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Found 14 results

  1. I did this in the form of a tier list a few months ago, and I've decided that format really doesn't befit rating episodes of this series (at least the first 3 seasons... 4 was alright, but quite a few post-S5 episodes will be in my nightmares). I am redoing it. First off, because I've watched more SpongeBob since and secondly, I was again inspired to do so, this time by a Cosmodore video counting down all the episodes from worst to best (that he posted all the way back in 2017). I will rate these (every episode in the first three season) all in sort of categories, but they are also ranked with short comments on them, or referencing a particular gag or joke in the episode I really enjoyed... Anyways, off to the countdown tier list hybrid... Thing... Horrible 117. I'm With Stupid: Not only is the episode unfunny, it's the origin of the idea of Patrick being a total jerk to SpongeBob. Bad 116. SpongeBob's House Party: Probably the most downright boring episode of SpongeBob there is. 115. Fools in April: I've come to realize just how bad of an episode this is... 114. I Wish I Was a Teenage Gary: Probably the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob's run before Season 4 or 5. 113. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy II: Another extremely boring episode where nothing really happens. Mediocre 112. Suds: Didn't really do a whole lot with the concept of SpongeBob being sick. Also, very ugly. 111. Pickles: Let's be honest, all of us are at least a little like Bubble Bass. 110. Pressure: Forgettable episode where everyone is mean to each other for no good reason. 109. Squirrel Jokes: The only thing saving this episode from being bad was the ending. 108. Doing Time: Why are they so mean to Mrs. Puff? 107. The Sponge Who Could Fly?: Ehh, it was kind of boring. 106. My Pretty Seahorse: Other than the one visual gag with Mr. Krabs, it's forgettable. 105. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy I: Probably the weakest introduction in the series. 104. Dumped: Gary is a total B!+c#. All that over A COOKIE? 103. Pranks-A-Lot: Ghosts! GHOSTS! ...Toast... 102. Plankton's Army: Yeah it's mean to rednecks, but it was a little funny... Sort of... 101. Bossy Boots: I really hated Pearl in this episode. 100. Jellyifshing: Overall, I don't know how better to describe this than mediocre. 099. Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs in this episode is definitely like Todd Howard. 098. Valentine's Day: Spongebob x Patrick is such a cringy bromance ship. 097. The Bully: How some forum moderators handle trolls in a nutshell. 096. Krusty Love: Mrs. Puff would come to realize that he's just a possessive greedy crustacean after all. Decent 095. No Free Rides: I don't think the makers of this episode ever watched a good documentary. 094. Pre-Hibernation Week: I'd rate it lower if the gag with the guy on the bicycle didn't get me every time. 093. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Validating everyone's worst fears of technology since 2002. 092. Born Again Krabs: *SpongeBob talking Dutchman's ear off* Me: *in Penn* SHUT THE F*** UP. 091. Jellyfish Jam: Yeah thanks for trashing my house guys, now f*** off. 090. MuscleBob Buffpants: SpongeBob really looks weird and sort of ugly with muscles. 089. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: The visual gag with the watermelon really made this episode. 088. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Would be a good 10-15 spots higher if it didn't have the part with the cleats. 087. Bubble Buddy: They had every right to want to pop that bubble... Still liked the humor somewhat. 086. Grandma's Kisses: The more I watch this episode, the more I simultaneously want to like it but don't. 085. Boating School: A rather weak introduction to Mrs. Puff, but props because it was the My Leg guy's debut. 084. Home Sweet Pineapple: D@mn nematodes. 083. Ripped Pants: The more I think about it, the more I think this episode is really overrated. 082. The Paper: Not like they could have made this episode better with the boring premise it has. 081. Scaredy Pants: Decent special, but it's nowhere near as good as the Christmas special. 080. I Had An Accident: Yeah, Bob, how CAN a gorilla exist underwater? Writers have some 'splaining to do. 079. Sandy's Rocket: I think the people raiding Area 51 would really like some of that Alien Repellent. 078. Dying for Pie: It would be higher, if the premise weren't turned into an excuse for fan service. 