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Found 4 results

  1. TheMaskMaker

    Technology Thoughts on Google FI

    Personally, I think that Google FI is going to throttle the three largest cellular carriers, and force them to cut their crap on these bogus contracts and agreements, by being excellent competition for them. I think the fact that the Google FI is currently NEXUS exclusive is holding the service back, considering your average consumer wants devices with that competitive, cutting edge (the new shiny toys that come out four times a year). At that same time, they're marketing to young adults who don't want to be forced into an agreement, don't use much in the way of mobile data, and need a cellular bill that fits their lifestyle. Personally, I use too much mobile data, and the service would become more expensive month-to-month than my current bill under and agreement. The concept of leasing data packages from other carriers and distributing it from the nearest tower, in relation to the user, is hardly original; but the Google FI project seems to be making it abundantly clear that by using their competition (competition that's still overcharging their customers I might add), they can provide a cheap and manageable service without redundant fees and a mess of contractual hubub. Oddly enough, the services Google FI is modeled after failed to deliver on that concept. Those are just my thoughts, working in the cellular industry as an employee for Google FI's largest competitor. I want a consumer point of view, and I'd love to know if anyone has tried it, and what they think.
  2. Which is more reliable for you when deciding a game purchase? A well made, independent review from some guy on YouTube or GameFaqs, or editors from big name corporations like IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, etc. I'd honestly say the former, they come from actual people who played the game, and aren't afraid to highlight points the big name reviewers miss. Whereas the latter is most likely being endorsed by the game publisher to say a bunch of crap we already knew about the game, and glorify/exagerate all its positives or negatives beyond belief, to the point where it sounds incredibly unrealistic. If it's merely played for laughs, then it's not a problem (take Zero Punctuation for example), but if you're looking for a serious and honest review, its a big problem. Now obviously, there's going to be a few legitimately biased people out there, but most of the independent YouTube reviews of games I've seen were honest, and played straight.
  3. Harmonic Revelations

    Your guide to raising a Harmonic Clone

    How to raise a Harmonic clone: What is a Harmonic Clone: What, you may ask, is a Harmonic Clone. Well, you might recognize their predecessor, sea monkeys. Harmonic Clones are complete Genetic clones of your overlord squid Harmonic that are freeze dried to preserve them. You can thaw them and then add water and you have witty mini-clones of Harmonic Revelations. The goal of Harmonic clones is to put them in all homes so that HR can take over the Earth and beyond Raising a Harmonic Clone: Harmonic clones are very charismatic, as is their master. When they are born, they are squishy little balls of wonder. They will look all cutesy at you before proceeding to either: A.) If they like you, become loyal to you B.) If they don't like you, they will take your girlfriend, steal your car, and dishonor your family One of the main concerns about Harmonic Clones is what they eat. The answer to that question is actually simple, much like Harmy herself, these clones feed on the sorrow and misery of the entities around her. So all that's required to keep them alive is to have a bad day once in a while. One of the best ways to upgrade them is to attach lasers to their heads and have them battle each other. Or alternatively, train them for war. That way when Harmonic needs to use them to take over, they will be pre-trained. Besides this, Harmy Cs (As I affectionately call them) are very low maintenance. They are specifically bred to have no weaknesses in combat. I have mailed ten of them to each of your houses. Have a nice day! DISCLAIMER: By opening the Harmonic Clones packaging, you absolve Harmonic of any responsibility bodily harm/incineration/Face melting off that is caused by the Harmonic Clones Side effects of being near the Harmy Cs may include: Nausea,irritation of skin or eyes, coughing, inability to outrun predators, demonic possession, impotence, face melting off, incineration, holes to the center of the Earth spontaneously ripping open in your house, death, explosions erupting out of your face, volcanoes erupting even though they have been inactive for many years, and in extreme cases, Armageddon Sincerely, your future ruler, Harmonic Revelations
  4. Guest

    Nike Secrets

    Watch this: I'm too tired (and short on time) to go into excessive detail about why it is important to know what you're buying and where it comes from, but I think the video does a good job of explaining it. Feel free to do more research on the subject. It's not only Nike. Maybe you might check out other companies, such as HASBRO and its workers. Start a discussion about your thoughts. This guy (Jim Keady) is still hard at work to get LIVING WAGES for Nike sweatshop employees. These people deserve better. Here's and interesting statement on their Diversity & Inclusion page (Found under "Contact" on Nike's website): "Most companies embrace diversity. Not Nike. We soak it up. We squeeze it out. We want it to drip over everything Nike does. Because without diversity of opinion, diversity of background, diversity of perspective, the Idea grows fallow. Or worse, it vanishes altogether. The mission is to harness diversity and inclusion to inspire ideas and ignite innovation. And you know as well as anyone: if there is no Idea, there is no Nike." -Nike Do you see the irony in this? No. I'm not letting this thread die because of some current post overtaking it. BUMP.