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Found 51 results

  1. Out of curiosity and interest in people from different parts of the world, which places have you lived in throughout your life? I've made the poll with multiple choice options, so you can list anyplace you've ever lived in and not just your current location. The places you've lived in can include study abroad sessions, lengthy business stays, or overseas stations if you're in the military. Due to the sizes and populations of different countries, some of the smaller countries (such as micro states) would have to be grouped with nearby larger ones, some are big enough to stand alone or are first on the list, and others are so big that they have to be split up into different regions (especially English majority countries, particularly the USA). I apologize if those who live in small countries have to be on the same list as others, but I wanted to keep as less filler and blank poll spaces as possible since I don't entirely expect a country with a really tiny population to be filled up on its own. As for me, I've only lived entirely within the United States. The states I've lived in include Hawaii, California, Florida, and very briefly Washington. I'd much prefer to live in Washington out of all of these, due to my preference for cool climates over hot ones. The others seem more like decent places to visit, but not to live in, in my opinion.
  2. Let's say that for whatever reason conceivable you have to leave your home country behind to go settle elsewhere. Where would you choose to live and why? Maybe you're loyal to your country and whatever is it that keeps you there and then the government decided to exile you just because the president or prime minister had a bad day since his dog used his cigar stash as a bathroom or something. As for me, I'm thinking about Iceland. The climate doesn't seem too bad and it seems like one of the better societies out there. Fun fact; in Iceland, women are better in math than the men (although not by much). I think going through the trouble of learning Icelandic would be worth it.
  3. Berry-Bliss-Sundae

    which country are you from?

    Hello everypony! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I write this post out of curiosity ... since I am from Latin America, will there be others here who are from other countries? or all here are American? if they are English-speaking, what do they think of Spanish? over and out!
  4. Does anyone have any urban legends from their own country that they’d like to share? They can be scary, funny, stupidly mundane, etc. As someone who’s training to be a psychologist, I find things like these to be interesting, and it gives me an insight into how the people of the country think (eg. what they find to be frightening/funny compared to other countries). I’ll begin with an urban legend from my own country just to get things started. If the thread takes off, I’ll share more. The urban legend that I’ll talk about is a well-known one that comes from my own country of Northern Ireland (different from Ireland, I assure you). I attend a university called Queen’s University in Belfast, and the university has several buildings. For example, there’s the main Lanyon Building, the Teaching and Learning Centre, etc. The buildings that I’ll be talking about are the David Keir Building (DKB) and the Ashby Building. Across from the DKB, there is a graveyard known as the Friar’s Bush Graveyard. The graveyard is the site of a mass grave filled with bodies from a cholera epidemic, to the point where a mound can be seen in the centre. Those who approach this mound are said to experience the sensation of hands touching them and clawing at their clothes. Now, beneath the DKB, there is a maintenance tunnel. This tunnel stretches from the DKB to the nearby Ashby Building, and it runs adjacent to the graveyard. To this day, there is not a single staff member in that university who will willingly go down into that tunnel alone, and many absolutely refuse to. Those who have been down there attest to the fact that the tunnel, in some areas, becomes unnaturally cold. Voices can be heard, things can be seen, and perhaps most compellingly, the same sensations of the hands that can be experienced in the graveyard can be experienced in the maintenance tunnel. As for what the people saw down there, nobody knows. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to wonder what they saw, or what they thought they saw, that was so traumatising that they refuse to speak about it.
  5. I have a feeling most people will say yes, but i am curious
  6. ChikoritaCheezits

    Where do you see yourself moving to?

    So if you were to move somewhere else in the world, where would you move to? For me, California. Specifically, southern California,. Chicago is cool and all, but That area seems to get all the cool stuff like E3 and Comic Con, plus the atmosphere looks nice outside the light pollution. I went there once, it was kind of polluted there. If it's out of the country, I guess England. There seems to be a lot of great sites there plus I wouldn't have to worry about the language barrier.
  7. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    To "ah"-ccent, or not to "ah"-ccent?

