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Found 51 results

  1. I'm working on a pilot episode script for my own personal MLP reboot, because ya know what? I really enjoy colourful horse creatures going on magic adventures where they kick butt and learn empathy and kindness. That is my JAM. Anyways, I'm stuck on some parts of the outline/story, and I'm struggling to finish it! Right now, I have a main character named Hopper who has to get rid of his Tantabus (a nightmare creature and spirit of self-harm that arose from Hopper's magic spells.) The pilot episode is about his journey through his fears, and the rewards that lay on the other side (friendship, acceptance, trust, support, etc.) There are some key things I want to establish about the world Hopper inhabits as well, and how it differs from the original series. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a Discord and Google doc, if you're interested in helping me create!
  2. (Unless you positively nail it) Skaters Misunderstood edgy characters Bleeding heart overly sad characters Retconning “It was only a dream.” Perfect fighters Everything must end in romance Dark and stormy nights Villainous parents The Chosen One Gods who cannot defeat non-God related villains Plot armor (parenthetical rants) Misunderstood fighters/heroes/musicians who instantly have a huge fan base Immediate love, platonic or otherwise Immediately good at everything characters Overly large rarely words used in a narrative (when there’s a common, smaller alternative) Blood fucking everywhere Deus ex machina Mary Sues in general Characters in horror stories lack common sense Gasoline explodes if you so much as think of fire The good guy can do no wrong The bad guy can do no good Censoring curse words Amnesia Too much TLC Characters who have suffered over the top abuse from friends, family, guardians, etc. *using asterisks to denote an action like we're role playing* Amnesia A character is dead and gone permanently as decided by the story, only to come back through some unforseen loop hole three episodes later (I'm looking at you, Dragonball) The bad guy is bad because he's bad. The good guy is good because we're supposed to root for him. Amnesia The Happy Ending Override (see 90% of sequels) Alarm clock wake-ups “Screw our orders! Those are our men out there!” Self sacrifice, doubly so when it is the thing that destroys plot armor Good guy and bad guy team up to stop a mutual threat cliché Rehashing Fourth wall breaking Opposites attract cliché Bad guy too powerful. Time for weakness ex machina. Anything shiny You make an original character for a fan fiction who is a rare breed of animal/warrior/marsupial because reasons ”So my friends and I were...” Kiss of Death cliché (characters kiss, at least one perishes shortly thereafter) Romance ex machina If I can figure out how to quickly find my blog then I will add more to this with time. Do you have anything I can add?
  3. Criticism is a good writer’s best friend and a bad writer’s bane of existence. Some people use it as an excuse to just be an ass about your writing. Others legitimately want to help you. So let’s play a game. Is the following excerpt an example of constructive criticism or being an asshat: Woah, okay. Your pacing is way too fast here. What happened? Why does everything feel wonky here? You were doing okay before. Slow it down some. Critique Asshat Let’s try another one: You suck! This is hardly even a story! Critique Asshat Pretty easy to tell the difference. Good criticism tells you “This is what you’re doing wrong. This is how I think you should fix it.” It is a sign of respectful readers who appreciate what you’re making and want to see you better yourself in your craft. They’re offering you suggestions, not making an attack on your personal character. If you lash out to someone offering you critiques or advice, you will risk the respect of your readers and will not grow from the experience as you should. What about flaming? When someone starts talking to you like you’re a bad person or otherwise blatantly insults both you and your story, you can let them have it then, right? Not really. You should just ignore people like that. If anything, you should be laughing and giddy when you get responses in this manner on occasion. If you get them constantly then something might be wrong. But if you get hate sparsely, it usually means you’re doing something right. Critiques never tend to feel very good, but they help build your skill as a writer. If you make a huge mistake and the readers point it out, it’s something you can learn to avoid in the future. But if you only get “nice!” Or “Cool!” in response to your work you learn nothing but to feed your ego. Want to see a bad storm? Tell a writer with an overinflated ego their work is bad. You don’t have to listen to criticism. That’s your prerogative. All it is meant to be is a suggestion for you. Whether or not you take it is at your discretion. But treat your readers with the proper respect, and you should especially be grateful to those going out of their way to offer you advice on your story.
  4. I'm writing a story about a pony's ascension to alicorn status, but I'd like to do it in a compelling way that's not going to annoy the reader/viewer. So far, he's in a Gary Stu situation. Destined to be the first (and currently only) alicorn prince, son of Starlight and Sunburst, well-acquainted with several main characters, and is the apprentice of Luna (who has had to come out of retirement to teach him.) He is not going to rule over Equestria, but he will instead fill Luna's role of helping ponies deal with their nightmares. Perhaps he'll have to deal with a larger threat, or he could become an alicorn simply by learning how to do his task well. I'm not sure which route will be received the best! I was thinking on writing him as someone with depression. Maybe he doesn't want to accept his destiny as the guardian of dreams, and would instead prefer to do something else, like bake cookies or do standup comedy. Maybe he's a chronic procrastinator, or the type of character who compulsively makes everything into a joke to cope with stress. Luna is very serious about her work, and it would cause conflict if her apprentice wasn't interested in or motivated to do the tasks she deems sacred. And, as the only pony who has ever guarded dreams, I'm sure she sees herself as the absolute expert. Alternatively, he could be overly enthusiastic about his new position, and screw things up by making all nightmares into silly, funny dreams instead of dealing with the root of the problem. Maybe he has some sort of nightmare fear of his own that he can't get rid of, and he over exerts himself trying to help others to avoid his own shadow. Once again, not sure which direction is best. Kinda leaning towards him being a bit rebellious, too. His mother and father (and Twilight and "Aunt" Trixie) are all very much intelligent overachievers with important jobs. Maybe they hold our protagonist to strictly high standards, and his dream guardian destiny is only compounding upon his stress. He has big horseshoes to fill, and perhaps he feels intimidated and/or constricted by it all. What tips, critiques, and general feedback do you all have? I really want to sharpen this story and have a well-developed protagonist!