077. Nature Pants: I like how Squidward is just celebrating SpongeBob's disappearance. 076. Jellyfish Hunter: Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs did not really learn his lesson. 075. Karate Choppers: Pursuing a hobby is a horrible reason for firing somebody. 074. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: IT WAS BIG, SCARY, AND PINK! 073. Hooky: This episode has great humor, but the muddled moral prevents it from being the great episode it could be. 072. The Smoking Peanut: Patrick would be the worst detective ever known to man. 071. SpongeGuard on Duty: Larry is rarely ever NOT entirely one-dimensional is he? 070. Bubblestand: The Bubble Dance reminds me a lot of faked cheats for some reason. 069. As Seen on TV: Old Man Jenkins apparently has a really bad case of Dementia. 068. Texas: Aside from Sandy's singing, this is a sort of okay episode. 067. Gary Takes A Bath: Most Creative Episode Title Ever. 066. Walking Small: Yeah Plankton's NEVER going to get that second Chum Bucket finished. 065. Squid's Day Off: Also known as Squidward goes insane for bad reasons. 064. Employee of the Month: It has a lot of great references. 063. Naughty Nautical Neighbors: That fork must have really hurt going in. 062. Something Smells: Even SpongeBob should be smart enough to realize a dead plant should never be food. 061. Imitation Krabs: I catch myself singing the Bikini Bottom Anthem from time to time. 060. Wormy: This episode had an amazing musical number, but the episode was otherwise alright. 059. Opposite Day: Patrick is REALLY bad at imitating people. 058. Survival of the Idiots: Who you callin' Pinhead? 057. Reef Blower: Proof that you don't need dialogue to make a great cartoon episode. Great 056. Neptune's Spatula: BEHOLD! ...Okay, if you say so, Neptune. 055. No Weenies Allowed: Patrick has powers beyond our comprehension. 054. Krab Borg: Basically a slightly better Imitation Krabs. 053. Squilliam Returns: That will teach you not to take people so literally... Me... 052. The Chaperone: If my class' prom were like that, I would have laughed in their faces. 051. The Great Snail Race: That sounds like it would be a VERY boring event. 050. Mid-Life Crustacean: Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Shulk: I'M REALLY FEELING IT! 049. Missing Identity: This episode has some cool Film Noir vibes. 048. New Student Starfish: What's the need for lockers in a boating school? 047. Plankton!: Plankton fared really well when it came to character introductions. 046. Can You Spare a Dime: I really liked how SpongeBob legitimately became upset with Squidward. 045. Your Shoe's Untied: I can relate to that one, brother. 044. Life of Crime: Patrick would make a TERRIBLE fugitive. 043. Just One Bite: My fat already goes straight to my thighs... 042. Club SpongeBob: Me: Oh, Magic Conch, will Bernie be elected President? 041. Squid on Strike: I say "EHH SQUIDWARD?" all the time. 040. Hall Monitor: This episode is absurdly quotable. 039. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: I was the target of "Hi Kevin." If you didn't know, my real life name is Kevin. 038. Clams: Who knew giant clams had such sophisticated tastes in music? 037. Patty Hype: My first thought now when I think of this episode is "Pride patties." 036. Big Pink Loser: This episode is even more quotable than Hall Monitor. 035. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Patrick is the emotionally neglectful husband in a nutshell. 034. The Algae's Always Greener: Cool concept, but d@mn is Mr. Krabs being naked so wrong. 033. Tea at the Treedome: I use "I NEED WATER" on an almost daily basis. 032. FUN: It really is a great song that I won't tire of hearing any time soon. 031. Squeaky Boots: I think this is one of the most underrated SpongeBob episodes ever. 030. Sailor Mouth: I cuss about as bad as Mr. Krabs did when he stubbed his leg in real life. 029. Snowball Effect: How long did it take Squidward to build that snow tower at the end? 028. Rock Bottom: If this weren't SpongeBob, an episode like this would be top 10 easy. 027. Procrastination: SpongeBob is me here 100%. 026. Artist Unknown: This episode is a work of art. 025. Ugh!: Probably among SpongeBob's greatest specials. 024. Sleepy Time: Very cool concept with lots of potential for character development. It was also done right. 023. