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Found 6 results

  1. Lately, I've seen myself picking up new interests and discovering new things about myself. Over the last year I've been searching for answers on my own identity whether it be sexuality, gender, or otherwise. This long search has lead me to a few odd places and one of them now being Crossdressing. Now I haven't been able to Crossdress myself due to lack of... well many things, privacy, money, and women's clothing, but its something that doesn't just seem very appealing to me but actually feels like something that's been missing from my life. I've been talking to a few other like minded Crossdressers from various corners of the Internet and they say it seems to help them feel more comfortable with themselves. I've always found myself a bit uncomfortable having to assume the masculine role in life when the feminine things seem more appealing, so I guess its something I'd like to try to see if it helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin. --- But of course such a thing comes at a price. The world is actually not very tolerant of Crossdressers, probably more so than you think. Similar to issue with the whole Brony phenomenon, the world is pretty obstinate to give up its idea of black and white, masculine and feminine ideals. A man wanting to wear a skirt is something that society REALLY frowns upon, which is sad because its just a piece of cloth that that man wants to wear to help himself feel more comfortable with whatever gender identity issue he is going through. So I was curious to see what the opinion of my fellow forum goers is on Crossdressing. If you saw a man walking through your town wearing a dress, what would you think? Don't be afraid to leave your honest opinions down below. But do remember to please stay civil. I don't want this to become one of THOSE threads that needs to be locked down before we even start a discussion.
  2. I'm male, and I prefer to wear dresses and all manner of apparel typically deemed "feminine", or for women. Given my style of dress, nearly anyone who saw me would label me a crossdresser, and that's fine--I take no offense. However, I advocate that there's no such thing. Clothes are clothes. It doesn't matter who's wearing them. The concept of gender specific clothing is purely a learned, environmental phenomenon. You think it's part of our DNA to know that skirts are for women? Of course not. Everything that any culture believes about clothing, and which sex should wear what, is just due to what people grow up seeing and being told is normal. The fact is that there is no rationale whatsoever for any clothing being sex-specific. Take dresses for example. It's a dress. It's a one-piece thing with a skirt instead of pant legs. It knows no gender. What does it matter what it's covering? The only reason we have any concept of "dressing like a woman" or "dressing like a man" is because of what society tells us is normal. A Shyamalan The Village-esque isolation experiment could easily produce a generation of people believing that dresses are just for men. In my opinion, the only thing that could possibly qualify as truly crossdressing would be wearing a garment designed for a body part you don't have. I.e. support undergarments. That's it. (And even then, I don't care what people want to wear. Wear whatever makes you happy.) Other than that, I don't think clothing should have gender labels. Although I concede that adjectives such as masculine and feminine are useful in describing clothing, as well as other things, I submit that we steer away from this idea of "men's clothing" and "women's clothing." I also concede that it's still useful to have men's and women's departments in stores, as the fit of the clothes will be different, but what I'm advocating is that we throw out the idea that certain types, certain...genres, if you will, of clothing are just for one sex or the other. Thoughts? *EDIT* It occurred to me that my main post could be taken to imply that I am in favor of complete gender neutrality, possibly to the point of not acknowledging the differences between the sexes. This isn't the case at all. In fact, you'll never meet a bigger advocate for noticing, appreciating, and celebrating the differences between the sexes. Fair and equal treatment is the not the same thing as pretending that there are no differences. I am merely calling for the lifting of apparel taboos, and for people to realize that a man wearing a dress is not unnatural, nor does it automatically equate to or imply cosplaying as a woman. If a man is wearing a dress, then it's a man's dress. We should not have to call it "crossdressing," though I'll reiterate that I don't take offense to the term, either. Just wanted to clarify that. Cheerio.
  3. I just need some tips on what type clothing I should buy and where I should get it that resembles Rainbow Dash's Equestria Girls blue jacket/outerwear. I've got ideas on all of the other parts already. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. First he turned into a princess and now he's crossdressing... both in the same season! Is this just a coincidence or is there more to this? Also what really caught my attention was how talkative he became as cousin Orchard Blossom. It seemed really out of character for me. Isn't Big Mac supposed to be shy? I never thought Big Mac of all ponies would crossdress in public. Or if he did, he would be super shy and barely talk at all. What do you guys think? (Edited)
  5. My OC, Treble, is a musician who lives in Ponyville. He is also a crossdresser and often preforms wearing a dress.
  6. Hello, my name is Jared aka Jade. I'm a Christian,Vegan,Cross-dressing, Game designer,My little pony fanatic! Whew, I know that's a lot to swallow but I've decided, I am who I am and I'm going to accept it and enjoy both my girl and man side to the fullest extent possible. I'm not going to be depressed,ashamed or guilty for who I am. Jared is a 29 year old man who loves god and his family and friends, He loves the military and to honor veterans and to serve everyone just as Jesus did! He is very strong and buff and a jack of all trades, He can do anything, 2D,3D art, professional web design and coding, mechanics,construction, computer and electronic repair, writing, music and everything else. I have been married for 13 years to the most awesome and beautiful wife I could ever ask for! She's my best friend, my love, my makeup artist and my greatest supporter! We love to spend time being girly together and just having a great time! Jade is a little girl who never had the chance to grow up her childhood, She absolutely adores ponies,My Little Pony,Drawing ponies, pony music, friendship,pets, she hates any talk of violence,war or sex. She doesn't like when people make jokes about other people or judge them. She has all the good qualities of Jared and none of the bad! My little pony has taught her that friendship is truly magic and she is looking for friends that wont judge her. That's what this post is all about and that's why I explained in detail exactly who I am, So there wont be any problems with new friends. I'm mainly looking for friends who like art,Christianity,cross-dressing,Game design,My Little Pony etc... But I humbly invite anyone who wont judge me to be my friend. I would like to talk about life issues, collaborate on projects and just be a support for people who need to talk and figure out issues. I encourage anyone else who would like to share their story and ask for friends to do so here if they like! Even if you would not like to be my friend and don't share any of these interests you are most welcome to post your own story of who you are here requesting friends. Friends are very important and we all need them, I really hope to find a LOT of pony spirit here in the forums! Thanks for reading!, I pray that you all have happiness with who you are, Pony love, Pink hearts and all the other girly things that are totally awesome, If you like that sort of thing, otherwise guns,explosives,camo gear and 4 wheelers! "I like both " i.e rambo in pink MLP pajammas hahahha, my insanity cracks me up sometimes. GOD bless! -Jared aka Jade PS. Feel free to post here in discussion about the aforementioned subjects also.