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Found 25 results

  1. Sometimes I enjoy writing stories, especially making own my own mythologies, even though I am a Christian myself. One of my own myths, for some of my fictional stories' backgrounds, goes like this: "Once upon a time, God creates a man and a woman, and places each of them on the opposite ends of an island. Both of them start off knowing nothing, not even of their creator, but they eventually learn to create their own clothes and language(s), and survive on their own. They meet each other one day. Both of them thought that they were the only human in existence, although they sometimes imagined other humans and beings as they felt lonely, until they noticed each other. Each of them thought that the other is a strange animal that looks somewhat like them ... " Do you think that either: both the man and the woman would be fascinated at each other, and would even fall in love and reproduce? the man would hunt the woman as though she were an animal (or vice versa)? something else?
  2. Hello i was wondering how many people can remember an somewhat old game called Spore Quick recap just in case you never played it or just forgot about it. Spore is a game that was announced in 2005 there was a teaser for it and from what we saw it was cells that just advanced and evolved and eventually into space aliens. A lot of people were hyped for the game because the concept was really good and because it was being developed by Maxis the creators of the sims. Eventually in 2008 the game was released and the critics enjoyed it and a lot of people bought it but people who were hyped noticed that while the game was good not everything that was shown in the teaser was in the game a whole game stage was missing the Aquatic stage. This lead to a lot of people wonder how much better the game could have been. That was a quick summary of release now for what the game is like. the game had sorta 2 modes "creator" and "story". Creator was were you make creatures, buildings, vehicles, and eventually whole game missions and you can make almost anything you can think of and this is were the game shined you can create whatever. Story is were you take a single cell and you evolve it with the creator and you go from cell to creature to tribal, civilization, then space stages and the what the games play style would change almost every stage. then first expansion came and it just was more parts in the creature creator. then second one came out an it added a mission creator and this you just put everything from the other creators into one mission that you can play in the space stage. The game also had a way for you to upload and down load anyone creations. With that summary done time for what you think What are your thoughts on the game Have you played it? Do you like it? Do you think of it as just a sorta goof game that you play for half an hour and watch on YouTube? Do you think i could have been better or was just good? Was the creator revolutionary? Should there be a sequel? Has the game been forgotten these are just some question but i really would like to see what everyone thinks about the game PS this is my first topic i have made besides the one i made saying hello to the community hope you like it thanks you ~ Moonstatue
  3. Now My current project which is almost done a crown made of keys ... figured it would be cool for the DM to wear during D&D nights
  4. Next up is a statue I made in welding, I used car parts. He's a spear thrower with his spine made from a crankshaft... I call him a spear-thrower with scoliosis Why not I'll include some of my favorite drawings Okay lastly, Because I was bored at work one day... A carpenter pencil crossbow.
  5. So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.>
  6. Why not also include the Halloween costume I made for a haunted house one time. (disclaimer: if you don't like the sight of fake blood/gore don't click this one. I think though the worse part is one pic has me in it O.o beware)
  7. So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.> Spoiler
  8. Some chest I stained/painted so I had some suitable D&D dice boxes (they were unfortunately pre-constructed because I was too lazy to build my own )
  9. Playing modnation racers today and I realized I am severely lacking in the character department. So recommend me some stuff to make and maybe if you play the game I will publish it. Before we get started though I have a few rules: Must be anthro or human Must be an animated character (as in not a real life human) Must be given a type of kart to drive (I do have access to a few weird karts like a jet and a train) Must list as much info as to likes and dislikes as possible so I know how to design their kart (assuming they are not from a kart game.) Oh and I was already planning on doing the mane 6 from eg so don't bother recommending them.
  10. I noticed the character database has been cleared of most if not all characters people have created. Is the server down temporarily or was the database attacked losing all the info stored into it? If so will our character's be recovered or do we have to resubmit our Character's?
