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Found 21 results

  1. I drew drawings of all 9 Tf2 mercs! The sniper was a bit of a rush-job.
  2. Am I a horrible person? I got dissed by so called friends, and then my life got f***ed up. Friendship is not magic at this time for me... Is there enough time to make amends, or is it all over. I think its the latter, and unfortunately, since some of them may have gone here at some point... oh god do the people on this forum hate me too? My life is messed up
  3. Yesterday, I tried to pull off an all nighter, and stayed up until 7:30 am. Unfortunately due to lack of sleep I dozed off even though I had to leave soon. Wow I'm so stupid... O.o And deciding to do another one today. Not really a good idea... but recently I've been feeling bored and slightly depressed a lot. School's let out, theres the entire summer break, and here I am, not sure about what to do with my life. Some people (like miss drama queen) piss me, some people annoy me, some things get in the way of a good time. Maybe I should leave forums... But then my life will get worse... :/ but still my profile feed and a roleplay I'm the DM of just keep bothering me. My profile feed has gotten a bit sorted out but my first roleplay is DRIVING ME NUTS. I mean, I like roleplaying, but I hate the fact that my depressed mood has gotten to my character and forcing me to completely revise personality, and cause my pony to maybe get a lot of hate for the bad attitude. All because of my crappy life. Now all the people I roleplay with probably hate me... My forum life is doomed :/ Theres no hope left. And note I am quoting my character because thats how I actually feel. The entire roleplay is dragging me down and offending me and my shit attitude. : (
  4. Don't touch my stuff! Somepony messed around with my computer when I wasn't looking. I was using Krita to draw my OC and then this happened... Any Krita users please tell me how to fix this! I don't even know what happened. I've put off asking others but after deleting/ redownloading/ trying to find out what happened, its still the same and its driving me nuts. Finally found an art application I liked and then somepony touches things they're not supposed to touch. Here's what happened- If its in the wrong section, mods feel free to move it
  5. Well, I had a REALLY bad day, as usual. I start off with feeling extremely depressed, and then I try to go on forums to cheer myself up, which usually doesn't work... O.o my 'depression' is that bad. Then stupid annoying drama queen has to show up and stuff her nose into my personal beeswax. I can deal with stuff on my own, people! I was away for most of the day, which was nice. Then drama queen ruins my entire evening by, you probably guessed it, not minding her own beeswax. For the last time, I CAN DEAL WITH THINGS ON MY OWN. And later on, another really annoying drama queen has to show up. I was in the middle of some art and I stupidly left my computer on... When I wasn't looking, the other drama queen did something to my art and the art program I was using (Krita) and completely ruined it. Not just my art, but the program too. Now I can't access the program. Well I can, but I can't do anything on it. I got really pissed and decided to write this blog entry Tried fixing the program to no avail. I'd put off asking other more experienced Krita users but as I usually say to myself, 'If you don't learn things on your own you'll never get ahead in life.' So now, I find myself bored and annoyed and angry, and I need to find better art programs after that other drama queen ruined it. >
  6. Bubsy, the only childhood game out there if you owned and still have bubsy today your lucky but the game you should not own is Bubsy 3d so again i am splitting this up Box Art So the Box art seems innocent alright looks like it improved but despite the fact why does this a gold X? should this be crap? Game play Now we get to the game play. However it hurts my eyes a bit and the bad controls to turn you think you have to just turn the trigger while running but no you can't instead to turn you stop in pace and turn the trigger i mean come on, What is up with this! Music well it does have good music though to explain it just listen to it Bubsy 3d is still bad but the music is the only perfect thing Rating 4/10 - Hunterkrovac "The music is ok but the controls no and the game play isn't either" Bonus: The ending sucks too the enemies send bubsy in a rocket to death that's what you get for beating it in 100%
  7. My old Pokemon fanfic I wrote when I was 13. Now go laugh at it especially if you're a fan of the Pokemon anime.
  8. So, when I was 13, I was so into Pokemon that I wrote this fanfiction. Looking back on it, there were some funny bits, but it was mostly just cheesy and a bit mean spirited. So guys, check it out especially if you're a fan of the Pokemon anime.
