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Found 50 results

  1. I’ve made this thread to discuss some fairly odd,creepy,funny unexpected moments in otherwise good games. This of course can be from the NES all the way to the Xbox Scorpio and so on. these can be on purpose from the creators or a glitch. mine is when I encountered SA-X from Metroid fusion for the GBA.
  2. Hello, I am looking for people that are willing to do some voice acting (character impressions) for my creepypasta MLP game called Dreamy Rainbow 3D. The game is still in development so not all the characters are final yet. If you are interested to voice act for this game, please let me and we'll discuss about it. Conditions: - No male characters - Microphone quality must be decent If you want to learn more about the game itself, here's a link to it on Gamejolt: Thank you very much!
  3. Luna's game a scary game that you needed to download in order to play, I first discovered it when I was looking up on of my favourite youtubers "some ordinary gamers" he is into creepy stuff so I watch him play it and first pops up a creepy applebloom but I was not scared by it, the only thing that got me good was when pinkie pie popped up when the game closed saying "this isn't over". the rest to me was not scary. what did you think about it.
  4. I DO UNDERSTAND NOT EVERYBODY HAS YOUTUBE SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUTUBE THEN YOU MAY LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW IN THIS THREAD IF YOU DO HAVE YOUTUBE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GO TO YOUTUBE AND LEAVE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE THANK YOU. Hello everypony I made a video that requires your suggestions I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CRITICISM ON THE VIDEO ITS JUST ASKING FOR SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT KIND OF CONTENT I SHOULD MAKE which Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy kindly shouted it out for me please read the annotations at the beginning of the video it informs you of what not to recommend and some other fun things you can recommend here is the video looking forward to your recommendations. here is the video
  5. Wow, feels like forever since I've told an actual story! This one's new, and in fact, during my hiatus. I told you it'd come in handy! I haven't really told anyone this, but I'm a big fan of Creepypastas. I love them! They're like the next level of horror material, and if done correctly, can be used to keep you on your toes for the next week! But there's a problem (there always is) I have somewhat of a "sanity meter" built into my mind. If I listen to too many readings, I become scared of the world around me. Even if I know it's fake, or there's no way the events described are possible, I'm still terrified of my own shadow. So I established a "three-fiction" rule (I only listen to three a night, if desired). But of course, I'm an idiot and wish to listen to as many as I want. Rest in peace, sanity. This "sanity meter" is nothing new. I've had it long before I became a brony. The catch is that I listen to, and read, things that are related to what I like, and at the moment, that means ponies. So OF COURSE I'm going to listen to some PonyPastas! Yeah, that was a bad idea. I was on the Ponyville.FM when I found out Scribbler was doing a reading on, "Does it Hurt to Sleep?", a rather well done fiction. Anyway, the video was about a day old and I was curious. As I explained above, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, so I decided to give it a shot. Like I said, it was very well written and somewhat believable. Of course, there was a bit of descriptive issues near the end, but that's all fine and dandy when you've got a reader building up the atmosphere. When the first story came to a close, I was intrigued to listen to another, then another. Finally, I stumbled across psychological horror fiction by the name of, "The Hole in My Face" Now, normally I'd laugh at something like this, and I did; but it really got in my head after a while. The bad part about this? It starred Applejack, my fiance. (If you don't get that joke, look back for a previous blog entry, "Telling My Brother How Unworthy I Am". I still don't know where that ring is going to go. . . anal rings) Let's just say, after the creepypasta, I didn't feel myself. I went to bed and stared at my AJ plush for more than an hour. For some reason, I couldn't quite get the thought out of my head. Her face was as plush and cute as usual, but what if it was an illusion like the story described. I touched it just to make sure. My insanity lasted a good three days. I couldn't think, or bear to look, at my fiance for as long as there was day. No, I didn't have nightmares. If I did, I'd put them down, but I think that's a good story for another time. Lesson of the day is to not read sp00ky stories without adult suppervision (see what I did there? The title's name has "Dinner" and the ending lesson has "Supper" ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º) ) -RealityPublishing
  6. AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANYMORE AUDITIONS I KNOW NOBODY AUDITIONED AND THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS SILLY, BUT THAT'S OK, BUT ONCE AGAIN AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Hello everypony I am going to be doing a reading of Fluttershy's Lullaby and I need female voice actors only for Applebloom, Rarity and Sweetie belle I want the voices to be as close to the show as possible here is the lines Applebloom and Rarity's lines in the creepypasta says they are muttering the lines. Applebloom: "No please oh god no" (line should be said with sadness and desperation) Rarity: "Yes I'm finally rid of her forever" (line should be said with happiness and relief) Sweetie Belle: scream like your being tortured just try and sound like her* RULES 1:FEMALE AUDITIONS ONLY 2:ALL AUDITIONS MUST HAVE A GOOD MICROPHONE AND CLEAR AUDIO NO BACKGROUND NOISES 3:ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE SAVED AS A MP3 FILE 4: HAVE FUN AUDITIONING!!!
