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Found 51 results

  1. Zombie ponies... not likely... but... possible? In this, I want you guys to think of your own creative, original, and interesting version of a zombie pony. Ex. Physical appearances, how it infects it's victims, types of zombies, etc! Get as creative as you want, as dark as you want, and as technical as you want! There are no wrong answers! (I'll post my idea after a while if I get enough replys.) (At least a page.)
  2. I have recently been working on mu very first fully fledged OC! As i am sure some of you have seen I have been asking around some RP images and i cannot wait for everyone to hear about my new OC Sugar Snap! While i still need to work out all the kinks and get a full character sheet sorted out I cannot wait to get started and show everyone this pony I've come to love!
  3. An item in your hands has been taken! What is it and how will you get it back!
  4. As part of an introduction activity for one of my classes, I was asked to write a biography for myself using only six words. It was really fun, so I thought you all might like to give it a shot too. Examples that came with the assignment sheet: My Biography: I just barely met the deadline. So true; I tend to get everything done at the last minute, and screech in right before the lock. But ironically, this biography project was done with plenty of time left.
  5. It would be really cool to hear some fun or inspirational brony experiences. If friendship is magic and all that it would be great to have that on print. Would love to hear your story
  6. Friday-Gaming (8:00PM EST) Knuckles Chaotix and Pokemon TCG Online (No Crashes this time) Saturday-Art (8:00PM EST) Godzilla vs Goku Painting Progress + More(?) See you soon!
  7. Inspired by @TheRockARooster, I bring you: The Band Game. No, this is not the already popular 'The Banned Game.' Create a name for a band consisting of you and the user above you (you can include other users too if you want). If you approve of the choice of the next person to post, please be sure to give them a Brohoof. Reading a person's profile is a good idea, but it's not a requirement. For mine I will just pretend the user above me is @TheRockARooster. Hot Rock-olate!
  8. I was just curious about what motivates different people to cosplay. I am an introverted, somewhat anti-social person and cosplay helps me twofold. It forces me to have to deal with people asking about the costume, wanting pictures, and generally giving me attention, but it also gives me something to talk about and break the ice. Do you find it empowering or comforting? Or do you just like to make things? Is it an artistic expression? Please share your thought and insights.
  9. Very simple point to this topic. I'm an unemployed historian (.........) with a second in English, and general artsyness. Oh and basement dweller levels of MLP lore knowledge. A vendor at MLP convetnions, selling fine pony arts. What I'll do for you, is read your OC profiles. Their back stories, their histories, etc, etc. If there's pictures I'll look at those too, but thats it. -so don't post stories or RP logs- a simple link to their profile on the OC Archives is just fine. -hint hint- Then, what I'll do is just....give you feedback. NOT opinions. This is going to be neutral feedback, so you wont get things like "he sucks", that's not constructive at all. Be aware though I won't pull punches, if something doesn't make sense, or contradicts, I'll tell ya flat out, So yes, you can send alicorns, I will not hate them for being what they are, but I will point out if they aren't really justified as such. WHY? - Well I browsed dozens of OC character archives and noticed a bunch that could really have used work. What came out in the profile, probably wasn't what the creator intended. This will give you some feedback to work with. As for pictures, again my own opinion of what I like will remain void. Just say it as its seen. A quality check, colours work? Design works? That's all, so post away, I got lots of time. 1 OC per post please, if you don't want said review public just make a note and I'll PM it too you. FINAL DISCLAIMER - I'm not here to appreciate your characters, but I'm also not hear to hate on them. You'll hear good and bad alike (if they have such features). Only post someone if you want a constructive review of them. If you want some suggestions, always feel free to ask. If this gets popular...expect a bunch of improvements to the post, maybe some OC art, i dunno, we'll play it by ear. This is the list. I'm not doing these in order anymore, because some take quite a lot of thinking, and reading, and drinking. Others, come easy. So I'll pick and choose.