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man IV: We need a petition to make Wumbo a real word. Amazing 022. The Secret Box: SpongeBob sneaking to get the box is 100% what I feel like when I'm going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 021. One Krab's Trash: TF2 hat economy in a nutshell. 020. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man III: I'm much further from socially acceptable than Man-Ray is to be honest. 019. Help Wanted: The first best episode, that still remains one of the series' best to date, even with it's dated visuals. 018. Culture Shock: The audience needs to diversify their tastes. 017. Shanghaied!: Squidward, you're falling through spaghetti! I FAIL TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE! 016. Christmas Who?: Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but Squidward's a wee bit OoC here. 015. SB-129: I absolutely love the concept of time travel and this episode does an amazing job at poking fun at it. 014. The Camping Episode: I've still yet to sing the Campfire Song Song at the speed they sing it in the show. 013. Squidville: Huh, weird. I know this episode as CANNED BREAD but I guess that's the name? 012. Arrgh!: Patrick is TERRIBLE at reading a compass. 011. Mermaid Man and Barnacle MAN V: Wait, he's Barnacle Boy you say? He deserves more respect than that! 010. Graveyard Shift: This is why you don't read Creepypastas late at night with the lights off. 009. The Fry Cook Games: The visual gags were absolutely on point here. 008. Nasty Patty: YOU JUST GOT... PRANKED BRO! 007. Idiot Box: The box puns are some of the best puns in the show to date. 006. FrankenDoodle: This is probably the most quotable episode in the series. 005. Pizza Delivery: I sing "Krusty Krab Pizza" all the time. 004. Krusty Krab Training Video: This episode was as clever as it was funny. 003. Chocolate with Nuts: I am literally the Chocolate Guy when it comes to chocolate. 002. Wet Painters: The writing and the animation in this episode pair to make it on a whole other level. 001. Band Geeks: Not saying this is the best episode is blasphemous on so many levels.
  2. We are counting down to season 7 but showing all my little pony friendship is magic episodes from season 1 to season 6 catch the live stream below
  3. The Top Ten Best Games from 2015 You Might Have Heard Of is here. It was a long time coming but I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it. I was trying out a lot of new things with this list such as a new Microphone and some new editing techniques. I hope you find this video enjoyable or at the very least informative. I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback you can toss my way.
  4. I did a video talking about the Worst Games of 2015 You've Never Heard Of and it's my first video countdown that I've made since joining the Theater. I know the transitions are a little on the fast side and the audio balancing is a bit off but I'm very pleased with my first countdown video. That and I now know what to fix for my "Best of list" when it rolls around sooner rather than later. I'd really love some feedback on this and comments on the video itself are always nice. As it stands now, I'm not searchable on youtube because of their policy to only allow youtubers with 3 videos be searchable, but my third video is coming soon. So that means feedback or spreading the word helps me out immensely.
  5. I build a Pony Timeplaner / Pony Date Overview. It shows all important Pony Dates with Countdowns clearly sorted in the Users Time. No matter where one lives, one always gets the Time that corresponds to his Timezone. The Dates have different categorie icons for a better overview. One can filter by books, media, conventions. Some Dates are linked to additional information pages or sources. It sync with the Server every 30min, and recreate the list if there are new dates, without reloading of the site. It color marks the dates that are reached soon within the next 24h, it keeps expired dates for 24h, and finally removes it. The Site Works on mobile devices and computers, with very little Traffic. Has the Design of the Book Horse. I hope you like it, and it helps you to keep track of the times.
  6. Are you hyped for S5? Show it here! Since we don't have an official air date yet this thread will be counting down until the start of Spring. We have: 55 days remaining So,"All aboard!" It begins.
  7. There will be a countdown from ten (though it can be changed), and after someone posts 1, the next person posts something cool (image, link, fact, I don't care). The countdown will then restart. I will begin. 10...