  5. One of the most refreshing things I’ve found as a writer is the ability to add in references to outside media, current events, etc. A well placed reference is fun to toss in, rewarding when found by the reader, and can give your ego a good pat when it’s recognized by the reader. Most of the time trivia and references are just added for extra “flavor,” though building a plot using a simple reference is not unheard of. However, as with everything else, it’s possible to overdo or ham up a reference. If you make it really in your face, then it fails because it becomes too obvious and self serving. Its an amateur mistake that I make far too often. It’s not the end of the world if something goes unnoticed. If they want to get the reference, they will. With the exception of inside jokes, there aren’t often reasons to repeat references throughout the story. If the reference is important to the plot, repetition can be important. Otherwise, repetition has roughly the same effect as making the reference too obvious. All in all, it’s a fairly simple balance to meet, but can pack a lot of extra flavor for the story, which is nice. Just remember that less is more in most cases. Side note: I hid one in here somewhere.
  6. A while ago I was designing an OC as a pet or representation of my deviantart account, the result was this ... a pastel yellow unicorn with a bi-colored mane. her cutie mark is a feather in two colors releasing a flash in those colors, represents '' the creation '' or the imagination ... Why did I choose a feather with a flash? very simple, when you create something or have an idea (write a song, a book, some drawing, the scale model of a house, a mechanical piece, a recipe, the pattern of a dress, a plan, another) you usually make a Initial sketch of what you have in mind with which you will make your idea come true. You make this sketch with a pencil ... in the case of ponies, a feather! I would not know how to describe it ... or if it counts as a special talent ... but it seemed like a nice concept! What help do I want? I chose the name '' berry bliss sundae '' because of the colors with which I composed the character or simply because I thought they combined with it, but I do not know English ... so I would like to know what they think with the name ... it sounds weird ? Do you think I should have a better name? another thing ... I have not yet decided on his eye color, any suggestion?
  7. It's been forever since I posted again and I want a different title to my thread than "Art Dump".
  8. Alright... Yeah. Please share some artwork here, I would love to critique it... *evil laugh*
  9. Critique Exchange Hello all! Let me welcome you to a little thread devoted to giving and receiving critiques! Part of the fun of being an artist is seeing yourself grow and learn, and from what I can tell there isn't a fully devoted place to get some solid critique from other artists here on the forums just yet. Why Receiving Constructive Criticism is Great Whether you're relatively new to art, or possess a large body of experience already, chances are there's still room to improve and get better at what you do! While we ourselves are capable of picking apart our own work, sometimes an outside perspective can catch things we ourselves did not see. Though sometimes it can be a little harsh, criticism is a great tool to use when drawing to improve. Why Giving Constructive Criticism is Great Strangely enough, giving criticism can be very helpful too! Not only does it help you learn to better articulate your thoughts regarding a piece, it forces you to look closely at a work and evaluate how different pieces fit together (or don't). You’re bound to run into a variety of styles, approaches, and techniques, which may spark ideas for your own work or provide insight for future improvements. Purpose of this Thread The core theme of this thread is improvement. After all, no one is perfect, and facing potential areas to improve head on is one of the quickest ways to get better as an artist. Everyone has something to contribute here! Whether you’re seasoned or new to the art game, chances are someone out there can point out an area to improve that you weren’t aware of, or help give you some ideas on how to proceed. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a great artist to find flaws or areas to improve in pieces of art. First impressions are important, and with how much media/art we see floating around, many of us know when something doesn’t look quite right! A lot of art depends on how it’s interpreted, as well as how it’s constructed. Even if someone’s ability seems to surpass your own at first glance, you may still find something helpful and worthwhile to contribute that they can use, so don’t be afraid to offer your thoughts! Rules of Thumb, and General Guidelines - The best criticism is a mix of positive and negative! It can be discouraging to be given all negative words when you’re trying to better yourself, and likewise all positive words can leave you very little to go on. - Constructive criticism is still criticism, even if it’s meant well! Some people are more tactful than others with how they offer their thoughts, and being on the receiving end can feel a good bit harsh sometimes. If you don’t feel you could take someone putting down your work, you may want to wait on getting it criticized. - Try to be as clear as possible about your criticism. You don’t have to know what could be done to fix something, or exactly what bothers you, but the clearer you are the more likely it is to be helpful. For example, saying a character looks a bit lifeless is very different than saying their pose comes off too rigid or stiff. - Put your own judgement first. It’s extremely important to hear what others have to offer with an open mind, but ultimately it’s the artist’s call on what to do with it all.Sometimes preference plays a huge role in stylized pieces, and you should look for areas that may be valid, but not universally sought after. There will be times where criticism may point you towards a direction you don’t want to go, and it’s important to recognize that sometimes you have to pick and choose what is most helpful to you. - Please respect the time people put into a work or critique. To a certain extent, you’re bound to receive what you give, and so if you spend a good chunk of time on a work that showcases what you can do, there’s a good chance you’ll give others a lot more to offer helpful critique on. Regardless, proper critiques take time and effort, and are almost always meant to be helpful rather than hurtful; meanwhile, it takes some amount of faith to let strangers judge something you worked hard on, and tell you what you might have done wrong. A Word About Styles Sometimes an artist’s style will make it hard to criticize, as some choices they make may go against conventional proportions or aesthetics. However, even if something can be attributed to style, it’s important to remember that how it is interpreted and received is still important. First impressions are vital for visual mediums, and while a style may get different reactions from different people, each one is still valid and worthy of noting. What may be liked by someone may not by another, and whether it was intentional or not, it’s still often worth pointing out. Resources To be added soon! Related Topics Redraw Group - Topic for those interested in redoing other artists' work in their own style, or the same, for the sake of practice or fun. How to Proceed It’s simple: post your art, or come find some pieces to critique! You're also welcome to clarify any areas you want focused on. I want to try to get a few people to regularly check in, but I’m hoping there will be enough interest to get a bit of the MLP Forums community going back and forth here, and helping each other out!
  10. Hello everypony I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this and I do apologize if its in the wrong spot. Now with that said as the title says I would like my Pinkie Pie impression to be rated I am going to post my 2 recent videos well not so recent actually, but the 2 videos I finished which is Ask Pinkie Pie 4 and Pinkie Pie Rant so I would like you guys to let me know if you think it sounds like her or if it does not so the videos will be down below so let me know what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression. And if you have the time to spare leave a comment on what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression.
  11. I just tried to make a simple vector of my OC. It's not amazing, but it is the first completed vector I made, so I am satisfied . I wasn't intending to go for the show style by the way. Feel free to give any constructive criticism, as I know it's not great. Edit: I updated her to fix her eye position and add eyelashes Old image: (There is a transparency issue with her legs xD) I actually based her off my drawing, but fixed a few things like her leg length.