  9. Was going through some old folders and found some extremely old pics of mine. Pretty much the first ones I ever drew. Thought I might as well share them, because why the hell not. Watcha guys think?
  10. My parents love watching all sorts of reality shows, celebrity gossip shows, etc. Just saying. Need I say more? -_-
  11. Okay so I got really bored today and decided to brush up on my long forgotten drawing/doodling hobby. I decided to draw some ponies and well, I guess the end results didn't turn out so bad for a novice like me. In fact, although I really slaughtered and angrily threw away several failed attempts of my pony drawings, I soon found that the more you do it, the more you practice, the better and slightly more easier it becomes. So yeah I picked some of my best drawings here. It turned out to be pretty good for me. Nonetheless, I had fun in the process. Here's some of my attempted drawings of colorless Rainbow Dash(sucks that I don't have enough color for her at the moment lol. And finally here's two drawings requested by one of my forum friends, for her OC, Emerald Wave. Thankfully I had just the right colors! @, I hope you like it! Sorry if the cutie mark looks a bit funny. I tried my best! :1 And it was fun drawing her! Thank you for letting me take the challenge!
  12. Alright, here it goes. The leaked images of the upcoming EqG movie. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK
  13. EDIT: A mod asked me to tone down some of the language, so I cut it down to only one F-bomb and two S-bombs. EDIT: Edited again, cuz mods. EDIT: Had to replace the text after the server crash. Minor changes, but it still complies with mod regulations. As a guy who loves pony fanfic, I am often asked what I think of My Little Dashie. Fact is, I hate it. On my steam group, I even wrote a lengthy rant on everything that was wrong with it. For anypony interested, here is said rant, with a minor edit I made to keep it up to date. Warning: contains spoilers and vitriol. You may be surprised to hear this, but I do not like My Little Dashie. Yup. I am among the <5% of the brony population that thinks this fic is anything less than God's gift to writing. This is especially odd when you consider the fact that Rainbow Dash is my favorite canonical character, and the magnificent praise I give to other fanfics such as Of War and Friendship or Fallout: Equestria. In fact, one could even say that I hate My Little Dashie. Considerably. Every last putrid, manipulative, poorly-written word of it. In some ways, this is actually the single worst fanfic I have ever read. Why is this? Surely there must be far worse fanfic out there, right? Well, take My Immortal, for instance. The infamous Harry Potter fanfic known for its terrible "goffik" writing. During my time with My Immortal, I enjoyed it for the same reason that the Nostalgia Critic enjoyed The Room. It was funnier than hell! I'm serious. You can't conceivably read a line like "And Lupin was masticating to it" without laughing your balls off. And My Immortal was hilarious like that the whole way through. The same goes for other infamous badfics and shitfics. If you're laughing your ass off, you're having a good time. When I read My Little Dashie, I did not have a good time. In fact, during the entire experience I could think of nothing more than how every individual sentence failed so miserably at being considered "writing." But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. For our look at possibly the only instance in history where I can ever justify the use of the word "overrated," I say we begin at the same place that the author did: the premise. Dear lord, this premise. Hey, have you ever looked at the character Rainbow Dash and thought to yourself "I wish she was an orphan in the human world with a creepy weirdo for an adoptive father"? No? Congratulations, you have just passed Common Sense 101. Collect your diploma at the door. Oh, but it's worse than it sounds. The whole premise is that the human, who was never actually given a name in the fic, plays daddy with Rainbow Dash for 15 years before her friends arrive to take her back to Equestria, and the audience is somehow expected to cry, for some reason. There are immediately three core problems with this premise: 1. It's manipulative. There are ways of making your audience cry. I personally cried my eyes out at the end of Toy Story 3, but I can tell you /why/ I cried. I cried because it depicted a massive, heartwarming change in the lives of characters I had grown to know and love for 15 years. I cried because I saw myself in Andy, and was able to relate to him. I cried because the film, indeed the trilogy, had been building up the themes of moving on and growing up since its inception. I cried for all the right reasons, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. And I firmly believe that a well-written, well-thought-out work of fiction can reduce anyone to tears. My Little Dashie is not well-written. And it is not