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Found 8 results

  1. Look..... this is going to be very hard for me to post. I know the risks of doing so.... but it has to be done. I've felt so guilty all this time and hoped that this might have been resolved quietly without any drama like last time.... like last October.... ironic.. heh... I know there will be a lot of anger with all of this, but I ask people to try to react to this in the most responsible way possible. You all have the right to be angry and outraged, but please, do not let it overtake your behavior here, as we don't want to give the forum staff any extra job of having to do cleanups. I have talked with @PiratePony about this and told him of what I was about to do, I have talked with other members of staff, because I did not want to wade in blind nor did I want them to be taken by surprise when I posted this. They deserve to know my full intentions here.... To give a bit of a context, I was once a Global Moderator on this site (before that I was a Sectional staff member), I worked with the staff on most every matter that I could be working on here on the forums. However, there was one other who also used to do that. His name was Matey, @PiratePony. He was one of the greatest staff members to have ever worked within the forums, having been the treasurer of Poniverse as well at one point. Everything he did, it was so just and he was very understanding with everybody, very engaging and he went by the book..... and for that.... he was terminated within the staff.... See, dramatic things have happened within the staff. This took place back in April. But if I had to think harder about it, this actually took place a bit before that even, when the head of Poniverse, @AppleDashPoni came up with the idea of implementing an NSWF section here on the forums. This was rejected hard by most of us on forum staff, but none were as hard opposed to it as Pirate was.... and I think that is what drew him the ire of @AppleDashPoni. The conversation was not a pleasant one, AppleDash did not seem to understand that we worked as a team and that we reached common agreement before taking an action on something. We did discuss his wish, but in the end, we declined it. Let us now fast forward over to April (even though I did not mention any date previously for the NSFW discussion). Pirate was informing us of the possibilities that we might have in regards to the possible change of leadership. Nothing out of the ordinary, this was information that we should have all been aware about... he was telling us this (and just to be clear, this all took place on Skype)... and then the dreadful message of [5.4.2017 20:01:32] *** Blackjack removed PiratePony from this conversation. *** happened..... this was..... everyone in staff (at least moderators and administrators) reacted negatively to this. And I can safely say here now that no one accepted what AppleDash did and we all protested this harshly. AppleDash had taken the authority to fire Pirate, a Global Moderator, on his own volition without consulting anyone about it, not even the forum's administration. Look..... I am now going to provide you with the log with both the discussion we had about it and the log which @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate "personally attacking" him and "working against the corporation's leadership". Look, when I provide you with the logs of the discussion we had within staff (Global Moderators and Administrators), you will see that some names will be presented as "Anonymous 1" or "Anonymous 2". Those are people who have either requested that their name not be shown or are people I have not been able to contact, so I will show them the dignity and respect for their privacy to not publicize their names. However, the names that will appear there are of mine and AppleDash and of those who have agreed to allow me to show their name. I respect the privacy of people of not wanting to get dragged into some drama, but here come the logs of the conversation we had, though be warned, there will be missing context as I in the end leave the chat, but I have heard that the chat went on, though it was very unfruitful.... I have colored some of the names just to make it a bit easier to keep up with the conversation, on who is saying what. And when there is no space between lines, that would mean that someone is being quoated, for instance when it appears I am saying "And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadershipFrom the example you provided, that is false. " this is actually me quoting AppleDash until it reaches "From the..." which is my reply to the quote of his words. Be aware that me editing the "anonymous" parts and putting color to names is the only edit I do. Everything else is completely untouched and raw. Also, another thing to be aware of, AppleDash is actually Blackjack on Skype. That is (or was) his username at least. If you are busy in any way, I suggest you keep this window open still as this might get removed, even though I have talked with the people who would have the biggest say here on the forums and I am in full right to write this. The log: Now, you have read the log of the conversation we all had and you can see it is all hostile. Usually we do not get so hostile, but Pirate's firing came as great shock to us all and it was too much of a surprise, it was just so surreal. To make matters worse, AppleDash did not really want to talk to us or even converse with us as a team, but rather talk to every single one of us "privately". We did not trust that, so we had the discussion within the group chat on Skype anyways because there was no way we were going to trust him with private chats. Better to keep things as transparent as possible. Here is the log that @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate personally attacking him and working against the leadership. I will post it in the form of the link he himself provided as when I copy and paste it over here, it just becomes really messy. Now you basically have full context of what has happened. I just want to say.... I did not expect things to go as they went.... You will ask: "Why? Why now? Why are you bringing this up now of all times and not immediately when it happened?". To be honest.... I