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Found 43 results

  1. Criticism is a good writer’s best friend and a bad writer’s bane of existence. Some people use it as an excuse to just be an ass about your writing. Others legitimately want to help you. So let’s play a game. Is the following excerpt an example of constructive criticism or being an asshat: Woah, okay. Your pacing is way too fast here. What happened? Why does everything feel wonky here? You were doing okay before. Slow it down some. Critique Asshat Let’s try another one: You suck! This is hardly even a story! Critique Asshat Pretty easy to tell the difference. Good criticism tells you “This is what you’re doing wrong. This is how I think you should fix it.” It is a sign of respectful readers who appreciate what you’re making and want to see you better yourself in your craft. They’re offering you suggestions, not making an attack on your personal character. If you lash out to someone offering you critiques or advice, you will risk the respect of your readers and will not grow from the experience as you should. What about flaming? When someone starts talking to you like you’re a bad person or otherwise blatantly insults both you and your story, you can let them have it then, right? Not really. You should just ignore people like that. If anything, you should be laughing and giddy when you get responses in this manner on occasion. If you get them constantly then something might be wrong. But if you get hate sparsely, it usually means you’re doing something right. Critiques never tend to feel very good, but they help build your skill as a writer. If you make a huge mistake and the readers point it out, it’s something you can learn to avoid in the future. But if you only get “nice!” Or “Cool!” in response to your work you learn nothing but to feed your ego. Want to see a bad storm? Tell a writer with an overinflated ego their work is bad. You don’t have to listen to criticism. That’s your prerogative. All it is meant to be is a suggestion for you. Whether or not you take it is at your discretion. But treat your readers with the proper respect, and you should especially be grateful to those going out of their way to offer you advice on your story.
  2. Okay so post things you hate about yourself. To start I'll say that I hate that I have a very short temper and I go to the point where I shake in anger and start giving out threats. I'll post more here and there so yeah, what do you hate about yourself?
  3. I got my first GIMP Photo done last night, as a test for getting used to the tools and such. I do terribly need some Criticism though, it just feel like there's something wrong in my photos, or that I need to do better . Help, tips, advice, tricks, anything of the like would help me a great deal if anypony could be so willingly to. (Made this in an hour with a mouse)
  4. Hello! My name is Carrick Edwin Reynolds but people on the site know me as MoTusNua. To give you some context. I was an old user of the forums, three years ago until I left the fandom to deal with emotional problems, I had at the time. I am in a much more emotionally stable state and have been getting back into the show and fandom. I am self-writer which means that I continue to write Poems and Stories and share them with my Family, Friends and Teachers. However, I have not publish any of it publicly on the internet. I used to Roleplay back in the days when I did use the site and I am very excited to start again, however, as perfectionist and due to my want to improve my work. I've decided to allow people to criticize my OC before I use it for actual Roleplays. If you could tell me what you like and dislike about my OC. I would be extremely grateful as I can use that to improve the character and my writing. Here is a Link to my OC: Any criticism is welcome and don't worry about going harsh on me. I would like to know, how people actually feel about my writing and my OC. So, just give your genuine feelings on my Character, so I can learn from that. Thanks!