  7. AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANYMORE AUDITIONS I KNOW NOBODY AUDITIONED AND THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS SILLY, BUT THAT'S OK, BUT ONCE AGAIN AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Hello everypony I am going to be doing a reading of Fluttershy's Lullaby and I need female voice actors only for Applebloom, Rarity and Sweetie belle I want the voices to be as close to the show as possible here is the lines Applebloom and Rarity's lines in the creepypasta says they are muttering the lines. Applebloom: "No please oh god no" (line should be said with sadness and desperation) Rarity: "Yes I'm finally rid of her forever" (line should be said with happiness and relief) Sweetie Belle: scream like your being tortured just try and sound like her* RULES 1:FEMALE AUDITIONS ONLY 2:ALL AUDITIONS MUST HAVE A GOOD MICROPHONE AND CLEAR AUDIO NO BACKGROUND NOISES 3:ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE SAVED AS A MP3 FILE 4: HAVE FUN AUDITIONING!!!
  8. Hello everypony I believe I am in the right spot? I am sorry if I am not, but lately I have been wanting to read creepypastas for my channel for everybody to listen to and enjoy so I thought I would ask you guys what creepypasta you think I should read just no Sweet Apple Massacre or anything along those lines its a very sick creepypasta and I will not read it so don't ask other then that please do put down what you would like to hear or what you think others would like to hear have fun. You can suggest a creepypasta that has gore and killing in it just as long as it has no sex its fine.
  9. A mild and aggressive kind of waves, Its arrival distorts our reality We are going into the fourth dimensions, good luck with your vitality
  10. Hey, are you a Creepypasta fan? come talk about your favourite characters, stories, and more here! My favourite character is Ben Drowned. I love how the story is about haunted games, it really interests me. Who is YOUR favourite?
  11. Hello If you ever go on a walk around a frorest on a windy, cloudy evening, you may see a girl with a pink jacket and pink shoes. The wind is playing with her goldish brown hair and she has white earplugs. It looks like she is going somewhere and her eyes are dreamy. When you come closer to her, it will look like she does not see you. But when you have come realy close, she smiles and waves to you. If you greet her, you can go on with your life and forget the girl you saw in the forest. But if you don't want to greet her... Let me tell you something you don't know about the girl, she is listening rock music, she is not going anywhere and if you don't greet her, bad things will happen and you would whish you greeted her that windy, cloudy evening. This girl does realy exist and I know that not because I met her... or maybe I have. I know she exist because I am that girl. This is the beginning of my thriller called the girl whit the pink jacked. I am dutch so maybe there are some mistakes but my friend helped me whit the translation and she is really good in english. When i have made an other part of the story i will upload it here This is the biginning but the story is about a girl calles jade and she hears this story. She want to know who the girl is and if she realy can make things happen. But while she is comming closer to the truth, bad things happen to her familly. If jade realy want to know the truth she might has to sacrifice everything.
  12. Might as well, here goes: 10. Strangest Videotape / Barbie.avi Let’s start it nice and easy with a tie, these are the first two pastas I ever heard (because as you know from the last entry, I don’t read them, I hear them, the atmosphere is much better that way); so these are the two stories that got me into pastas, may as well place them on the top; if they were good enough to keep me interested, they must be good enough for this entry 9. The Chanting In The Woods Oh yeah, this one; works amazingly well if you happen to be a person who grew up in the rural area, preferably next to some woods (not my case, I was always a big city kid; nevertheless, I really enjoyed this one) 8. Where Bad Kids Go Very short, under 3 minutes, yet it does its job surprisingly well; it really took my by surprise 7. 1999 If I knew this one before, it would have easily made my top 5 list; this was the one that almost got me to think it was real; it’s very well made, structured and thought out and I don’t wanna say anything else about it 6. Psychosis Again, if I knew this one in time, it would have made my top 5 list; the ironic thing is that I did know about it back then, I just forgot…oh well The great thing about this one is that it really shows what it’s like to be psychotic Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:
  13. So here I have a drawing of Jeff the Killer and it says, "Just because he always smiles, doesn't mean he's always happy." fyi I drew this a couple weeks ago, but I just wnated to post it on here for any creepypasta fans
  14. Recently reread the Ben Drowned Creepypasta and it gave me an idea to do a sort of audio mix song thing for it. This was my first attempt and I've never tried to do this before, but I kinda like the atmosphere I came out with. Love to hear what anyone thinks of it, especially if they know the creepypasta this was inspired from.