  8. I keep adding new things to this... Anyways, welcome to Chill(x3)'s first countdown! As you may have guess (but probably not), I am a fan of Gorillaz. What is Gorillaz? Its a band. If you dont kow who they are then why are you even here. Get. (Nah just kidding. This is the perfect chance for you to get to know them better.) This is my top 10 Gorillaz songs! Woo! #10- Some Kind of Nature (Plastic Beach [2010]) #9- Dare (Demon Days [2005]) #8- Phoner to Arizona (The Fall [2011]) #7- Doncamatic (Plastic Beach [2010]) #6- On Melancholy Hill (Pleastic Beach [2010]) #5- Tomorrow Comes Today (Gorillaz [2001]) #4- DoYaThing (DoYaThing [2012]) #3- Rockit (Demon Days [2005]) #2- Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz [2001]) HONORABLE MENTIONS: -19-2000 -Rhinestone Eyes -Rock The House -Last Living Souls So, my favorite Gorillaz track is... Enjoy! Stay chill.
  9. Found this: Just counts down so we can see how long till the next episode is aired. As of now, 54 days, 5 hours, 41 minutes, 19 seconds. That's too long. Anyways, just thought I'd share it, why not?
  10. Previous Countdown List: So this time, I'm mixing it up, and we'll be doing something about a lighter topic than usual, we'll be talking about video games. Today we'll be talking about what are (In my opinion, of course) the most intimidating enemies and enemy factions in modern video games (Because if I included classic video games this would quickly turn into a list that just feels repetitive, there are many articles about classic video game enemies out there, and I may do a list like that some time). Be it for gameplay reasons, story reasons, or otherwise, I will talk about the different enemies I find most intimidating. ⚠Spoilers Beyond this point!⚠ _______________________________________ 5: HECU (Half-Life) Okay, where do I start? A thing that comes up immediately is the fact that they have the upper hand on you when first encountered, especially since you originally think they are in the facility to help you and the other members of the Black Mesa Staff escape from the facility. Not to mention, at the time of Half-Life's release, the HECU marines had some of (if not THE) most advanced AI that had been seen in the video game industry. They use group tactics, take cover, and even use grenades. This is brought up to eleven in Black Mesa wherein it only takes them a fraction of a second to target you and start firing due to their coding. Plus they have vehicle support, which is very bad news for you if you don't have a good strategy to deal Apache Helicopter that comes out of absolutely no where and starts handing out bullets like candy, and by handing out I mean pumping them directly into your face. Let's just say that the damn dam was damn hard. 4: Infected (Left 4 Dead) The infected are a simple variation of the common zombie often seen in folk lore. What makes the infected from Left 4 Dead special? It has quite a bit to do with the fact that they retain human motor functions, and thus can run. They can run so well, in fact, that they run faster than the survivors. Another thing about the infected is just how many of them there are. They are literally everywhere. The special infected are extremely powerful and it's quite easy to die by their hands (or whatever else they mutated to have). Jockeys, smokers, and chargers are by far the worst. Mostly since the first two are more annoying than harmful and the second way is way too common for an enemy that tough. Of course It's all okay in Left 4 Dead 2, because we have Coach, the one man cheeseburger apocalypse to accompany us through the apocalypse. 3: Deadites (Evil Dead) You may only remember Evil Dead for the movies, which is understandable, since in my opinion, Army of Darkness is the best movie ever. However, it wasn't so long ago that two Evil Dead video games were released (A fistful of Boomstick, and my personal favorite, Regeneration), which is why it's included on this list. Anyways, if you think there is any reason you should not be afraid of Demons that require the almighty one liners from Bruce Campbell to defeat, then you are very insane brave. The deadites are vicious and every time you see one they try to roll out the red carpet, except instead of carpet it's your blood. Combined with the varieties on this ancient evil, there is really no shortage of reasons that these bastards are terrifying. However, if you've ever played the Evil Dead games, you are probably chemically addicted to Bruce Campbell (As I am). It gets easier though, especially once you end up getting the rocket boomstick at the Junkyard. 2: The Covenant (Halo series) The Covenant are pretty much the definition of intimidating. They have far superior technology to humans, and just generally annihilate everything in their path. At the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, humans have several hundred colonies, by the end of it, they only have Earth left. The Covenant is comprised of intimidating creatures (Minus the grunts) led by completely insane indivisuals (The Prophets/San Shy'uum, depending on how you wish to spell or say it). If it was not for the Great Schism, then the humans probably would have lost the war. By the end of the war, they have wiped out billions of people and almost pushed humanity to extinction. Plus their religious beliefs give a very clear view of just how insane the Covenant art (Except Jackals, who are just mercenaries). 1: The Combine (Half-Life 2) And here we are, back at the Half-Life series. I somehow anticipated I'd end up back here. The Combine (Or Universal Union) as they refer to themselves, are just plain evil, yet ominious. Their true intentions are never fully revealed, except that they have enslaved humanity and are stealing resources away from Earth. The worst part is that there is absolutely nothing the humans can do about it. The Combine take humans into various chambers and bioengineer them into merciless killing machines, and since they're engineered from humans they are perfect for warefare on Earth, it's ingenius. Not to mention the Synths they have, which are devastating combinations of biological life and mechanical parts. Even if their strategy fails, they STILL have the upper hand, because according to all accounts, the Combine are INTERDIMENSIONAL. That is an absolutely huge deal and if anyone reading this would not be freaked out by being attacked by an army that can travel through dimensions, you are insane, and probably the same reader who said that demons would not intimidate them. One of the scariest things is that you never fully understand why they don't just destroy Earth, what with the rebellion and all that, and yet nothing is stopping them from doing just that.