  11. Hello, I was wondering if an artist could help me with creating a Cutie mark for my OC. I have the design in my head but I'm not all that great with programs such as photoshop. If you are willing to assist me feel free to PM me, otherwise I'll provide character info here as well if you'd like to take a shot My OC's name is Radiant Sentinel His coat is a light grey with a gold and white mane/tail. he also has light orange irises. He is a male unicorn who will become a member of the royal guard. He has a special magic ability that allows him to envelope himself in his magic to create a second armor to protect himself. The spell can also be used to break exterior magic that attempts to physically control him, mentally not so much. The idea i was thinking was a golden shield surrounded by a magical sphere that is shattered around the shield. If you have better ideas I'm open to hearing them If you can assist me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't have much to offer in return except friendship Also as my signature suggests i'm good with story and character concepts if you happen to also be a fanfic writer
  12. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help with my OC. I'm not very good at drawing, but I've been wanting to get my OC made so I can have it ready for incase anyone asks about him. His name is Clockwork gear, he has a greyish silver coat, along with a messy white Mane and tail. His cutie mark is a Cog with a wrench over it. I would like some help, and if you need extra details just message me, I'll help as best as I can.
  13. Hey, ponies, I need some help with my OC. The main problem is the naming, but I'd like you to rate her as well. My OC and other creative elements will be added into a story I will be working on. Because of this, I need some help, and help with personalizing the character, period! Reply to help! Also, hope you enjoy some history! Name: Unknown, since I can’t think of one that would work. Please reply with good name generators and/or names. I will refer to her as Flutterflight (see past for reason.) A name I have been tossing around is Star Aurora. I need a different one because she changes her name. Age: Filly Type: Female Alicorn Cutiemark: Unknown, since she has yet to find out what she wants to do. It would be with magic though. But since King Razor made Flutter feel self-conscious about magic, that will be hard for her to earn. That, and I don’t know a good one yet. I will find one! Just…not yet. Background: See attachment. And brace for secret history, more alicorns, and a new race of ponies. And the knowledge of where the idiot Blublood came from. Weaknesses/fears: Like most character makers, I don't want a mary sue to represent me. So please read the "Flutterflight Fears and Weaknesses" attachment. If there is anything that point out makes a marysue out of my character, please draw them to my attention. I added a family photo to show the family she was adopted into. Flutterflight Fears and Weaknesses.docx Flutterflights past part 2.docx Flutterflights past.docx
  14. Hello. This is a little thing I want to try out. You see, I have this little ability to make stories up on the fly. SO, I want to give this ability a little practice. Here is where you guys come in. I need you guys to give me a sequence of words, be they genre, nouns, a character(s), and I will make a story synopsis around it. And tell me what you think of it. You can take the story for yourself. I am doing this to also improve my ability to make RP stories as well.
  15. Hello There! I would absolutely love to make some music for the Fandom. I just don't know how to start. I am a Game Programmer so this is kind of out of my range. I know of some good programs such as Mixcraft, but what would you recommend to a new-bee! Leave any comment below, and If you want to know more about myself check out my profile! -Thanks for your time ~Camsterman101
  16. An artists' depiction of the living embodiment of friendly chaos, itself, in its' documented modern form. Energetic, loving of friendship and all that is positive emotion, yet as elusive to track over the course of the centuries as a puff of smoke. Because no one stops to wonder just what lays behind the familiarity in front of their very faces. Everyone knows Pinkie Pie. In fact, she makes it her business to know everypony and everyplace throughout Ponyville. This bubbly pink equine has made it all too apparent that, in fact, her very core purpose in life is to make those around her smile, and to effectively spread positive emotion throughout the land of which she dwells. In order to do so, Pinkie does things that no other known being in the entire world of Equestria can do. Teleportation and bodily transformation to appear anyway, anywhere, anyhow she wishes Pinkie sense to predict foreboding events 'Just a hunch~' 'Just a hunch~' And all this, from a mere Earth Pony. This loveable, albeit slightly strange, young mare, of whom has no unicorn horn and no species heritage of earth-bound magic like the zebra tribes, but yet is able to all but bend the