thought this might have gotten resolved within staff. I thought that my resignation (and I was expecting more to resign) might put more pressure on AppleDash's leadership and that Pirate would get reinstated.... but... nothing has happened. AppleDash is still the head of Poniverse and PiratePony is still no longer a member of staff. He has not even been apologized to. The people I worked with.... they tried the best they could..... but they were unable to succeed. So things now fall upon the forums as a whole on what type of action they want taken here. I am not trying to start some populist outrage here, but I am doing what I consider to be the right thing to do. People deserve to know about this. Considering that such a gross violation and misconduct of power has been allowed to prevail, the people of Poniverse deserve to know who is leading them. Now.... I intend to lock this commenting section of this blog if I can. Now you will ask why I would do so... because last time, last October when things blew over, when threads were made detailing everything that had happened.... people did not react in the best way in the thread and the anger only grew in those threads with people letting emotion taking more and more over to the point that the staff had to start hiding posts and even hide the thread as it was just so divisive. This is why I ask you, though you can be outraged, to not violate the terms of services of this site.... we all know the rules folks... even if some of our officials and leaders may not.... This might also just be the (former) staffer in me speaking out, trying to conduct public management and trying to contain spread of chaos and... well... you already know guys, heh.... old habits die hard I guess... To summarize this up, Pirate was unjustly fired due to selfish reasons and the current management of Poniverse, or rather, it's current leadership, has shown itself to be untrustworthy and corrupt. Forgive me for using such strong words.... I have tried to stay as neutral in posting this whole thing.... but I think my own thoughts about this whole matter are valid as well. However, @PiratePony If there is anything you wish to say upon this whole matter, I would be happy to unlock the commenting section just for you or to somehow highlight your thoughts upon this whole matter. We are all here for you man.... whether we are just public members or actual members of staff. Btw if I am not able to lock the commenting section here, I ask people to please refrain from commenting here as to keep this clean as possible. Even if this whole thing I am doing here might end up doing nothing, people deserve to be informed. I invite all people who were involved in this matter, please, if you have anything more to add to this, please do so. Don't shoot the messenger folks Jonas out!
  2. The discord server for mlpforums is corrupt. I was recently banned with no further interaction with any of the staff. I suppose I was banned on the statute that I was disobeying staff. But not once did the moderators ask me to stop until seconds before I was banned. What are your thoughts on this MlpForums? Has this happened to you as well?
  3. ...Whom I bet you don't know about because the corrupt Democrats that are falling to corporate fascism don't like progressives, as we've seen. They ride on their coattails and then trash-talk them until there's no tomorrow because endorsing their beliefs would harm Wall Street... Oh poor Wall Street... How many wall street bankers have you seen in homeless shelters? Pretty sure the answer is zero. On Main Street? It's at least in the hundreds of thousands. Anyways. This man is a German immigrant that spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. The average citizen other than the fact he's running to be the chair of the DNC. This helps my image of him, as he isn't like Hillary Clinton or Cory Booker (Barack Obama 2.0), who weren't humble to start with even. Just average Mc-Liberals (also known as Neo-Con Lite) who wouldn't know the people's interests if they heard the people yelling them in their ears to the point that they would go deaf. Or at least they've acted like it. If they know what REAL PEOPLE are interested in, it'd make me like them even less than I do... So yes, by appearance alone, he seems a man that is representative of the people. His platform is progressive, and all about the middle class. He's for Single Payer healthcare (as over half of the US is according to surveys conducted by Gallup), Regulating Wall Street (including POLITICAL powers that they have), Ending tax dodging, and opposing any (real, Hillary...) bigotry. As well, he's all for making the minimum wage actually tolerable (If you didn't know, it's $7.25 an hour. I must say, that's pretty freaking meager if you expect to be able to afford even a small apartment with the fact most have price tags around the range of $700 or so a month WITHOUT utilities...) which I can absolutely stand behind. Oh and he will STAUNCHLY OPPOSE TRUMP, instead of LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, even voting FOR his nominees... Though he did at one time support a flat tax rate, but he's said too many times to count that he isn't for that anymore. We all develop politically over time, after all. Fun fact: I supported Mitt Romney in 2012 semi-vocally because I used to be conservative until I realized that conservatism is absolutely backwards soon after I said that. He also takes NO CORPORATE DONATIONS (if he did, I'd slam him as a hypocrite... What he'd be...). He only takes money from the people, the ones who SHOULD have the right to vote and decide elections. No donations by Goldman-Sachs (Steve Mnuchin would absolutely hate the platform anyways...). No funded speeches to assure Wall Street crooks that they're still above the law. Not today. As I said, he fights for the people. So, what do I think overall? Time will tell if he's an Elizabeth Warren (a little iffy, not really fighting too much. Though part of that is that she got censored by ) or a Bernie Sanders (An old man who's tired of the trashiness of our country and absolutely rips on Neo-Cons and Fake Liberals when he gets the chance). Though he seems the latter, I can't be sure yet. I don't know of him as well as I do those two, so...
