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Found 28 results

  1. If you got to write for the show, what are some episode ideas you'd come up with? This is a little different from fanfic ideas in that you have to work within the limits of the show. That means it has to be kid friendly, it has to be resolved in no more than two episodes (and one is definitely preferable), and it has to be something that would reasonably fit within the canon.
  2. Hey everybuggy, Lately i've been finding myself drawing ponies with my sister, though most of the times we do show characters, sometimes we like to do ponysona's or create OC's, in these cases coming up with mane/tail styles and colors is kind of hard, for picking color you can just use your favorite one, and for mane style we can derive from show characters, ad the ever-popular Rainbow Dash manecut. With that in mind, I ask, how you come up with mane/tail styles for your OC's? Sometimes you canderive from your own haircut but it's not that simple for males. Here is a pic of an unfinished drawing where i went with Doctor Whooves style and found myself in creative block to come up with something new, please ignore the wing, as i said it's a Work-in-progress.
  3. Many of you already know what Pony Creator is. I am here to tell you about it and give my opinions. Lets start with what it is! Pony Creator is a very well known OC generator by generalzoi on deviant art. As you already know it's for making OC's. I'm going to give you the pro's and con's about this pony generator. (I'm talking about V3.) Pro 1. Very well put together. Con 1. You only have a certain amount of things to choose from. Pro 2. Adults and Foal OC's. Con 2. Can't add a cutie mark in the game. Pro 3. Accessories. Con 3. Accessories for the body is a bit glitchy sometimes. Pro 4. Can save OC to computer. Con 4. Eh... got no con for this one. :/ I honestly love this generator! Yes, there are people who prefer to draw their OC's but, it's also true that not everyone is good at drawing like myself. (Why do you think I take art class!?) It's easy to use! Yes, it is true that you can't import a cutie mark in the generator but, thats not a problem since I make blank flank filly and colt OC's. (I do that because I prefer stories about younger heroes. Thats all for today! See you guys next time!
  4. Hello everypony! I have got a contest for you ! Today we will be be creating ocs . Specifically we take our favorite shippings from where ever including MLP and make make kids for those couples ! There are certain requirements you must either have a picture or describes their . appearance other mandatory factors include personality , gender age , species , occupation , residence and relationships ( family friends , enemies , mates etc ) . It can be the offspring of a canon or fanon couple either way is fine . If yours is particularly interesting prehaps at some point I coukd include it in a story or RP . Ok with the introduction over lets get making !
  5. I notice that a lot of people who join the forums only sign into it a few times and then never return. They make an introduction in the Welcoming Plaza and then dissapear without a trace. Why do so many people do this? Yes, I know some people get too busy to visit the site, but what other reasons are there? Did they forget they had an account? Was the site not what they expected? Tell me.
  6. Hello, everypony! I am looking for somepony who can draw or create a awesome picture for my OC. I want it to be ME! I am a male stallion, AppleJacks cousin, I am a applebucker, and my cutie mark is two big apples. I want to be around the same colour as AJ, and I want the name AppleMight on the bottom. And have a apple family logo in one of the top corners if you can find one! Thanks so much everypony I am looking forward to see how it goes! And I want him to look strong, not like Buff Bicep though XD More along the lines of Big Macintosh...
  7. This computer is no ordinary computer: its functions are not for the spaceship itself. This one can alter history, create or destroy things out of or into nothing. (For example, just type the correct code, and you can bring Eärendil or Krypton into life! On Earth!) Would you be best typing away, and altering history or life in your liking? Or, Would you be best leaving it alone to rot in the deep - ness of space? What do?
  8. Here's a fun little thought experiment. Create your own League of Extraordinary Gentleman! Take some of your favorite fictional characters and a make them into a badass task force! Rules: Must contain at least 5 to 7 members for the League itself. Must also have a villain. The League is always assembled to counter a specific threat. All characters must originate from the same time period. That is, the setting, has to be of a similar time period. The character can be created from whenever. If a character is immortal, such as Connor Macleod, it could be inferred that they show up before or after the events of their story. The events must happen though. The characters must all have a common "feel" this may seem arbitrary, but the original League were all classic literature characters originating from roughly the same time period. The idea is taking characters that, even if they might not otherwise be working together, could at least be arguably co-exisiting in the first place. For instance, Aragorn might be on the same League as the Pevensie Children, but that League would not also include Master Chief. (Perhaps all share a medium like musical theater, or maybe they come from a very distinct era of film such as the 80's.) More of a recommendation than a hard rule,but try to think outside of the box in terms of your line up. Most of the original League's members were actually the villains of their stories! MLP characters are welcome but not any of them Mane Six. They would overshadow the rest. The original League didn't have Sherlock Holmes for a similar reason. Apart from that, go nuts!
