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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys. My old thread of this is kinda out dated and burried and just full of my poor grade videos and song covers that have been hidden or what etc. I dont like them LOL! So here is a more updated and "modern" version of that old thread. Trying to keep it exciting. So some of you know I sing. I do mostly song covers, including MLP songs. Usually I do these with my partner Denz (super talented guitarist and music wiz), but I do also do collabs with some of my music friends around too. I just want to share with you some of my best and newest stuff! Only one here is an original song - collab with Four Strings. Now I am open to singing for original songs and I am also working on my very first song, with help from Denz, as I have the voice, but not really much in the way of knowing how to write a song! So hopefully I can share that with you guys soon! In fact this weekend, I am on stage as backing singer for Tennyson's Twin (UK acoustic, folk) for 2 gigs and I hope we will have some videos to show you afterwards. I am the official backing singer. So because of this I am a little swamped (as well as UK ponycon) so if anyone wants to collab with me or has a request, please let me know. I am likely to be able to do these from November (after ukponycon). In the works: - Midnight In Me (with Denz) - Try Everything ( with Regdeh) - What can I do for You (with Steely Hooves) - Own original song (with Denz)
  2. Hey! So I've been edting videos for my friend Dazzle Diamond's YouTube channel, where she makes vocal covers of MLP songs, and I think she's pretty good!! But I find she isn't really getting many views, which means no feedback... For a creator to grow they need lot's of feedback! So if you have the time, please check her out? (Not worries, I've convinced her to save up for a good microphone!!)
  3. Hello . In this topic I will put my small covers (Non pony). it's a way for me to work my accent in English. Not easy at all, but it's a good way to increase my level 0/. The most recent :'ve put it on this website because youtube block this song) The second : More covers will come with the time . I'll do my best. 0/
  4. So now Halloween's over and I've forgot about this blog thing for a few months I can safly say I'm proud of what I did for Halloween. The cover went down a whole lot better than I thought it would as well as the Pre-Halloween covers but now to look to the future! The biggest plan I have is the ACADECA Project (Found here if you want to take part: going swimmingly. Vocals have been received and are being put into an audacity file with instrumentals and is sounding sweet. Finished by the end of November. I have no covers planned for this week but in the time with nothing I've been contemplating going back to reactions. I really don't want to but I really did find it fun to do. As well as planning some work with friends on their channels. For around winter I have a Christmas cover planned as well as cheerful covers for the months on winter. I mention this now 'cause I'll probably forget about the blogs again xD Hopfully the futer goes well for both me and all of you, thank you for reading.
  5. One good thing about when i do my music is the fact i design my own album artwork.
  6. So, now I'm more confident with puting my music on the internet I asked for requests of what people what e to cover. As it stands at the moment next song is going to be the song "I'll Fly" which will hopefully ready to upload around tomorrow night (UTC/GMT). Then I have a tough task ahead of me, I wont state the name of the song in case I don't go ahead and do it but it's from a video game and man, is it gonna be a difficult one. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna try! Hopefully all will go well and both of these will be up in 2 weeks *Brohoof*
  7. Hey, guys! Who here was excited for the Lullaby animation??? I have loved the song for years and followed this animation for nearly as long, and so for the premiere, I released a little bit of a love project for this ^^ hope you enjoy!!!
  8. Hey y'all! It would be an honor if you could check out my analysis. I have been doing drawn analysis for a couple months and just stepped into the realm of video analysis! It's all hand-drawn. For the first one, I decided to take advantage of the audio aspect and do a top 5 songs. But I couldn't resist singing along XD I hope you enjoy the thoughts, the drawings, and the singing!
