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Found 23 results

  1. I claim this place for my army of creatures. Unlike the righteous heroes who pester others to do their bidding, a villain needs to learn a wide variety of skills in order to manifest their vision into reality. Normally I just post whatever drawings I manage to create into status, but the stars are right for it all to be posted into a single threat that shall serve as a record of this shitlord's journey.
  2. Anybody have one? Mine would have to be the Phoenix.
  3. So due to Capper, an anthro cat, basically being canon, I was wondering what he would think and feel about non-antho cats, like Opal, and how his species evolved into such a way as to become more human-like. I would assume there might also be anthro dogs as well and how they possibly evolved to go away from how we perceive dogs in their universe, like Winona. How is it that these two creature are very similar and yet very different when they are so close and how did one become so anthro, because, I’m assuming, it too at least a millennium for cats to evolve into such a way for Capper to be the way he is.
  4. Well I was wondering if others had OCs who were not a pony for example a Dragon or a Zebra , I am making my third and final OC who will be a Changeling and it made me think how many others actually had an OC who was a creature. Now then if you have a different OC let me know.
  5. There are loads of different mythical creatures in many different cultures around the world. Too many to word in a single post, and all-or most-of them are interesting in their own way. MLP has already introduced plenty of different ones into the show, but there's room for them to introduce so many more. So, I ask you, the Brony Community, what sort of creatures would you like to see put into the show one day?
  6. Do you think they'll add any creatures from Japanese mythology in the show?
  7. Do you think sea serpents, minotaurs, chimeras and other sentient monsters/creatures of Equestria and nearby lands have their own societies, cultures, countries, etc.? We already saw the dragons’ land, griffin’s settlement and changelings’ lair. I also remember a comic about Diamond Dogs kingdom (the comic is recommended for Trixie fans). So what about the others? Do they just live among ponies or as lone predators, or can some of them form their own societies?
  8. We know Sea Ponies are showing up (well Shoo-Bee-Doo!), and since the movie has the Mane 6 on a world tour outside of Equestria, it got to wondering about other Generation 1 whatzits. Ya know, like the Bushwoolies, the Grundles(Danny DeVito cameo time?), the Moochic, the Troggles, and numerous other creatures that popped up through out the old cartoon. Because this movie seems like the best time to update them for the current generation. It even be a case of now or never...
  9. What other creatures from Greek mythology should appear in the show? For me, it's probably Satyrs, Scylla, Charybdis, and Cyclopes.
  10. I think there is something that we all want from this series and that's having more phantasmal creatures in the series. One of those that i always miss are my favorites, the Lamias. Alot of you (if not all) already know how much i love snakes and i have grown a liking to Lamias, which in greek mythology are hybrid of a human and a snake, or in the case of Equestria, a hybrid between a snake and a pony and i think in the world of Equestria it would make sense, since alot of the creatures are inspired by greek mythology (Manticores, Chimeras, etc.) I thought about it like this. Instead of having a whole civilization of Lamiaponies, how about having just a few, or maybe just one, who have/has been cursed and is/are now hiding from civilization in the Everfree? You could even do an episode out of it, with Pinkie finding one in the Everfree, who is very shy because of it's looks. But Pinkie tries to introduce him in Ponyville. A few go wrong at the beginning, but something will happen that will win the Lamia the trust of the folks in ponyville, giving us a lesson of not judging someone, eventhough he looks like a monster. What do you think about it? Would you like Lamiaponies in the show?
  11. We have seen things like dragons, griffins, hydras (sorta), and even manticores. What kind of monster would you like to see the show have a take on? For me, I'd like to see there take on the jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland.
  12. I've been wondering about this for a long time and now I'm finally going to make a thread to get an answer since I can't find one on other sites. Just what was that creature Pinkie encountered near Yakyakestan in "Party Pooped"? Was that something from myths & folklore, or something they came up with special? Sorry to clutter up the board like this, but I'm really curious and it's starting to bug me.
  13. So, what are some of your favorite monsters and creatures from the world of video games? What do you like about them the most? Both sentient and non-sentient beasts count. Here are some of mine: *Ridley, Kraid and most creatures Samus meets *Of the Monster Hunter bestiaries, my particular favorites include Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Khezu, Teostra and Lunastra, Qurupeco, Jaggi and Great Jaggi and Tigrex to name a few. *Pretty much all of the monsters of Dragon's Dogma, specially Grigori the Dragon *Reapers. What's not to love about a gargantuan, biomechanical squid? *Behemoth, Marlboro and Cactuar, all from the Final Fantasy franchise *Moon Presence, Amygdala, Ebrietas, Darkbeast Paarl, of Bloodborne fame.