  12. Hello there! I'm Tealeaf, otherwise known as the artist EnigmaticWisp. I'm not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination and I don't claim to be, but I have devoted a very large amount of time to character design and the mlp fandom as a whole. While I would love to be able to give just a general guideline for you all to utilize, I feel like sometimes a nice, personal approach can be more helpful. That's what I'm here to offer! You can ask me for advice on general stuff such as color schemes, names, or other aspects of the creating process, or you can feel free to just present your character for analysis. Whichever method is more comfortable for you is completely fine, but I do have a question for you to answer and a form for you to fill out so that I can assist a little bit easier. It's preferable if you have a visual reference, although not necessary. What specifically are you having difficulty with, or are you here purely out of curiosity? This will help me assess your design a little better, with a critique tailored a bit more to your needs. Once you've answered that question, please remember to feel out this form about your character to the best of your ability: Name- Personality- Bio- Appearance- Cutiemark- Don't worry if you couldn't fill it all out c: It's just basic stuff to get you started and help me with the criticism portion of this thread. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to help ease any concerns you might have by showing you some of my own old character designs (from oldest to newest), because I definitely wasn't always very good at the character creation process. Therefore, you don't need to be nervous about asking for help or opinions on a design for any reason, even if you aren't entirely comfortable with the artwork yet. This is the fastest, best way to improve c: Note- I will try to make your criticisms more in-depth and specific than what you see below. Alora and Eris I'm going to start with two of my oldest characters together. As you can see, their designs were both very complicated, but their flaws were more than just in their physical appearance. Alora represented life, and Eris represented death. They were very overpowered, unnecessarily so, and many aspects of their design were downright thoughtless. There cutiemarks were overly complex without having a clear symbolic meaning. In terms of mechanics, they technically weren't alicorns, but I gave them just as much if not more ability than the canon alicorns, which is a huge no-no, not only in terms of show accuracy, but also in terms of character development because it limits them from character growth. In the show, the only characters with genuinely powerful magic are characters who's talents revolve solely around magic, but I made two excessively powerful characters here without putting focus on that ability. They were literally just powerful for the sake of being powerful, and that's never a good thing. I don't think I need to explain in too much detail why their physical designs were poor. When designing, it's important to ask, "why?" It took me a while to let go of the weird horn shapes and unnecessary butt mark details. Stardust After Alora and Eris, I went through a few other characters such as an immensely powerful shadow alicorn and a half-dog grimdark unicorn thing, but I'm going to skip those and move onto the next prominent stage in my designing. Stardust here was the first really well developed character, although she had some problems as well. Theoretically, I designed her as an apprentice to Luna who painted constellations for the princess to raise. My biggest problem though, again, was that I simply couldn't bring myself to stick to only a single talent. Her cutiemark was too complex, making the meaning very deluded. At this time, I was also still really stuck on neutral tones with blue and green, which honestly needs to be executed with more care when it comes to the plausible mlp universe. In general, though, she was much MUCH better than either Alora or Eris ever were. Picture Print That second image up there was by Cappydarn on DA, and I'm honestly still proud of it. Picture Print was my first genuine, thought-through character. Now, your character obviously doesn't have to be accurate canonically to be good, but having some semblance of realism is very helpful. Picture Print was also more honest to myself than my previous characters, and her talent was specific. To this day, I still have difficulties shunning her given as to how personal she was to me, and I'm still pretty proud about how I got around the no-magic, no-holding ordeal by turning her tail into a paintbrush. Around this time, I also had a deer character named Ahri that I liked a lot at the time c: M. Tealeaf My current primary character is Misty Tealeaf. For her, I think I've put more thought into than any of my previous characters. I stepped away from the greys because they were a trap for me, and powered her down compared to my other, older MLP unicorns. In the time between this character and my previous ones, I definitely improved my drawing ability a lot, but the ability to draw does not make your character better or worse. This character is technically better to me because I conceptualized her a lot more. I made her realistic, but also interesting. She's a unicorn pony with a special talent in potion-making. She's nomadic, similar to a gypsy, and travels with a mobile potion shop. I even added in a quaint little quirk for her where she likes to drink tea out of potion bottles, much to the shock of other ponies. Even her name was given more thought than my other characters. Her first name, Misty is in reference to her magic being white and her hair being blue like water. Her last name hints at her base coat color while also subtly referencing her talent in combining botanical ingredients to form new substances (potions).
  13. Hey Guys I just need critique for my drawing style so here some examples of my drawing : Derpy Hooves Zith Slighter (My OC ) Some pony request ... Jetty Dash (My OC too) Pinkie pie with Random Known (My OC too) And there's still many Art by me and comics too.... For Art or if you want to request : For Comics : Oh yeah, can you all rate my Comics too Thank for reading this post and thx for the rating and critique
  14. This wasn't an essay I did for school or anything, it was meant as a critique sort of thing for a popular youtuber I watch. I dismiss most youtubers who have videos saying something like I HATE BRONIES in their uploads. But I Hate Everything, IHE, actually has some reasonable opinions in most of his videos. They're all mostly negative, but he actually thinks about what he says and has good rant etiquette. Most of the time. I just hate it when people make very general opinions on fandoms and groups of people and the like because, well, read this email I sent him and find out: I'm hoping this message provides some legitimate critique that you can use to improve your future videos, but I'm not going to lie by saying this isn't me venting or partially acting out of emotion rather than reason. I think your videos are great. They're very honest, to the point, and can provide new insights and perspectives on things that can potentially make your viewers more cynical, but substantially better informed and reasonably minded. However, I do not agree with your philosophy for ranting about fandoms, or general groups of people that you strongly dislike. I haven't seen all of your videos on fandoms, but I find the idea of making entire videos titled I HATE BRONIES or I HATE FURRIES or THE WORST FANDOMS or the like inherently flawed and a bit bigoted. I know in your video I HATE I HATE EVERYTHING you mentioned that a lot of your viewpoints or terms for expressing viewpoints are hyperbole, or simply exaggerated greatly for comedic effect. But you can forgive some of your viewers if they watch a video titled I HATE (x type of people here) and get miffed when it contains nothing but purely negative opinions. Why nowadays, when the word HATE, something that used to be