  9. So I found this video on line, and I think it's a fun topic to discuss further: If we had to make a fandom haunted house, what would you do with it? What about for MLP?
  10. As far as America goes, we are in a recession, so we hear a lot about how there is too many people out there, that is out of work. However there are not enough jobs out there, to supply the amount of people out of work. So if you could create jobs, what kind of jobs would you create? Below I listed a template to make this much easier for every to be specific, so let's follow the following format.. Industry type: Job Positions needed: Experience Required: Reason why we need more of this kind of work?: I will start... Industry type: Information Systems/Computer Networking/IT Job Positions needed: ENTRY level IT HELP, desk, field technicians, Junior System Admin, Junior Network Engineer, Tech Support, PC repair man. Experience Required: Zero to 1 year of experience, for Entry level people first. THEN there would be a "Level 2 and 3" position for those with 1 to 3 years experience. Job Limitations/Restrictions: ONLY for those who are recent grads (Graduated from college in the last 2 years) or those still in college Reason why we need more of this kind of work?: There are not enough ENTRY level positions out there, It's a catch 22, you need experience to gain experience, but no one wants to hire someone who has zero experience and just came out of school. Where are our students with little to no experience, supposed to go? We need to create more ENTRY level positions out there. The pay may not be great but it helps recent graduates and current graduates get hands on experience. Personally if you are investing in certifications or college to pursue something, that should be reason enough to create entry level jobs, so they can get out there and work. This is not the only industry that America needs, in fact there are many others, that we hear about all the time that we need more "science Majors" and computer programmers. All the time, the employers complain that they cannot find EXPERIENCED people to do that work. The reason they cannot find experienced people, is because they are not willing to train those who are only lacking a year or so of experience. So I feel recent graduates and people with no experience are hurting the most. What about the rest of you? If not America then what other locations are you in or feel needs more of X and Y type of that you feel needs work? Let us all know in below!
  11. <================== How do I create a digital version of my OC? I mean, I did draw it but I would like to make a digital version too What software and hardware do I need? I will get a graphic tablet but in a couple months How do you guys make your digital art? (I am really new to this XD)
  12. I'm planning to start making some music so i need some advice like what programs to use to make music (it has to be free) how to help create lyrics because i don't want to be doing this etc.
  13. So, time for another random question by me. Let's say for whatever reason, you can create your own world and you can make anything possible. You can do whatever you want, and be whatever you want when you are done creating the world. Like for example, you can make an Equestria where it rains almonds that disappear when it hits the ground nonstop, there's nuclear war, Discord is a cat, and potatoes are the dominant species. What world will you create? I don't feel really creative today, so I'll answer my own question later on.
  14. Hello ponies! Next up is some digital sketches of our favorite little filly, Raspbery Swirl! As always, feedback and critique is most welcome! Check spoilers below for older posts
  15. I see everybody on the forums has something called a member title, but I have no idea how to set one. My current one is a parasprite, the same as my badge.
  16. Hey everypony! So I came across this doll making site where it allows you to create your own doll based on MLP, Monster High, Steampunk, and things like that. I'm gonna share all the Mane 6 and the Princesses on this thread so you guys can download them and use them for your avatars and stuff like that. So enjoy! First up are Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Luna.
  17. Hey there. So forums, what inspired you to create your character(s)? Was it a friend, an event, a video game character? Maybe a hobby?
  18. Sorry I posted this in the wrong place! The new one can be found here: Sorry about any inconvenience! will you ever forgive me? </3
  19. It seems like every idea I have for an ask blog tumblr has been done about five times already. One of my main ideas only has one other blog that I can find... but still, I can't get over feeling like it would be rude, or seen as unoriginal. Though I get the impression that the fandom is rather accepting of that. So, I guess what I'm trying to do here is make sure of that/get some reassurance.
