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Found 25 results

  1. If I were in charge of MLP, I would make some (If not all) of the following crossovers: Determination is magic (Undertale): This would be similar to the game, except that it starts where Undertale Ends. One of the maine 6 (possibly Fluttershy) walks into the underground and meets all of the monsters. Pon-e-Mail (Homestar Runner): When Strong Bad gets a mysterious e-mail, he is teleported into equestria, where he meets Twilight. He and Twilight then have to find all the residents of Freetown U.S.A. so that strong bad can sit back and play video games on his laptop. This would sort of play out like a sbemail. Portal to victory (Portal 2): Twilight wakes up one day to find herself in aperture science, being taunted by a voice and guided by a robot named wheatley. She would have to solve puzzles in order to escape. What do you guys think?
  2. Twilight Sparkle has been very forgetful lately, wherever she goes she seems to leave something behind. Growing tired of having to retrieve them, she decides to cast a spell that will bring these items to her. But, the spell isn't quite what it seems and now Ponyville has four new residents. Unsure of how to return them to where they came from, the Mane 6 must teach these newcomers how to fit-in in Equestria. Takumi, Iketani, Kenji and Itsuki are just having a guys night out racing along the roads of Mount Akina, when suddenly a flash of light changes everything. Now they must learn how to live in this new world and form strong bonds along the way. Will they ever see their world again, or will they have to make Equestria their new home? Link to the story:
  3. Are there any fans of Skulduggery Pleasant here? Has anyone thought about ponfying him and Valkyrie and the other characters? How would you name their ponyfied versions? How would you portray them in Equestria?
  4. I've grown quite infatuated with Magic: The Gathering. I'm what's considered a Vorthos of the community, which in laypony terms means one of the biggest reasons I like the game is for the lore. It really is a genius idea. You take an idea and setting, utilize it for your purposes, and when you're done with the plot there you can toss it away because it's only one plane and there's many more to discover. I also feel it's great for crossovers. Since it's a Multiverse, it's fun to imagine that at some point, one of the Planeswalkers is going to stumble upon some other fictional setting. And though the Spark for a Planeswalker is only in a few select individuals, it could also feasibly manifest in just about anyone. So to get to the gist of this topic, I was wondering who everypony thought could possibly be a Planeswalker, or barring that, become one? I sometimes wonder if the Doctor himself isn't one. Yes, he's a Time Lord who seem to define themselves by what they can do with a TARDIS and he can technically take others with him. But perhaps it's just something he made himself? The older Planeswalkers were known to be godlike in power, I can see it being something he'd make. And when the Rift mended, so did most of his latent powers, but it wouldn't include his vehicle of choice. And keeps going to other... places. After all, planets is just another word for planes. Theros is a planet in its setting. ...It's a bit of a stretch, I'll admit. And he doesn't use many spells, but not all candidates are going to be the type to toss around magic. He'd probably be Mono Blue if he did.
  5. I had a silly idea, so I figured, why not let others share some as well? My personal silly idea is a Nerf Crossover, not in that the guns are used or anything, but rather the guns are characterised into ponies in the show. For instance, the Nerf Centurion is widely reguarded as cool looking, cool sounding, but comes with poor preformance, as such I could see the character being a super showy pegasus, that can't live up to snuff in a race. That's just a silly idea of mine, what're some of yours?
  6. At least 20% more knowledgeable about space, the universe, and all things timey-wimey than your average Rainbow Dash.
  7. Hey, okay, look I don't want anyone to give me any hate comment or stupidness because they don't like the Conversion Bureau, but I have read read what it was about, and see that I may actually like it because it's all about FiM Ponies going to war against Humans and turning them into ponies. Now, I thought about making my own, but I don't know where to start or how to do it, so do the plot and the setting needs to start off the same as the Conversion Bureau stories, do it still have to be on earth, or can ponies get there from their dimension? Can anyone give me like... pointers or something?
