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Found 8 results

  1. Okay, so here's an idea; we already have a thread for finding your special somepony, but I think its way too serious. Its a very big commitment ( well I think so anyway) but I came up with this then; why don't we have this thing going in which forum members pairs are officially declared a couple, but without much feelings involved? There's nothing stopping two members from getting closer to each other if they want but the whole thing is about having fun. All you have to do is come to the forum couple thread, propose to someone, and wait for a response. you can suggest two other people to become a couple. You can post your pictures if you want, but no details are really required. Since this isn't a serious thing, people can stay a couple for an hour, or for a year No commitments are required, and you don't even have to PM your partner if you don't want to. Its all about the gossip really. I got this idea from Code Geass, they also have this official school couple thing. So if people like the idea we can make an official thread in the Forum Lounge. Again, this isn't about serious couples, we're just tagging people together if they want to be tagged together just for the hell of it Don't propose to anyone here, the real thread is in the link below:
  2. Does developed romance not exist in Equestria? Unless there's some proof that they didn't, I'm going to assume the Cakes and Shining Armor + Cadance loved each other the second they laid eyes on each other. And Applejack's parents are a bit like Mary Sues in my opinion (and since when did babies fall in love?), so I don't like that couple as much as others.
  3. So, if you do ship Disney what are some of your favorite couples? One of my favorites is Milo and Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire. Meg and Hercules from Hercules, and Pocohantas and Joh Smith. I also love Lady and Tramp
  4. Basically which My little Pony shipping's do you really like but you know deep down that they are unlikely to happen in the show. (Canon characters) These can be any shipping as long as you add a description explaining why you think the two characters would be a good couple. One of my favourite unlikely MLP pairings is "TwiJack" ( Twilight Sparkle X Applejack) I think they would make a good couple because they are both hard workers and other ponies depend on them and they can both be stubborn ( mostly AJ though) . However they are different; as Twilight uses her powerful magic to solve problems and protect others whist trying to be non-confrontive. Whereas Applejack relies on her reasoning, stubborn ways and psychical strength. It is these differences that help the characters compliment each other. What do you guys think ? Please post your favourite MLP shippings /) * BROHOOF*
  5. This isn't like the other threads which are designed to help you meet your special somepony; this is more of a fun thread. The main idea is to pair forum members together for the sake of gossip and just for the hell of it really. You can also suggest two people who you think will make a great couple. The two people in a couple don't even have to get to know each other if they don't want to. This isn't about forming a serious relationship. A couple can last for a few minutes or forever!! There are no commitments between a couple, and has no connection to real life, but if two people get closer to each other, no one can stop them from becoming a real couple Even if you are already a couple, you can still have fun here and propose to each other. Once you become a couple, you can mention your partner on your page for everyone to know, if you want to. You should “mention” the people to whom you propose to, or while suggesting two people, so that they receive a notification. To see how to mention someone, see this thread: Rules of this thread: No NSFW material. You can only have one partner at a time. Please be polite and respectful while proposing or rejecting someone, or after being rejected by someone (after being accepted or while accepting you can yell all you want ) You can post a picture of yourself if you want, but it isn't required. Giving your personal information like your location isn't recommended. This thread is not meant for conversations. Don't try to force someone into it if they refuse. A couple can be gay or straight, it doesn't matter. You can't say things like; “I'm forever alone” or “I'm dating myself” etc. In this thread everyone gets someone. You must have fun!! If anyone has suggestions regarding this thread, they can post in the discussion thread here:
  6. WELCOME!!! If you are in a relationship with someone on the forums, feel free to post about it here. Explain who's the lucky filly or colt, if you want. Explain how happy they make you feel, the funny moments you two have shared, updates on the relationship, or just post whatever the heck you want to share on the matter.
  7. Hi! I draw this pic of ShadCake (Shado X Carrot Cake) is it good enough? I drew this sknce My birthday (May 21)
  8. Are you happily in a MLP Forum relationship? Have a wonderful friendship story you experienced with MLP Forums? Feeling hopeful about finding love? Do you like a feel-good story? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these threads are for you! These are the perfect places where you can express love, whether filial or romantic! It's also a way to show how people have been able to form new relationships on a forum where friendship is indeed magic! I hope you enjoy either thread of your choosing, or both! For couples or hopeless romantics, GO HERE For anyone who likes a feel good story or has a wonderful friendship to share, GO HERE