

  1. Some of us many experience very trouble anxiety problems. These can be as simple as a little bit of uneasiness or straight up terror or paranoia. It comes in all kinds! For those that experience anxiety like me, what methods do you use to try and reduce this anxiety? Me, I have a few different ideas for when this happens. I will play a video game that I love, I may go walking and hang out with my brother, I may listen to music or maybe even just have a nice snack or meal while watching videos. If it gets very very bad I may take a small medication to help ease my mind and keep my mellow for a few hours, it can work wonders when it is all going crazy. Another big help for me, is talking with my lovely friends on the forums. You all are awesome. What are some of your methods to help with your anxiety problems?
  2. The way I cope with depression is by distracting myself with other things like video games. Also, exercise is another effective way that helps me cope with depression.
  3. When I was younger I was often bullied in school for being different and for having few (or no) friends. I know how horrible it can feel, and I could have used some support and advice back then. People don't always seek help when they're bullied, simply trying to ignore it, even when they're hurt by it. I feel that a discussion of this topic could prove both interesting and helpful.So, share your experiences and thoughts. Have you been bullied? Have you been a bully? What do you think one could do in such a situation?
  4. When I'm having a ton of anxiety, I try thinking relaxing and calming thoughts and I do deep breathing techniques - that's how I cope.
  5. Yeah I know. Not a very professional topic title. However I'm asking this because I'm feeling generally sad right now... And noticed something. I repeat the same thing every single time I go into this state. It's almost natural. When I get into this state of sadness or regret or anything I do the same thing every time. One thing being listening to this song over and over again. Don't ask me why. Also I tend to drink a lot water. I don't know why but when I feel this way I just sit here, listening to that song and drinking absurd amounts of water. So I'm curious. Do you follow a routine like I do when I go into this saddened state or are you fairly unpredictable? Also you don't have to tell but what do you do in a state such as this?
  6. Simple question couldn't get more simple. Well, it is one of those things people don't want to talk about it seems but as things turn out, it is something important to be wary of. What I believe is that if this is left untreated somehow, it can accumulate over time. if allowed to reach a certain level, it can really mess with your mind. So then let us all know, how do you cope with such feelings? Or at the very least, how is it that you tend to respond? What's apparent to me is that acceptance is what dispels shame. Finding acceptance in spite of my faults or wrongdoing is how I attempt to dispel my own shame. So how do you do it?
  7. Hello everyone I thought I would start this thread since tinnitus is a fairly common and irritating problem. I myself recently just started having it and it did make me a bit anxious at first but I am learning how to deal with it. What helps me is going outside or doing something I enjoy to help distract me. So my question to everyone is when did your tinnitus start and what helps you to deal with it? I look forward to seeing everyone's answers and I will try to respond as much as I can.
  8. I have confession to make.......... when I get really depressed, I hurt myself.... I will sometimes lock myself up in my room and just..... mess legs up..... with blade..... even though I've had good times recently, it always comes back... feeling of worthlessness..... I feel like I have no place......... why does this happen so much?
  9. Hi everyone. I just wanted to show you guys a way to help cope with your anxiety. On the first spoiler, I write down how I typically feel whenever I feel very anxious. Just an hour ago, I felt very anxious about many things that were happening to me in my life recently. I then decided... why not write down all that I was thinking... why I felt so nervous... You will see all that at the spoiler. ------------------------------------------------------------- Did you read the first spoiler? Now, take a look here. I got through all the struggles I talked about with the help of many people, and prayer. While I was writing down all the things I struggled with on my first spoiler, I was reminded of all the positive things my friends said. There was indeed hope within my anxiety. I know many of you don't see it where you are, but for any of you struggling with anxiety, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Find people to talk to about your problems. Don't be shy to say them. Perhaps they will be of much assistance. I openly admit that I still struggle with anxiety. It's not easy to just move on from anxiety with the snap of your fingers. I know how hard it is. I face anxiety every day. I guess it comes from what my supervisor said" You're a very self-conscious person!" . That reminded me of Fluttershy . For all you self-conscious people, it's good to be aware of what you're doing. But don't do it to the point you lose perspective of all the good things you are ! True friends will see your positive traits and lift you up for it! One last thing. Always try writing out your thoughts like I just did. It helps you get a feel on what you're thinking so that when you read it again after a few days or even hours, that you will realize that reality is much different from what your mind believed... I hope this helped in anyway possible for you anxious folks. I don't have much free time to post something like this, but like I said before. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. All of my life I have suppressed my emotions and tears in the face of tragedy for the sake of others. This is a poem about finally facing these feelings. I think it's one of my best poems. Coping Today I saw What I've always feared. I looked in the mirror, And my mind swiftly cleared. Darkened circles Below sunken-in eyes, Red with fatigue, And blackened with lies. My hair spread 'bout wildly, Face covered in stubble I cupped my face in my hands, Knowing I was in trouble. My soul left to die, Preserved only in words Shared for attention. Oh, it's all so absurd! Today I must face it. I know I must try. So I thought of you, darling; I sat down and cried.