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Found 15 results

  1. I'm surprised this forum doesn't yet have a count to a million game. The forum I've used to visit quite often is up to 74000ish, and that was about five years ago.These first few posts you make will be history when we reach a million! Make them worthy. We're now on Facebook! Also check our channel. CTAM FM And a radio ? One thing to know: -If you are for any reason unable to access the forums again, make an account on DeviantArt, or a website where you could talk to a counter so you don't become unreachable. . My DeviantArt name is WinginWolf. -Speed-posting is fine. -The number must appear in the post or if posting pictures, the picture must have something that represents the number (i.e., three fingers to represent a 3 is fine) or if the name of something in the picture represents that number. Otherwise, the url of the image must be posted in addition. Current Top Poster: , with 48087 posts. Last recorded June 12, 2015. Estimated date of completion: 2097 (84 years) As of 08/27/13, post 455 Estimated date of completion: 2112 (99 years) As of 10/27/13, post 2078 EDOC: 2031* (17 years) As of 04/28/14, post 49663 EDOC: 2018-2020 (4-6 years) As of 12/05/14, post 216733 EDOC: 2019-2021 (4-6 years) As of 06/12/15, post 301919 EDOC: 2113 :C CURRENT SPEED: 1000 posts per 63 days Last edited: May 2, 2018 The last time I logged the speed (December), it was also at 1000 posts per 2-3 days. I do feel like we're slightly slowing down though. Also, there is no 20 character limit in this forum, so posting the number is just fine. It's a game forum; the post count won't increase, so you can be as random and blunt as you'd like! One rule I should mention: During times of high activity, it is very likely you will be ninja'd and will have to go through the frustration of editing your post to the correct number. If you are on mobile, this becomes even more frustrating because you might "fat-finger" a lot and have to keep backspacing until you hit the right numbers, not to mention folks before you may have the incorrect number and you can't see the post # to tell you where you are. There fore, you are not required to edit your post if you are within 10 numbers, plus or minus of the correct number (don't be posting the incorrect number on purpose though : . I guess it should be 10 numbers below the actual since most people probably won't anticipate a ninja. I say 10 and not 5 because some people have long posts sometimes. And to be honest, even if your number is more than 10 numbers off, I wouldn't care xD. The key is to try to post the right number! Here are some milestones reached in the count to a million game throughout the years months: (actually it’s been years now . As of 2019 Gonna go ahead and add this milestone too (surprised I didn’t have it logged). We’ve been at 400K for a while... over 3 years! It’s been our slowest 100K... not so many regulars like before. Edited 12/28/2019 Oh, and I think I should quote these to humor you: You may be asking what on earth is a partial palindrome, or any palindrome in general (well you wouldn't ask the latter to me because that's what Google is for!). WEll, here is a list of the many types of palindromes you may encounter while counting (this is "Wolfian Nomenclature"): And this here is Seyeth's nomenclature: Click Here I also like to say "hrmm" a lot. Count away!! Oh. And 1 . Can't believe there was never a 1 until now (I think the date of the 1 was 2016-2017, to give you an idea how long we went without a 1 ).
  2. Welcome to my lair. Here, you'll find a long hallway filled with 42 different traps. Each post you make will advance you down the hall, but also brings the risk of triggering a trap, which will unleash a 42 upon you. If you suffer such a fate, you'll be returned to the start of the hallway. Let's see just how far you can get into my lair. Or, normal-speak version, count to 42. Get there, and you win. If I post, you start again. On the 6th of August 2014, a new rule has been implemented: Dovashy has now joined me in the throne room of my lair as my assistant in counting-stopping. Just a reminder in case you're late to the party. Check page 14 if you want to see how this happened. On the 30th of January 2015, Stormgiggle has joined my side too! Statistics (as of 30th April 2015):
  3. Welp, no one did X yet, I don't think... so here's the X one ^.^
  4. Anyone else liked Sesame Street? I loved Sesame Street, when I was very little. There were a lot of good songs, but there were also quite a few songs that I really underappreciated, for I didn't know what they were references to, until I got older. Examples include "Letter B," a beautiful reference to one of the most famous Beatles songs: "Honk Around the Clock," a nice reference to Bill Haley's song, "Rock Around the Clock" "ZZ Blues" a possible reference to ZZ Top's song, "Sharp Dressed Man" "We're All Monsters," a reference to racial diversity: "Frazzle," a possible reference to people with mental disabilities, and social acceptance thereof. ...and so on and so forth! My favorite character is Cookie Monster, and these are my favorite songs, sung by him: What about you? What are your favorite songs, characters, and/or moments? Any songs that you once disliked at first watch, but then came to like more, later on?
  5. Quite simple, really. Try to count to 25 before someone with the letter E in their name posts. I can't start the count because my name is 50% E, so... 0. The highest number reached so far is: 20?! You weren't supposed to get this close! Note: I can't enforce this, but please give the non-E's a chance. Users with an E, please don't keep this thread open just waiting for a notification so you can immediately kill the count.
  6. Clod


