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Found 15 results

  1. What does everypony think of the binary counting system? I'm learning a lot about it in my computer classes, though what would it be like if it was the only counting system we had? Would you want to always write a number like 10 as 1010, or 55 as 110111? Maybe we should just use hex all the time, and write those numbers as A and 37. (I sure hope I got the number conversion right )
  2. And infinity doesn’t count . Mine is millinillion, but I also know what a googolplex is.
  3. The object of this game is quite simple. Instead of everyone counting towards a common goal, everyone has their own separate counts. The poster with the highest count is winning! Have fun! Two simple rules: If you ninja someone, the person who got their count ninja'd goes back to zero! I'll pop in from time to time and randomly subtract and add to your counts!
  4. Clod


    idk just count have fun oh right i should be the first. 1.
  5. Alright guys. I, The Crimson Cross have decided to have a counting game of my own. Muahahahaa!!!! The rules with this one aren't so simple. At times I'll be counting with you, I'll boost you and subtract you. I'll even give you choices at certain times. So in other words, the rules are entirely dependant upon what I choose! So, expect the worse from me because things will certainly get whacky! Consider it to be like a game of snakes and ladders, except I am the evil overlord watching over you... petting my cat in all glory.. Yes. That's right I will manipulate you and toy with you at certain times. So without further adieu! Let the counting Commence!! QUIZ RULES: -5 points for each incorrect answer. -5 points if a negative counter answers the question correctly. There are no penalties for a negative counter guessing the incorrect answer. List of Negative Counters: @Ashley (Not SCS)~ The Quiz Master @Lightwing (Sea Swirl)~ Can -5 points to the score every 1 hour. VICTORIES: Positive Counters: 14 Negative Counters: 6
  6. This is the complicated counting game. Rules: Start counting in roman numerals until someone posts a pony picture at which point take the number that was last counted and divide the number by 2 and then count on the square root of the number (round it up if it is a decimal) Formula: The square root of (n/2) = c n is the last number that was counted. c is the number you start counting on. Example: I II III IV V II III I'll start I
  7. This is sorta similar to the counting games except with a unique twist :grin2: Answer the previous user's fact with true or false.. The goal is to reach up to 50 without a wrong answer The user before you recites a fact that results in the answer being true or false You must answer with "True" or "False" immediately, no searches allowed You may also say why it is true or false but this isn't required Then, the previous user got it wrong, reset the count to 0, if they got it right, add 1.. Then you recite a fact of your own you know the answer to for the next user to answer RULES: No using any research to find the answer, answer your question of fact as you see it.. Answer your question or fact first, before verifying/confirming the previous one was correct.. this is to help avoid cheating and keep it fast paced and fun [] No personal facts like: "I'm wearing a blue T-shirt", "I have brown hair" or "I like ponies" it has to be something somepony else might actually possibly know.. No editing to change your answer.. If it wasn't obvious enough xD Example: User 1 - "Pinkie pie has only 1 sister.." User 2 - "False, she has 3 sisters.. 1 Sodium on the elemental table is Na" User 3 - "True 2 The butterflies on Fluttershy's cute mark have blue bodies" User 4 - "True 3 Cheetah's can run up to 98km/h" It continues like this until someone get's their answer wrong, then the count resets ---------- I'll start off with.. Ummm. Pinkie's middle name is "Diane"
  8. Game I found on another forum. To play, count in whole numbers as high as possible, but you have to skip the number 7 or any number that has to do with the number 7, which includes of multiples of 7 (i.e. 14, 21, 49) or has the number 7 as a digit (i.e. 17, 700). So basically, Count like - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (7 is skipped), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 (14 is skipped because it's a multiple), 16, 18 (17 is skipped because it has the digit) However, if a user counts one of these numbers, the game starts back at 1, so.. User 1 - 5 User 2 - 6 User 3 - 7 User 4 - 1 (since user 3 counted to 7) so let's start!1 1
  9. How High Can You Count Before A Mod Posts? Hello and welcome to the game How High Can You Count Before A Mod Posts! This is a very simple game. You simply count. But it's not like other counting games such as Count to 1 Million. In this game, there is a catch. If a Moderator of any sort (Administrator, Moderator, Section Moderator, etc.) posts, then the count is reset to 0, and you have to start all over again. The goal is to count as high as you possibly can before a mod posts! Current Highest Count: N/A I'll start. 1.
  10. Forgive me for this, but this creation deserves it's own thread. So, let there be a discussion about this video ! Warning : following video may cause : In case you are experiencing a need to refill your optimism by some ponies, go .(okay, that was a dirty one. Your real link to cute pony pic thread is this small dot over there -> . )
  11. let's start counting numbers i begin 1
  12. I guess this makes for a pretty simplistic forum game (and I didn't see this posted yet), but here goes: The rules are simple; add the number of characters in your forum name to the previous number. Example: EEYYYUP = 7 characters Spaces do not count as characters! (atleast in this game they don't ) Let's try to hit.. OVER NINE THHOUSSAAAND Starting number: 7
  13. The Birthday Paradox states that when 23 people's birthdays are compared, the chances of 2 birthdays being identical is 50%! With 57 people, it reaches 99%! So, I want to try a little experiment. For each post, put your birthday and continue the count. We will see exactly how many posts it takes for us to find a match. Let's begin! My birthday is March 22nd, and I will start the count at ONE. Birthdays so far Posts: 28 Total matches found: 4