  9. Hey just thought I would post some cover and parodies I did and get some feedback from everypony. Definitely would love to try to make a "MLP:FiM" parody I hope you enjoy! "I Knew You We're Trouble (Parody Duet W/ NateWantsToBattle)" "Rent: Minecraft Edition (Parody of 'Rent: School Edition')" "The B*tch of Minecraft (Demo) [Parody of 'The B*tch of Living' from the Musical 'Spring Awakening']" "There's A Fine, Fine Line (From the Broadway Musical 'Avenue Q')"
  10. I need some help. So, I have thought of doing covers for songs like Octavia's Overture (Original by The Living Tombstone) and more. But, I do not have the needed materials or people to help with instrumentals. So, if you are willing to help, PM me or something. Thanks
  11. Alright, so this is basically going to be a thread version of my blog in a way that I have, where I post a bunch of song covers, except well, I guess the ones here will all be MLP since this is for the MLP fan music, I may make another thread for non MLP stuff when I start doing more of that. If you want to see all of my cover stuff, and in greater detail, check out my blog on here! My newest MLP song cover will be posted here on the OP, because I cannot post but a certain amount of Soundcloud links on one post. If you want to check out previous song covers, feel free to check out my blog. The newest of my MLP covers is here! Have a listen! If you'd like to see me ramble on and hear more thoughts on the whole thing, again, check out my blog! Hope you enjoy! And please feel free to leave feedback! It is more than appreciated, even if you just say something really simple! It's just nice to hear that people are listening! Have a great day! Oh and also, if you'd like to provide input on how you think this thread should be setup regarding the format, feel free to give opinions on that, i'm still undecided.
  12. I already technically uploaded this on a thread, but I wanted to try it here on my blog and see which one people prefer. (Thread here ) So, I won't ramble on again (yay) so straight to the point, read the thread if you want to see some of my ramblings, otherwise here ya go! This is one of two recordings I uploaded, I'm unsure which is my favorite, so try one, or both, and tell me what you think!(Warning, to much exposure to Zygen's singing may lead to unidentified side effects, listener discretion is advised.) Enjoy! Atleast I hope you do And feel free to tell me what you think! I know I need a lot of practice, so don't feel bad to let me know!
  13. Alright guys, so today is Monday, and it was a slow day, slow to get up, slow for school, ect. Mondays are always kinda slow ;p. But anyways, I got home today, and my stepdad was out of the house on errands, and my mom was outside working (She works till 6, and doesn't come inside all that often.) and my brother had practice for Football. So I decided it was a nice time to try and sing something, because I like singing, and that's basically what I do most times i'm home alone ;p. If not that and something else. So this time, I decided to try doing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan, why? Because Disney songs are fun to sing! And this one is fun to sing too(Fun fact, i've never actually seen Mulan) so of course I decided I was in the mood for it, and tried it out! I originally thought i'd only be able to get in like 1-2 recordings, but I actually got in like 4-5 attempts, which is pretty good considering my first run was kinda eh. By the 2nd or 3rd I had got the hang of things a bit, and so I decided that after listening to them some, that I would upload some, because why not? ;p(I love torturing your eardrums anyways . So without further ado, enjoy my cover attempt at "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. Again, this is basically unedited, no autotune or anything(atleast to my knowledge, unless audacity does some kinda auto pitch correction or something, I don't really care for autotune in most cases when it comes to singing, but that's another discussion ;p.) The only thing I did in audacity was stick the instrumental on, record my voice, edit out the noise in the background as much as I could without disrupting the audio quality to much, and threw in some gain so my quiet mic would allow you to hear me hopefully! Hope you enjoy! Overall this run was pretty clean in my opinion, I actually considered just putting this on my regular blog, but idk, i'm starting to like putting my music on a specific blog, like all of it, but I am unsure, maybe you all can offer some input as to what you think I should do concerning this blog. There are a few times I get off key, and miss some note, I also feel like I breath kinda heavily sometimes, but that's kinda something I've always sorta done, so idk how much I can fix that. Besides editing out breaths maybe. Oh, and I cannot sing the random speaking part Mulan does, or really most of the speaking part anyways xD, i tried anyways ;p. Oh and one more thing, I decided to throw this in as a little extra bonus material thingy, I don't know if this will become a reoccuring thing with this blog, I have thought of posting multiple recordings, and seeing what people think of each, but I don't want to bother people with having to listen to multiple recordings of me singing the same song, so I try and narrow it down to a single recording. This time, I had a recording in which I messed up the lyrics to the chorus like twice, although otherwise it was pretty good, so I figured for either humorous reasons to laugh at the fact I can't sing lyrics, or simply if your curious as to how some of the other recordings went, that i'd post another recording as bonus material or something. So here's the "bonus material" which is inferior in my opinion to the other recording, but I will post regardless. Tell me what you think if you do listen! Alright, that's all for today I think folks, I'll have to see if I want to throw my random "Let it Go" cover I have on my computer at y'all or not, i'm debating on that one, since it's kinda overdone, and not the greatest attempt ever, leave your input if you'd like. And thanks for taking the time to listen to myself sing! It really means a lot to me! Simply knowing that someone atleast was able to tolerate listening to me cover a song. Have an awesome day!