very space of the immediate universe around her, like an intelligent young child in a sandbox builds their very first sandcastle. As we have now seen, even in magic-less worlds, she possesses these powers. Does no one stop to ponder the implications? Does no one wonder what, where and how the magician performs the most impossible of feats? Does the audience sit and simply enjoy the show, passing them off as simple cartoon antics? Of course they do. It counts on that. It always has, and it always will, because no matter how bizarre or impossible, a being surrounded by feelings of trust, safety, familiarity and friendship will never need to answer for itself, at least not directly. It, after all, is an expert at hiding in plain sight. It always has been. From the very beginning. To put it simply, the 'Pinkie Pie' that Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends of the Fourth Great Era of Equestria call their friend, predates recorded history. But, by no means as the same bouncing pink colored horse. Other fun and 'bouncy' names such as 'Surprise', known to the ponies of the first great Equestrian Era, has this entity gone by in the distant past. But in name and appearance, in name and appearance alone. As centuries passed, one thing remained the same. At every corner of every major event in recorded history, there has been one being in the midst of it all, of whom shines the same sparkling smile and care-free demeanor from the pages of history. This information you're reading has only been scroungeable from endless years of slow recorded research. Photographs, names, diaries; the information to sort through alone is mind-numbing to think about. But, after a while, the early suspicions had begun to form a pattern before our very eyes. Like a magical imp believed to be imaginary to everyone, it has scampered about across the globe without fear of being found; immortal, befriending generation after generation of creatures and aiding them in wiping out all that it stands against; negative emotion, evil and disharmony. Fans of Pokemon will draw similar relation to the ancient Pokemon, Mew. The very powers it wields are used to evade detection among those who it wishes to no longer find it, and are used as nothing more than a friendly gimmick among those who it has marked as its' friends. It can become a world-renowned hero with its' friends from one generation, and slip from the world's radar the very next. ...To put it simply, the creator of the sky, sun and moon above our heads, the ocean and crashing waves at our shores, the ground beneath our feet; the source of initial life in not just the Equestrian universe, but several bridging ones, has been in existence among its' creations for tens of thousands, if not millions of years. Playing, engaging, loving and living with mortals. No, its' friends. All the while, innocently playing its' part as a goofy, playful being, who lives for the smiles of others. To please them, frolic with them, nurture them with the greatest of its' own creations, the most powerful thing to influence the health of the very soul; laughter. Unbeknownst to them, does their friends' true purpose and identity dance so very out of reach, yet, exists just in front of their eyes, in every action it takes. Unpredictability. Stabilized, 'friendly' chaos. It is said that chaos was what existed before the birth of the universe, and even what created it. As I write this, I believe that to be more correct than any of us could have ever guessed. The day may come, reader, where the identity of the elusive Timeless Friend may reach the minds of more people than I and my few colleagues. To people who can actually make their voices heard...who knows, perhaps even to the friends' of the being, itself, in this generation, the next, or the following. What would you do. Reader, ponder this for me. What would you do, if your best friend was God?
  17. I didn't see a topic about this so I decided to post one. So in the season four finale we see Twilight getting raised to the rank of a Princess, in which she becomes an alicorn. Ermergerd wings! However, in this we see a process in which she gets zapped in something almost like a rebirth process, where Celestia makes her all speshul and stuff. (I have no idea, because I've only seen that part of the episode, not the full thing. Maybe I'm not the most informed.) So, how were the sisters created? When we seen the Equestrian flag, the two sisters are on it, so obviously someone knew of their existence. Besides the fact that they could have asked the sisters to help with the blizzard, why were they already alicorns? Did they already possess the Elements of Harmony, which allowed them to become alicorns? Had Discord already been defeated at this point and that aided them in their transformation? Were they born that way? I'm kind of confused about the loose ends that they have here. Is there a possible Luna/Celestia backstory coming up in the future? (If you know, please don't spoil it here, LOL.) I know there's a book about the show, so did it answer this question in there?