  10. Now My current project which is almost done a crown made of keys ... figured it would be cool for the DM to wear during D&D nights
  11. I have been anxiously anticipating the PPg reboot and while I'm so glad the reboot isn't as bad as I thought it was, I still feel aweful that my idea for a reboot is competent shattered, because of this series. ever since I saw the original again on Netflix a year ago, I always wondered won't it be cool If I continue the story of the original PPG? Won't it be cool to see the Girls grow up and learn more about themselves and their powers? How their roles as superheroes affect them? I just wanted to explore it. Explore more of their character, more about what is everything nice, what is Chemical X. So now the reboot has come out and the opportunity of a lifetime failed. This reboot I planned all year and a half writing, scripting, planning was to help me boost my career as an artist and I was planning to make animations of them so I can boost my animation portfolio and get a reputation. But no, the network unknowingly fucks up everything and becomes praised by all while my story is regarded as stupid fanfiction. Seriously whenever some own LOOKs at my artwork and my Epistories (mixture of episode and story) for PPG, they just say cool and that's it. They never question or analysis anything else. I posted my series and my artwork TWICE on this forums as advertising so people can at least give a shit to listen and maybe in the incredibly off chance they'll like it All my life I wanted people to take me seriously. I just want to show the world my ideas and the original content I have made myself as well as remakes on classic shows I love. The reason why I've been so on and off about the PPg reboot is I want to like it, but I can't help but feel horrible that all the time, hard work is all for Nothing. People say do it! Who cares what they think? Well I care becuase all my life I never knew if people cared about me or not. So why bother you know, this reboot is great, but something inside of me is jealous. Jealous that the reboot Is going to be more popular than me. I know it's stupid but I just wanted to continue the story and seeing how the reboot is supposed doing that, seeing how it's showed they are preteens. I just want people to treat me seriously ;( No one does and i want to work for Cartoon Network some day as a creator and animator But until the I'm just a stupid fangirl with her hard work which people think are mediocre. Can you guys help me? Do you guys think I'm good if i show you my work?
  12. So, the basic idea is that we have a team of people and make OC's. We'll do challanges as trying to create a good OC in an hour, and sometimes split in to teams and have competitions. This is prely for fun and i'm hoping to at least gather a small Group We'll be doing most of this over Skype by the way
  13. I know, for some it's probably old news. But i love this little blog so much, because it just reflects my personal distane for Kevin Dunn as a producer and as a human being and why he is far worse for the WWE, then Vince Mcmahon. So yeah, their you have it. It's pretty much one of the reasons, why i still support the WWE, just in the hopes that it gets better, once Kevin Dunn leaves. Hunter and NXT say hi. Also, Cheeseburger is the greatest.
  14. Hello, and welcome to the Redraw Group (I may need to come up with a better name for this). I'm starting this as a way for people to improve their skills as artists by using the art of others as a guide for drawing their own original pieces, or redrawing the original as practice. The idea is that posting something here gives permission to others to redraw your artwork or use it as a guide for the purpose of this thread. The artworks can be anything unless it's NSFW. Both traditional and digital art are allowed. I'll start by posting some of my own work. Keep in mind, art that is posted here is only for the uses listed above, use in any other way is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated by the owner of the work. I would like to see some of your work so I can try to improve my skills as well. The goal here is to share our work with each other and inspire each other to try new things. The Rules: - List the name of the original artist of the work you are duplicating. Their name on the forum (or whatever website they are best known at) A link to their website, artpage or Youtube Channel A friendly mention that this is beyond a reasonable doubt THEIR work and your duplication is inspired by such - Be sure to the original work can be found in your post and proper credit is given to the original artist for that image as well. Add a link to the original artwork if it is on another page or website. If it is on the same page indicate which item it is on that page (check after posting to see if your post started a new page. If it did, add the link to the page the image was on.) Information about whose work the link leads to must be included. - Keep your advice friendly and your criticism constructive. Don't insult anyone. Don't claim to be better than someone else, that is a matter of opinion. - Try not to offend anyone. Don't post NSFW content here. Don't post anything that is hateful or mean. - You are still on MLPforums and must also abide by their global rules.- You MAY NOT for ANY REASON use an image posted here outside this thread unless the artist says otherwise. Example: You may NOT use another artist's drawing of your OC as an avatar.- While MLP related art would be preferred, it is not required.- If you are posting your own, original artwork, you should label it as such to avoid any confusion. - This group is always open to new members, and there is no need to ask permission to join as long as you follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules above, your post will be reported. If it continues, further action may be taken. My originals: First, Seamore Sandwich and Ink/Quill (Ink and Quill are identical twins, you can never be sure which one you are looking at). Links to their bios are in my signature. Then it's the Dimond Spider. I am granting special permissions with this one. If you want to use it as an enemy in your Roleplay, you may, and for that purpose you may copy and paste the following image into the Roleplay. Just be sure you give me credit for it if you do, and please keep the creature as described in the following link. If you choose to redraw it and use the redrawn image elsewhere, remember to properly credit me for the creature's design there as well. Keep in mind these permissions do not extend to any other content in this thread. Diamond Spider Sadly, I could not find my old dragon drawings. I know I still have them somewhere. They were on a level far above these drawings. I guess I will just have to draw them again.