    Whenever I write Applejack's dialogue, I usually write with standard spelling, instead of the "Ah"s and other dialect-like spellings typical of any fanfics about her. To me, it not only looks nice, but I also prefer the reader to imagine AJ speaking, because I am sure that they already knew that AJ speaks in a country accent, making the accent-ised spelling unnecessary. What do you think? Do you think that this is fine (relying on existing info and imagination), or is it better to use a dialectal spelling to reflect AJ's voice better? Eg. "I'm sure that you're not wandering around, partner. Trust me." vs. "Ah'm sure that yer not wandrin' 'round, pardner. Trust me."
  8. So yeah what country's flag do you think is the best?
  9. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: is an Oil Pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). CORRECTION: This is an Advance Rumely steam tractor/thresher (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill).* I had been looking at the actual Oil Pulls in the rest of my photos and accidentally typed the incorrect information for this particular tractor in this photo. Anyway, I may as well also add that "thresher" is a name given to tractors that can be used to "thresh" wheat from the hay - "thresh: to separate the grain or seeds from (a cereal plant or the like) by some mechanical means, as by beating with a flail or by the action of a threshing machine." If you want to look at a plethora of pictures of old tractors, download this .zip file I uploaded here: Backup link on Dropbox just in case: at Hamilton IL
  10. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: Here is an oil pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). If you want to look at a plethora of pictures of old tractors, download this .zip file I uploaded here: Threshers at Hamilton IL Backup link on Dropbox just in case: at Hamilton IL
  11. ProbablyNotLyra

    Different Music Genres

    MUSIC. Near everyone listens to it, but what's the best Genre? HA, easy answer: Yes. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, but all genres are great. Even if you don't like one, it's still good. You're opinion doesn't change the fact others enjoy it greatly. Music from this: To this: Is all so unique, so perfectly crafted, that it evokes responses to immensely different, and isn't that the great thing about music? From hard rock to country, all songs bring forth a special emotion that is tough to find anywhere else, because there's nothing quite like bobbing your head to the bass, or tapping your fingers to the guitar.
  12. How did all of the countries around the world come up with their own flag? Like, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark how did they all come up with their own flag designs and so many other countries. I'm making my own custom flag with a large cloth its, Blue > Freedom White > Purity/Peace Yellow > Justice And it's setup like the French flag, 3 colors going to the right.
  13. Foxy Socks

    Size of Equestria

    How big is Equestria? It seems like it would be fairly large sized, with the variety of places in it. For reference here is a map
  14. I was recently looking at a map and trying to work out how many countries I've been to. While I thought 16 was a lot, in the grand scheme of things it's really not. There are so many countries I still want to visit, which brings me onto the second part of my question: what countries would you like to visit? I've been to: Botswana Lesotho South Africa Swaziland Zambia Australia Fiji China Singapore France Germany Ireland Spain Switzerland UK United Arab Emirates But I'd still like to visit nearly twice as many as I already have with the main ones being: New Zealand Russia Japan Sweden Canada USA Jordan
  15. As some of you may be aware, at this very moment there's an attempt of overthrowing Erdoğan's goverment trainspiring at this very moment in Turkey. Armed forces have arisen predominantly in the city of Istambul and have blocked bridges, streets, avenues and most means of vacating the metropolis, subsequently broadcasting a communicate in which they announced the new reign of martial law and curfew over people's prior freedoms. As of now, there's signs of this being a mutiny of a substantial part of the troops, instead of a few cells and squads as some have informed. Sources also have stated that parties of civilians have manifested and even rallied in favour of the Constitutional Government and some others of the Army. What are your thoughts on the matter at hand?
  16. Hello there! Just think of a location, whether it be the name of a country, continent, or a small city, and try and ponify it as best as you can. This should be fun. :har: Oh and what I mean by "ponifying location names" is making the name of any location appear more canon and relevant to the show's universe. So if you can imagine it being used in the show, awesome! So you can incorporate pony terms, names of fruits and vegetables, names of other species that have appeared in the show, or species that you can see appearing on the show (like deer, bears, etc.). Examples: Africa = 'Zebrica' London = 'Colton' Canada = 'Canida' Germany = 'Germaney' Be creative :twilight:
  17. Hello everypony~ I am Puerto Rican [born, raised and currently living here!] and I wanted to know if I'm not alone around here! Feel free to add me as a friend if you want. ^^ <33 SPANISH Hola a todos~ Soy puertorriqueña [nacida, criada y actualmente es mi hogar] y quería saber si no soy la única por aquí. Siéntanse en libertad de añadirme como amiga si desean. ^^ <3
  18. I searched, but I didn't find any.. So basically, what countries have you visited? (If you live in the U.S, states count, too!) I've been to Latvia like 3 times. I haven't really 'visited' it, but I've driven through Lithuania. I stayed at Poland for a night once. I've also been to the Czech Republic, I really liked being there. Austria is one of my favorite countries I visited: It was so great, and the Alps or whatever they're called were breathtaking. I stayed in Italy for a week, and it was an amazing experience! I've been to Germany in 2012. It's the 2nd favorite country I visited, I really enjoyed my trip there. I've been to Finland quite a few times; all of my trips were only for one day, though. (Cruise ship from Estonia to Finland in the morning, ship from Finland back to Estonia in the evening). I also been to Sweden, but for one day, too. The ship trip to Sweden itself was longer than the time we stayed there.. This year, I'm going to either Austria or Switzerland. I can't wait! So, what countries have you visited? edit: I forgot! Vatican City and San Marino!
  19. Nameless Knight