  18. Now this is a story, all about how Feld0's life got flipped, turned upside down I'd like to a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how he became the (Badly cropped) Prince of a site called MLP Forums In the best part of Canada born and raised hanging with tech is where he spent most of his days Chilling out maxin relaxin so cool, and running some forums about the Wii-U. When a couple of users who were up to some good started making suggestions about changes under the hood He got one little idea and Kurtiss flared We're making a forum about MLP, Jared. Feld0 begged and pleaded with him, day after day, to stop calling him Jared but Kurtiss continued on his way. He gave Feld0 a list and then he gave him a ticket Feld0 put his game face on and said "I might as well kick it!" First post, yo this is bad, I'm over here literally drowning in swag Is this what running an MLP Forum is like, hmm...this might be alright. He whistled for some mods, and when they came near, they had some new ideas and good advice and goals to make clearer If anything Feld0 could say staff this good was rare But he thought "Nah, forget it, YO HOLMES, TO THE FORUMS" He started out the forum in the month numbered eight and he yelled to the mods "Yo holmes, let's create her" Looked at his Kingdom, he was finally there, to sit on his throne as the prince of MLP Forums. Coming Soon to Theaters near you!
  19. Hey everyone! As very few of you probably know, I am actually a big writer. I love doing a lot of writing about fantasy sorts of stories, and have had a lot of ideas inspired by my two favorite authors. (Tolkein who wrote Lord of the Rings, and C.S. Lewis who wrote Narnia.) One thing that always amazed me about their stories, is that they created entire worlds. They made up history, locations, history for said locations, and even more beyond that. Sometimes even entire languages. This has always been a mind-blowing concept for me, and as of last summer I began researching it. Since last summer I began work on a novel series labeled "The Ytrialum Records" This series was inspired by Tolkein and C.S. Lewis (and to some extent various anime/manga) and revolved around a world I created called "Ytrialum" (pronounced it-try-uh-lum) I slowly began work on this world's history and how it worked, including the creation of a system of magic, and a basic history and thesis on where the world came from and how it's creation went about. (And faintly delving into a much deeper concept I'll expand on in a moment.) This evolved into the first novel, called The Ytrialum Records: Keepers. (Classic fantasy novel name as I discovered after I finished it, noticing three other books in my school library with the name "keepers") I tried sending it to one publisher, who rejected it. Fair enough. I'm an amateur author and I doubted my book or books would ever reach bookshelves anyways. However my true talent I think lies in my creation of ideas, concepts, and yes, worlds. The Ytrialum world is very vast, and although the map admittedly isn't very big, the other features of the world that I have developed (and some not listed on the visible map.) make up it's complexity. Recently, I began to develop an idea for the creator of the world. (Think of him sort of like God, Aslan, something along those lines.) A concept came to mind when I made plans for the final book. This concept evolved into something larger when I wrote a short-story, involving a conversation between the main enemy of Keepers, and the creator of Ytrialum, titled "The Tyrant and the Angel." This concept, was as follows. The creator of Ytrialum is not God, however he could have gained his powers because of a previous life before he created Ytrialum. It's pretty far fetch'd, but I personally am finding it great fun to work on it. As this has developed I discovered something... In order for the creator of Ytrialum to have a prior back story, there must be another world that he lived on himself. This world, has earned itself the name of Bylitta. (by-lee-tuh) I only recently began work on this, and what I'm going to be doing over the next couple blog entries is post my progress as I create a new world (almost) from scratch. This world will be different than the first one. Big time. I know most of you people aren't that interested in reading a 16 year old highschool students ramblings of his concept and ideas, but I figure some people may be interested in it. If you guys like Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth I think you may find this interesting. I'll also be drawing some pictures and concept art for a few things as well, so I'll be posting those with it when they come available. So with that, I shall begin writing and story-boarding for this new world. Here's a list of how I'll likely split the blog. Entry One: System of Nature & World Itself - What is the norm? (This'll be large) => How fantasy driven is it? => Does it involve magic? => Does it involve mythological/made up creatures? => How was the world created? Entry Two: Geography & Time Periods - Location, advancement, etc. => What sort of locations does the world involve? ===> Natural geography? ===> Settlements and cities? => Time Period? ===> Is the world locked in an eternal time period? (E.g. Like Middle Earth) ===> What Time Period? Entry Three: Races, Civilizations and Culture(s) - How do people live? => Are there different kinds of people? ===> What differences? => Civilizations? ===> Who gets along with who? ===> How are they different from each other? => Culture? ===> Clothing? ===> Buildings and architecture? ===> Preferences? ===> Religion? ===> Language? Entry Four: History => BUCKING HISTORY Entry Five: Wrap Up So there you have it. Big plans. I'll be going over this stuff for a little while before posting it online. Brainstorming and such will be frequent. I'd appreciate it if you guys could leave opinions to let me know if this even interests any of you. See you all soon! (Or not so soon!)