well-thought out. It doesn't explore themes of fatherhood or family, it doesn't develop its relationships effectively. It just leaves things at "wouldn't it be sad if..." and rolls along from there. It's impossible to relate to the characters, or to their situation. You never get a sense that you know anyone from the story, and you are never legitimately moved by their actions. Indeed, the big "you must cry now" moment is a bloated exposition dump with loads of plot contrivance and no actual participation from either of the two central characters. There isn't any legitimate reason to cry. You just feel like someone is yelling loudly in your ear "PLEASE CRY! I BEG YOU!" instead of actually moving you with a satisfying story. It's the "brute force with a sledgehammer" equivelant of eliciting emotion. 2. It did not need to be a pony fic. It takes place in the real world, the main character is human, the only pony character has no actual resemblance to her canonical counterpart (more on that later), and the "adoptive father" story has been done to death by now. Nothing would have changed if instead of "My Little Dashie," it had been titled "Patrick and me," and swapped out RD for Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. The author could have told the exact same story, with the exact same characters (with different names, of course), and had the exact same payoff. Rainbow Dash was only added in, once again, for the purpose of manipulation. Rainbow Dash is a character fresh in the minds of every brony due to her role in the show, and beloved for her characteristics and personality. So, naturally, we've already grown to like her. The author simply took this and said "wouldn't it be sad if..." to create the premise of this story. The story isn't sad on its own merits. The story is sad because it's basically just something bad happening to Rainbow Dash. Now, for a counter-example. A fic that actually uses its fanfiction status for full effect: Fallout Equestria. If you haven't read the fic by now, don't fret, I would be damned if I spoiled even a word of this masterpiece. Fallout Equestria doesn't simply look at the Fallout world and say "what if it had ponies?", it merges and blends elements of both universes together to craft a world greater than the sum of its parts. It doesn't try to seperate itself from MLP, it embraces it, and it repurposes the setting to fit the tone of the story. While it does take creative liberties with characters and such, it always respects and admires the source material, and it even stays true to the central themes and messages of the show, albeit in a much more R-rated approach. This is just one of many reasons why I love Fallout Equestria, and just one of many reasons why I despise My Little Dashie. 3. It's creepy! No extended rant this time. No wall of text. Just a simple statement. Brony culture is already considered... eccentric... by outsiders as is. Imagine their reaction when they discover that the fandom's favorite fanfic is about Rainbow Dash living in a brony's apartment and calling him "Daddy." Oh yeah, and she's only a filly in this story. Thank you for doing wonders to our reputation. So that's the premise. But we aren't done yet. We've still got to talk about the characters (all both of 'em), and the abject failure that is the writing style. But what is it about these characters that makes them so very loathesome? How is it that a duo of an adoptive father and Best Pony could make my personal shitlist for atrocious writing? Well, here's how: 1. FYYHSOSS Mopy McAngstysue. Since the human character is never named, I prefer to go with my own name for him: Mopy McAngstysue, the blandest fucking character you will ever meet. Mopy is, unsurprisingly, a brony. More specifically, he's the type of brony that most bronies try to steer clear from during conventions. He's disturbed, he's depressing, and worst of all, he's boring. His backstory includes every tired sad story cliche you could think of, including dead parents, a hatred for cities, lack of friends, and clinging on to a kid's TV show for dear life. I guess the idea is that we're supposed to pity this loser, but we are never actually given a chance to like him. Mopy is never granted human interaction, and his character is unbearably static. Not only that, but the audience is never shown a different side of him. He never grows to be anything relatable or interesting, and he never grows to become an actual protagonist. He never solves any problems, he never involves himself in the plot in any way, and he really only seems to be there so that he can voyeuristically watch as the filly grows up. To be fair, he and her occasionally share some interactions, but even then the interactions seem to exist only to reinforce the mood, and not actually develop the characters. 