used to describe an emotion of unprecedented dislike and revile towards something or someone, is spoken like just a stronger, purer term for DISLIKE, should people expect you to feel any different about your opinions than what you state they are in your titles and videos? From the way you present most of your I HATE FANDOMS videos, it seems like you truly dislike, hate, or despise those fandoms in a general sense. But I don't think you do. Say a complete stranger you see walking down the sidewalk is wearing a shirt that obviously makes it out to seem they're a brony, or a fan of Sonic. Maybe you ask them if they're really a part of one those fandoms, and they say "Yes." There is no doubt in your mind that they are. Could you say to yourself, in seriousness, that you hate that person? Could you reasonably think at that point that you just dislike that person? No, you couldn't. Making statements like that, even to yourself is extremely prejudious. Makes you seem like an [curse]. You don't know their personality, you don't know how they act, how they treat other people, you don't know much about them. Saying "Oh, but I've encountered a lot of these people and see the kind of stuff they create, they're all bad," wouldn't make it any less fair either. Even if you've seen hundreds of [curse word here] drawings or fan creations from the brony fandom, you've barely seen a fraction of everything they've created. Even if you've encountered numerous bronies that are stupid, spiteful, rude or just plain [curse word here], you haven't encountered nearly enough to say that all thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of bronies are bad people. No matter how much bad art, unoriginal videos, examples of disturbing cosplay or stupid comments you put on the screen in your videos, not just from bronies but of any fandom you are discussing, you can't cram enough pieces on the screen to show that these entire fandoms are bad. It's just way too genralized of a statement to be backed up by good evidence. I say I don't think you truly dislike these fandoms because of the way you act in your videos, and some of the statements you've made in the past. Like in your I HATE TUMBLR video, you were responding to comments saying that you should make a I HATE FEMINISM video. Your response was basically, in my eyes, "If you think that people who advocate for gender rights and equality is a bad thing, then you're a [curse word here] retard. Just because some of the feminists you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean all are." You perceived the term 'feminist' as its base concept, for what it means. Wouldn't it be equally fair to say "If you think someone who really likes a certain show or game and participates in the community for that show or game is a terrible person, then you're a [curse word] retard. Just because most of the fans you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean they all are." You may hate some of the fans in the fandoms you mentioned, but you seem like too smart of a guy to simply say "I HATE BRONIES" or "I HATE FURRIES". It's a bit wrong to misrepresent something and only show the bad of it to your fandoms, when there's a good side to it as well. You can probably guess by now that I'm an irritated member of one of the fandoms you apparentally hate or dislike, and yes, I am. I'm a brony. And I know for a fact that there's a large collection of artwork, animations, music and stories that bronies have made that is fantastic. Some stuff that shows how much effort a fan can truly put into something they're great at, something that they love and have a passion for. These works I've seen put the full potential of a creative medium on display. And not only that, there are some incredibly generous things bronies have done too. There are bronies who are truly kind, tolerant and caring. Some really nice people. Do I deny that there is [swear] stuff we've created or done, that there are some things that show how much of a complete [curse] we can be? No, there's plenty of that. But you need to look at both sides of the coin, maybe realize that fans are more than just a coin too. There are many sides and ups and downs to fans. It's not black and white. They're human beings There's [curse], great people and everything in between. You should show that in your videos. And I don't agree with your whole "overexposure, the stuff is everywhere" thing either. Seeing fandom stuff in your recommended section or in your searches isn't going to ruin your mood. It's easy enough to avoid. You can still find what you're looking for. I really hope I got my point across, I really do. This could be important critique that provides a new outlook on the way you view groups of people or completely useless drab from a raging fan that just wants to vent. I don't know. Please let me know if this is valuable to you at all. I appreciate you reading this far, at least. Thank you. --- And that's the whole thing. Censored the curse words because this is no place for that. Please let me know what you think.
  15. Name: Vladicarus Nicknames: Vlad, Vlady, Captain, Vlady-kun. Age: 18-24 (two years older then Twilight Sparkle atleast) Occupation: Pirate Captain. race: batpony Look: (tempted to give him shorter hair) Personality: Vlad is a head strong, caring, yet fierce young pirate. Yet every month or so, he gets a tasting for blood, if he doesn't get this craving, he may get rather feral and wild. and when he gets his blood, he becomes rather fierce, with rather fast reaction timing and instincts for a few hours, or a couple of minutes. backstory: in equestria, near the oceans, pirates roam through out the seas, some even in the air with the technical Airships. One being a batpony by the name of Velixio Icarus, a fierce and feared pirate had kidnapped a mare by the name of Petal Shine, alas. this poor mare soon aquired a liking for the pirate. Soon, the liking became more of an obsession along on his ship, and eventually they did the deed. She fell pregnate of a young foal, which when born she named Vladicarus, alas, as she was still with her now pirate husband. who never agreed on having children, decided to try and drop the child at some town, but as Petal Shine found out his plan, she decided to go against it. Pretending to like Vellie's idea, she followed him into a small fishing villiage. As he wasn't looking. she bucked him in the side, making him fall an groan lightly, at this moment she ran and ran fast. her baby on her back who bounced slightly with light 'bububububububub." The crew of Velixio following her, but she soon lost them. Days later, she found her way to a large train station, almost akin to an airport. she took the first train she could to canterlot. her baby asleep, as through the travel, she had gained many things, to make her son a nice present. and soon, they reached Canterlot. where they lived a life, petal scared if her husband ever found them and tried something. but in ways she was glad her son could become normal, she made him a plushie, which he gave the name "SnuggleKnight." At canterlot, the two managed to live as a flowershop home. As Vlad grew up, he began to read aout pirates and ships, becoming rather interested in them. He sadly soon found a book that had his father in it, interested he asked his mother. She sighed contently and began to explain everything, Vlad..didn't know how to feel, but he knew something. he wanted to some day meet his father, and prove to him that he wouldn't be a worthless child..and that he did..Vlad, through out life saved money, saved multiple things and soon brought a small ship. enough for one stallion to sail with. at the age of 18, he said his goodbyes to his mother, telling her he'd be back soon. which he did, always visiting her when he's close to equestria. As Vlad traveled, he has yet to meet his father, bu all he hopes is, the surposdely evil pirate can one day may be changed.
  16. This doesn't have color for the simple manner in that I cant color well. But the drawing aspect I handle just fine. Mostly. I hope. Anyway, here you are.
