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Found 14 results

  1. So.. recently I've been using my phone to get on, and it frequently crashes on mobile and normal versions. What happens is I'll tap on a link to a topic, it will load the page, then crash immediately afterwards. My phone is an older model Android, so it could be the phone, though it only crashes here on certain topics. I haven't had my phone crash on other websites though so that lead me to believe something is wrong with the site. Please try to fix it or at least tell me what is causing the problem as soon as you can. Thank you.
  2. Lately, my HP laptop has been crashing on every single application I use, whether it’s a game with tons of assets or a small program such as the Folders. Sometimes it even crashes before I can do anything and it turns parts of the screen black. I believe this started once I check marked everything on the Disk Cleanup. Well, thats at least when it got worse. I only did that cause I experienced crashes after playing a game I downloaded in a zip folder (it’s deleted now, BTW). I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t want to do anything that involves temporarily deleting data since that didn’t work out the last time. Does anyone know how to fix this? TL:DR; Computer keeps crashing on everything, plz help
  3. Have you ever been in a car accident of any kind? When I was 17, the driver lost control of the car from speeding and lost control. The truck flipped three times, resulting in all the windows breaking and a hospital visit.
  4. Rainbow Dash has sure earned her nickname as "Rainbow Crash" with the many crashes she has made throughout the series. I am working on a project and would love your help in identifying which episodes Rainbow Dash crashes. Also, I'm curious to know what your favorite Rainbow Crash fail is.
  5. A couple of videos thrown together by me, each one made on a whim.
  6. If you could get anything in the world, what would it be? Eh, don't answer that; it's not relevant to this story at all. Seriously, why did I put that in there? Meh. So! With the new episode critics simmering down, I now give you a story about trial, error, death, and redemption! The story is called... "BY GOLLY I NEED A NEW COMPUTER" No, that's not the name, but it did happen around the death of my long-lasting laptop. Now, I was starting to get alarms from Microsoft everywhere I went, complaining that "it was time to upgrade". Was I interested in Windows 10? Yeah, just a little bit. Did I want to risk my potato quality copy of Adobe Photoshop CS1? No, and that was the catch. Yes, I would've stuck it out with Windows 10, but I really needed my copy of CS1. It was my bread and butter, y'know? Anyway, I set my laptop down by the internet router and waited... pretty much the whole day. It took forever, and what did I get? NOPE. You need to enter your serial key! Whoops. Having ownership to a program that's older than myself comes at a big toll; I had no idea where the box was. I scrambled around for a bit, but after a while, I got really desperate. Y'see, I was getting ready to go on a month-long trip to the states during that time, and my flight was leaving that morning. The time then? Just about 3AM. I was in full panic mode. I needed to make teaser images, and book covers, and... everything was on the line! I started digging around piratebay and all those other crumby websites just for a crack. I mean, I bought the program, shouldn't I have the right to get a crack? Having been unsuccessful in my treasure hunt, I went back to my CD bin looking for the disk, hoping the box would be nearby. 4AM. Crap, gotta go fast! 5AM. Okay, this is ridiculous; I might as well give up! 5:30AM. Hey, is that CS3? Yep, at those last, suffering, 30 minutes, I managed to pull a copy of CS3 from the very depths of Compact Disk Hell. I installed it onto my beloved laptop, and... it died. Literally that night, my computer sputtered out and died! What is this crap? I ended up installing the copy onto my WinXP Writer's Brick PC. It's a piece of crap, but as mentioned in one of the various threads of this network, it's still better than a console. -RealityPublishing
  7. Right after most folks get into a crash, the thoughts that go through their heads are Am I okay? I need some help! I need to stop the bleeding! My rates are gonna go up! Thoughts going through my head after I crashed: The moped is not supposed to be on it's side. The moped is not supposed to be on top of me. Is my leg broken? I'm going to be late and I'm just outside the building. Why is the back mini-trunk open? I need to get the bike stood up. I need to go get all the papers that fell out. I need to put those and my helmet away How bad's the damage? I need to stop the bleeding Why is my right eye hazy and why do I feel sick? Try not to stumble Ow this hurts. Make it to the bathroom Try not to look awkward in front of the customers Wash the blood off. Looks worse than I thought Go to the service desk and ask for a first aid kit Yes that toddler is right. I do have an owwee. Politely wait for the lady and her toddlers to finish buying lotto tickets, before cutting in front of everyone else. That hole in my slacks where some of my patella skin was will make me look very unprofessional. Slacks cannot take crashes very well. Wish jeans were allowed in the dress code. Now my only clean pea soup green polo's got dirt and skid marks and maybe blood on it. I'm still gonna work aren't I? Conclusion:
  8. This just in: Very sad to hear, but I must say the truth even if it hurts. It was downright irresponsible for Trey to go out at night on a dirt bike. Dirt bikes have no lights at all, plus the fact that he was wearing dark clothes, not even light clothes. He was only 23 years old and it was only his second season...he will be missed. RIP Trey Walker
  9. As soon as I sign in, the screen froze! I am right now doing this on my sisters laptop, so I can let you know. I had to force shut off my computer. When I try to turn it on, the start screen is frozen. I haven't used this computer for a week, and the first thing I did was visit this page, so I think it was MLP Forums. Please reply ASAP! I don't want this to harm others!!!