  11. Previous Countdown List: Us bronies don't deserve to be hated, and that's true, however, lots of times we make false assumptions about everything involving the fandom. I hope that by pointing them out, it can at least help people become more logical. I'm here to clear up a few things. #5: Non-Bronies are always haters This is a logical fallacy I see fairly often in the fandom. Why people believe that non-bronies are always haters is something that escapes my understanding. That is like saying everyone who prefers Pepsi has a death-wish against the Coca-Cola company, it's not true, and it doesn't even look true if you squint at it sideways from fifty yards away. Haters exist and non-bronies exist, but that is not an interchangeable term. As the name implies, being a non-brony means you're not a brony, simple as that. And being a hater implies you hate, see? Very simple. #4: Who your favorite pony is matters While it's nice to know, it's not something you need to convince people to. Converting someone to your favorite pony is like convincing someone the color orange is superior to the color blue. It's an opinion question and a petty one at that. Why waste your time arguing about who the best pony is instead of say...explaining why you like your favorite pony in a very long several paragraph essay-type thing (CD has the right idea, although Discord isn't a pony, you get the idea). I'm not saying it doesn't matter to anyone, what I'm saying is that it's not worth starting a flame war about. #3: Being a brony means you're a nice person This one is not true in the slightest. While generally we're over all the nicest fandom around and this forum specifically might be the nicest place on the internet, it's not like that's because we're bronies. Correlation does not equal causation. I have seen many people who are bronies and also happen to be jack-asses, and I've seen nice non-bronies. Being a brony doesn't indicate anything except that you like the show. #2: The fandom is some kind of hive mind I see this very often in threads. People post like the entire fandom agrees about everything, all the time, twenty four seven. They say "we bronies believe yattayattayatta" which is not something that can be said. We're a very diverse group with a lot of different opinions. The main reason this is annoying is because they will often get defensive when you tell them that you have a different opinion, if not, they'll usually ignore you. It's especially bad when the opinion they claim is the generally held one in the fandom is when it's a very unpopular opinion. #1: Firebolt is not the coolest person ever. This is perhaps the strangest anomaly I ever see. I have seen people who actually believe that Firebolt is not the coolest person ever. That is a very strange belief, and I don't know where the rumor first sparked.
