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Found 29 results

  1. I know that people often cosplay for conventions, but, besides perhaps Halloween, are there other occasions for which people create cosplays? Does anybody just make them at home, take a picture of themselves wearing one, and then post it on deviantART or something, without wearing it at a special event? Asking just in case I never get the chance to attend a convention.
  2. Hey... I like to cosplay... anyone else do that here too? There are a few conventions and celebrations coming up in my state and I want to cosplay as a "kawaii" Fluttershy this year. It would be my first time cosplaying an MLP character too. I already got a frilly skirt/apron to help pull everything together. Everything else I'm planning on making myself out of good materials (I'm a crafter) like ears, a tail, a hood and maybe some wings! Here is the skirt/apron I bought.
  3. How did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself to save Twilight from turning into a statue? All things that happened was unexpected for me. First Princess Cadance, then Princess Celestia Princess and Luna and finally Twilig-nope Derpy with her horn hat. She sure fooled Grubber though. I felt both honored and sad when Derpy was the one that turned into a statue. At the same time, I was also in quite a shock and had chills all over my body when that quick chaos happened. I knew if Discord was here (not the balloon version that Pinkie Pie made), he would snap all the villains but what Derpy did, was amazing. Finally, MLP movie gave a very special role to Derpy, although she is not from mane 6. I, myself do not love Derpy the most but I was too emotional on that part. Also, I was sad when we only see cutie mark crusaders only in one scene with no dialogue. Fluttershy's dialogues were so few too and she was my favorite out of mane six. Afterall, I loved the movie, it was more than I expected and it was sure surprising and amazing. So, how did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself?
  4. Finished my handmade Shining Armor cosplay! His horn is 3D printed and filled with LEDs, his mane and tail are hand wefted wig hair and his hooves are light and soft cold foam with vinyl. Thanks for looking!
  5. I was just curious about what motivates different people to cosplay. I am an introverted, somewhat anti-social person and cosplay helps me twofold. It forces me to have to deal with people asking about the costume, wanting pictures, and generally giving me attention, but it also gives me something to talk about and break the ice. Do you find it empowering or comforting? Or do you just like to make things? Is it an artistic expression? Please share your thought and insights.
  6. So this is what my OC had to wear for Nightmare Night
  7. My Ponysona, Sunshine, is going as a tiger for Nightmare Night.
  8. So Nightmare Night is my favorite (real and fake) holiday!!! I'm Wiccan so it's like totally my holiday. However, I was wondering what everyone else is going to be doing for Nighmare Night. I will be driving as we move from Utah to Texas, but I am hoping next year to go as a pony.
  9. It's almost October and I was wondering if you guys still dress up for Halloween, and if so, what are you planning to be this year? I like wearing costumes and I plan on being Dr Horrible from Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog this year.
  10. A couple friends suggested I should be Doctor Robotnik for Halloween, and to keep from running around at the last minute getting overpriced supplies I've started piecing a costume together. So, I busted out some craft supplies and made a mustache from yarn. Some padding and an oversized shirt later... Now, that was a good start, but I could go further. A pair of John Lennon shades I picked up for $7, some $3 costume gloves, some padding in the shirt and swiping a friend's paperweight all in all worked wonders after I dug out some special effects kits. My next step is to use the shirt as a base for figuring out the pattern I need in some fabric to make a red jacket. Who knows, if I can finish this little side project in any reasonable time I might even be able to crash a convention or two this summer.
  11. List all the fictional characters you have dressed up or cosplayed as. And yes, that includes dressing up for Halloween and cosplaying at conventions or other events. Also, tell where did you dress up/cosplay at. I can only remember a few fictional characters I've dressed up as but I have yet to cosplay at a convention or other special event where cosplay is common. So, here it goes: - Max from Where The Wild Things Are: I dressed up as him when I was a toddler in the late 90's living in Daly City during Halloween. - Sherlock Holmes: At a Halloween party hosted by a high school classmate. - Indiana Jones: Again at a Halloween party but hosted by a high schooler in a different grade as me.
  12. Hilarity ensues when I have my dog play catch while wearing a Fluffle Puff costume!
  13. Hey there fellow bronies! I was wondering if I could get some help on my Pinkie Pie cosplay. I attended my first con as Pinkie Pie back in January with a pretty sad costume, and not a lot of people recognized who I was actually supposed to be. This was last year's idea, which was very bland. I have 2 sketches but I was wondering which one would be better? Or what I could add to them as well? Any help or advice would be very appreciated!!