  17. Musical bronies, I need you. So usually I just make instrumental stuff, but after episode 100 I wanted to make a song with Lyra singing to Bonbon. I can't sing, so it turned into a rap. This is the first time I've made a semi-ok rap. I read a lot of articles and did a lot of experimentation with mixing vocals, but I am still very new at it. So right now I've done all I can think to do. Any advice/constructive critique on my mixing/instrumentation/lyrics/pronunciation/etc... would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Link to soundcloud here I also put a crappy voice changer on it for experimentation. Link here Pros: I kind of sound like a girl. Cons: It sounds like a girl rapping into a can
  18. Which of these 4 render styles do you think looks the best? Thanks! UPDATE: Yes, I asked this already on the forum. I just wanted to see if I could get a few more opinions before I made things final. Thanks again!
  19. Hi guys..would any of you mind going to my profile and clicking on the link to my account (it's at the bottom of everyone's profile)? I'm only an amateur writer, but anyone else here who has a FIMFic, I would love to get a comment or some critique on one if mah storiiiiiies.
  20. Disclaimer: Best read in the voice of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw” Also NSFW for those who care for some reason... So the Season 5 ponies are finally here. Sweet Celestia! It’s been almost a year. But after giving a view, I said, “it’s one stretched to two!” So to me this was a quite dull premiere. I say this partly because I like to provide some short, concise yet poetic writing to contrast the overlong drag that was Cutie Mapless, but mostly because I need a valve for my catharsis and I cannot be asked to make my own writing style. So, seeing as you read this far I suppose some elaboration is in order. I think I may have overbeaten the dead horse that is my post-season 2 opinions. So much it came back alive and forced me to by a drum from Wal-mart; so i'll just sums this up with a simile: It’s like baking a cake with poorly mixed batter and trying to cover the mess with the half-eaten icing of the previous cakes. But, in the case of this extravagant premiere, it's pastry made of a pinch provocatively tasty chocolate atop a mountainous pile of expired oatmeal. The plot is SPOILED as thus: after Tirek’s defeat, some unspecified amount of time, and Rarity finally shutting up about how aesthetically deplorable the castle looks in Ponyville or perhaps that was just me, the magical ass tattoos summon a map and designate where the ponies need to shove their asses to, like the table is Voldemort from Opposite-land. Upon arrival, they are captured by the locals and turned into Math Eaters by the villain invoking the powers of Orwell, Stalin and Sophia Lamb. Though for some reason, only their token quirks and personalities are removed but nevermind. After some skullduggery, the villain is exposed, and then escapes and the town throws a celebration about how jolly good it is to now be a different kind of one dimensional. My main problem is that, despite the oddly precocious Orwellian themes (or more accurately imagery), it has as much loquacious padding as Michael Bay pads with explosions. Instead of providing good pacing, not a minute goes by where we’re treated to information that isn’t redundant or pointless. They all individually need to say that they agree to go on an adventure. They show us a traveling montage to only show a traveling montage. Pinkie Pie is suspicious, and Fluttershy is enamored for the billionth time. And the underwater glacier of this iceberg is that almost every important plot point is delivered with exposition so ham-handed that the Jewish orthodox would be right to call the hands unclean. It’s not until the last third of each episode that something in the same star system as exciting happens. And by odd coincidence, that’s when the dialogue was used most efficiently. Sadly, the setups were littered with so much stodgy non-kosher meat, I honestly couldn’t care less about the cliffhanger sequel hook for Starlin Strikes Back. In fact, the scene where the villain shushes Twilight was when I related to her the most if only because she graciously vocalized my thoughts succinctly; like taking a taser to Captain Planet before he can gab on about the environment for the scrillionth time. But what’s ironic is that if I didn’t know about the almost year long hiatus, I’d charitably say it was rushed by executive meddling! The superfluous and verbose execution speaks of the shadow of unrealistic mandates for filler (which I assume is to shoehorn in more toy commercials in the same way a snake-oil salesmans pisses in his own tonics). So “I would like to offer my sympathies to those in the creative team whose arms have been forcibly fused into your spines” ... is what I won’t say because, there WAS an almost year long hiatus which makes me question why in bleeding Tartarus was so much time wasted backyard wrestling the rule of “show don’t tell”?! The rule wasn't just broken it was harpooned, piledriven, star dropped, dragon screwed, and crossfaced while forced to act as Irwin R. Schyster reading 1984.
  21. All right, haven't done a cartoon review in a while. What's on the to do list of cartoons to talk about. Gravity Falls? Eh, too in depth. Plus there's YouTube videos that go way more in depth than I ever could. Over The Garden Wall? Same issue as Gravity Falls. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil? Not enough material to really judge it yet. Oh, boy. I'm gonna have fun here, since I spent practically a few years on you. Plus I don't see many videos talking about this show (Other then your typical CN rant which feel like less proper critique and more, "WHAAA, I MISS THE 90S!!!" So here we go. Total Drama Whatever. Before we start, let me talk about my history with this show. It was 2008, I was 10 years old in a weird fanfic/shipping phase (OK that phase never ended).The difference was I was really only doing it with Pokemon at the time, until this show came around. At first it didn't seem interesting to me but then I watched an episode and got addicted to it. I recorded all the episodes, I fanfic'd and shipped in it, and I would go online and look at fan stuff about it. Kind of like what I do with MLP today. This was practically the only show I was watching on Cartoon Network seeing as at the time, Cartoon Network was going downhill fast since they only had 2 original cartoons, and the rest were either imported like this show or even crappier live action. I watched through the first 3 seasons of this show, and then kind of fell out of it. There was like a 2 year hiatus with this show and in the process, I lost interest. By the time the 4th season did air, I was already addicted to a particular cartoon about candy colored horses. I checked back much later, just to see what they've been up to, and they were only whatever to me. Not good, but not bad. Now on to the show itself. The show comes straight from the nation where you can ride a moose with a hockey stick, Canada. The show is basically an animated spoof of reality shows like Survivor. Now it's not the most original concept seeing as Drawn Together came out 2 years before this show. Basically, the host, Chris and the Chef named well, Chef, make these teens compete in realty show esc. challenges all for a huge sum of money that most of the time, the winner doesn't even end up keeping for a while. And that's basically the show, lets move over to the humor. The humor can be a mixed bag. This show has quite a bit of edgy humor, seeing as it's from Canda, and they are slightly more lenient on the censors as we are. Some of the adult jokes can either be subtle or kind of blatant. And yeah, they can get the reality show spoof right at some points. Though, there is one thing I don't like about the humor. This show seems to have some