2. Little Orphan Blue. I refuse to use the name "Rainbow Dash" to describe this... thing! You thought Mopy was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet. Little Orphan Blue is an absolute disgrace to her namesake. She is wretchedly out of character the entire time, her backstory consists entirely of "magic, durr hurr," and once again, she simply did not need to be a pony. Just like Mopy, Little Orphan Blue never actually does anything over the course of the story, apart from going about her life. As such, every major "event" in the plot is simply another milestone in her childhood. Like when she first learns to fly, her first NASCAR race, etc. Except these milestones never serve to alter her character, including the major revelation that she's a cartoon character, and really serve no purpose apart from buildup. But really, that's the least of my qualms with this character. She has absolutely no relation to the character from the show whatsoever. She's frail, pathetic, easily impressed, and loves to call Mopy "daddy." Yeah, "daddy." As if this shit wasn't manipulative enough already. You don't know how horribly violated I felt the first time I heard Little Orphan Blue mutter that word. Such a complete betrayal of everything a character stands for, while not unheard of, is something I would at least like to think is rare. How is it that Cupcakes is closer to Pinkie Pie's character than MLD is to Rainbow Dash's character? You can't really sink lower than "psychopathic murderer" without trying pretty damn hard to destroy a character. And at last, we come to MLD's most greivous insult to literature: its writing style. There is simply no way to defend this fic's writing style. While we've already established that when your characters never actually do anything, it should come as no surprise that nothing is ever accomplished, the shit still doesn't end there. None of the major events (with the exception of the last one) actually occur "on-screen." We are simply told of their occurrance long after the fact. You may have heard the Anton Chekhov quote "Don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of moonlight of a pane of broken glass." My Little Dashie prefers to simply give you a spreadsheet of lunar phases over the last year. Why is LOB's first flight relegated to no more description than "she flew"? Why does the NASCAR part focus only on the planning, and never let us see the event itself? One might make the argument that it's supposed to be a "journal" or sorts, but then why is the "cry now" scene (which takes up half the damn fic, BTW) written normally? Why isn't that also part of a journal? It really gives you the sense that the author was single-minded, that he just wanted to breeze through all that story stuff to get to the manipulation. That he didn't actually give a damn about having any sort of plot. In conclusion, I despise everything about this fanfic. But though I loathe its very existence, but I'm still glad I read it. I consider myself something of a writer, and as a writer, I need to understand not only how to make a great story, but also how to make a terrible story. And My Little Dashie is a terrible story. It is a cautionary tale for all writers, a wake-up call for anyone who would use cliches and manipulation over legitimate storytelling. I just hope my plea has not fallen on deaf ears.
  14. ...yikes, that title was painful to write. So my lovely editor ShieldGenerator and I have been emailing back and forth about various aspects of OTSW. Back and forth a lot. A LOT. And each email is an even larger wall of text than the last. I think one of my longer emails clocked out at just over 1,000 words. Considering that is almost a quarter of my average chapter length thus far...yikes. But these emails have not been for naught. No, they have taught me many things. One: this story is really damn confusing. Two: I overlook the simplest plot holes. Three: I've bitten off a lot more than I can chew. GOOD THING I HAVE JAWS OF STEEL TO CLAMP DOWN ON THIS STORY AND RIP IT APART. Anyway. It has come to my attention that my previous methods of organizing this story has really not worked out so well. So I ask the writers of those longer fanfics: how do you keep track of every little element, motif, and symbol in your story without losing the plot? Because apparently I suck at it. - Kolth
  15. Just a neat little song I made with a guitar loop I found somewhere. It's kind of a mix between d'n'b, acoustic rock, and chiptune. Eeyup.
  16. I'm attempting to animate, but in a very unorthodox way. See, I discovered this animator called "BarfQuestion" on YouTube. He animates using note cards and ink. I was legitimately impressed by his stuff and I now wanna do something similar to that. So I decided to test my current knowledge of animation and put this tiny piece of crap together. It's just a guy... who... turns around to look the opposite direction. That's it.
  17. Hey, hey, hey! I made a new thing! It's based on a drawing someone else made for me: So yeah. I just adapted it into a minimalistic version of my style. Tell me whatcha think? OH! I also made an avatar version of the one I did: Should I, like, use it here?
