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Found 1 result

  1. Oh, this is so adorable how stupid people run good things to the ground. So, since Google thought that changing the entire layout and shoving Google + down every-fucking-YouTuber's throats wasn't enough, they decided to throw content ID abroad the website and changed YouTube's copyright policy. Said new policy can prevent many YouTube channels from trying to make new gaming content, smaller YouTube channels trying to become popular let's players, and it can hurt their YouTube partners that mostly do Let's Plays. Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of copyright laws. I wouldn't want someone to be running off with something I've originally made without my permission and get away with it. But the way Google is doing it with YouTube is only going to end up hurting the people who still use YouTube, especially for the ones who still makes videos there at this point. Want an example of how exactly it can hurt YouTube channels? Well, pretend I'm PewDiePie. I'm one of the biggest YouTube personalities ever, and it's not just an opinion or an ego problem, it's a fact. Just about everyone knows who I'm am and what I do. Love me or hate me, you at least know who exactly I am. I decided that I wanted to do a Let's Play of a very well known game, like GTA V. I've gotten done with everything I needed to do to get this Let's Play series started, now it's time to watch those views com- Now you can stop pretending that I'm Pewdiepie. Obviously, this is going to work less than well with their gaming partners. And if this policy doesn't get fix (which it may not), the partners aren't going to be happy campers off-screen, and some of them might end up taking business elsewhere. Classic Game Room has already done this. And the worse thing is this doesn't applies to just video games, it applies to just about every category. This is probably the worst change they made since they brought YouTube. You can now go back to what you were originally doing. You can comment on what you think about this if you want.