  5. Hello there! I'm Tealeaf, otherwise known as the artist EnigmaticWisp. I'm not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination and I don't claim to be, but I have devoted a very large amount of time to character design and the mlp fandom as a whole. While I would love to be able to give just a general guideline for you all to utilize, I feel like sometimes a nice, personal approach can be more helpful. That's what I'm here to offer! You can ask me for advice on general stuff such as color schemes, names, or other aspects of the creating process, or you can feel free to just present your character for analysis. Whichever method is more comfortable for you is completely fine, but I do have a question for you to answer and a form for you to fill out so that I can assist a little bit easier. It's preferable if you have a visual reference, although not necessary. What specifically are you having difficulty with, or are you here purely out of curiosity? This will help me assess your design a little better, with a critique tailored a bit more to your needs. Once you've answered that question, please remember to feel out this form about your character to the best of your ability: Name- Personality- Bio- Appearance- Cutiemark- Don't worry if you couldn't fill it all out c: It's just basic stuff to get you started and help me with the criticism portion of this thread. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to help ease any concerns you might have by showing you some of my own old character designs (from oldest to newest), because I definitely wasn't always very good at the character creation process. Therefore, you don't need to be nervous about asking for help or opinions on a design for any reason, even if you aren't entirely comfortable with the artwork yet. This is the fastest, best way to improve c: Note- I will try to make your criticisms more in-depth and specific than what you see below. Alora and Eris I'm going to start with two of my oldest characters together. As you can see, their designs were both very complicated, but their flaws were more than just in their physical appearance. Alora represented life, and Eris represented death. They were very overpowered, unnecessarily so, and many aspects of their design were downright thoughtless. There cutiemarks were overly complex without having a clear symbolic meaning. In terms of mechanics, they technically weren't alicorns, but I gave them just as much if not more ability than the canon alicorns, which is a huge no-no, not only in terms of show accuracy, but also in terms of character development because it limits them from character growth. In the show, the only characters with genuinely powerful magic are characters who's talents revolve solely around magic, but I made two excessively powerful characters here without putting focus on that ability. They were literally just powerful for the sake of being powerful, and that's never a good thing. I don't think I need to explain in too much detail why their physical designs were poor. When designing, it's important to ask, "why?" It took me a while to let go of the weird horn shapes and unnecessary butt mark details. Stardust After Alora and Eris, I went through a few other characters such as an immensely powerful shadow alicorn and a half-dog grimdark unicorn thing, but I'm going to skip those and move onto the next prominent stage in my designing. Stardust here was the first really well developed character, although she had some problems as well. Theoretically, I designed her as an apprentice to Luna who painted constellations for the princess to raise. My biggest problem though, again, was that I simply couldn't bring myself to stick to only a single talent. Her cutiemark was too complex, making the meaning very deluded. At this time, I was also still really stuck on neutral tones with blue and green, which honestly needs to be executed with more care when it comes to the plausible mlp universe. In general, though, she was much MUCH better than either Alora or Eris ever were. Picture Print That second image up there was by Cappydarn on DA, and I'm honestly still proud of it. Picture Print was my first genuine, thought-through character. Now, your character obviously doesn't have to be accurate canonically to be good, but having some semblance of realism is very helpful. Picture Print was also more honest to myself than my previous characters, and her talent was specific. To this day, I still have difficulties shunning her given as to how personal she was to me, and I'm still pretty proud about how I got around the no-magic, no-holding ordeal by turning her tail into a paintbrush. Around this time, I also had a deer character named Ahri that I liked a lot at the time c: M. Tealeaf My current primary character is Misty Tealeaf. For her, I think I've put more thought into than any of my previous characters. I stepped away from the greys because they were a trap for me, and powered her down compared to my other, older MLP unicorns. In the time between this character and my previous ones, I definitely improved my drawing ability a lot, but the ability to draw does not make your character better or worse. This character is technically better to me because I conceptualized her a lot more. I made her realistic, but also interesting. She's a unicorn pony with a special talent in potion-making. She's nomadic, similar to a gypsy, and travels with a mobile potion shop. I even added in a quaint little quirk for her where she likes to drink tea out of potion bottles, much to the shock of other ponies. Even her name was given more thought than my other characters. Her first name, Misty is in reference to her magic being white and her hair being blue like water. Her last name hints at her base coat color while also subtly referencing her talent in combining botanical ingredients to form new substances (potions).
  6. Has anyone ever seen or heard of CinemaSins? If so, great! If not, its a channel on YouTube that finds every fault, plot-hole, cliche, and mistake made in movies, each wrong-doing counting as a 'sin.' Me, and @Fractured, are offering to do our little parody of CinemaSins, in an Original Character format! We'll review a profile, find everything wrong, to sin the character accordingly. So, if you're looking for someone to tell you everything wrong with your OC, along with hopefully laughing as you read, then you've come to the right place! Just submit an OC profile, and we'll get right to it. We'll do our best to get back to you, as soon as we're done. Although, fair warning, we won't be going easy... So without further ado...Who wants their OC sinned?
