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Found 65 results

  1. I know this is from S1 but it’s just so weird to talk about this again.Im sure everypony has seen crazy Twilight somewhere. I know that she has OCD problems about that lesson and her brain snaps.Anypony found this episode,slightly weird because of this? Yeah twilight,sadly you might be
  2. Doesn’t need too much explanation. What is the absolute strangest/weirdest/craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen?
  3. Personally experienced: 1. My own vomit. I had food poisoning and all I could do was watch as the food and stomach acid came out.. So GROSS! 2. Found a long piece of hair in my sub sandwich and I accidentally swallowed it. 3. I was at work trimming a dog' nails when he decided to "go" all over the place.. And on me -_- 4. My brother threw up all of his McDonalds in the car because he went on a roller coaster after he ate it. 5. My bird threw up. Yes, they can do that. 6. Purposely cut my tendon and bled all over. 7. Had a sinus infection and coughed up yellow stuff. Seen: 1.Pieces of hair in a public bathroom sink. (I find it absolutely disgusting when hair is on a sink). 2. A spoon on the public bathroom floor with pudding on it. (More like a WTF moment). 3. Cyst draining. 4. Old man dancing in a diaper, and nothing else..
  4. I've always wondered, was Starlight Glimmer a genius who came up with the way to build a utopia in the desert, or was she mad, her anger clouding her better judgement, her past experiences twisting her thoughts? Honestly, I think it was a bit of both, and the idea was brilliant, but the execution was botched by her belief that she was better than everypony. With proper management, her idea had great promise. If course, the magic she possesses is unique, as would be impossible to find elsewhere. But enough about what I think! What do you think?
  5. During the Halo 5 free play period, a friend and I messed around with scripts and whatnot in Halo 5's "Forge" mode. I especially liked making shit spin around like mad; including giant rocks or chunks of mountains. We essentially managed to break or seriously pervert the physics of the maps we played with.
  6. Alright guys. I, The Crimson Cross have decided to have a counting game of my own. Muahahahaa!!!! The rules with this one aren't so simple. At times I'll be counting with you, I'll boost you and subtract you. I'll even give you choices at certain times. So in other words, the rules are entirely dependant upon what I choose! So, expect the worse from me because things will certainly get whacky! Consider it to be like a game of snakes and ladders, except I am the evil overlord watching over you... petting my cat in all glory.. Yes. That's right I will manipulate you and toy with you at certain times. So without further adieu! Let the counting Commence!! QUIZ RULES: -5 points for each incorrect answer. -5 points if a negative counter answers the question correctly. There are no penalties for a negative counter guessing the incorrect answer. List of Negative Counters: @Ashley (Not SCS)~ The Quiz Master @Lightwing (Sea Swirl)~ Can -5 points to the score every 1 hour. VICTORIES: Positive Counters: 14 Negative Counters: 6
  7. I don't know if this is the right section, but here is how I make music:
  8. Easy. Tell me to draw something, (in MS paint) anything, and I will. For nothing! a bargain! I need something to do! let's do it.
  9. Well, I've had one hell of a time since I was last on here. My life sort of exploded in my face, and it was messy. I finally got my car, it's registered, and I'm saving money up to get my muffler fixed. I'm also sewing custom seat covers for it with MLP fabric. I call it my chaos mobile, because it's a mess on the outside, but it's fun on the instead. My best friend and I had a bit of a fight concerning getting my car, and we weren't talking for a few weeks, because I disliked how he had spoken about my mother. I ended up apologizing because it turned out he was right about not trusting her, and her not really understanding me. Then I had a cancer scare, had to run tests, had a minor surgery to implant some hormones into my uterus, and luckily it came back that it wasn't cancer, but they are keeping an eye on it. I'm still having some on going pain due to a couple cysts, but that should feel better in a few months. My Mother had gone to Alaska to meet her boyfriend, I was pretty upset with her because I was concerned for her safety, meeting a stranger in a state where people routinely go missing and never appearing again, with miles of wildness between towns so tiny you can drive right past them and never know they were there. I've been to Alaska before, it's beautiful, but it is dangerous. If the bears don't eat you, then you could just go missing because of some crazy person. Well, 10 days after she initially got there, she called to tell me she had gotten married, and I've been dealing with the shit storm of fights with my mother, and frankly, her editing and misconstruing my language and intentions towards her. Getting her to empathize as to why I'd be upset has caused a serious battle between us that has really torn us apart. I'm still trying to figure out where I'll be living and what's going on as I wont be moving to Alaska with them. All I can really do right now is focus on my work because I know that my interaction with my mother cannot be the same and I need money to start moving on with my life. Dealing with this