  15. This is a car I've worked on in GTA V and will be creating it online . She aint going to be cheap but the most classic, rare, luxury and stunning will the the perfect fit for thy Rarity. - Rarity's car cost up to $1,600,000 - Truffade Z-Type (all upgrades Or save up and create either: - Vinyl Scratch that cost up to $2,600,000 - Progen T20 (all upgrades) - Sonata Dusk that cost up to $2,400,000 - Pegassi Osiris (all upgrades) Need help on this decision. Link to Rarity car
  16. Hello every-pony, I am new to the forum so if I happen to do anything that doesn't fit just let me know ^-^. I was hoping if any-pony could help me come up with a name for my OC. He is a he. He is a Pegasus and he wears a neon green headset with a golden "P" on each ear piece. His cutie mark is a spinning record with a double beamed note above it. (I think that's what it's called, it's been a while since I've played). His mane and tail are different shades of brown with a blonde outline. His coat is just a tad bit darker then Rainbow Dash's. His eyes are light blue. He wears neon green, blue and white sneakers/ canvas shoes. (idk what to call them). He also time to time can be seen in Silver framed, Aviator glasses. Most importantly he is a DJ with the stage name DJ Kyl-3. Any help is appreciated Thanks! Here's a picture I drew of him, (not to sure how to spoiler tag something on this forum yet, sorry).
  17. Next up is a statue I made in welding, I used car parts. He's a spear thrower with his spine made from a crankshaft... I call him a spear-thrower with scoliosis Why not I'll include some of my favorite drawings Okay lastly, Because I was bored at work one day... A carpenter pencil crossbow.
  18. So I decided to start this game and anyone can join, what I was thinking is this will be a story we will all create, there will be randomness, silliness, sorrow and a cornucopia of other emotions as everyone adds their own bit. You don't even really need to read what has happened if you come in late and it already has a lot to it, you can still post and your addition could change the whole path of the story. I hope everyone likes this idea and it becomes big Rules: 1. Try to keep your addition slightly relevant to what is previously happening, don't go from a pony walking through Canterlot to suddenly being teleported to the underworld... which could still be relevant in some ways. 2. To make this story as potentially random and unpredictable as it can be, please only post a sentence or two at a time. Don't go off and write out a detailed page of character development where no one else had any part in it. 3. please make an attempt to us proper grammar as to not throw off what your addition might mean. 4. This is the most important part. Have fun! So no arguing over what was posted or how someone deviated the story, this all for fun and to be unpredictable So I will start it: On a sunny day in Canterlot, a unicorn stallion by the name of Star Chaser walked through the market district of the city. Until he came upon a peculiar shop that caught his eye that lined the sidewalk, the window had several displays inside and the sign above the door read Magic Galore.