  7. So I wanted to talk about 'Newbie Dash', my personal favourite episode of the sixth season so far. Despite this episode showcasing a significant moment in the show's history, (Rainbow Dash finally becoming a Wonderbolt), it has been obvious that since its air, it's received some harsh critique from what seems to be the majority of people. From what I've seen, people have generally referred to it as "cringe-worthy", badly written, placing Rainbow Dash in an already over-used plotline in which she tries to make the best of a situation in the wrong way; and probably the most common comment I've seen is the fact it seems to be glorifying/justifying the idea of bullying and name-calling. All this criticism is quite hard for me to take in, for I personally loved the episode. I thought it was the most enjoyable plotline thus far, mixing in the right amount of emotional moments with humorous moments, and being written in such a way that left me satisfied by the end, and thoroughly relating to the situation Rainbow Dash found herself in. So I've been thinking: am I weird for liking this episode so much? The one that so many people have such a strong hatred towards? If so many people dislike it, surely that must mean I've judged it wrongly and it's indeed awful. But I've decided I stand by my opinion that 'Newbie Dash' was a brilliant episode, and I've thought of a way to tell you all why. And also, perhaps, a way to explain why people hate it for the wrong reasons. So generally, it seems that the main critique of this episode is that the writers are trying to suggest that bullying and name-calling is glorified in an inappropriate way, which sends a bad moral towards viewers. We see Rainbow finally achieve her dream, but unsurprisingly find that her first day is not as amazing as expected. Specifically, what we find is that Rainbow not only makes a disastrous first impression, but her idols respond by labelling her with the nickname 'Rainbow Crash', the same name that was given to her by bullies during her foalhood. So of course, we feel for Rainbow Dash in this situation: the Wonderbolts are once again showing they can have a nasty streak about their nature, which can make us question her loyalty towards them. Because of her desperation to make a better impression, Rainbow Dash tries to find a way of standing out, first by impersonating her friends, and then by attempting a daring move at her first Wonderbolt performance. As we once again expect, this goes horribly wrong and she's forced to explain her actions. At this point, which is where most people find fault with the episode, Rainbow Dash finds her hurtful nickname is in fact a shared jab among all the Wonderbolts, reflecting on the fact they've all messed up badly in their early days on the team. Now, people severely criticized this plot point for understandable reasons. Is this a way of justifying bullying? After all, it was clear Rainbow Dash was uncomfortable with the nickname, and we hated the Wonderbolts for it, and the fact they didn't get their comeuppance was probably unsatisfying for a lot of people. Were the writers implying that teasing and mocking is okay because it's all in good fun? I can definitely understand why people would think that. For a time, I began to think like that too. But it's been some time since the episode aired and I've been debating this idea in my head. Now I believe that people might have the wrong idea about what the moral was trying to say. I think the message was less about the actual name-calling, but more about Rainbow Dash's first impression and how that made her feel. We saw her excited to join the Wonderbolts, her first day then going badly, and her nickname is used as a constant reminder of that. Because of this, she doesn't feel she truly belongs, and has to find a way to prove that she has talent, hence her ridiculous efforts to get noticed all the way through the episode. But then we find out at the end that ALL the Wonderbolts made bad impressions on their first day, which is why they were all labelled with nicknames. So, to argue against the general conception about the moral, the message seems to be saying, quite simply, that everyone has a bad first day. No-one is alone in feeling that, even the most talented people in the world who have already reached the peaks of their careers. We see that put into practice in 'Newbie Dash'. The ending is not justifying name-calling, but instead provides a way of reassuring Rainbow Dash that she is not alone in messing up her first day. ALL her idols have done it, including Spitfire, whom she arguably looks up to the most. We didn't even hear the nickname she had, so assume it must have been bad, but it puts Rainbow Dash in a better position because the Wonderbolt she looks up to the most has had her own share of bad days, and that puts her idols in a totally different perspective. Specifically, a much more positive one. No one is perfect after all. This is something I've been thinking about for a while and felt the need to get it out in the open. As stated before, I think 'Newbie Dash' is a brilliant episode, regardless of other's opinions, and truly believe this is the way people should interpret the moral. If you put that with the well-written humour and uplifting moments as we see our little Rainbow Dash finally achieving her dream, you've got an episode to remember. Go, 'Newbie Dash'.