strange obsession with fart jokes, puke jokes, and being hit in the balls jokes. And they overuse these jokes so much, thinking they're funny but they're not. I sometimes feel like a group of 12 year olds are writing the scripts with stuff like this. So yeah, humor well funny, can get into the juvenile territory. Now the animation. Animation is typical for cartoon standards, not much to say there. The character designs are the Butch Hartman style of having them drawn with geometric shapes, so if you don't like that style, you'll probably be turned off. Time to talk about the characters. This show as a lot of characters. The contestants are all teenagers with varying personalities that can range from, decently done, to gag character, to terribly handled. And yeah they can be kind of stereotypical at points, and do stereotypical things like have drama over relationships. But lets talk about the host and chef since they're in every season by default. Chris is the host. Now, sometimes, I wonder why he's not filed for so many criminal laws seeing as he's gotten away with nearly killing teens on TV (Yes, this is a show within a show). Like he has to have at least ten charges of child abuse. One minor nitpick I just want to say here. They will sometimes get new contestants after the writers worn out the old ones. If the ones who compete claim to watch it, and see them nearly getting killed, then why would they sign up? Eh, who knows? Maybe they thought it was fake. Chef is basically like Samuel L. Jackson. He cooks the characters gross food and has an epic accent. That's about it. This show will sometimes have contestants that are stereotypes of fandoms. One season had a fangirl of their show named Sierra. Who clearly represented the fandom side of Tumblr, and was really obsessive. Another season had a gamer, who always played his video games and kept getting them confiscated. And Another season had a character who thought he was a wizard and kept trying to perform spells. What's next? Are they gonna have a character who represents bronies? This show seems to air on CN in some odd limbo with each season being under different names. And that's kind of how I'm like with this show. I either am addicted to it or I don't give a crap about it. Like last week I practically forgot about this show, and then suddenly I'm marathoning the most recent season of it, and that kind of inspired me to make this review. I think my limbo with it comes from the lack of rewatchability this show has. Remember, it's a cartoon that plays out like a reality show, where characters get voted off almost every episode. So it kind of takes the suspense of it if you already know the outcome of it. So due to this I'm gonna play it safe and give this show a 7/10. Not sure if that's too generous or too hard. I'm just rambling here. So, that's my review.
  22. OK, well, I saw it... finally. Just last night, on YouTube. Um, spoilers ahead, but I think that's irrelevant at this point. So, before I get into the review proper... let's go back to late winter/early spring, when Season 3 ended and we first heard about... this, in order to fully understand how all of this happened. So just as Season 3 was ending (I mean, just days before "Magical Mystery Cure" aired), certain art started circulating the Internet. Humanized art of the Mane 6. This would generally be unremarkable, especially seeing as the art was generally considered subpar at best, except for one thing; it was heavily rumored that this was concept art for a humanized pony project. So what did the fans do? WE FREAKED!!! And, as it turns out, for good reason. The coming months we were served one of the most atrocious marketing campaigns I've ever seen. For most of it, all we had was poor concept art; next, we got even worse concept art. It was only until about a month before the movie released that we were FINALLY given a 1 minute trailer. Said trailer split the fans a lot more. Some remained convinced it wouldn't be good, others thought it would be awful, many remained indifferent, but about, I want to say, two-thirds of the fans at that point became optimistic that EQG would actually turn out decently. "Trust the writers" became the most common-heard phrase once again, and that was reinforced by the second trailer's release. Myself? I remained skeptical throughout this whole thing, and somewhat cynical. But, at the same time, I was not willing to pass final judgment until it came out. So, marketing covered, let's look at my theory on how this thing got made, I mean, what the process exactly was. Here's what I think happened; going back to Season 3, we know that DHX partially designed it the way it did because they were uncertain as to whether or not they'd be renewed for a fourth season. "Magical Mystery Cure" is at its heart supposed to work as a series finale, if it came down to that. We know from what writers like Meghan McCarthy have said that DHX did not learn they'd been renewed for a fourth season until very shortly before the season finale of Season 3. My theory is that it was JUST around when they learned they'd be renewed that DHX was simultaneously handed Equestria Girls by the suits at Hasbro, hence the reason it took so long to get a trailer out. So, let's take the circumstances under which they were given Equestria Girls all into account: (1) they were given at best about a 4-5 month time span to develop this movie, (2) this was a HORRIBLE concept to begin with, in my opinion, and even if you don't think it was a bad premise, it certainly could not have been one that DHX was planning on working on anytime soon, (3) the sole purpose that Hasbro had for bringing this concept to the big screen was painfully obviously for marketing reasons, to open up a whole new market of toys (although I still can't imagine who they think is going to buy those dolls considering they look quite hideous), (4) DHX had to develop something they probably didn't even want to work on while simultaneously beginning development of Season 4, something I'm sure they were far more motivated to delve into. Basically, what I'm getting at is, looking at all of these theoretical factors, from the start EQG was being developed under the worst circumstances possible. The only upside it had going for it was that it had a very good studio and voice actresses working on it, but that's it. So then, it got released... and I watched it... and what did I think? Well... it was far more entertaining and likable than it had any right to be. So, let's get the pros out of the way first. The voice acting was great as usual. The best I've ever heard from the girls? Probably not. But they just own these roles at this point, they slip into them SO naturally that they don't even really have to try, and you could tell they were trying their darnedest!!! All of them were in character as far as tone and expressions go, and some really shone. Highlights for me include Twilight (which is good, considering so much focus was put on her), Spike (who probably had his best role since "The Crystal Empire"), Principal Celestia (who struck a nice balance between similar and different enough from her Equestrian counterpart), and... PINKIE PIE. Oh my gosh, did I love Pinkie Pie!!! Pinkie Pie... just never stop being you! She was hands down the best human counterpart of all of the HuMane Six, she was completely random and unpredictable, but at the same time actually felt like a character, something I could not say for the rest of the HuMane Six. Next, animation. The pony animation was hands down the most gorgeous in the movie, DHX has simply mastered it at this point. As for the human world, the environment was colorful enough, I certainly liked that. The human models could've been worse, and for what they were, they weren't terrible, but ultimately I didn't like them that much. Will talk more about them later. Music. I despise teen pop, but Daniel Ingram and William Anderson