    If you could start your own country

    If you could start your own country; What would you call it? Where would it be? Why did you choose that location? What would be its flag? and what government type would it be? My answer: Tresasia Crimea region and the lands east, northeast, and north of the black sea. Because it is a good trade and naval area An inverted Russian Flag A Presidential Constitutional Elective Monarchy Extra Info: Secular (We will allow all Religions and Non-Religions) 3 major goals: Tolerance and Equality (Religion, Race, Gender, ect.), Trade power in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, and push for Humanitarian Idles. Capitalist ​No one person has complete power, it is separated 30%35%/35% (President/House of Rep./Congress)
  20. I know that my country is always connected to Amsterdam and weed use. Do you guys have some other thoughts or images about The Netherlands? Feel free to speak openly about it.
  21. I was wondering... which region are you guys living in right now? Keep in mind it's different from your ethnicity. If you want, you can state the specific country you're in now through replies. Me? I'm in North America, specifically Canada. EDIT: Feel free to mention ethnicity as well. I'm actually Indonesian by passport, but I have a PR in Canada.
  22. An Unknown Pony.

    Music Classical,Country Or Dubstep

    So,No other topic is about this,i originally wanted to type classical and dubstep but i decided to add in country since not many people like it. So,Which of the genres above do you like,I Like All of those 3.
  23. Lordav

    Your Country's Anthem

    Every country has an anthem, and most are pretty cool. Lets make an official anthem collection. Heres Romania's Arise/wakr up Romanian (Desteapta-te Romane)
  24. I'm just wondering, from what you know about the country, how do you feel about the economy, the crime rates, and the culture of El Salvador. As far as the economy goes, El Salvador is becoming much like Greece and I feel that it may completely fall apart in the future. Jobs are so incredibly hard to find over there and the crime rates are among the highest in the world (if I'm not mistaken). A lot of the Hispanics over there seem arrogant as if the world revolves around them. I may be biased on that one though, since my girlfriend has to go through hell with her Salvadorian family every single day over there. Some of my Hispanic friends here even agree with me. lol
  25. We all come from different countries and each country has some traditional foods, lets share them. I'll start with three Romanian specialities: First there are th Mici (Mi-ch-i) they are made mainly of beef and taste perfectly grilled Next are the sarmale... these are eaten in other balkan countries but it is said we have the best & They are pretty much meat--->beef or pork or they can be vegetarian-->rice wrapped in either cabbage or grape leaves. Serve with sour cream and Bread =) Last we have something that tastes really good even if it sounds and looks... not-so -good...I mean when i first tasted it it was MMMMhhhmmmmm but then i saw it....and heard its name... andd... it didnt sound so attractive... BUT its still good Its cow-stomach soup yup...the thing in the soup is genuine cow stomach.... though it tastes perfect with sour cream...again Share your traditional food and lets see what diffrent ppl came up with around the world