  8. Hello Visual Art Board! I had just joined this website as recommended by someone who follows my Deviantart account, and I thought I should take a shot and go with the flow! I am new to drawing ponies and I am still getting the hang of the anatomy and what looks best in my style. I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions, as well as critic! I'm a big girl, so feel free to be as brutally honest as you can! Compliments or components on my art that look nice or visually pleasing is also appreciated! Thank you very much for your time! (Incoming image dump!) (Adoptables- not yet for sale) (Currently on sale on Deviantart)
  9. Can you guys list to me as many trends that "Equestria Girls" has promoted? (e.g. mean girl vs new girl and friends, over-emphasis on fashion, girls wear boots and ankle-length skirts/dresses, you should join/form a rock band, etc.)
  10. Please know while reading the following that I love-love-love Felicia as much as anybody. But, it is possible, even crucial, to be critical of the things we enjoy, and to love something while acknowledging it's problems. With that in mind, I'm about 100 pages into her memoir. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. It's a fun read, full of personality and weirdness and passion. But a few things that she says in the prologue continue to bother me. Take the following line: "I opened my mouth to tell the kid that princess dresses reinforce sexual stereotypes." or the even worse: "This isn't a typical lady memoir. I appreciate my beauty sleep too much to have crazy 'one night in Cabo' stories. I don't have emo ex-boyfriends to gossip about. And I haven't been on any quirky drug trips that ended in profound self-realizations." And, for different reasons, "Always...assume the worst, then your never disappointed." Was anybody else bothered by these throwaway lines? Does it change your opinions of her at all?
  11. Sometimes, the fandom itself is a faulty one, faulty enough to become its own barrel of laughs and even a show of its own, if possible. From clumsy, cringeworthy bronies to drama and overreactions over pointless things (such as Equestria Girls and how certain toys appear), such episodes can be entertaining to watch. And there are also some bronies who will immediately attempt to defend the show if anyone dares criticize, troll, or mock it, and they would even launch attacks against such people who are responsible. These very "defenders" would end up bringing in even more attackers instead in the process, and some of their fellow fans to leave the fandom (invoking more of their wasterful wrath). So, in light of all this, do you honestly think that it is alright to enjoy mocking the fandom and the show, or do you think the furious "defenders" are right, in that any form of mockery or criticism against both is downright wrong?
  12. Let's face it guys... The show itself hasn't declined in quality, but we as a fandom have. There is a reason why Tommy, Jesse, Digi and the like are leaving. Look at us. We have grown to no longer accept criticism! So called analysts like Henmo are skipping episodes that are bad to aboud showing any negative opinions. JHaller's top ten pony videos look more and more dire each month. People in this fandom are growing to be way too defensive. In the beginning, there was a group of people that loved the show for what it was and accepted its criticism, as it they all knew it was flawed. They were a tight knit community, but now talented creators are leaving on a mothly basis. Once hardcore fans are getting sick of us. The people who are leaving are not being replaced by new, innovative creators. Hostile confrontations are occuring more and more often. It may not be too noticeable now, but when backlash against the 100th episode ramps up. Once bronycon attendance is down. When more and more people simply leave, by then it will be too late. We need to get our act together as a community NOW. We need to be accepting of negative opinion and flaws. We need to recapture the magic of what made the fandom special originally. When you see an analyst skip over negative stuff, call them out. Be supportive and constructive to other's opinions and make it known you appreciate them. Try to build bridges between this fandom and others. Only then do we have a chance of returning this fandom to its former glory. I have been a brony since mid 2012, and I hate to see something I love slowly erode away. If we don't act soon, we may be gone forever and we will slowly but surely fade away as a fandom. We need to act, and act now people!