    idk just count have fun oh right i should be the first. 1.
  7. I could be wrong, but I feel like I have more posts than I should. I noticed when I was suddenly a phoenix, but I don't think I was that close before. I heard spmeone else say they may have been affected too, but others are not. Is this a joke/glitch or just me not paying attention to my post count.
  8. Hey, this may be interesting to see how it goes. The game is called count ninja How to play: this game is much like any other count game, with a few key differences, one being that there is no number limit, so just count away, also the count does not reset when a specific person posts, and finaly something all counters should know and have encountered before, it's when you get ninjad, and for new counters, Geting ninjad is when you are about to post to extend the count, but another user (user two in the example) has the same idea and posts before you are done typing, leading to somthing much like this: User 2: 369 User 1: 369 User 1: 370 Post edited moments ago Any way about when you get ninjad, if anyone is ninjad at any point, then the count is reset, starting it off with the user that got ninjad. Rules: no last second post editing, if you get ninjad, you got ninjad, deal with it, start a new count sequence. If some one gets ninjad, and you counted higher than the high score, then tag me in the first post of the new count so I can quickly and easily update the new high score. I will offer tips and tricks as the months go by that may help you with this game, but this month your on your own, good luck, and have fun. Score to beat: 145
  9. So this is based on count to 50 before a MLP avatar posts. So I made it 1000 because there are many MLP Avatars here. I'll start first. 1 EDIT: So there ARE many non-pony-related avatars, fixed to 50 for easier
  10. Hello, everypony! I'm sure you've all heard of, or maybe even played, a popular forum game known as Count to a million. Well, this is a petition to permanently lock this forum game once the count reaches 999999, just one away from their goal of one million.
  11. There will be a countdown from ten (though it can be changed), and after someone posts 1, the next person posts something cool (image, link, fact, I don't care). The countdown will then restart. I will begin. 10...
  12. It's just a quick question. Do the profile view counts consider the fact that you yourself read your own profile? Or does it only count profile views made by other forum members?
  13. Not sure if that's intentional, but IIRC there's no character limit in PMs on the full site. Is this just another side effect of not having as much control over mobile?
  14. I guess this makes for a pretty simplistic forum game (and I didn't see this posted yet), but here goes: The rules are simple; add the number of characters in your forum name to the previous number. Example: EEYYYUP = 7 characters Spaces do not count as characters! (atleast in this game they don't ) Let's try to hit.. OVER NINE THHOUSSAAAND Starting number: 7
  15. Jokuc

    +1 Pony

    The rules are: You use a mlp picture to show a number/make a reference to a number that's 1 higher than the post above you (Count up). This could be a hard because the next rule is that you may only use mlp pictures (or pictures that makes a reference to mlp). For example, if we're at 5, the next pony could post a picture of the mane 6, for the number 6. It gets harder and harder because it will be harder and harder to find or make images. Also, if you have an image that you think will be hard to know why it's related to your number, please explain why. So let's start: This is from Applebuck season where BigMac says "one pony +1000 of appletrees just doesn't add up"