  10. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  11. Well, that was all... sudden. Well, that forum crash almost erased a whole draft of a certain entry I was going to put up yesterday. However, since the forums were down at the time, I couldn't do that. Regardless, I'm just glad that the forums are back up (The technical team just rocks.) Anyways, i'm posting yet another update. I said in my very first post that I'd be posting a new review every week. Turns out, I set my standards way too high. I only have a week to complete a certain game, write the rough draft in pencil and paper, and finally type up the final copy here. All of that combined takes a long time. Therefore, I shall no longer make a deadline for each review. The releases of the reviews will be set at random from now on. This is all just for the sake of giving a good, honest review on the games. I'll still make sure I post them frequently, however. So, yeah, that's pretty much it, guys. Now that I have my Wii U, I think I'll do an unboxing of it next time, or perhaps a list of 5 reasons as to why it's a good system or not. But, I guess only time will tell for that. Until then, I'll see you in the next entry!
  12. Eh, boss, we got a pony slipping and falling Took 40-50 minutes to draw This was suppose to be a base, but, the picture wouldn't post in my program, so I had to draw it, no base :3 Shining Snow Slipping and falling x'D Enjoy!
  13. SPECS: intel core i7-860 gen 2 radeon 5870 sapphire HD asus p7p55d-e pro motherboard monitor: unimportant sound: on motherboard I get a crash at desktop. and i cant update the drivers for the video card.(i believe the videocard is the source of the bluescreen) this is really annoying. i need my fallout 3!!!
  14. First off,this is on General Discussion, so from what this means... anything can be spoken here, even bronyism.This is something that I've wanted to tell my friends, one of them(forgot his username here) agreed with this.Within 1983, the video game market was hitting up badly due to two of the biggest failures of video gaming, PacMan and E.T.Pacman originally was to be fully ported to the Atari 2600, but the guy* who was to make it had never finished and Atari sought the need to sell it already. Mind you that during the time, over 10 million atari 2600s were sold, they wanted to sell over 12 million copies of PacMan. WTF? But due to the timeframe for the game's development, Atari released the beta to the public.Derp. About 7 million sold well, but many of those consumers had asked for refunds due to its lack of proper development. Along with this, many game developers had their own individual companies to support the 2600, causing the market to flood in games. Heck, most of them were even bargain bin deals. See how that can be problematic? No. How about this then? Nowadays, there are only 3 consoles competing at each other; back then we had many of them seeking out for our parents' and/or our lunch money for purchasing their games and/or consoles.So after all this rather unorganized status in the gaming world, the market came to a halt. Note that this is only effected the companies, we as the consumers had nothing, to a certain degree, to do with it at all.T he crash had lasted for 2 years till in '85, when Nintendo came out with the NES, (Nintendo Entertain System) decided to license games authorized by the company to be played on the system and also by installing a lockout chip within the system to do so. In other words, it wasn't licensed by Nintendo themselves, it will not play. Unless you had the Top Loader (NES 2), which can play everything expect famicom cartridges. Nowadays, the gaming market is a vast market in the business.Yet, one thing I never understand to most of the generation today is that they constantly believe that gaming would always exist without Nintendo anyways. Folks and bronies, if Nintendo did not resolve the problems by atari, say goodbye to the Gameboy, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii... the list of consoles then can go on. Heck, want to make it better? PC Gaming was also being introduced during the time, most of the crash also came from that as well.There, a long yet clear explanation of the video game crash of '83.To end this now, I have a question that I would like to hear an answer from anyone.How would you feel if another video game crash occurred and it had a grand effect upon the consumers itself?* -> I'm uncertain for the name of person/things in question.