  13. Well, this review might seem a little overdue. Sorry, had to actually unlock all the characters and the stages before I actually officially review this game. And, now I have so I might as well review it. So, the premise. It's Smash Brothers, but this time on a 3DS. That's about it. All right time to start out with the bad. Well the game controls decently on a handheld, I did have some issues controlling the characters with the circle pad. Sometimes when I want to smash say left I smash right or sometimes it can screw me over and make me fall off a cliff. It's just a minor nitpick. I also sometimes have trouble telling which one is me. This is probably because I'm playing it on a regular 3DS as opposed to a 3DS XL, but the stages would sometimes be zoomed out where I can't tell who I am. At least I didn't double up with characters. Also, some characters are missing, notably Ice Climbers and Lucas. Another minor note is some of the AI seems a bit more OP. When did Master Hand get so difficult? I've heard it's even more hard on 9.0 intensity on classic mode where you have to fight this monster thing. Now, time for the good. I really like all the new features in this game. Smash Run is a good, fun feature. Probably a replacement for the adventure mode. Maybe the adventure mode will be on the Wii U version. Also, liking the roaster despite the missing characters. You can finally have the battle of the gaming mascots with Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac Man. Also, Bowser Jr. is in the game. That might seem lame but when you switch his costumes, they turn into the 7 other koopa kids. So, you can play as the koopa kids. In Classic mode, I like how instead of fighting through one set destination, you can take branching paths to different locations leading to something different every time. Just one of those nice cool new things. Oh, and for surprising new characters. Duck Hunt. I didn't see that coming at all along with Bowser Jr. I didn't look at the leaks due to spoilers and I do not like leaks. So bottom line, it's a pretty fun game to hold you over for when the Wii U version comes out. The Wii U version will probably have more features and all that, but this version can hold you over until then. Final Score: 8/10
  14. Here is a pretty bad drawing I threw together in a couple minutes. This picture was inspired by a post on my ask me blog (found here- Courtesy of @,thanks for giving me the idea. What do you guys think, should I draw more?
  15. Title says it all. So what's your take on this. I see people criticize episodes on the internet all the time but I didn't expect someone to do it irl. I'm really conflicted about this.
  16. Let's try and think of some episodes that have the smallest negative reputation, ones that are the closest to being unanimously loved: Here are the ones that I came up with: The Best Night Ever Hurricane Fluttershy Sleepless in Ponyville Pinkie Pride For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Those episodes have hardly any critics. There are also some very popular episodes among the fans, such as A Dog and Pony Show, Party of One, Lesson Zero, and Luna Eclipsed, which are basically popular for having crazy or dramatic ponies, but still get neagative criticism for having certain characters being either insensitive, mentally unstable, or incompetent. It seems that the most untouchable episodes are the ones with relationship issues and dealing with insecurity/ disappointment in oneself. If it weren't for Twilight being strangely bossed around by Pinkie Pie to keep the secret and maintain the unhealthy misunderstanding between Fluttershy and Rarity... then Green Isn't Your Color could be that kind of emotionally resonant episode as well. Okay, you people go talk now!
  17. (Hopefully I can get out of this review without getting too much flack and...) Oh hi there guys, it's me Chikorita, back for another review. Today, I'm gonna be delving into some of your childhoods, not my childhood in particular, but some of you older folks' childhood. That's right, I'm tackling some Nicktoons of the 90s. Now, before we start, I'm just gonna say 2 things. One, yes, I do find some of these shows overrated mainly due to how over glorified the 90s is on the internet (Seriously I can't click on an old CN or Nick commercial without seeing the comments section filled with "BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWS!"). But just because I find something overrated, doesn't mean I hate it (Frozen is an example of this). Two, I'm not covering every Nicktoon from the 90s, just ones that I really wanna talk about. I've wanted to talk about some of these shows for a while now so I decided to lump them all into a review. So without further ado, let's do this! What better way to start this out then with the first Nicktoon that aired, Doug. All right, the premise is a middle school kid named Doug is basically living life in middle school with his friend, his crush, and the bully (Good job with the voicing Billy West!). That's pretty much the premise. Now, I will say this, my opinions on this show are pretty much the same as the Nostalgia Critic which is not good*holds up flame shield*. All right, I'm not saying it's a bad show but it's just a bit generic. If you've seen those shows that star teens in school, you get this show just more tolerable. The problem is like I said before, the show is generic. The