  14. I've opened another gallery here since i don't draw only ponies. These are some of my most recent works : ) A quick watercolor excercise done when i visited a friend of mine A cover illustration about The Musicians of Bremen done for a school assignment (made with copic markers, colored pencils for higlights and white uniposca for little details). A quick flat colored drawing of my bunny sona done with Paint Tool Sai (i'm still a newbie with digital but it's pretty fun to play around with Sai). Some copic colored sketches of a unicorn creature and one about my fancy rat Rizzo as a rat dragon xD I'll add more in these days
  15. What are you guys most truly unloved creatures in all of the MLP comics?
  16. There already were a lot of mythical creatures in the show: basilisk, centaur, minotaur, dragons, hydra, manticor, chimera, gryphons, and so on. So which mythical creatures should be met by whom in the next Season in your opinion? I go with these three: The Spirit of the Forest: Most old, large forests have a myth about an spirit that protects/haunts/lives in/all at once the forest. And there is no forest greater, darker, more mysterious, than the Everfree Forest. So it would be very intersting if Fluttershy meets the Spirit of Everfree Forest. I imagine the Spirit as a large, silvery-blue deer whith antlers like curvy branches of ancient trees. It should have a mane of a plant like Ivy, and a hindquerters that seem to merge with the forest. It also should have the friendly and calm eyes of a deer, but at the same time the vicious, dripping theeth of a bear. Yep, thats what I think the Spirit of Everfree Forest would look like. The Glatisant: A not very well known creature with the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion and the feet of a hart. It is also known as "The Questing Beast", for loving nothing more than being hunted (when its hunter Sir Pedrag fell of his horse and died, it was so sad that it drunk several lakes) and "The Barking Hound", for "barking as loud as a thousand wild hunting hounds hunting", when its hunter lost its track. This is quiet easy, since it is very fast, can teleport, vanish into the backgrounds, and move trees and rocks to conceal it or block the way of the hunter. I think it would be quite possible that Discord creates such a thing, sets it free in the Everfree Forest, and then proclaims he would create a whole lot of bucks (or something like that) for the pony who catches the creature alive. The Sphinx: This one is very well known, I think: A lion with an eagles wing and the head of a young woman (maybe a pony in the show). When someone crosses its path, they have to pass a test (usually a riddle) or be eaten. The perfect opponent for Twilight Sparkle, I think. So, which mythical creatures do you want to see in the show?
  17. As my partner and the Equestrian Biologist Pinkamena Diane Pie has captured while travelling with the Apple Family, these are two of the possibly many organisms living inside of the Scariest Cave in Equestria. As her crew was terribly frightened by the sights and sounds of the cave, these were the only creatures captured. However, as the previous claims of ponies not returning from the cave has since been disproven, we shall send our bravest of crews to enter the cave once more and attempt in discovering previously unknown species.
  18. Just to clarify: In the Castle Mane-ia episode, just before we hear the opening theme, we see these spiders that have stars on them, and we see Spike trembling in fear of them. Later, when we see Rarity and Fluttershy approaching the castle, Fluttershy says "Don't you think it's a little late in the day to be walking through the forest? It is star-spider season, after all." We can easily infer that these "star-spiders" that Fluttershy is referring to are the spiders with stars on them that made Spike so uneasy. One has to wonder: How have star-spiders earned a reputation that makes Spike, Fluttershy, and possibly others so wary of them? Do they bite? Do they lure hungry Ursa-majors and Ursa-minors out of their caves to come and eat them, so that you have lots of hungry Ursa-majors and Ursa-minors roaming around the forest? These are the best theories I've managed to come up with so far. What are your theories?
  19. There has been a lot of mythical creatures shown on MLP. (griffins, minotaurs, manicores, hydras, dragons...timber wolves??) What mythical beast do you want to see on MLP but haven't yet? For me, two animals come to mind. First, I want to see a Chinese "Qilin" (or as I remember it in Japanese as a "Kirin") which is a dragon shaped like a deer with the hooves and tail of an ox. I like to imagine that in the MLP universe, all "enlighten" dragons (those who grow up NOT tempted by greed) will turn into a Qilin instead. It'll be a nice loophole to have for all the Rarity x Spike fans out there. The other mythical beast would be a Cerberus...because Fluttershy needs an awesome guard animal! Any thoughts??
  20. Here's a thread for talking about Spore! Give suggestions for interesting creations, tell people your favorite creatures, whatever! This is the place for Spore loving bronies across the spiral galaxy!
  21. Nearly done Just needs a tongue and socks. I'll finish it in a week, I'm lazy now. I was workong on this for 3 days aprox 14 hours. I'm frustrated with the textures lol. anyhow I hope you like it(eventho very creepy) The concept is by ~Amond-Logan. Its fully rigged, but I will have to re-do weight painting if I'd like to animate it.
  22. I am a big fan of the creature crew and there youtube video's so being a new brony I'm curious to see who everypony else likes the most or dislike the most. My favorite Creatures are Sly and Gassy and my not so favorite is Dane.
  23. What will you guys do if they add sea ponies in friendship is magic later on in the show do you think it will be a good idea or a bad idea ?.