  18. So then, here's a thing I think y'all will like. It's this website app-thing called "The Wub Machine", and if you haven't hear of it, then... well I'm not sure whether or not I'm surprised. Basically what it is is this thing that you can plop music files into and it will then "remix" the songs into utter pieces of crap that are often so bad that they're hilarious. Sometimes though, it'll kind of work. I say kind of with emphasis, because it still sounds bad, but things are at least on tune with the rest of the song. Anyways, I just thought it'd fun to post this here to see what you guys get out of this... thing. Da website, it be here: Enjoy?
  19. lets talk about the discovery network, or rather its downfall into mediocrity, now theres a few things im going to discuss here, the evolution of TLC, how animal planet is slowly becoming TLC, and this weird competion thing between discovery channel and the history channel this is just me ranting btw(if you havent already guessed) so first off, TLC, as i have come to find out, TLC used to have pretty cool shows, heck there was even was even a show about battle robots! but then something happened, now TLC is filled with dumb reality shows that only moms watch, TLC stands for "The Learning Channel" and all ive learned is that if your life is even slightly different from the norm, they will make a show about it, you have a lot of kids? you get your own show, your really short? you get your own show, you own a bakery? you get your own show. its rediculas! and lets not mention that these shows some times ruin the lives of the people on it, kate gosslin (from the show jon and kate plus 8(sadly i know the names of all these shows because my mom watches them)) had a divorce,and cant even walk out side of her house with out being attacked by paparazzi, not to mention ruined any possiblity of her 8 childern living normal lives, and if thats not enough, theres another show called toddlers in tiaras, where bratty little childern perform or something (think of a show all about diamond tiara and her bitchy clones) these children are only around 6-8 years old, and are already brats, not to mention their overly competitive mothers encourging this behavior, effectivly ruining their childrens lives, and beleive it or not, it gets better! i have heard that theres a new show comming out that focuses on one of the kids from that show! really? what happened to you TLC? you used to have educational programs, now you just have sad disappointing crap next lets talk about the decline of animal planet, i used to watch this channel all the freaking time, but now,its hardly about animals anymore, its freaking TLC, oh yeah and theres a few animals. this is truely a sad tale. the animal planet i watched when i was a kid was about animals! not people who just happen to own them! now im not entirely sure where it went down hill, but i have an idea, i think it was when steve irwin (aka the crocodile hunter) died an unfortenant death at the hands of a sting ray, after that event, is when animal planet started to fall, gradualy yes, but fall none the less, now before then, animal planet was, for the most part, kid friendly, any one of any age could watch it and enjoy what was on, soon after the death of irwin (we will call this BID or AID (Before Irwins Death and After Irwins Death)) animal planet took and interesting turn, it started airing more adult programs, programs about rouge animals and such, and for the most part they were interesting shows, meerkat manor( the closest thing to a soap opera i have ever enjoyed) had a good run, now you make this is progress right? well, normaly yes, but then it regressed, it started playing reality shows, and the programming started becoming more mediocre, to the point where it is now full of shows that are barely related to animals(theres even a show about haunted houses! come on really?) now a few good shows still cling to life like river monsters, but its just not enough, heck they dont even play reruns of crocodile hunter anymore, its really sad to see one of my old favorite networks fade into mediocrity now our last topic, discovery channel vs. history channel, unlike the other topics, i know where this started, have you ever noticed that the history channel and the discovery channel have similar programming? well, i believe it started when history channel released a show called shockwave, a shot about explosion and other similar events caught on camera, it was a good show and i enjoyed it, but shortly after, discovery released a show called destroyed in seconds, which was almost the exact same show but only 30 minutes long, even animal planet released its own variation of the concept with its show untamed and uncut, which was the same thing as shockwave, but with animals not explosions, and discovery continued this mirrored programming when history released ax men, discovery released swamp loggers, and so forth, i dont understand why they have decided to do this, but its a rather interesting development and to end this, am i the only one who thinks its ironic and funny how the green channel(a network that was supposed to have eco friendly stuff) is now discovery channels recycling bin? anyway, that all i have to say, do you have any opinions on any of these topics?
  20. Is in spoiler. I was getting a little bored with the totally unoriginal art style I used for anthro characters. So I kinda improved it and made it more original.
  21. That's right, folks! I'm here to answer any questions you got! They can have to do with my music), things about me, and um... yeah! Stuff! Ask away!