characters are pretty basic and kind of bland. The only character I liked was the dog Porkchop since he did some funny gags. but other than that, I found the show generic and kind of boring. I've seen people praise this show for kind of the same reasons as FIM (relatable characters and great morals), but I feel another show I'll talk about in a bit pulled this off a lot better. So, 6/10. The next show I'll talk about is Rugrats. I find this show overrated but better than Doug. The only reason I find it overrated is because I don't find it the best Nicktoon (The best imo would be like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Rocko, early Fairly Oddparents, or early Spongebob). Rugrats is one of those that went through what usually happens to long running shows, seasonal rot. Basically, I found the first like 3 seasons pretty decent. They had some interesting ideas for episodes, some unexpected jokes that were surprisingly funny and some nice references. But then they started adding more characters. There was Dil, who was just a plot device and was annoying (Seriously, it was an easy job for Tara Strong. She just had to fake cry.) And then there was Kimi, who was basically just a female version of Tommy and that's it. And don't even get me started on the spin-off All Grown Up *shudders* 7/10 Next it's time for one that I like quite a bit, Rocko's Modern Life. And before you ask, I find Ren and Stimpy overrated, not bad, just not what I'd watch. Anyways, this show's plot is about a wallaby who lives in O Town and basically follows his live there. This show I really like. It's got an interesting, define set of characters, some adult jokes that are even more cleverly hidden than Rugrats to the point where they are Animaniacs level. How I'd describe this show is like early Spongebob if it took more risks. Huh, probably because the Spongebob creator, Stephen Hillenburg was a writer on this show. Anyways, this show gets a 9/10. Next show I should mention is another show I really like, Hey Arnold! This show basically just follows the premise of a boy named Arnold who lives in the broncs, and that's about it. Well the premise is simple, it actually manages to be interesting. Seriously, when this episode has a good episode, it's like, Pinkie Pride level good. Arnold's Christmas is an example of this. Not much to say but this is the show that I feel does the relatable characters and morals better than Doug at since these characters were more interesting and it has delved into some deep stuff. Just see Arnold's Christmas and Helga on the Couch if you don't know what I mean. Overall, this gets a 10/10. Now, I'm gonna group these two together, The Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power. Wanna know why I grouped them together, because, both shows I feel suffer from the same problems. They're not premises, but just not really that interesting. Rocket Power I find worse since it's held back by outdated skater slang. Both are actually pretty boring to watch. Not to mention, I found the pacing in these shows to go very slow. Like each episode feels like 2 hours to watch. Adding the fact that characters are pretty uninteresting in both and you get a basic show that can be used as background well you're surfing the web. Overall, I'll give both these shows a 5/10, directly down the middle. Now, we get into the 90s Nicktoon that I actually hate with a burning passion. Catdog! *Pulls out flame shield again*. Don't worry, I can explain why I loathe this show. The premise is simple, a cat and a dog are morphed together. Now like most kids probably did, my question was as a kid, "How do they go to the bathroom?" But nitpicking nostalgia aside, the only things I like about the show is the voice acting (which is done pretty well by Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny respectively) and the catchy theme song that's hard to get out of your head. Everything else is downhill from there. First off, let's start with the characters. Most of the characters on this show are unlikable jerks. We've got Cat, who can range from being sympathetic to a total jerk, Winslow, who is just an annoying roomante who acts like an a**hole to them. There's Rancid Rabbit, who is basically the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken if you make him even more unlikable. And of coarse, there are the Greaser dogs, who's whole purpose in the show is to beat up Cat and Dog, usually for no apparent reason. You see the problem here? Not only is the only decent character Dog (who he even can get annoying sometimes) but the whole show feels mean spirited by giving characters in the right unnecessary punishments. Like in one episode, Cat wants to throw a party but it ends up boring. Winslow throws a more fun party. The rest of the episode is Cat being tortured by this party. That's not funny that's just cruel. At least Ed Edd, n Eddy knew how to properly punish characters. Also the fact that just like with the two shows mentioned before, the show is just full of slow pacing. an 11 minute episode feels like 11 hours to me. If you like the show, that's fine, but I'm not one of those people who likes it. This show gets a 3/10. So yeah, here's my thoughts on some of them. I didn't go into all of them since I feel some of them are basically what others think like early Spongebob. So not much else to say but, hopefully I won't get too harsh of hate mail.