  20. For me, my new word would be blitzaca bli-tza-ca intransitive verb modifier (follows after "went" "goes" "go" "to go" etc.) meaning: crazy, insane, mad Example: In Lesson Zero, Twilight Sparkle went completely blitzaca.
  21. Hey everypony I was just wondering, well if you don't mind... ~Fluttershy xD I'm just starting to get more subs on Youtube (185 and counting!) and i thought that i might need a professional looking background and thumbnail/profile pic. But i do not have the skills to create these (well to a professional standard anyway :3) so i have decided to host a bit of a competition on this forums since bronies are some of the most talented visual artists I know Anyway Let's cut to the chase: *The idea of the competition is to design a suitable Youtube background and profile pic for my channel *It can include ponies/pony elements and designs but not completely MLP based because my friends don't know i am a brony My Channel: The winner will be in the description of my videos and get shutouts on request not to often though I may be small but this could be the investment of a life time if i get big on Youtube hahaha Also In future if i get big, or possibly some commission (free money) if i do get a partnership Not a big prize but you know it would just be great to get a hand, if you um...don't mind... ~Fluttershy xD Thanks everypony, Quartza00
  22. Have you ever wanted to create your OC in Garrys-mod?Well, now you can! Thanks to ~gonzalolog, There is a Automatic Pony Model making, skinning, and hexer, that he has recently released to the public! Currently it's available as a beta, So there are bugs..Latest Version:Beta 0.6c: are you waiting for? Go out there and make your OC's! (Currently PocM can only create Colts and Stallions, Fillies and Mares will be available in b0.7a)Also be sure to Deviant Watch gonzalolog, Comment, and Favourite his works! He's been working really hard lately and needs our appreciation!Now a Tutorial! YAY!
  23. This is to celebrate my ten subscribers on Youtube so thought I would share it on here.
  24. So I want to add a picture to my new OC, but im not exactly sure where to go. is there any program i can use where i can create a pony and upload to my OC page, or maybe someone who will draw my OC in color if i give specifications? thanks!
  25. You've materialized in Equestria as a human. You are on a rampage, set on creating chaos. If you had to do AT LEAST one thing in Equestria to ensure this reckoning, what would you do? Me? I'd materialize in the Canterlot Castle and punch Celestia square in that Horse Face of hers. ONE-HIT KO. (Calm down, people. This is all just randomness.) So give me your best shot, what would you do?! For example: There was once a man named John. This man took pleasure in teleporting to different worlds and wreaking havoc upon the residents inhabiting them. After having teleported back to his home planet and current base of operations, Earth, John slumped lazily on his couch and grabbed the remote control to his flat screen. He flipped through the network channels with no apparent viewing goal, sighing to himself at the lack of entertainment screened. That was until John stumbled upon the Hub Network, for the brilliantly technicolor masterpiece My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provided a scene quite amusing. John had never heard mention of this particular show before, but he soon realized how much he had been missing after having completed two full seasons. Four days had gone by as John planned for his arrival to the fictional land of Equestria. When John was finally ready to depart for Ponyville, John stripped himself buck naked and counted down from three to one. "Three..." John breathed in. "Two..." John breathed out. With a wicked grin. "One..." And *poof* John was gone. What was left was John's television playing an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Its screen displayed Pinkie Pie in the middle of her "Smile" song. ****************************************************************************************************************** Come on and smile! Come on and smile! Come on and- "Smile!" John suddenly *poofed* above Cranky Doodle Donkey and canon-balled onto the poor mule, crushing him under his weight. Pinkie Pie froze, a preregistered smile already plastered on her face. Though inside the pink pony was pure shock and confusion. Some kind of creature instantaneously materialized and seemed to be suffocating Cranky Doodle Donkey. The mule definitely was not smiling. His eyes were beginning to pop out of his sockets. "Heya, there, Pinkie Pie! Wanna party like it's Nineteen-ninety-nine?" John's smile widened even further. "P-p-party?" Pinkie Pie