  20. Lately I've been experiencing an odd phenomenon: drawing is more fun then I expect. To explain, let me set the stage. First of all, I have a brain full of Equestria. I listen to PMVs and Brony songs all day long. I hop on the Pony side of the internet almost as soon as I get home. I very much want to contribute something cool to the veritable forest of awesome Brony arts'n'stuff out there. The desire to create is there. On the other hoof, my job is mentally exhausting. I'm a programmer. My work runs the gamut from theory to creation. I spend all day thinking in systems of abstractions and then building machines from those systems. Every. Day. When I get home I eventually reach a point where I decide that I should draw for a bit. Every time I have the same thought: "Eh, I'm a bit tired this evening. Maybe I'll just skip drawing today." Now the strange: when I force my way past this initial burst of lazy and actually begin to work, it is awesome. I feel invigorated. Even though I'm a far cry from the artist I want to be, it feels so good to work on this stuff. It actually takes a force of will for me to stop and get some sleep. I love it.
  21. @@Feld0, our one true God of this realm is the sole reason for our very existence both as a forum, and as human beings ourselves. For 7 days he toiled unending simply to create a heaven upon this earth, just for us. All we have to thank is him and him alone. Come together my brothers, and embrace in the grandeur and glory that is Feld0, and the Creation of MLPForums. In his aura we bow.
  22. Soo, it is this time of the year again! Submit your !own! designs for the forum banner. Any post with a design in it with over 10 brohoofs gets added to the new list! On your marks, ready? GO! Some interesting information: Images have to be of size: 1000x165 ( that is 1000 width and 165 height in pixel ) Give me a color scheme to work with, as you know, the buttons on top of the banner get styled accordingly, if you give me them my life get's a lot easier! ( And I save 5 minutes trying to find a good color combination! ) Past banners: With my favourite: Also, for those interested. Yes, this will be for the newest version of my extension. It has a new feature! The badge switcher:
  23. so lets pretend that you've created your own cartoon which has been approved for at least one season which has to run completely. since i hope to see my idea one day on the small screen, i Thought of creating this thread. The cartoon can not be rated more then TV-7. If you decided to create your cartoon what kinda guidelines would you set yourself to follow? here's mine Never conform- Always remember your original idea and never have anybody force you to change your thoughts or ideas for the show unless it appears as something that can not fit into the TV-7 group. Love your fans- Never forget about your fans! Set up some social network contacts by which your fans can comment to you on and by which you appear on frequently. Always listen to any Praise and criticisms that your fans have on something and try to improve on it without getting rid of an episodes main idea. Show up at any conventions you can and answer questions. Be honest- When you agree or disagree with something that happened don't try and make excuses tell people why you support or don't support something but be civil about it Appeal to all ages- While kids may be your main audience don't forget the people that watch the show with them. Make sure that your show can appeal to adults and teens as well(Throw pop culture references, Have life messages, Think MLP). Never become money hungry- My show is meant to be entertainment , not some money grabbing scam. Don't just throw in characters because the company wants to make a quick buck. Always stick to your guts and only add something if it's similar to something you already had in mind for your cartoon and or you think may greatly approve the show. everybody's important- Never have any of the staff or cast of your cartoon think their jobs are less important then somebody else's. Let the staff or cast come to you with any ideas they have and make sure to give them praise. May sometime offer to have staff and cast dinners where we can relax and talk about life. Well that's really all the guidelines i would/will hopefully use to stand by when i create my cartoon. what guidelines would you use as creator?
  24. I wonder if there are anyone that have a good tip of Music Creation software for MAC cause i'm thinking to make a pony dub. I would be pleased if you helped!
  25. Got help from a friend when your OC pony design was still in the works? Picked a random name out of a sorting hat? Post about how in the world you came up with those fabulous OC ponies here! I remember how I made Vera(she's a pegasus scientist) fully. I even have the chat log that took place! ridiculousness aside,tell me how you came up with those OC's!