  19. Thought up a little game based on an acting exercise I learned at my Improv class called "one word story". StoryTeller It's the name of the game Rules: I'll start a story. You add to it. Simple as that. Please try to keep it Pg-13 or under. No threadjacking, this is a communal game. Differentiate between story and general talk by using "colors" "italics" or (Parentheses) Don't be afraid to do something bold, if you want to write a paragraph, go for it! If you only want to write a couple words, that's cool too. Have fun, this is a game! Example: Me: I was walking down the sidewalk, when I spotted an alligator. Random poster #1: The alligator peered at me through squinted reptilian eyes. Random poster #2: Just then a wild Twinkie appeared. (yeah, that's right, you heard me a twinkie.) Random poster #3: It was a spaghetti western standoff, me, the alligator, and the Twinkie. Seriously, a twinkie? Random poster #4: The silence was palpable. Random poster #2: The alligator suddenly went into cardiac arrest, "We need to get him to the hospital!", said the alarmed Twinkie. (What's wrong with Twinkies?) Random poster #5: We ran down the street. Well I ran, the Twinkie was being carried by his elemental slave, the tough Djinn, Larry. Random poster #6: Time was ticking, we only had moments. I know my alien girlfriend was waiting at that Italian bistro in midtown. The alligator had to come first, his life is at stake. I'm sure she'll understand, I thought. I dunno, I think Twinkies are cool. Um, yeah. You get the picture. I'll be adding everyone's pieces to a "mane story post" when I'm online. -*Mane Story*- Story prompt: ( A brainy singer accidentally saves an army of monsters and swallows a lost city. Shimmerlicious-->Demirari-->Yoshikupo-->AURAequine-->Shimmerlicious-->AURAequine-->Yoshikupo-->Shimmerlicious--> Yoshikupo-->Shimmerlicious Prologue I look up, the sky is barren. It's always barren. I was born to a noble houshold, a haven if you will. My name is Ho-Favre, and I am counting the grains of Doru sand. "Seven..eight..nine", I whispered to myself. "Two-hundred-and-fifty-eight.. wait," I scratched my head in confusion, "why am I counting grains of sand? Oh man, it had already been an hour!" "You were building it for me, dunce!" a small sand man says hitting her in the back of the head "now look outside to see why you need me again" "No need to be so mean.." she said as she walked slowly towards the open window "And my name isn't Dunce.. It's Ho-Favre.." She looked up and gazed into the horizon.. A dusty, barren land lay before her.. Ho-Favre sighs.. "I miss the trees, the grass.. Why did this have to happen.. Everything is gone.." she said softly, a tear falls down her face.. "That is why...", the sand man says in a sad tone. "I'm sorry Ho-Favre. You know that time isn't on our side." The outside is the same as it is everyday, wisps of dust of what used to be pylons, structures of an ancient society long passed. It's always dusk it seems, she contemplates, softly weeping. The wind howled, and to me it sounded like a forlorn melody of suffering. It brought a sense of melancholic solace. This world needs a change. But change, it seems, always takes time. "I don't get it.. What exactly is this hourglass thing meant to do anyway.." She said looking back at the center of the room.. piles of shimmering silver sands surround a large hourglass with a crystal rim.. "It is said.. When the grains of the Doru hourglass fall.. Time near will stand still, while time away will move on.." Said the Sandman.. "So, like.. some sort of time travel?" Ho-Favre said with a puzzled look "That can't help us.. Even if it did work we traveled thousands of years into the future.. there's go guarantee that this land will heal.. we'll fix that thing later.. after we find out what's causing all this and stop it.." "Oh sure, go out into the harsh endless barrens.. you'll be just fine, won't you.." Says the Sandman sarcastically.. "Go ahead Miss big and strong.." "Well I'm definitely bigger than you, you barely reach up to my knee.." sneered Ho-Favre "Oh, and I'm not going alone..", She picks up the sandman by back of his pale gold robe with her teeth and started walking towards the open window.. "Put, me, down!" shouted the sandman "Unhand me this instant!" Ho-Favre leaps through the opening, and lands outside.. the warm sand gathers at her hooves.. the winds gust, shifting her long auburn mane... She looks off into the horizon.. Their journey into these desolate lands has only just begun.. Chapter 1 "Come on! you don't know whats out there, time travel is the best answer and you didn't even build me all the way!" the sand man yelled as a scorpion approached the mare "Pony is a taste I haven't had in a while, its so rare nowadays," it said as it closed in on her. "Do something...", the sandman whispered to Ho Favre. "I would but...", Ho Favre whispers back with a sense of uncertainy. The scorpion, started smiling and began inching closer in a predatory fashion. "But what?!", the sandman glared at Ho Favre. "Well, I kiiiiind of left my bag and supplies back at the household," Ho Favre winced apathetically. "You did- wait now- are you telling me that...," the sand man trailed off. "Yes," Ho Favre gulped in fear. "RUN!" The sand man screamed. They both panicked, and started running in the opposite direction back towards the household. "Where is it?" they both gasped in unison. The Household had entirely dissipated. "That's why I didn't want you to go! the house would be almost lost forever...we could still find it, it will be a struggle with all this sand" The sand man said "let me go into the sand, its risky but it might work" She knelt down and let him slide off her tail. "Be careful," Said Ho Favre, with a look of caution in her eyes." The sandman shot her a whimsical look. "You should listen to yourself sometime," He commented. "Really, I'm not the one who needs to be careful" Then with a roll of his eyes, he dissipated into a wisp of dust.