has really put into light the knowledge that I simply can't trust her with information like I thought I could, and that she really doesn't see me as an ally, but instead as a jealous, immature girl out to seek revenge against her. Frankly, it's laughable, given anyone that knows me that hears that scoffs and says 'are we talking about the same person'. I realized I couldn't trust her to keep things secret when she told her husband, a man I barely know and have never met, about my cancer scare last month. He's perfectly nice, my anger is mostly at her for her telling him. So, I'm just focusing on work right now. I opened up my Patreon account, so I hope you check that out. My supporters get free art, and a first look at all my art and writing before I post anywhere else. All donators $5 and up get a free drawing every month, and $20 a month and you get put in a drawing for a mystery gift box with fun stuff like a knitted pony hat, custom figures, and other cute stuff. Theres also other stuff I have available, and will add more when I gain more followers, and I can afford more supplies. My Patreon:
  10. Crazy Joe: the greatest artist of our time, and now with an mlp forums fanclub. Let us not forget his heart touching songs such as: and: *stands and begins to applaud*
  11. What is the absolute most craziest dream you have ever had? Mine would most likely be a dream I had a few weeks back. So basically I was at my old primary school except it was populated by characters of cartoons, video games and fandom's I like. But there was a twist. Somebody was a mentally insane psycho killer. I kept finding dead bodies, and then after a while, something struck me in the back. I saw a familiar pink pony standing over my corpse before waking up. ...aaaaaaAAAAAND that was my story. Tell me your crazy dreams!
  12. I can't seriously be the only one that likes Screw Loose. you know, the crazy mare that is seen barking like a dog? I really think there needs to be more fan art of her
  13. If you have been following the U.S news lately you'll have noticed an alarming number of police officers misusing their power and getting off with little to no punishment. The U.S police force is seen by the world as one of the worst and while they aren't out there freely raping men and women activists like the Egyptian police, that does not mean they can just get away with treating us; the public they are supposed to protect, like common criminals. On Jan 19, Jesse Hagopian, a high school teacher and activist in Seattle was trying to walk around a barricade of bikes set up by the police with other people while he was talking on the phone to his mother, when he was attacked with pepper spray. This peaceful Martin Luther King march was pepper sprayed for NO reason, other than what ever crazy idea was concocted in this police officer's brain. He was sprayed in the ears, eyes, nose, cheek. His mother who was still on the phone heard him scream out in pain, not knowing that the ones who were supposed to protect her son were currently harming him. He is currently pursuing action agains t the police department for this injustice, but we all know how this tory usually goes. I know that not all cops are bad/corrupt, yet the ones who are seem to face no judgement and are protected. Here is a video of the injustice being dealt, notice how none of the cops are stopping her. Please help Jesse find justice by signing this petition to make the Seattle Police accountable for their actions.
  14. The aim of the game is quite simple. Nothing you say here is allowed to make any sort of logical sense. An Example: You see, you've got to let the tomato into your thyroid. Don't give the dancers, oh the dancers, celery. Boil at 50 degrees, and set adrift upon planes of despair. The Vietnam made me special, sliced spleen. Take the knife, and plunge down the steamroller. Let the tigers go, among us all. All of us. Sale point. Top dollar. The ninety percent. Blood. Chaos. Entropy. Sausage. Let them into your mind and your bathroom table. Now with that being said, you still have to use proper grammar! Have fun, and remember kids, the horse quacks upon the moonlight, yip.
  15. Just wondering? Does anypony else notice that Pinkie Pie could fit right in with the Animaniacs? She's just as looney as them, with the gags, jokes, etc. Case in point, take the following scenes: This Video (skip to the 6 minute mark) and this scene from MLP: Tell me these aren't the same? lol
  16. I try to be good, I try to let the advertisements play on youtube. However there is a point to where I end up keeping ad block on. It's when this happens. ↓ Seeing all those uneven yellow dots on the bottom draws the line. Most of which are appear on the bottom of the video overlapping the subtitles. I mean I'm not hearing impaired but to those who try to watch youtube videos with subtitles or captions; must ad block on a regular basis just to be able to read. It isn't like google is doing it in purpose but one would think they would catch it right away. Not only that, this showed up WITH ad block enabled. So what am I worried about? Lots of little nit picky things, the uneven yellow dots on the scrub bar, the frequency of the yellow dots (then again it makes sense for an hour long video, but I've seen fourteen minute videos with that many dots) or just how frequent I would (if adblock was not enabled) have to close the advertisements that overlap the subtitles for LPs. Am I just being stupid or crazy or what?
