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Found 573 results

  1. So I'm new to drawing and using digital paint. I dont have a tablet or computer so I use my phone. Any tips or anything please. I use Medibang but I dont know how to really use it. I want to be better. ... This is one of my OCs named cinnamon swirl. I'm not 100% on her hair style or big eyes. She isnt a filly....shes a free spirit and does funny stuff...shes eating a cloud lol also not related. I accidentally posted topic somewhere else and wanted to delete it. How do I delete a topic? I cant find an option. Thank you
  2. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask such a question) I was wondering if anyone had any tips in creating a truly villainous villain, one that people dread the protagonist running into rather than just another obstacle. Might anyone have any tips on achieving such a character?
  3. M'm lady Fluttershy I just notice some grass error I made
  4. Hello ! I recently remade an old drawing from 2015 and I would love to have some critiques so I can improve my art even more! I know I'll never be a renaissance painter but I'm really proud of how it turned out, still I feel it can be improved. I know I messed up on Sombra's back legs :x
  5. Ok, so this is a dual (maybe triple? :P) purpose thread: First is to show off my OC's updated look/show progress after 2-3 years as well as get a critique on the finished work: Old version: New version: The second (or third) thing, was I need some advice on a WIP. I can't seem to get Luna's eyes not to look all herp-derp, was hoping for some advice on how to address that:
  6. Here is a drawing I did of one of my main ocs. (Also, this is what my other one was supposed to do.)
  7. I have some ocs that I drew, and I was wondering if anyone would like to tell me their opinion on them. Also I have them on insta,( I will comment the username in the comments in about an hour.) but I will post to this mostly. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hello, Im making an OC and need some help with the particulars from you fine folk Im not too sure on the name, which at the moment is Shifting Sands, as well as the cutiemark which can be changed pretty easily Im not really sure what the cactus represents, or her overall place in the universe (im still only on season 2) And her anthro form needs some clothes. Same render but with a hoodie Ah I don't know how to add topic tags so Ill just make it clear I want critique please!
  9. I want to start posting art again, but I want to start a new thread instead of continuing my old one from years ago. The old thread can be found here. Check it out to see how much I've improved! I think I'm finally getting to a point where I like my art style, but I still need to work on poses and expressions. I haven't finished a ton of art this year, but I've been pretty active in the past week or so, so hopefully that will change. I'll go from oldest to newest and show my favorite art from this year. This was an adoptable design I sold. I love browns and golds, especially together. Another adoptable design I sold. A sketch of a character I'm designing for myself, Caius. I'm having a hard time picking colors for him though. A commission of a pretty character named Moonstruck. <3 A YCH commission featuring a character named Acacia Blossom. A portrait sketch commission. Another YCH commission, I love this character's design. And these last two were done yesterday: My bat pony OC, Kari. And Cecilia, my half demon pony. A height comparison between the two, Cecilia is average and Kari's short:
  10. I lost track of me previous thread so here is a new one of my new art So start the piece that I made once I got my computer back Yeah I designed Script Chime a bit Next is this comic I made based on how interactions with me and my friend usually go Another simple piece I did of my precious Elusive Shadows These three are all request I took a while back the second one is my favorite I did fan are of Parlay which turned out really great the entire thing could have been crap due to the clothing This actually happened to me...I'm not even joking I love the chick who did that by the way My friends can be so evil sometimes I joined a redesign contest and made this I did this simple piece. I mean Script is still edgy right? I did this collab with one of my friends and after doing the outline I let her have a blast with coloring the oc before I gave it to her I did this ponysona meme I wanted to do for a while This is where Script found her bracelets if you want the full story look here Did another piece with Ocean Mist and Dove Petal Please reference the Audition Room comic and finally in honor of Pride Month! I can now have Script Chime spreading gayness like a bisexual chem trail. Anyway I love how this turned out since this also means that this is the first planned and well done piece of Script's new design. I actually love this and this will probably be up there as one of my favorite pieces I've made. Happy Pride Month to everyone!