  15. i know there is already a favorite fanfiction topic but i don't want to know what your favorite fanfiction overall is i just want grimdark recommendations i only know of three but they are my 3 favorite fanfictions they are sweet apple masicure (I think i spelled that correctly) cupcakes and rocket to insanity if you know any others i would appreciate it if you at least tell me and if possible post a link youtube or a website with it posted will do. thank you
  16. Scaredy cats, look away now X3 Hi people! I'm sure you know about creepypastas, those little horror stories surfing around the internet. Some of them get the job done even better than Hollywood movies when it comes to scares or all around creepiness. One thing about me, though, I prefer listening to them rather than reading them, don't ask me why; anyways, since I'm one of those die hard fans who's always on a pasta diet, I've decided to make a top 5 of my fave stories for anyone who's interested. You like scares? you came to the right place. But how to make this top? Which stories can be considered better than all others? Well, in my opinion, the best creepypastas should seem the most believable, should make you feel uneasy, and should definitely have an all around creep value to it. Having established that, here are my fave creepypastas, with links to the audio versions of them, performed by MrCreepypasta, my fave creepypasta reading youtuber (oh, you don't like him? well I do and this is my top X3) Spoiler: no, Cupcakes is not on this list; in my opinion, that's just goreporn, definitely not a good creepypasta. #5 - Anasi’s Goatman Story To tell the truth, it's difficult to figure out why I like this one so much, though I find myself coming back to it numerous times. Maybe it's the fact that it takes place in the middle of nowhere, maybe that it's the way it is written, making it extremely believable, I'm not sure; it's definitely chilling and makes you wonder just how safe you are when you're going camping with friends. #4 - Abandoned By Disney This came out of nowhere and completely blew my mind, was not expecting it to be so damn good; up to a certain point, it definitely sounds like something the Disney corporation would do; however, it then slowly descends into an absolute horrific secret that I'll let you read (or hear X3) for yourselves, should you wanna check it out. #3 - Candle Cove The ending absolutely made this one for me. It has everything that makes creepypastas good and leaves you (well, left me, at least) completely creeped out. It's nice and short, and a wonderful example of what you can do even if you don't plan on writing a novel-long story in order to draw your audience in slowly. #2 - Ben (Majora's Mask) Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Footage 1: Footage 2: Footage 3: Footage 4: This one is nothing short of a masterpiece, and the fact that it actually has filmed footage makes it all the more believable / terrifying / nightmare inducing / whatever you wanna call it >w< It's no surprise that this appears on everyone's list of best pastas, it is deserving of every praise it gets, since a lot of work was clearly placed in its making; a word of warning though, the ending absolutely blows your mind in how scary it is, but the reality is that it kinda loses it's effect when you hear the audio, it works best when it is read; I kinda figured this out when hearing it and noticed what the author was trying to do. #1 - The Showers Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: This shall forever be my fave scary story, unless someone can produce something absolutely heart-stopping. I haven't been in a long time as scared as I was when this one finished. There is a possibility that you won't like it as much or you'll be expecting something even more horrific and then be let down, but this is my opinion, that The Showers is the ultimate creepypasta. You're probably now saying "Del, you piece of poop, what the hell were you thinking not including Slendy or Jeff in your list?" To tell you the truth though, I really didn't find them scary, I see them as just stories about serial killers, one of them faceless and incredibly tall; thing is that a story needs to have an element of the unexplained in order for me to be scared or at least creeped out; if everything is neatly explained and I am not left pondering, then chances are I won't be scared either. That being said, thanks for reading.
  17. What's up, everypony! This blog has every fandom from Doctor Who to Markiplier to Pokémon to Hunger Games! Youtube and shows and books and movies and video games! Everything! Im here to join fandoms together and share the love of fanmares and stallions. Im here to share news and show you awesome pictures and crossovers and what not. Im pretty much here to show you everything I can get my hooves on from every fandom I know anything about. So don't fret! I will do everything in my power to share the knowledge and love of the fandoms! So to start, here are some crossovers.
  18. I've been reading creepypastas for a very long time now and I have quite a few favorites, but to name just 2, those would be: 1.) The Russian Sleep Experiment -- what else could it be this was the one that got me into this whole creepypasta thing 2.) The Other Internet -- I have to be honest with this one, this just scared me so much and made me think, I've been lost in thoughts for days after I read/listened to this. So what is YOUR favorite one?