  18. Due to a heated debate going on in another OC rating thread, i decided that i could rate people's OC's for them. I'll judge them by their Looks, Personality and back story. if you want to, you can rate one of mine's if you need to. F D M Shatterhoof
  19. So I know of a thread that was like this but died. So, I am opening a place where I can review and critique your music. Whether it be a work in progress or a finished product, there is always room for improvement I will critique your music on these factors Originality - How original your song is compared to others who had the same idea Execution - How you went about expressing your idea musically Sound - Your choice of sounds and how they contribute to your song Melody - How well your melody plays in to the rest of the song. Chord Progression - How well you vary your chord progressions Use of Rhythms - How effectively you use your rhythms to contribute to your song Extra Stuff - How extra stuff such as sound clips go into your song Overall - The overall opinion of the song. How well everything is put together. Each category will be scored from 1 to 10. And please don't take offense if I don't get the score you wanted. I am a musician of 15 years experience, and this all to help people become better in making music.
  20. Guess I'll try this pick a flaw stuff with an episode that hasn't aged too well with me, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. This one seems to be a mixed episode so we should get some interesting discussion. My flaw is the is a combination between the mean spirited humor and the ooc behavior specifically from Pinkie. She was acting like a big hypocrite and, well just look at this Also the unfunny gag of Rainbow Dash not getting any cider. I mean come on, she didn't even do anything bad so why are they torturing her especially when Pinkie brags about how she has cider, wow this one of Pinkie's worst characterization next to Filli Vanilli. Allowing multiple votes in case someone REALLY hates this episode. So discuss away!
  21. First of all - I can understand if someponies out there think that my OCs are kinda bland, or just plain boring. .I understand that because I dont make my ponies's designs very flashy or cute. But I mightttttt be a bit of a hypocrite here because Violet Rose's design is cutesy and flashy just by a tad bit'. So thats why I'm saying bare with me here and just pay attention to the stories. Also, dont judge my grammar >_<! Thats not what I'm looking for... I've got a fanfic up that I want a little feedback on about my OC Padlock Keys which I'll also post called He & I - so I'll post that below. Thanks so much! (Note about the grammar: I know that mine isnt the best, but I'm looking for advice on plot points and whatnot, if you want to be a beta-reader sometime for this fanfic I would appriciate it but the thing is that I dont look for advice on grammar is all ^^; ) Padlock's Bio on MLP Forums The Key's Family Padlock & Apple Tea Padlock's Son - Heroic Tea. Padlock's Daughter - Ivory Excellence Padlock's Mother - Violet Rose. Pony Perler Art of Padlock & Apple Tea Padlock Keys Journal Skin Padlock Keys Plushy View 1 View 2 Padlock & Apple Tea Sarubobo duo Padlock Keys Sarubobo Ivory Excellence & Heroic Tea Sarubobo duo Apple Tea Ivory & Hero Fancy Padlock Keys First ever artwork I got of Padlock Keys Padlock's Bio on a MLP OC Wika Padlock Key's Bio on DeviantART Blue Bonnet (Padlock Key's former girlfriend) (Her bio will be added later!) Jazz Might (Padlock Key's cousin). Fan-Fiction He & I
  22. So I had this Idea yesterday. A lot of people here have Ponysonas or OC ponies. And a lot of them suck. Because of this, Ive decided to set up a thread where I judge pony OCs on their originality, awesomeness, and various other traits. HINT: ^This is exactly what I DO NOT want to see.^ The score for your pony will be out of ten. Just post a picture of your OC and a report of their backstory, abilities, personality, etc.. (Quotes are cool as well.) (A link to their page in the archives will work fine.) So without further ado, lets post some pone!!
  23. Nothing new here. I'm going to call this thread dead. I have lost the last of my drive, and I don't see myself making use of it. If I do end up doing anything, drawings can have their own threads, but it seems pointless to bother with this one. Hey everyone. I decided that instead of starting a new thread whenever I want to show off a drawing, I will just put everything here. I am not an artist, and have virtually no experience drawing, which begs the question: why on earth am I starting a thread to show this stuff? I am new to this sort of thing, so I am looking for feedback. Please try to be specific, although general opinions are also good. Before we begin, I do not have a scanner, so all I can show is pictures, not nice scanned copies. And yes, only using pencil is just how I roll.
  24. What do think about my very first drawing of Doctor Whooves? Did I do good, bad? Any tips? I know that I drew his mane wrong. Criticism, welcome.