  14. Hey, anybody here do cosplay? Horror cosplay! Movie cosplay! Even pony cosplay! Post yourself in costume, your props, your costume stuff, any of it, all of it, here! Let's start us off.... Here's a couple of cosplays that I've done- Pics of my The Lost World: Jurassic Park InGen Hunter Costume: My Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween II mask and knife: Some pics of me in full Myers costume: My Friday the 13th Part III Jason: Played with some effects on my camera to alter the coloration on my Jason picture. Much creepier, IMO: My cosplay weapons: And a Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Hobo Michael Myers that I'm currenty working on: ^Still need: -wig+beard set
  15. (Okay, took me forever to figure out the poll, hope I'm still the first to get to this.) Okay, There's a poll for abilities, but what about designs? Who had the best superhero costume? Personally, I'd rank them: 1. Radiance 2. Zapp 3. Masked-Matter Horn 4. Mistress Marevelous 5. Saddle Ranger 6. Fili-second 7. Humdrum
  16. Happy Nightmare Night to all! I just got back from work, but I had wanted to stop by to check up on everyone. I dressed up for work today as Pinkie Pie. Needless to say, the kids loved it! *bounces* I came to share some images. I was originally going to be Fluttershy but I used my light pink wig last year. Either way, here are a couple of pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of fun and tricks, harhar! For more pictures please check out this post /headstrongpredator-happy-halloween-everyone And of course check out the rest of my MLP blog while you're at it. I will post more MLP related things really soon(including a lot more of my Pinkie Pie imitations! *I need to upload them onto youtube). Take care everypony!
  17. For Nightmare Night this year I made my boyfriend's OC wearing a Dracula's costume. We spent all evening trying to find him a name and the list was full of really silly names and too epic names. In the end we went for Nerull, the D&D God of Death. I think is a fine name until we come up with something more character related. This is just part of the work as it should include my ponysona as well and a background but those will be posted in the following...days? Weeks? Well before Nightmare Night for sure xD
  18. "Nightmare Night, what a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!" For Nightmare Night, Eightbit is dressing up as a candy corn!
  19. @, It's the style. Most styles completely ditch the proportions, so they may look a bit... different from show-style ponies. Very nice work, @@CITRUS KING46! I love seeing your work, could you do Pinkie Pie? o3o
  20. So i recently posted this pic and some may recognize it. I hate the ears and horn on it.. chinky fabric ones are.. loose and unreliable.... SOOO i ordered some of the awesomeness that the horns/ears from Yayahan's store on Etsy (pro cosplayer thats done some spectacular MLP cosplay too. She makes a rather good rarity... Already had some of her light blue ears and wings, so it seemed best to go back for more anywho.... Cut the hood off and removed the horn, still need to remove the ears and find a way to position the ears and hold it all together. but this is it so far Going to make the hood detachable by adding in a zipper, but right now.. do what I can... also need to find someone with a sewing machine, or find some money to get one of my own... My hand stitching... BLOWS... heh. Had to touch up the sweater since the cheap way it was designed had the cover linked right into both the arms and zipper halves... Whats the verdict? corny, cool, or insane? In other news.. wish i had a better head to work with.. its a bit funky with it cocked to the side as such...
  21. The materials from my last entry have been made into stuff! Yay! Anyway... First, I made my hooves. You can't tell, but the color is very nice. On the right are my back hooves and on the left are my front hooves. I showed them from the back and front. The back does have the paper fasteners but I think it looks neat xD I'm not sure if I'll use these because they are a bit silly. Then, I made my tail. The tail is absolutely ridiculous. I'll have to attach it to a belt as well, to get it on. And its so...flat. And like the hooves, not sure if I'll use it. Finally, the cutie mark. On the right, its shown on the foam of my tail, so you get the idea. On the left, its shown on the skirt I'm planning to wear. I mean, come on, the skirt just screams Twilight Sparkle. I'll say more about that in my next entry. I thought of showing you how the hooves look on me, but I'd rather not...
  22. Yep. I've got some foam and fabric and paper fasteners to start making my cosplay costume! Yay. As you can see, I have two sheets of dark blue foam, to make my tail. I have one sheet of pink foam for the stripe in my tail. I have five sheets of purple foam, one for the stripe in my tail, and the other four to make...well to make hooves! Not sure if I'll actually use the hooves and tail in the end of it all...but whatever. And then I can put them together with those paper fasteners. The fabric is to make my cutie mark, two in fact. I've got dark pink and white, although you can't really tell with my silly picture there. This'll be fun.
  23. Ok I need a bit of help designing a cosplay costume for Brony-Fest! (i just said the obvyese) but i want to do a decent grimdark big macintosh (from the tumbler page) for the event and i want to look half decent when i go! I know how he looks but i am 5 ft 10 and rather chunky . I would love to get as much help as i can so i can make it look really good. If needed i'll say my measure ments more and show a few pictures of myself for it! Please and thank you!
  24. So this is my latest creation. I literally just finished it this morning. This is a life-size version of Scootaloo's scooter. I made it for the Scootaloo costume I've been working on and will be bring this with me to every brony con I attend this year (as well as a few other conventions). I This originally started as a long plank of wood, some pvc pipes, and eva foam. After putting countless amount of hours into it and roughly about 16 days, it now looks like Scootaloo's scooter! I used skateboard trucks for the wheels so this can be riden around. I did take a video of me testing it out, it can be viewed on my YouTube. I have more photos of this build on my Facebook page and a few on my DeviantART.