  20. Inspired by the "Favorite word" topic, i decided to start a new funny topic, which is a slight modification of that one. I saw plenty of fancy words there, some of them new to me (like "kerfuffle"), which sounded odd or as if they were made up (I had to check out if they're real). So I started wondering: What is it that makes people like these words in particular? Is it how they sound? Is it what they remind them of? Or how they look like when written down? Were they invented to fulfill these needs in the first place? This gave me an idea: How about inventing a bunch of totally new words? You can use existing English words as a base, or mix them up to get something new. Or you can use some well-known English stem and attach some standard endings to them to get a word which is meaningful, but there is no such word in the dictionary as of yet. For example, there is that word toyetic being used more and more by Bronies regarding Hasbro's practices of embedding imagery in MLP supposed to sell some of their products. This word is somewhat new, I guess, and definitely made up only recently. Same goes with flanderization, which means to take a character's most recognizable trait and use it over and over, flattening his character down to this particular trait. (The word is not in the dictionary yet, but it is commonly used.) Or to nerf something down, which means dumbing down, making it unnecessarily over-safe. And of course to ponify something, that is, make it MLP-related. But let me give you a couple of examples I made up myself: bonkerizer - a device which makes something gone bonkers bradness - being cringeworthy, but from hard-to-explain reasons, like Brad in "Equestria Girls" complicable - being able to become complicated easily But an even better idea is to invent something entirely new. A word which sounds like English, but there is no such word whatsoever and it is not based on any existing English stem. Here is a bunch of words I invented, from the top of my head: kwynkle, comptivity, dorfel, yankling, blipple, saliace, saliacid (I guess this one could mean something salty and acidic at the same time), fittiquity (this one sounds funny ), nork, zomping, rondling, grushy, tonkable, zork, zorking, tagant, pirtle, koshish, triddle. You can even try to build sentences with them They sound bizarre and funny: A grushy kwynkle has been yankling through tonkable fittiquity when it rondled a tonkable dorfel. The dorfel was tagant, because the previous day he was triddling too much saliace. As a true zork, he was zorking for some koshish comptivity. Yeah, weird as hell, I told ya I wonder what could it mean, though?... Lewis Caroll once wrote a poem "Jabberwocky" which utilizes a lot of nonsensical and made-up words like these. You can find it in his book "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found there". Let me quote it for you: "Jabberwocky" 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought— So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. And as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One, two! One, two! and through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back. "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" He chortled in his joy. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Some people even tried to decipher the meaning of these words, basing on other Caroll's works. Whaddya think of it? Fun or not? Can you invent some new, funny-sounding words and post them in this thread? Perhaps even with some explanations of what do you think they could mean?
  21. The typical finish the sentence game! It is a very popular fourm game and is fairly simple. All you have to do is type a sentence and leave out a word (at the end of course) then see what people write to fill in the blank _________ And that's all that there is to it! I'll start! Today I walked to __________.
  22. So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.>
  23. Why not also include the Halloween costume I made for a haunted house one time. (disclaimer: if you don't like the sight of fake blood/gore don't click this one. I think though the worse part is one pic has me in it O.o beware)
  24. So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.> Spoiler