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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! I did a cover of Applejack's Lullaby to Applebloom about getting her cutie mark. Let me know what you think and also let me know what I can do to improve my singing voice since I haven't really sung in a long time.
  2. Sprinklepie

    MLP songs

    What MLP songs are there? I wan't to do covers of these songs, but I can't think of many. Lullaby for a Princess Luna's Response This Day Aria Pinkie Pies Parasprite Polka what other songs are there?
  3. This isn't anything smart or good, I just wanted to make something goofy by yelling into a microphone. Tell me if you found it funny or not. c:
  4. This is not my first attempt at this song, however, this is the attempt that I personally believe is the best. Hope you all like it! Here, I attempted to do a cover of the rap part of the song Nightmare Night while keeping the original chorus. Comments appreciated!
  5. Made an MLP Themed Song Cover of "He Lives in you" as sung by Twilight Sparkle. Twilight's singing voice provided by: Leave your thoughts below in the Comments, thanks!
  6. As the title of the post indicates I would to know where I am to post a cover to a song that has nothing to do with the show itself. I see that there is a place in Octavia's Hall to post non-Pony Artwork, but would this be considered something to post in there?
  7. Vocal Cover of Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.............Enjoy......I hope
  8. Another Vocal Cover rendition of Hallelujah with Combined lyrics from Leonard Cohen & Jeff Buckley.......Enjoy or don't, actual feedback welcome, Negative/Positive Comments Welcome.
  9. Today our hard rock/metal band Draconequus released its second music video: a cover of Rainbow Rocks' "Let's Have a Battle". As some of you may recall, the band got started right here on MLPforums earlier this year, and it's been off to a great start. It's available here for free download. Also, if you missed our first video, it was featured on Equestria Daily's Spotlight Music last month. Download the audio of it here.
  10. Hey just thought I would post some cover and parodies I did and get some feedback from everypony. Definitely would love to try to make a "MLP:FiM" parody I hope you enjoy! "I Knew You We're Trouble (Parody Duet W/ NateWantsToBattle)" "Rent: Minecraft Edition (Parody of 'Rent: School Edition')" "The B*tch of Minecraft (Demo) [Parody of 'The B*tch of Living' from the Musical 'Spring Awakening']" "There's A Fine, Fine Line (From the Broadway Musical 'Avenue Q')"
  11. Just wanted to share the first ever video that I have made. It has bad quality of song because I was using my laptop's internal microphone and that's all I have at the moment. Anyways, here's the link: Feel free to leave a like and subscribe if you liked it and whatnot. Who knows... maybe in the future I'll do gameplays and whatnot. Anyway, enough with the rambling. Enjoy.
  12. I'm looking for people to help me make a cover of happy by Pharrell Williams happen. I would do it myself but I'm limited by my music software. I can get the drum beat but when I get further then that all the instruments I try never make it sound right. Besides the instrumentation, the song also has background singers. So as you can guess, I need some help with that too. So here's what I need: One producer to help fill in the rest of the instrumentation, One male background singer, and preferably two female background singers. Here is my only two requirement, Have a basic understanding of music theory for the producer, Have some tonal control for the singers, and I would prefer if all parties would have it done within a month and a half of me giving you the material you applied for. I will be willing to give you more time if needed (Life and all that) but if you think your life my prevent it from being done within about 3 months (That is as much extra time as my patients can give after all the times people who said they would help me up and disappeared) Then please don't apply. If your still interested, then E-mail me at It's a first come first serve basses so hurry before someone get's it.