  4. So what do ya think? Pretty accurate.
  5. OK, so, in the wake of the FIFA Corruption scandal. I was thinking, I think that the World Cup may have to have a breakaway series, in my opinion. They are replacement series to replace the original. Formula One almost had one in 2010 called the Grand Prix series, but it didn't happen. Here is my list, in my opinion. 1. World Rally Championship. Over the years, the WRC has become too predictable, Ogier and Loeb have been winning it for the past decade. There are going to be rule changes in 2017 but I think a Breakaway series would be better. With Toyota, Ford, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW and General Motors being the first companies to agree. It should be called the International Rally Championship(IRC). And no, that does not stand for Internet Relay Chat. 2. World Cup. If Fifa are so corrupt. Then perhaps the World Cup should be replaced with an International Cup by 2038, which will be the last time a champion will have their name written on the trophy. To be honest, International teams should also include immigrants, in my opinion. They could do it sooner as well. 3. Formula One. Perhaps rather than a breakaway series, a massive restructuring, fire Bernie Ecclestone, make ticket prices cheaper and races more interesting. And call it the Next Generation of F1. 4. UCI. Not a sport per se, but a sports federation. I have reason to believe that UCI are as corrupt as FIFA by dealing drugs. Even if this is not the case, they still forget to not allow drug using cyclists through, so the UCI should restructure. 5. NASCAR. Races are getting less predictable, awesome. But they still use deliberate flags and no contact, allow a new Full Contact version, with more traditional cars that look like late 90s early 2000s nascar racers, called the US Stock Car Series. More Street Races should be allowed. And no deliberate flag waving. 6. FAI Gliding Commission. Allow for a new, much more promoted gliding championship. It was going to be in the olympics by 1940, unfortunately WWII broke out and it hasn't been since, if countries had their own gliding teams and more cheaply mass produced gliders. Then Gliding could be more accessible, and their could be a Gliding World Championship, where countries enter their gliders. But much more promoted with much more better sponsors. And national leagues with clubs. I was watching a programme on TF1 about gliders. So please FAI, make it happen. 7. Race of Champions. I wish that the Olympics of Motorsports, could very much be promoted like the Olympics. Get a dozen good car companies to be partners with it, along with several large countries. And promote it, and more people will come. What do you think should have a breakaway series? If you have any ideas, tell me.
  6. Welp I'm not sure if this thread about this is made... but I have to say Gaming Journalists are total buttheads. That because a woman named "Zoe Quinn" handed "Favors" to greenlit her game. The whole story can be found in InternetAristocrat's vids. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: So what's your opinion on this?
  7. This theory sort of bumbled out when I was talking with Nascarfan in Skype chat about something a bit similar in relation. But it hit me... One thousand years go, Celestia and Luna overthrew King Sombra, who had taken over the Crystal Empire. King Sombra was a master in the arts of dark magic; the black, purple and bubbly green magic that we've seen him use, as well as Celestia and Twilight demonstrate in the season three premiere. We also know that one thousand years ago, Luna turned into Nightmare Moon, fought with Celestia over the moon's eternal place in the sky, and got banished. What if Luna began to look into dark magic after encountering and defeating King Sombra with her sister? What if the studying and use of the dark magic began to subtly eat away at her psyche, altering her personality for the worst? What if it was this extended use of dark magic that lead to Luna's heart becoming filled with jealousy towards her sister, and ultimately lead to Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Bare with me. Luna was probably already harboring envy for her sister, there's no doubt about that. But if she started screwing around with dark magic, it may have pushed her beyond the tipping point, which could have resulted in Nightmare Moon developing. Dark magic would have probably enticed her, since she's all about the darkness as well and, let's face it, being a bit naive, especially back then, she might have thought the magic was just 'misunderstood'. Young and fairly innocent, her mind may have been heavily influenced by the negative magic's effects, and before you know it, boom, Nightmare Moon: A seed of envy, blossoming forth due to black magic.
  8. Corrupt You're corrupt Bring corruption to all that you touch Hold You behold And beholden for all that you've done And spin Cast a spell Cast a spell on the country you run And risk You will risk You will risk all their lives and their souls And burn You will burn You will burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell You'll burn in hell Yeah you'll burn in hell For your sins And our freedom's consuming itself What we've become It's contrary to what we want Take a bow