stammered, utterly bewildered. "Oh, Pinkie Pie, don't tell me this little guy here is scaring you?" John looked down with a smirk. Whether he was referring to his limping appendage or the convulsing donkey he was sitting on Pinkie was unsure of. What she did know, though, was to get the thing off of her new to-be friend. "Here, let me take care of this for you." John reached down and took hold of the donkey's neck. He then forcefully twisted it until he heard a sharp *crack*. The donkey's eyes soon turned lifeless. John released Cranky's head and looked straight into Pinkie Pie's horrified countenance. "Why aren't you smiling, Pinkie Pie? Huh?! Why aren't you giving me a SMILE-SMILE-SMILE?!" John shrieked into Pinkie Pie's gaping visage. And *slap* goes John's open palm to Pinkie Pie's face. The dumbfounded pony flew back and crashed into an unsuspecting Lyra Heartstrings. Bon Bon, who had been chatting with Lyra Heartstrings as they walked through the town, screamed, alerting the other ponies of the scene before her. "Your voice is just really annoying, Bon Bon, did'ja know that? You and your voices! You sounded so lovely in Green Isn't Your Color but then turned into a tramp in Lesson Zero!" John pounced atop the terrified pony. "Time to change it again, don't ya think?" John speared his right hand straight down Bon Bon's throat. He dug his dirty nails deep into the choking pony's esophagus, tearing the malleable tissue with a tight squeeze. "What's wrong, Bon Bon? JOHN got your tongue?" John chortled in a heave, looking up to address the crowd of surrounding ponies. "And what are y'all looking at? Hasn't anypony told you it's rude to stare?" John successfully ripped out Bon Bon's torn digestive organ as he jumped towards a nearby Berry Punch. The paralyzed pony cringed in pain as the bloody esophagus of her writhing friend coiled tightly around her neck. John pulled the two ends of the esophagus while kicking the purple pony to the dirt. "I'm parched! Maybe a bit of PUNCH..." On cue John punched the strangled Berry in the eye, bringing the innocent pony into a state of unconsciousness. "Will quench the thirst!" John laughed hysterically at his own pun, finally releasing Berry Punch to lie flat on her bruising face. "Aren't I just 'PUNNY?!'" John pranced around the screaming ponies while fist-pumping the air. "Why would you do that?!" Wailed a trembling Pinkie Pie, her candy-colored mane becoming even more frazzled. "What's going on?" Colgate, ignorant of the chaotic events occurring, trotted up to find a tall, salmon-skinned being bouncing giddily across the dirt roads. Spotting the periwinkle-maned mare, John almost tripped as he quickly scurried up to her location. "Yo, Colgate, let me ask ya something!" John pressed his face against the pony's snout. "Is there something in my TEETH?!" At that, John shot open his jaws, displaying his yellowing, cavity-filled choppers. He exhaled into Colgate's nostrils, strongly intensifying the stench produced from his unwashed mouth. Saliva dribbled down his chin as a thick loogie smacked the pony in the eye. Colgate cringed at the grotesque image in front of her, but the smell... "That smell!" Colgate hollered at John. "What's happening? What are you?" John muffled darkly. "I'm Equestria's reckoning." And *chomp* goes John's teeth. As he busily chewed on Colgate's searing flank, John eyed the unicorn's hourglass cutie mark. "Why do you even have the same cutie mark as Doctor Whooves, anyway?" John spat out the reddened flank of an agonized Colgate. "What are you, his sister or something? But that doesn't make any sense!" John started kicking the pony repeatedly. Each kick was given more and more strength. "Why didn't you have a horn in the Winter Wrap Up episode, huh?! What's up with that? Did you magic it away?!" The grunts of the beaten pony eventually faded into silence. An immediate array of cries and pleas for salvation from the crowd of panicking ponies created a cacophony of instability. "Stop that right now, you bully!" Pinkie Pie raced forward, a look of desperation on her face. "Oh, now you want to party? Let's start with a game! My serve!" With all his might, John kicked the blacked-out Colgate like a soccer ball, aiming for the pink pony. Pinkie Pie opened up her arms to catch the flying unicorn, but the weight of the flying pony proved too much for her as she crashed to the ground. "That's a penalty, Pinkie Pie! No HOOVES allowed!" John yelled. "Halt, fiend! You're under arrest!" Two royal guards appeared out of the fray. "Time out, my little pony!" John shouted to a groaning Pinkie Pie. "I've gotta hit the HAY!" The royal guards hot on his heels, John dashed in a random direction and laughed maniacally at his own puns.