somehow managed to pull off a strange hybrid of the show's usual musical feel with a more urban, poppy feel that, musically at least, was very enjoyable. The "Equestria Girls" song was insanely catchy and hands down the best song of the movie, but all of them sounded pleasant enough. That said, I will have more to say about the music later. Finally, the plot. Well... no, not much good to say about the plot. I will say that, if this were a longer feature with less subplots, or even just the same length and less subplots as it was, it could've been executed FAR better. But, it's time for the cons. Well, might as well talk about the big one first. The plot. Oh me, oh my, this story was a mess. The overall story was straightforward enough. Twilight's crown gets stolen, she needs to get it back for the sake of both Equestria and the human world. But the execution was... shoddy at best. My favorite part (besides anything in Equestria of course) was honestly when Twilight first showed up, because not too much was happening, and so the movie felt like it had a nice pace going. She and Spike had some fun interactions, and some of the jokes during that section really worked. In fact, the movie frequently made me laugh plenty, and kept me plenty entertained. The problems came in wrapping it all up, for two big reasons: (1) pacing, and (2) subplots. Oh my gosh, were there A LOT of subplots!!! But first, the pacing. In hindsight, for a 70 minute feature with as many subplots as this, that aforementioned section when Twilight first shows up should've been much shorter, or at least featured the rest of the HuMane Six much more. The second half was a complete and utter mess! Events building up to the fall formal and showing Twilight getting to know and befriend the HuMane Six happened WAYYYYYY too quickly, and the pacing of the overall story was constantly thrown off by the subplots, some of which were completely unnecessary. So yeah, no point in avoiding it, let's talk about those subplots. All told, I want to say there were about... seven subplots total? Some of them got far too little attention, and so didn't really feel like they even got resolved, like the cliques at the high school or Sunsent Shimmer's motivations. Others got FAR MORE attention than they should have even though they were simultaneously really short, and so felt both completely unnecessary and pointless and also blown out of proportion (i.e. Flash Sentry, actually, buck that, I'm calling him Brad Pony subplot and the STUPID AS BUCK Vice Principal Luna subplot which was a conflict for about 30 seconds, not even joking!). What we got as a result was this: lots of plot holes, poor pacing, unnecessary plot points, and a BUTT TON OF PLOT CONTRIVANCES!!! So that leads me to my next con: the characters. Dark Qiviut put this really well in his excellent review of EQG when he said that just because the girls were in character DOES NOT mean that the HuMane Six were 3-dimensional characters. The only ones who really felt like that for me were (1) Twilight and Spike (but that's only because I knew they were the established Equestrian characters), and (2) Pinkie Pie, who as I said earlier they wrote fantastically!!! The rest, if it weren't for the fact that they were technically NOT the Mane Six, would've felt soooooo OOC. At the best of times, they did things that we'd expect of their Equestrian counterparts, but the reasoning/personal motivations behind such behavior remained elusive. At their worst, they were stereotypes of their Equestrian counterparts (again, like DQ said, and please don't hate me for this DF, RD said awesome at least one too many times) and really behaved, for lack of a better word, just really, really DUMB. There was absolutely no good reason that they had fallen for Sunset's messing with their friendship, and they seriously never thought of asking their friends of many years about one-time alleged betrayals?!?! THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO!! No wait, scratch that, THAT'S JUST WHAT ANYONE WITH HALF-A-BRAIN DOES!!!!!!! It was so contrived and so unbelievable that it just felt like they were wasting our time with creating any conflict between this group in the first place. Instead, they should have introduced them far earlier on and had them help Twilight adjust, instead of force Twilight to bring them back together as friends in order to give them a reason to befriend her, because it all just felt so forced and contrived!!! Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity were pretty much all in character, aside from being dumb there just wasn't anything to their characters, but Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash was... *braces for RD fan hate* KIND OF A DOUCHE! She didn't show up that much, she felt like more of a stereotype of her character than any of the other HuMane Six, and that soccer subplot was COMPLETELY IDIOTIC AND DOUCHEY!!!!!!! Even though she didn't know that Twilight wasn't used to walking on two legs, she could easily infer that she wouldn't be any good at soccer. Twilight had already helped bring her and AJ back together as friends, so really, it's BS what she said about Twilight having to prove she was worth befriending/helping out. Plus, she didn't even explain that until AFTER she'd schooled Twilight! So it really came across the whole time (which was thankfully only about two minutes) as just a really mean-spirited, petty, and utterly useless and unnecessary bit of ego stroking that's arrogant and bombastic even by RD's standards!!! Next, supporting/background characters from the show. Snips and Snails were HORRIBLY written and portrayed. I honestly think the only reason they were even used here was because DHX loves the two voice actors who voice them, and I don't blame them for that, I like those voice actors as well and I think those two characters can be really funny. These guys... they weren't funny. They were bullies and evil and very OOC. It just wasn't the two dimwitted colt residents of Ponyville that I love and I have no idea why they went with that portrayal beyond "oh, Sunset needs some cronies!". Principal Celestia as I said earlier was pretty bearable, but Vice Principal Luna? OH MY GOSH, SHE WAS A MORON!!!!!!! As I mentioned earlier, her 30 second subplot, tied with the soccer subplot, was probably the most useless subplot of the entire movie!!! She seriously thought that Twilight trashed the gym after being given pictures of a paper cutout of Twilight glued onto another picture?????????? Seriously, A FIVE YEAR OLD COULD FIGURE THAT OUT!!!!!!! And it doesn't matter anyway, because the "subplot" gets resolved about 10 seconds later, not even joking. It was completely and utterly pointless, and it made human Luna look like an idiot!!! As for any other background ponies that showed up, their cameos were cute enough. I spotted Cloud Kicker, Photo Finish, Vinyl, Derpy (which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ), the CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Twist, maybe Pipsqueak, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Trixie, and all of their appearances were harmless enough. Some of them, like Derpy, Trixie, and the CMC were absolutely hilarious, and even though not all of them made sense, like taking Vinyl's glasses off in the EQG song for no apparent reason other than, "Hey bronies, look, her eyes!!!", they were harmless and didn't feel too much like pandering. And yeah, if I'm gonna be honest, that Trixie cameo may have been so dumb, but it was SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! Finally, the new characters. *sigh* The new characters... where do I begin? Guess we'll start with Sunset. Sunset Shimmer was... absolutely wasted. Hands down, she's the worst villain the show's had yet. Every other villain thus far has had (1) clear motivations and (2) come across as a real and dangerous threat. Sunset had neither. Her motivations