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Found 6 results

  1. Eniac

    Baby Yoda completed

    So after a bit over a week of intermittent crocheting I have completed my first complex plush: Baby Yoda. There is a lot of learnt whilst making the project which I will take to other projects. I very happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to completing more projects eventually creating my own patterns. But now I need to focus on my revision and mocks.
  2. Eniac

    Baby Yoda without Robe

    I completed the ears a beginning of yesterday but I didn't have access to the plush at the time so decided to wait until today*. It now no longer looks like an alien and is starting to look like baby yoda. I think the ears could have been a little more rounded, the length I think is okay. Already started on the robe this morning so hopefully the full plush will be finished by the end of today. *The ears on their own look like triangles so there was no point in submitting an entry just off of that.
  3. Eniac

    Baby Yoda's body

    On the continuing project to avoid doing revision or work I have completed the body of the baby yoda plush. Only the the features that will actually demonstrate that it is baby yoda are left. These are the hardest parts though not long, just some complex stitching. Anyway, it is unlikely that I will make any progress tomorrow as I have a shift but hopefully I will make some progress over the weekend to have it finished by Monday
  4. Eniac

    Baby Yoda's First Arm

    So, whilst avoiding doing the tasks I have set out to do today I have completed another segment of Baby Yoda, the first arm. The doll is looking more humanoid, but there is still the ears and robe to do so at the moment he still looks like an alien.
  5. Eniac

    Start of Baby Yoda

    So I recently started crocheting. I have been meanig to for over a year with a basic plastic hook and yarn ready to go, but I never got around to it. After seeing multiple baby yoda crocheted dolls online I thought I would give it a try. To be clear this is not the first thing I have crocheted and this is not my own pattern (I am using this pattern). I may post some pictures of the first plushes which I made, two narwhals and a whale. Before even starting these I made 25 100 chain stitches to get used to tension and hook method. So leading up to this point I have done quite a bit of crochet. However, this is my first proper crochet plush, the whales were basically spheres with eyes, so I am having a great time 'building' (crocheting parts and stitching them together) him. At the moment he looks a bit like and alien but hopefully he will slowly start to resemble the real thing. PS. This is an example of a seperate blog thread using the tag: Yoda Project
  6. Hey well I thought I'd share something I finally got finished recently. My best friend's a big MLP fan (bigger than me, I admit) and her favourite pony's of the show are Lyra and Bon Bon. There was a pair of crochet Lyra and Bonbon's with magnetic noses for about $60+ on an auction but that was waaay to much for me. So instead, I followed this fantastic crochet pony tutorial and here's the end result: I contemplated selling custom ponies (with my own pattern) but the crochet toys don't seem to sell as well as the loveable minky plush - a warning to fellow crochers >O< Thanks for coming by!