  19. Does it count as cross-posting if it's from a completely unrelated forum? I posted this on another forum that focuses on creepypastas. Sadly, the forum isn't terribly active, so I haven't gotten a response despite posting it, like, a month ago. Well, here's my issue, if you can call it that. I'm aiming to start up a review show on creepypastas. I've created this character, Count Capellini, and this is sorta the format of the show: talking over still frames. Since it's primarily written word, I think that this style is fine. Here's the introduction: In this video, I echoed the voice and lowered the duplicate tracks in order to give a “demonic” effect. I think this was cool to do for the intro video, but I’m debating whether or not to do it for the reviews, too. My first video that I’m planning is probably gonna come in around 30 minutes. I’m wondering if the under-pinnings will be distracting to listen to for that amount of time. Should I just go with the straight-up voice without any duplicate tracks? Or does adding the demonic tones give it character and depth? And yes, it is supposed to sound slightly campy and flamboyant. One thing I was considering was to have this voice in the video do the review and maybe amplify the lower-pitched voice to narrate quotes. I thought that might break up the monologue a bit and give listeners an audio cue of when I've switched to a quote. (A minor peeve of mine with YT is when content creators let the visuals do the talking when it's primarily talking. I like to listen to stuff like this almost as podcasts, sometimes, but stuff like that takes you out of that illusion.) But let me know if that sounds dumb or something. I have sort of a semi-sample that I did, maybe I can post it for comparison. As for right now, though, my computer's borked and I'm on my partner's computer, so it may be difficult for me to upload that audio right now. But I'll try if anyone needs to get a better idea. I appreciate your opinions! Thanks!
  20. I am looking for a video where a guy adopts Pinkie Pie. Allow me to explain. Keep in mind that the entire video is live action except for Pinkie Pie herself, which is 2D animation. And anything that happened in the video that I'm not sure if it actually happened or if its just my memory being incorrect I will put in () Example: (And Pinkie Pie had a slight smile) So lets not waste anymore time. Here we go! The video starts out with some guy chasing after a car, presumably because someone he loved had left him. The guy suddenly realizes how futile his efforts are and stops chasing the car only to begin looking very depressed. The man starts walking around and spots a billboard advertising a Pinkie Pie adoption (the guy begins tearing up.) It then cuts to him on his computer on Ebay and shows him adopting Pinkie Pie. As soon as he clicks the "Buy now" button he hears a (Doorbell) and opens up his door to see a brown box laying at his doorstep. He then tires to pick it up only to have it burst open abruptly and Pinkie Pie jumps out with a big smile and confetti spraying everywhere. It then shows the man and Pinkie Pie playing games, first being video games where it shows the guy playing only for Pinkie Pie to become curious of the player 2 controller and begins to play with him. It then shows them playing table tennis (I believe the table tennis game is also the video thumbnail.) It then cuts to the guy and Pinkie Pie sleeping together, then Pinkie Pie reaches for the guys phone and begins deleting the messages left on it so he won't leave her to take care of those things because she wants him all to herself. It then cuts to the next morning and most of this shot is filmed from Pinkie Pie's perspective. Pinkie Pie herself sees and hears the world very strangely, hearing things in am echo and her line of vision has odd reddish boarders around it. It then shows Pinkie Pie searching for the guy all from her perspective. She eventually finds him and follows him, it mainly just shows the guy getting ready for work. She then follows him to the door (The guy turns his head to see Pinkie Pie and he pats her on the head) the guy then leaves for work. It then leaves Pinkie Pie's perspective to show her face which has a very blank expression (her hair then pops and she then gets a very sad expression.) It then does a time laps of the day never leaving Pinkie Pie's face and her face slowly contorts into a viscous glare slowly through out the day. The glare then gets so angry that it gets borderline murder look. (She might have veins in her eyes at this point.) It then cuts to the guy coming home (Its dark outside at this point.) He walks into the house and gets knocked out, presumably by Pinkie Pie. He then wakes up in the basement strapped to a table and hears hoof steps in the darkness. (its black and white at this point.) It shows the legs on Pinkie Pie walking up to her captive with a sharp tool (I think it might have been a Japanese sword, but I could very easily be wrong.) It then shows the sharp tool being pointed at his (Right) eye. The weapon then gets jabbed into his eye and a split second later he wakes up (and the credits start rolling.) It is unclear how much was a dream, weather it was just Pinkie Pie going crazy that was a dream, if Pinkie Pie herself was a dream to help cope with the fact that a loved one left him, or even if the loved one leaving him was a dream. So that is how I remember the video. If you can remember the video name that would be greatly appreciated. I first saw this video 2011/2012 and have been searching for it again since about the beginning of 2014. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks again! Oh boy. I had to type this in by hand because it seems there is something wrong with the paste button. My wrists hurt. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Oop...Erm....Found it! Its called "For 2$ it was totally worth it"
  21. This is real leaked footage of a lost episode I found on the internet.
  22. I submitted it to this creepypasta channel and this guy read it. Start at 0:54
  23. So what is your favorite creepy pasta?the infamous jeff the killer? or maybe the disturbing zalgo posts? (also when you state yours please post a pic if you can )
  24. This is my creepypasta as a pony! Here's his story (Not finished yet) :