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Found 5 results

  1. I looked around and was surprised I didn't see a thread discussing space and stuff. So here we go. Discuss the universe, the endless reaches of it, different bodies, matter, all that fascinating stuff. Post new findings from NASA, Hubble, Kepler, you name it. Name what you find the most interesting about it, favorite planet, whatever I think it would be better to discuss new findings in space, too, like new planet discoveries, New Horizons' Pluto flyby in a thread like this, than to make separate threads on them. The possibilities for discussion and debate are endless, so, discuss away!
  2. Ok, so I know this isn't a story but i need help. I am currently working on my OC's backstory and i'm kinda stuck. So, i need another pony to write about and what i could add to help me get in the writing mind set. I have a set of ponies and a brief summary: Capricorn: Male, Unicorn: He was Starswirl's partner and was the first Changeling king. He was erased from history when he was bitten by a Changeling maggot in case the ponies would begin to fear Starswirl as well, Starswirl was ordered by King Anubis to destroy any trace of Capricorn's connection to the Royals or Starswirl. King Darus: Male, Alicorn: He was the Alicorn of Justice and the brother of Cosmos (Celestia and Lunas' father). He married Princess Nyah (The Alicorn of Nature and the cousin of Galaxia) and had a son named Otis. He was the king of Sendaria and was loved by his people yet he faced a constant struggle against the threat of war from the close West, past Orberia, by a land of dragons named Gnar (na-rr). Queen Allegra: Female, Pegasus: She was the mother of Cadence and wife of Eros (prince of Cloudsdale). She felt like an outsider as she was a Pegasus living in a world of Alicorns. King Cosmos created the Alicorn Amulets so that non-Alicorn rulers ruling beside Alicorns would be able to be on the same level. The Amulet gave Allegra magical abilities without having to possess a horn and increased strength. King Garin II and Queen Gillian: Male and Female, Griffins: They were the last monarchs of Griffonstone. They fled their kingdom after the Idol of Boreas was lost when Garin was fighting the Arimaspi. They had no children and their relatives where all murdered or they escaped. They ended up in Horseshoe Bay, then they travelled past Apple Loosa (Which used to be a kingdom named Appalia) and they finally laid to rest in Saddle Arabia. They lived there for the rest of their life. What can i do to make this more interesting and have more depth? P.S: I have the whole timeline of most species and their kingdoms and rulers from before Equestria was created, so if you want to know then i can tell you. Thanks!
  3. The future and the past seem to stretch beyond and before us forever. And it might as well be forever, considering our short lifespans. When in the Day of the Cosmos are we living? If the lifespan of the universe were a day, what time would it be now? The answer is most probably very early morning. The day has just begun! This infographic should help:
  4. Here we can discuss anything that relates to astronomy or cosmology. From space exploration, stars, constellations, exoplanets, quasars, pulsars, colonization, terraformation, etc. Feel free to express your love for the stars and all the wonders known and unknown. To begin this discussion, I want to express my fascination with the Voyager program, most particularly, the Voyager 1 probe and why it is my favorite spacecraft thus far. It is currently the farthest man-made object we've ever sent into the vast frontiers of space. Big as a compact car, soaring faster than a bullet at 38,610 mph, carrying what could be the very last remnant of humanity (its golden record). It's moving faster than its younger brother, Voyager 2; the two are going in completely different trajectories. This probe is responsible for taking some of the most remarkable images of Jupiter and its stormy turbulent atmosphere and its exotic moons―one is a frozen world of mysteries waiting to be unveiled; the other is a volcanic wasteland full of active volcanoes that make Mauna Loa in Hawaii seem dormant. Those are just a teaspoon of Jupiter's 63 known moons. Its cameras also captured glorious views of Saturn and its moon Titan, a world hidden beneath its hazy nitrogen-rich atmosphere, the only known satellite to possess such an atmosphere, and it's the only nitrogenous atmosphere in the Solar System aside from Earth's. Below is the very last photo that was taken before the cameras of Voyager 1 were turned off in order to save energy for its other instruments to detect interstellar charged particles. If you look very closely at that brown vertical band, right in the middle you will see a faint, barely visible, and pale blue dot. That's Earth. That's us. All of our empires, religions, history, science originated from this tiny pale blue dot. All of the collective memories and experiences of every human that has ever lived―everything they had seen, everyone they had known, everything they had accomplished, all of their contributions to our society, every woman and man they had loved and had raised families with―it all happened here ... Just a couple years ago, Voyager 1 had finally breached the heliosphere. It will take 300 years to reach the Oort cloud that surrounds the Solar System followed by 28,000 to 30,000 years until it finally exists the large mass of comets. After that, it will heading towards either the constellation Camelopardalis or Ophiuchus. In 40,000 years it pass within 1.6 light years of Gliese 445, a red dwarf star located near Polaris. Now what I'm curious to know is if it will pass close by any other stars or planetary bodies beyond that point. What stars, star systems, or exoplanets do we know of beyond Gliese 445? What lies beyond the constellation Camelopardalis? I guess only time will tell.
  5. At night, I go outside and watch the sky. With a glance, I see the stars, the Moon, and an airplane. I spot Mars, Jupiter, the arm of the Milky Way. I witness satellites, comets, asteroids, the children of Ptolemy. I see bedtime stories, dreams, wishes made in vain. I see faces of friends and of family, the memories of us living our lives, the waning promises I made to each of them, and my fears that greet me alone when I sleep. At night, I gaze into the sky and I see worlds that once were, and one that may never be.