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Found 12 results

  1. I made new cover art for my profile, whats your opinion?
  2. I've went and made a cover image for my FIMfic, "Harmony's New Heroes" I made it in Gimp. I don't own the MLP font, images of the ponies, villains, or elements. There are two different versions. Version 1: For those who haven't read it yet. Version 2: for those who have read the first 2 chapters Which one should I use on Fanfiction and FIMfiction? Is it safe to use these for cover art and would I have to get permission anywhere before I use it? And what did you think of the pieces themselves?
  3. I created this for my FimFiction friend, princesscrystalwriter. Before you point it out, yes, I know Rainbow Dash is an alicorn, and yes, that is the point. I tried a more simplistic style for this one. Comments, criticisms, questions? Post them, so this thread can stay on the front page. Thank you.
  4. What if your whole life was a lie? Ta da! So yes. Cover art for my fanfiction. My fanfiction isn't finished yet though. Oh, and my signature is an advertisement xD Watch me on DeviantArt for more! DarkestSunset
  5. What I need: People to do singing voices for the following characters: Tirek, Sombra, Discord, Chrysalis, and Nightmare Moon. Someone who can write suitable music for this. Perhaps you can alter the actual instrumental version or create your own. The original one just doesn't work with the song. I think an altered version would be best, though. Someone who can design the cover art for this. What My Villain Role is Telling Me [Tirek] I hate these Crystal Ponies, they're wanting to be free They talk about this Crystal Fair and how fun it would be I wish they would surrender, and no one would get free It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my villain role is telling me [sombra] I try creating chaos, turn Equestria upside-down But no matter what I do, the ponies turn my plans around I can't create unbalance, no chaos I can see It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my villain role is telling me [Discord] I don't care much for feeding bugs, and stealing love is not so great I really don't appreciate that emotion is all they ate I have so many mouths to feed, I don't like being me But it has to be my destiny, 'cause it's what my villain role is telling me [Chrysalis] The time on the moon was dull, I've gotten very bored I have to make the nighttime last, It's what ponies abore I do not like this job I don't want it any more My destiny is not pretty, but it's what my villain role is telling me [Nightmare Moon] I am all for stealing magic, but I don't like this prison Cerberus is guarding me making sure that I don't run I have to keep on trying, for everyone can see [Nightmare Moon and Tirek] It's got to be [sombra] It's got to be [Discord] My destiny [Chrysalis] My destiny [Nightmare Moon, Tirek, and Sombra] And it's what my villain role [Discord and Crysalis] It's what my villain role [Nightmare Moon, Tirek, Sombra, Discord, Chrysalis] Yes, it's what my villain role is telling me! If you are interested, do the following steps: For singing: Record yourself singing each verse. Make sure you keep the same tempo as the original song "What my Cutie Mark is Telling Me." If you need to, alter your voice so it fits the character. Send me the recording, the character you are voicing as, and what you want your name to appear as on the credits. For creating music: If you changed the tempo of the song, specify how much you changed it in percentages. If you increased the tempo, give a positive number. If you decreased the tempo, give a negative number. Send me the recording and what you want your name to appear as on the credits. For cover art: Make sure the cover art is in a high resolution, but not too high. If you have to make it too large, it's OK. Just don't make the file so small that it will be pixilated when it covers a full screen of an average computer. Send me the picture and what you want your name to appear as on the credits. I need the files to be sent to me in a way I can download them. Please make sure to scan each file before sending them to me. Send everything to me via messenger. If putting the files together proves difficult, I may need help. I don't know if I need help or not, though.
  6. Hello everyone! I want to share with you my piano cover of the song Sunset Shimmer «My Past is Not Today». I would be happy for the likes and comments). To me it is important to know the opinion of each of you! + Soon, I'll do the world's first piano transcription of the song «Friendship Through the Ages» So subscribe to my channel on YouTube and wait)
  7. I gave it a try and decided to draw comic covers for mlp. Hope you like it and tell me what you think and what could be improved.
  8. Hello there forum goers! I'm looking for some advice on the design of an OC I've created for my fanfic. Now since this OC is for a written story, her appearance isn't strictly that important. But I'm going to be doing the cover art and peripheral things like that, so I wanted to make sure her design wasn't off-putting in some way I didn't anticipate. While writing my story, I was having trouble deciding on the color scheme for the protagonist. So I made some sketches of her just to see how the colors would look. What do think of her? Does she seem like a pony that could somewhat plausibly be in the MLP universe? Would the design give you a positive impression of the character if you saw it on a site like fimfiction? The hardest part for me was trying to make the hair not look ridiculous or even worse, boring. I like to say I succeeded, but from a different perspective does her mane look like something out of a bad anime? I still sort of find it dangerously spiky, but I tried to tone it down with curls and rounder shapes and such. And just for fun here's a partial sketch of what she would look like on the cover art of the story, most of it is still just barely outlined. I'd ask for advice on naming, or what her cutie mark should be... but I think those are better left to me, since both of those are highly relevant to character and the events in the story. So for those I'll just have to go back to my thinking tree/dank thinking basement and wrack my brain some more to decide on those kinds of details. Please leave any thoughts, ideas, or critiques of the character design. And in the unlikely event that you have a question about her character, or the story feel free to ask. Though I might not be able to answer completely due to spoilers or the information still being subject to change.
  9. So, I need help from the mlp forum community. I have two OCs that need to be put into an awesome picture, you can reply to this, but odds are this topic will get locked fairly quickly. In the case of topic being locked just PM me for more info. These are the OCs that I will be using.
  10. *eyes Dawn Caller* Gurl. I swear. Every time I draw you, you look totally different... well, actually, that's purposful, I guess. Revamping a design happens like that for me I guess. Made this kinda sorta teaser cover thing for my fanfic story, Hydraulics. I got bored today... and this sort of happened. I'd love to figure out how to make it actually... lineless, like a painting... but, alas, I'm not good at this sort of stuff. Maybe sometime I'll find a tutorial... ;-; In other news... it would appear that I'm sick D: Which is a bummer. I've been sick for like, a week and a half now. merr.
  11. Hi, guys. I'm writing a short story to submit to, and I am trying to put together just the right cover image. Unfortunately, I'm on a business trip and my netbook doesn't have Photoshop or any kind of decent imaging software. Even if it did, I'm not so sure it could run it anyways (very limited hardware). So I'm reaching out to my fellow Bronies! All I'm looking at doing is taking the following screen shot, and adding some blood dripping off her hoof. The idea is for it to look like she stepped in a small puddle of blood. Nothing too gratuitous, but enough to be noticeable when the image is scaled down to thumbnail size. I think it's only fair to mention that the story itself will be tagged "dark" (for violence and cruelty) and "mature" (for some brief, non-cloppy sexual content). Whoever helps me out will get artistic credit, of course. Thanks a bunch!
  12. I made this picture for the clop fic called 'If Her Majesty Wishes' by Liquid Rainbows. Obviously it has Princess Celestia on it, but the other pony is Sunny Days, the main character of the story. It took me awhile to make it, and I like the final product. Let me know what you think