were not revealed until the VERY end of the movie, and since her background was very poorly explained as well, we just got a villain who I had no bucking idea why she was doing ANY of what she was doing other than to be a jerk, which DOES NOT make for a threatening villain. All we got was a bully, and a really cliche bully at that. On top of that, she has one of the worst plans I've ever heard of!!! She basically planned on taking over Equestria with, if I'm being really generous, 50-100 zombified minions, who wouldn't have even been that much of a threat even if they were turned into hellspawn like Snips and Snails. Here's exactly what she said: "I want Equestria! And with my own little teenage army behind me, I'm going to get it!!!" ... ... ... "My own little teenage army..." "TEENAGE ARMY!!!!!!!" That's the stupidest, most unthreatening line and plan I've EVER heard!!!!!!!!!! Sombra was more threatening with his crystal fetish!!!!!! And it's such a shame, because I absolutely LOVED Sunset's pony design!!! It was very different from what we'd gotten in the past with villains, and she as a whole had a lot of potential to be a good villain. Two students of Celestia face off, that should've been AWESOME!!! Instead, she was LAME!!!!!! Just utterly lame, stupid, and cliche. Her rushed redemption at the end, which made Trixie's look like it was balanced and drawn out, did not help, since it was too fast and poorly explained. Overall, I'm very disappointed in how Sunset turned out. Next, Brad Pony (no, I refuse to call him Flash Sentry, that's a cool name, something he is not!). I'm not as mad about how he turned out just because I always had low expectations about him, but that doesn't mean I'm happy he exists. He was... worthless. He literally contributed nothing to the plot or helping Twilight out EXCEPT for resolving the aforementioned STUPIDEST SUBPLOT EVER with Vice Principal Luna, which was basically thrown in just to get him 30 seconds more screen time with Twilight. He was cliche, there was no character to him whatsoever, his being Sunset's ex-boyfriend didn't affect the plot in the slightest, and most importantly, the romantic subplot was both unnecessary, poorly developed, and made NO SENSE! He and Twilight probably share at most 5 minutes of screen time together. For only 3 minutes of that screen time do they even engage in conversation, if it can be called that. The rest was blushing, awkwardness, blushing, dancing, more blushing, and more awkwardness. Did I mention the blushing? Yeah, there was no good reason that he and Twilight had any chemistry at all!!! If anything, the fact that he dated Sunset Shimmer raised the uncomfortable possibility that he's just a really shallow guy who dates girls because they're hot, seeing as Sunset had no magical powers without the crown and so I doubt influenced him at all (plus maybe this was just me but I thought that, uh, "flirty" look he kept shooting at Twilight was creepy as heck!!!). Whatever the case, there was just no justification for the romance (especially considering Twilight should not really be finding any humans attractive when she's only in their world for three days and has no prior experience with them and so no real reason to even find any of them attractive by her equine standards) or even his existence, and I pray that DHX doesn't retain him for Season 4. There could be romance in MLP, I've never been opposed to that, but THAT'S not the way it should be pulled off! Well that wraps up characters, so let's tackle a last few tidbits. Things about animation I didn't like: the humans. They were pulled off far better than they could've been (especially judging by the early concept art), but still, they felt very mechanical compared to the pony models, and there just wasn't any personality from any of the BG characters like there was with the ponies. They all looked too similar, they all wore the same clothes, had very similar designs, and just didn't really jump off the screen. For what they were, they were fine, but nothing exemplary. Oh yeah, and the useless equine/human transformation at the end was POINTLESS (and also kinda terrifying)!!!!!!!! Nothing, I mean, NOTHING came as a result of the girls getting wings and... pony ears, I think, EXCEPT Rainbow Dash flying with Scoots on her back and THAT... WAS... IT!!!!!!!!!!! That happened for one reason, and one reason only... BECAUSE HASBRO WANTS TO MAKE TOYS!!!! Ughhh... and seriously, those designs when they transformed were kinda terrifying, and NO ONE WAS FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE MAGIC OR THE TRANSFORMATIONS AT ALL!!!!!!!! Really, best line of the movie might've been Spike going, "The talking dog is the weird thing about all this?!?!" just because it was so delightfully meta! Oh yeah, and boots... EVERYONE WEARS BOOTS IN THIS MOVIE, EVEN DEMON HELLSPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the music, the only thing I didn't like about it was, well, the lyrics. Aside from "Equestria Girls" the other songs had really forgettable and repetitive lyrics, and I could tell that Daniel Ingram wasn't giving his all in that department (which further reinforces my theory that he and the rest of DHX were not looking forward to doing this and just trying to get it over with, or just short on time). Besides that, no other real complaints; like I said earlier, I liked the sound of the music, it's just the lyrics usually didn't work (but seriously, "Equestria Girls" is catchy as heck!!!). So time for final thoughts. For many, this was a project that had a lot of potential from the beginning. Me, I'm more of a realist/cynic; I was always skeptical because from the start the circumstances seemed to be really bad. Little time to develop this, a bad concept to begin with, really cliched, and... it basically turned out like I thought it would. Is it fandom ending or going to destroy MLP, of course not, it's just a little bump in the road is all. To its credit, DHX and the VAs made it FAR more entertaining and likable than I thought it would be. I was plenty engaged, laughed plenty, and just loved, loved, LOVED the voice work!!! BUT overall, the story and characters were poorly handled and executed, the animation and music in some respects were subpar compared to their MLP counterparts, and ultimately this was just a bad movie, not even average, but pretty bad objectively. That doesn't mean I didn't like things about it, because I did, and that's to DHX's credit, but there's no denying there was A LOT of bad in this thing, and that's all on Hasbro. I think the biggest thing we can all take away from this is that, no matter how good the studio and the team, even the best of teams cannot overcome the worst of circumstances if they're dealt a very, very bad hand, and that's what I think happened here. So no, I'm not worried about the quality of Season 4 as a result of this. I'm quite optimistic about Season 4 and excited for it, and if anything I think DHX is excited to get back to focusing solely on ponies as well. Plus, they have already been working on it and will overall have at least twice as much time to develop it as they did EQG, so really, I think we've got a great season ahead of us. So, with nothing further to say, those are my thoughts on EQG. Final Score: 5/10
  23. Hello everypony! Just a warning, I suck at shading. So, I would like anypony to help me, please. I want to get better at shading, but I need to know what to improve on. Thanks in advance!
  24. I made a Youtube Poop-styled parody of Naruto, but I tried to put in a MLP reference whenever I could. This vid is only the first part of episode one, I'm probably going to make the episodes better for the next ones. How did I do this time, and how can I improve?
  25. Ok, so I just finished a picture recently and I'm trying to improve my skills some more. So if its not too much trouble, does anyone mind critiquing it? Thank you! -a~N