  14. Hey y'all! It's Zygen here! I decided to finally start this new blog, because i've had the idea of it for a while, but I've yet to go through with it. Basically, this blog is going to be more or less only random cover attempts and singing of stuff. However, these will all be singing attempts, which are mostlikely subpar, They may be good in some parts, but bleh in others. Or downright messy. My good clean runs that I feel are good will end up on my normal blog mostlikely, unless I decide to just do all my music stuff on here. (Main Blog) I may even put non singing covers of stuff, maybe if I want to do covers on Trumpet of stuff, or when I get better at it maybe even guitar, we shall see. However, this blog will mostlikely stay as the covers that never made it, I like to call it my "Cover Junkyard" because that's what it is basically ;p. Anyways, if you want to follow this blog, feel free, if not, I don't blame you, either way, just be warned this blog will not be containing awesome singing mostlikely, but may have some really mistake ridden covers and such in it, so only follow if your prepared for some messy mistakes. (Or just to see me embarrass myself failing to sing something ;p.) Also, I am trying to improve on singing, so any tips are more than welcome! Please, try not to be to hard on me for mistakes, as I am trying to improve, it's not like I plan on being subpar at singing forever. Plus I have confidence issues and a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, and thus I only sing when my family isn't home. But critique is more than welcome! As well as tips, of course there are going to be some pretty obvious mistakes at times, just be warned ;p. That's about it I think, have a great day! And I hope to get some stuff on here soon! Listening to me make a fool of myself .
  15. Hey guys I'm new here although I've been into My Little Pony for a few years by now. My OC's name is Harmony Tone, I'm from Germany and I've started recording covers about a month ago. There are mostly covers from MLP: FIM, but sometimes I upload songs from Disney or other songs, too. I would appreciate it, if you watched my videos. I'm always interested in feedback Harmony Tone YouTube - Channel:
  16. Audiobooks! Art Requests! Song Covers! All coming soon to this blog! I have decided to make my small blog more festive, and, I am! I will commence this with an audiobook reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This audiobook will feature StevenEarthPony's voice as well as mine. I will be taking requests for audiobooks here. I will be sharing my art here, as well. I will take requests by PM now, as well. All specifications will be made over a PM. And yes, I will be commencing song covers, as I have access to a good microphone. I will be personalizing all songs, or, at least most, by taking songs down an octave to my Bass vocal range. Hopefully y'all won't mind me doing such. I'm hoping for Stave 1 of A Christmas Carol will be out next week, and will be wrapped up by Christmas. So, all of this and more is now here for you! Enjoy!
  17. Pinkies RSVP Lucy Style.mp3 So, it's my friends birthday and I made her a little something. The audio can also be found at my MLP blog on tumblr HERE. I record audio with my phone so it's not perfect. (working to get a decent mic) And lemme just say, omigosh to get my voice that high when it normally isn't was a pain. But it was for someone very special to me! This not much of an update but I felt like sharing with my MLP friends. Please be gentle, it was my first time doing Pinkie's voice. *hides* I hope everyone is well! Take care friends.
  18. http://www.mediafire...i4lbvyy73ecxlwi It's only audio and there are parts I butcher, but it's late at night so can't sing normally or parents will kill me. What you think? Good? Bad? Never sing again because it sounds like a dying yak??
  19. Just some vocal covers of the older songs, not the greatest, But I needed more content on my channel lol
  20. Hey guys. I just started using Photoshop and to practice, I decided to make some Facebook covers with the mane 6. After I finished I just felt like I had to share them with you. I'll also put a link to my Deviantart in case you have trouble seeing them here. Well, here they are: Applejack Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Twilight Sparkle Luna
  21. people on the chat gave me this idea after i posted a rendition of me singing the theme song. it's simple: post you singing, or otherwise renditioning, the songs from the show! Giggle at the Ghostie, Winter Wrap Up, Becoming Popular, anything, as long as it is a song from the show! best filehost for your renditions would be Zippyshare, since it allows you to preview MP3 files from there., to start out, here's me singing the MLP Theme Song.
  22. Hi everypony! For the last week or so I've been doing vocal covers of some of the MLP songs and youtubing them. I've never had a youtube channel before... or even done anything like this so I'd really appreciate any feedback that anypony wants to give me. Here's a few examples, but I have bunch more on my channel. Link is in my signature. So Many Wonders Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram Thanks for watching.