  12. Previous Countdown List: So I've seen people complain about moderators before. Me, having experience in this particular field, wanted to clarify a few things about the moderation here and why you should not complain. So I decided to compile a list of reasons that people who complain about moderation are not in the right in doing so. #1: Moderators are not Paid While on some sites they might be paid, on here, they are not. The moderators here use their own free time out of their own free will. So remember, you may be agitated by the things moderators do that you do not agree with, but you have to remember, they are doing this out of their own personal choice. So they're pretty much moderating out of the goodness of their hearts, and people should appreciate the time and effort they put into it. Moderators don't absolutely have to moderate, if they wanted they could resign and let this place fall into Anarchy, and that would be fun for approximately nobody. Pictured: A forum after all of the moderators went on break at the same time #2: Moderators here are some of the most fair on the internet The moderation here is some of the most efficient, yet somehow lenient moderation I have ever seen. This site's moderation is like a perfect equilibrium of moderation. Any less strict, the place turns into an absolute mess. Any more strict, this place turns into some kind of facist dictatorship. So if moderators here nail you for something you did, you probably deserved everything they did.You have to understand that every system we have in place on MLP Forums is in place for a reason. The character minimum may not seem like fun but it prevents this place from falling into absolute Chaos. If you actually respect the rules, you probably will not get into trouble. Compared to other websites, these moderators are some of the nicest, goofiest, and most lenient around. I greatly respect all of them for the work they do. Other websites are much more strict, and this site gives you plenty of wiggle-room. in fact, I make extremely strange threads everyday with the consistency of abstract-art and I've never had a brush up with the moderators. The moderators here are like angels, guys, except...they're not, and that brings me to my next point. #3: Moderators are just people As much of a shock as this may to come to some people, moderators are just human like the rest of us. Now before you go into a rant in the comments about automated moderation, be aware that I've been on a site like that. Literally every user on the website was banned in a week. Now you should know that while the moderators are not perfect, they are still some of the best around. They can't do EVERYTHING, and they should not have to do everything. Users should act responsibly and in accordance with the rules. If you simply follow the rules, then everything should be alright. If there is a misunderstanding, start a support ticket, and I'm sure you can settle it. The staff team here is incredibly understanding. But the fact the moderators are human leads me to another point, do not send them hate mail. It is a mean, rude, hateful, and generally distasteful thing to do. If you have ever sent a moderator hate mail you should be completely and utterly ashamed of yourself. Not only does that show disrespect for the rules, but it shows utter disrespect for the people who spend their FREE TIME to make this place a nice and friendly atmosphere for people like yourself. It makes them feel bad, I'm sure. You have to remember, there is a real person behind every username. And that real person has real feelings you can most definitely stir if you're a complete jackass. Do you really want to be this dick, and say 45% of moderators are leeches? I thought not. #4: Moderators don't make the rules singlehandedly Moderators do not necessarily create every rule they enforce. While generally they all agree with it as a whole. For this reason, there is not really a finger you can point at anyone in particular. Even if you could, these rules are necessary to keep this place friendly. I shouldn't have to say much about this, since anyone with common sense could piece this one together. The moderators generally pool together and make decisions, and believe it or not, these decisions are overwhelmingly for the better of the forums as a whole. They may not be perfect, but if something goes wrong because of one of their decisions, they can always revise it later. #5: Moderators like to have fun too Contrary to popular belief, moderators do not take up the position merely with the intent of crushing the dreams of everyone they encounter. Rather, they most likely do it out of their love for the site. They like to have fun just as much as anyone of us. However, when enforcing the rules, they have to be impartial, they cannot make decisions based on how much they like somebody, that would be extremely inefficient. Moderators may occasionally enjoy silliness too, so I doubt they enforce the rules for the express purpose of making little girls cry. These moderators are some of the goofiest mods I've ever seen and the funniest people I know. In addition to that, they do their jobs, and they do them well. The moderators here may not be perfect, but they're the finest moderators I've ever seen. Bless them. __________ Take these into consideration before complaining about the moderation team. If you really needed five reasons not to harass the moderators, you probably deserve what ever warning you to get anyway.
  13. Seriously, I think that, even though everyone knows what days and times the show airs, it would add a little something fun and interesting to the site. Plus, I bet there are some people with a bad memory (like me), who forget the exact times. But anyways, just thought I'd bring this up for discussion. Here's the link to the Pony Countdown Timer, by the way:
  14. Here's a little something I whipped up. A dynamic countdown timer to Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference, where we will (among other things) get a proper showing of the Wii U! As you are (hopefully) aware, I run the world's oldest Wii U blog, Wii U Go. This countdown timer is a fun little extra I made for the site, but it would be really cool to see it spread around MLP Forums, not to mention any other sites as well. So feel free to share it with anyone you know who is looking forward to Nintendo's conference! You can find copypasta-ready embed codes right here.