  11. Well, i have had a potter for a while actually... but now i'm cutting out ponies on an industrial level! Original art work by Midnight Premier Oc and vector work by me (StickerBomber <da>)
  12. After many years of being a member of the fandom and avid reader I decided to begin my first dive into writing by putting together a short story. I'm fairly thick skinned so any and all criticism including subjective opinions are appreciated. Fimfiction link
  13. So I have been making pony art and have posted them as status updates but I just decided to have an actual topic for myself for these things similar to my cutie mark topic. Here we are first down the runway is the first piece I did once I got my computer back Happy Script Chime! Speedpaint for this one here Next is a dark side for Script here named Elusive Shadow well one rendition of her anyway Next up is a demon edgelord who is the boyfriend of a roleplay character give it up for Shaded Fang Alright I'm done with the "fashion show" gimmick anyway next are to characters who love each other dearly this is Delightful Sweets and Cunning Claws! Moving on is the darkest yet supposedly happiest moment of my life. The day I earned my cutie mark Next is kind of sad. Its two characters once enamored with each other getting the punishment for that love. For something on a lighter note here is something based off a person at my job. She has this aura of just cuteness and the constant inability to hate her on her side so I drew this out to show how I felt Speedpaint for this is here And finally the most recent work Flank Sinatrot singing. Yes that's a pun and no I don't feel ashamed. I love the music he sang and I had wanted to make the piece for a long time and I finally got the time to so here we go The speedpaint for this is here Hope you like this!
  14. I bring you my new song. As always feedback welcome.
  15. Hey everyone! Here is my drawing of Celestia. I included the sketch and flat colours so you can see the process.
  16. Okay, first im some months without make this kind of art, because take much time, but im very excited to back and bring this again I really need all the feedback to improve my arts, and if are good what i should do next?
  17. Well much years i dont make a post, i working on new stiles of draw, sooooo all feedback is good for me
  18. By accident I did two pieces with the same concept of space and the pose is also almost the same, (pose was requested both times so it is like really coincidence) but this is the best time for a side by side! I dont draw ponies that often. I can still count my pieces on both hands. So I am glad there is some improvement. Yet I am still not there hahaha
  19. Preface: I don't know English well, I partially used a translator. Moderator, if I broke any rules, I apologize. I read the rules, tried to follow them. About a month ago I decided to learn how to draw and started with a pony.I would like to learn how to draw a pony well.Please criticize the drawings, tell me what are the flaws and mistakes. Who is good at drawing ponies, give advice. Latest work: Head: Body: Await the critics. Update 30.03.2019 I would like to share with you my achievements and demonstrate that if you try to do it differently, the main thing is the desire to learn. Will show you the work in the beginning of my drawing (never drawing ). At the beginning: After 1.5 months:
  20. I got a new drawing tablet, and to test it, I recreated one of the drawing I once made. I'm not seeking critique per say, but if you have something constructive to say, go ahead. The original drawing:
  21. I don't have much time to draw, but I get the occasion I like drawing stuff, usually ponies. Some are digital art, some are traditional drawings... I usually digitize my drawings though (when I have time xD) I will post new drawings when I'll have them finished, but for now here are those I've done^^ Feel free to tell me what you think, what I can do better ! Thanks !
  22. You can check out all my creations at Yes I am aware i used the same basic pose for each of the three drawings, but please keep in mind I am relatively new.
  23. So it's actually two comics happening at the same place at the same time. Let me know how I did.
  24. Been writing up Stories Like Crazy for my Novel series. Designing many new Creatures and Species.. So I'm looking for peoples input. Many are Familiar With Hasbro MLP Designs of their Franchise creations here. So I figure this would be the best place to ask... Look at these designs and compare them to Hasbro MLP Franchise Designs.. Do they look the same or stand out...? Please share and feel free to give your honest opinion. Which ones look like Hasbro MLP FIM TV series Style and Which ones Do Not? Thank You
  25. DA Link: I originally intended this to be released on Valentine's day but progress been going alot slower than initially expected. Anyway, I just anted to show you guys what I've been toiling on these past two and a half weeks. So, Happy belated valentine's day, I guess? When this will be done, IDK. But Its been dragged out for much longer than I wanted.