  17. So I've been into lucid dreaming for a few weeks now, and I've been getting a lot more recently. However, this one is probably the longest (but not weirdest, I might post that one another day) one I've had. Sorry for the boring wall of text; I can't shorten this or it won't make sense. So basically, I was waiting for a tram/streetcar/trolley, or however you say it, at a station with my family and a friend. The train arrived and we got on, however my friend didn't and started running along the platform to get on when it set off. For some reason we weren't the slightest bit concerned and waved goodbye out the window. The train went on to a mountain road, in the middle of a 4-lane highway. The scenery looked amazing, and out of nowhere I just realised I was dreaming. The ride was really nice and smooth, and the scenery was great. The train was going quite fast down the road, and I could feel the speed. Then, I remembered reading on the internet that if you rub your hands together in a lucid dream it starts becoming more vivid. I did this, but nothing was happening except that I could hear voices saying "What are you doing?", "Are you crazy!?" and "Stop!". I had no idea why, but then I could feel myself getting sucked out of the dream. Now I'm lying down, but I don't know whether its on my back or my front. I can't move at all, so I figured I was in sleep paralysis. Basically, by rubbing my hands, I woke myself up prematurely. Now here comes the crazy part: I saw what looked like a huge blue pillar with a yellow star on it in the middle of my room. I thought to myself "I know that in sleep paralysis you can see strange figures, but I didn't know you could see whole static structures!". It looked like some sort of symbol though, because beams of light were coming off it as if it were the baby Jesus. Nothing was happening and I got bored, so I started to wake myself up by shaking my eyes and wiggling my toes to break out of paralysis. I woke up and I found out everything: The pillar and star was actually a picture on my pillow, so I was lying on my side. The beams of light was early morning light shining through the bottom of my curtains. I was probably dreaming about mountains because I went to the Rockies in BC not that long ago, and I went with my friend, too. I cannot explain the train because I have not been on any mode of public transport except for a plane for a long time. Share some of your weird dreams, lucid or not. If it has to do with ponies, even better! I really want to have a pony dream
  18. Ok so before I get started I'm just going to say I'm new to blogging so I'm a little rusty and still need to learn the lingo ok so don't get all like this blog doesn't make any sense and if you might notice me and my life don't make any sense so yeah. Today was well not as epic as some of my days but still kinda entertaining. So I was up in the mountains today I had no breakfast and then I went hiking with my friend Micah and I found this log next to a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a lake and I thought I could ride on the log into the lake like you see in the cartoons, so anyway I decide I was going to try and ride it like a snow board into the lake, so I tried that and well I slipped off the log the log ran over me and I fell down the hill trying to protect my Brocken arm. And I fell into the lake and i landed on top of the log. I looked at Micah and gave a thumbs up sign to let him know I was ok. Though my Brocken arm was killing me (note: I did not break my arm doing this it was Brocken already) Then Micah starts to run down the hill he falls at crashes into me. Then we both realize that it was nearly to steep to get back up and the lake was huge so we both tried to get up Micah got up I was half way there and I fell back In after a while I got out and we went back home, anndddd..... I got sick then we drove home and had lunch Micah went home and I played video games (with one hand EXTREMELY HARD) then I went online and that was pretty much my day.... Yeah...
  19. Here is how this works. Example: Entity1: ... I leave a cupcake. Entity 2: I remove your taste buds, and now you cant taste the best cupcake in the world, making you commit suicide. I leave entity1's tastebuds. And so on. One rule: BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR ITEMS AND KILLS! Starting now. I leave a book.
  20. Edit: scroll down to post #9 for the completed, color version. All I've got so far is the line art, but I do plan to color the thing. Painstakingly, I'm afraid. xD Did I make her crazy enough? Is her mane tentacle-y enough??
  21. I really needed to get this out of my chest because it's been driving me INSANE for many, many, many years. When I felt like I couldn't make new friends, I tend to check ALL of my social network accounts to see if anyone responded, and if they've not, I continue checking 24/7 all the bucking time, for every second, I go back to my computer and check my accounts again and again and again and then I start to feel odded out by having the account, yet no one's responding to me. I just feel like I wanted to go up and post as much as possible.
  22. I'm talking about strange / creepy stuff. There was this one time i put some sugar in a cup, preparing tea. I started boiling water when someone knocked at the door - it was just a friend who dropped by, we talked for like 30 minutes. Afterwards, i boiled some water again, poured it in and saw a whirling school of ants drowning scalded to their deaths in my cup.