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Found 10 results

  1. What is the most cringe worthy thing you've seen or heard or maybe you've done something that's cringe worthy?
  2. So recently I have been reading some mlp fanfiction. And by that I mean FlutterDash fanfiction. Just FlutterDash. Only FLutterDash. Umm yeah that's all I have an interest in reading. Anyways I realized why I put off reading it for so long. Fanfiction can be cringy as hell. And no I’m not insulting any writers out there. It’s just that certain annoying as hell tropes pop up more in fan fiction than in normal stories. So have you read any cringeworthy fanfiction? Or fanfiction that had cringeworthy moments? So one fanfiction for me is a WhiteRose fanfiction, basically Weiss stripped to her underwear, and Ruby was like oh too sexy I faint now. I don’t know , I know that not everyone doesn’t want to focus on sex, but at the very least handle it maturely. Don’t just pass it off as some f**king joke. And in basically every FlutterDash fanfiction I’ve read, Rainbow Dash kisses Fluttershy on the mouth. And they're both like “oh that's just because we're close friends not because I love her or anything.” F**k that. If you make out with your best friend on a regular basis, and there isn’t a cultural reason for that, one you are either very curious sexually, or two you love the other person as more than just a friend. The only other place I see that stupid f**king trope is in anime. It’s so absurd that I think “so if you two literally started having sex right now would you be like ‘oh that's totally normal to have sex with your best friend!’”. And since I’m reading FlutterDash fanfiction the cringey overreaction from their friends. Oh no Fluttershy is Rainbow Dash abusing you?! Granted the people writing these fanfictions obviously ship FlutterDash but I still find it annoying. If only because that is an actual argument people have against FlutterDash. Saying Rainbow Dash would abuse Fluttershy is a complete misrepresentation of their relationship. Also I guess the other thing for me would be Fluttershy getting picked on in some way and Rainbow Dash not kicking their ass.
  3. I decided to ship PinkiePAC cause why not
  4. If so, do you care? Does it bother you to know that brony cringe compilations on Youtube are a thing? Are you bothered by the fact that the average person would think you are weird, and write you off in their mind if you showed them how much you were interested in the fandom and the tv show? Do you see their dissaproval as immaturity and ignorance, or do you think they have valid reasoning behind their judgement? Even though liking a kids show doesn't hurt anyone, or affect them negatively, why do you think it still makes the general public uncomfortable? Do you think fandoms in general are deserving of recognition or respect?
  5. As with most media, MLP has had some cringe-worthy moments sprinkled through out the show. These embarrassing, awkward moments can make us cringe on the characters' behalf, yet also make us laugh at the same time. What do you think are the most cringe inducing moments in the show? Currently, most memorable to me is the scene from Season 4's 24th episode, Equestria Games:
  6. I hope this kid isn't serious with his "music career". Also why did he shove a barbie doll up his ass? Could someone please tell me?
  7. "Cringe videos" are videos that are filled with embarrassing or horrible acts, hence the name "cringe", with shame over the despicable acts. Here is an example: What do you think? Do you find them hilarious? (On a side note, I find the bad-acts and the brony cringe vids as the cream of the crop.)
  8. Title pretty much says it all. I don't really have a cringeworthy moment but there was that time I was listening to music in class and my friend unplugged my earphones and the song got to a part where many explicit words were used (oh dear).
  9. I'm curious to know what my fellow bronies think of all the cringe-worthy videos of bronies on YouTube. You know, the ones that involve fedoras, neckbeards, and bronies sperging out in public (airlessarchives69 on YouTube has a nice collection of cringeworthy brony videos if you want to check them out). I want to know whether you guys are offended by, or otherwise dislike cringe videos, or if you like laughing at that side of the fandom. Personally, I love brony cringe videos. I find them both funny and educational on how not to embarrass yourself as a brony! What do you think?
  10. I can't wait to see all the comments saying that this is unnecessary. Oh well, I found another thing that will make you cringe you pants off. IMO, this is worse than before. So many technical errors, it's like the people there had no idea what the fuck they were doing. And the kids, WHY WERE THERE KIDS? This is not something kids should be attending. Oh, but the music. The music was the best part! All there singing sounded like total shit, especially the blond guy that just went "OOOOoooOOO" for most of the song.