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Found 2 results

  1. You can't make this up. South Korean Police uncovered $6.27 billion worth of counterfeit Pokemon merch that was set to be distributed to claw grab machines across the country. Don't believe me?
  2. The only Game Boy Advance game I bought new was Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I had it for about a year and I lost it, never to find it again. (This probably happened in 2006-2007.) I thought it was a fun game, so near 2008 I went on Ebay to buy a replacement. I found a supposedly used one with an actual picture of the cartridge (not a stock photo) because counterfeit games tend to use stock photos. The minimum bid was around seven dollars, and no one else bid on it, so I thought I got a great deal. When it finally came in the mail, I was disappointed the moment I opened the package. I quickly realized that the "used" game was a fake. Major signs were that it came in plastic wrap and an unadvertised plastic case, and that it had a European style label. The game worked, but the poorly made cartridge had to be forced into the Game Boy slot, which can damage the console over the long term. I also heard that counterfeit games use a save battery while real GBA games use a type of flash memory which doesn't require a battery to save data. As a consequence, the game data on fake games may last up to a month or so. The seller did take the game back and gave me a refund. He claimed it was refurbished (yeah, right.) :okiedokielokie: I felt dumb after reading buyer's reviews of that seller. Several people complained that the game they bought from him was counterfeit. I was so upset about it back then; that someone would intentionally sell me a counterfeit product, even showing a picture of a genuine game that looked nothing like I received. I almost find it funny now. If it happened to me again, I may have kept it because the cost of paying return shipping nearly matched the value of the refund. Hey, I play roms anyway, right? Well, back then I felt like copyright infringement was a moral transgression; now I know it's a trade-off on the public's interest to encourage creativity by granting a temporary monopoly to the author of a work. I'll leave copyright reform debate for another thread, though. So, has something like this ever happened to you?