  8. So guys and gals, Exactly what the title says, What do you think will happen if Sega and Hasbro were gonna make a Sonic MLP Crossover game, And TV series? And what do you think would make the perfect Sonic MLP game Crossover? I personally think a Sonic Adventure and Heroes style game with a mix of Unleashed and Knuckles Chaotix Would make a great game. For the TV series I think Dr Eggman should be at a point were he has all the Chaos Emeralds and puts them in some sort of device, Then Sonic bursts in and tries to stop him, But breaks the device during this, And causes a massive Chaos Control, And sends everyone to Equestria, Then Sonic and his friends find Ponyville, And befriend the mane 6, Then they go on all kinds of adventures in a nutshell. (Yeah I know it's a plot recycle from Sonic X, But I can't think of any better lol, On the bright side, There is no Chris)
  9. Hey everypony I have a new idea and I think you'll all enjoy it ! When the ratings for the total drama series start coming down Chris Mclain is running out of options . The sadistic show host makes a deal with Discord and they decide to bring contestants from all around the multiverse to the shiity summer camp. Some of the old contestants will also be returning . Unlike Chris who is a dick to everyone he meets Discord actually favors some campers particularly the ones that are crazy or the assholes . Here are the contestants . Returning players : Duncan , Lindsey , Cody , Scott , Jo , Beth , Courtney, Heather , Harold , Leshawna , Trent , Geoff , Blainley and Gwen . Pony contestants : Twilight , Spike , RD , Trixie , Applejack , Pinkie , Lightening Dust , Rarity , Applebloom , Applejack , Scootaloo , Diamond Tiara . Non pony contestants : Spongebob , Finn , Modacai and rigby , Dexter , Gumball , Bloo , Cartman , Kenny , Eddy , Stewie , Dipper , Bender , CatDog , Rocko , Ren , Timmy Turner That's all the contestants I've got right now . Tell me if you'd like to add any more abd who should be who's team .and most importantly do you look forward to this challenge
  10. Its afternoon in ponyville and the sun is high . Discord was taking a nap on Fluutershy's couch . Things were starting to get better for him after the Tirek incident the townsfolk believed he had gone back to being evil . He reassured them he wasn't abs he made mistake he even helped repair the town . As of now Discor's only problems were a few skeptics . He heard Twilight recently had trouble with a mare named Starlight Glimmer but he wasn't concerned how much harm could ste do with a name like that ? He finally closed his eyes and dreamed a wonderful dream about city where everyone was crazy . But he stated hearing strange voices calling to him voices he could have sworn he'd heard before . That night he heard them again only this time they were louder , angrier and yelling out " you betrayed us !" He woke up screaming . Fluttershy timidly gets up and flies into his room . " um Discord are ok ?" She asks . Discord nods " I'm fine Fluttershy it nothing .. Listen do you mind if tomorrow I go and speak with Celestia ?" She shakes her head understanding that he had something private to speak to her about . He smiled warmly she always understood . The next day he went to Celestia's palace . Normally he'd randomly appear in front of her in a attempt to scare her but this was a extremely sad and serious matter so he chose to knock the door . A guard answered the door . They were surprised to see him but they let him in . At first upon seeing him Celestia smiles and rolls her eyes expecting him to say something funny or stupid . She notices the sad , grim expression on his face ." Hello Discord what brings you hear today ?" She asks with a worried look . He sighs ." I've got something to discuss you . I had a dream last night and a heread the voices of my old friends ." She gasps and has a flashback . ( cue flashback ) Back when Discord was young and equestria's chaotic era was just beginning . Discord got bored for the first time . He loved his chaos but very few others did they thought it was weird . So he traveled to other worlds and brought back lonely children of other species who were about his age and brought them to eqeustria . They became his friends , partners and family he even gifted them with lesser modified versions of his chaotic powers . Then when Celestia and Luna defeated him for the first time they were put in stone too . However due to Celestia thinking the ponies would fear their carnivorous diets and strange looks they hadn't been given a chance to reform .? Celestia had to admit making such a shallow choice was horrible judgement they hadn't even been as bad as Discord . It brought shame upon her to think of it .( end flashback ) She sighs and simply tells him " it you'd like Discord you may visit them at the garden ." He nods sadly and promises to visit his old friends later . Meanwhile the cmc had just failed to get garden work cutie marks . Sweetie belle had gotten the hedge trimmers stuck to her mane . They here's girlish giggling behind them . All 3 rolled their eyes . It was Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon . their realtions with their rivals had gotten better now that they were a bit older . The bullying was down to a friendly teasing . Still it could get annoying ." Still no cutie marks huh blank flanks ?" Diamond laughs using her old line . Scootaloo sighs ." No and we're not in the mood right now ok ?! We've all had bad days " she growls . Silver Sooon isn't laughing " maybe you guys shouldn't go searching for your marks you should just let it happen naturally ." She suggests seriously . Diamond Tiara snorts ." Oh please Silver these 3 are so impatient they can't even wait on the school lunch line !" Scootaloo and Applebkoom grin mischievously. " maybe you'd like to see how impatient we are DT !" Applebloom says with a smirk and knocks her to ground to begin wrestling . Eventually the entire group gets pulled into this semi resolved grudge match . Tumbling through the garden until they reach the back where a colum of about 12 statues . The fillies set the first one flying backward and it hit the one behind it sending off a domino effect . When the group stopped play fighting . They looked up and saw that they had freed 12 strange creatures most of them looked like dogs exept they looked like had more emotion . 3 others looked similar but were uglier and had yellow eyes . One was a deer , another one a fox finally a chubby creature with no fur and strange cloths and a blue blob creature . The pack looked around shortly and then noticed the ponies that freed them ." Well hello there kids ." One of the dogs and female said smiling . The fillies shook in fear ." Who - who the heck are you ?" Applebloom asks . The dog smiles again " I'm Dixie and these are my friends ." She explains that they were around when Discord was in power . Which amazed the fillies . According to her the other dogs were named Angel , Scamp and Dodger , the fix was Todd , the deer was Ronno , the uglier things were called hyenas and were named Shenzi Banzai and Ed , the chubby thug was a human named Eric and the blob creature was named Bloo . " so Celestia put you in stone ? But why you guys seem really nice !" Sweetie Belle exclaims . She couldn't believe their fair ruler had imprusoned seemingly innocent creatures . " because she a birch . That why !" Eric and Bloo muttered . Todd , Scamp and Ronno grumbled in agreement . But Dixie and Shenzi gaged them looks that shut them up . " we were victims of bad press . But now we've come to get her back and we want you to help ." Angel says as she and Dixie offer them their paws . " what's in it for us ?" Diamond tiara asks ." Yeah if we're gonna help you overthrow the princesses we need a reason !" Scootaloo adds . Dixie smirks ." Not only will Apllebloom , Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo get their cutie marks but all five of you will get power get power . Power so great that you'll surpass even your sisters and make them proud of ya . None of you will ever be sad or misrabke as you've been your whole lives ever again . You'll be completey free ." They looked at each other . That did sound really nice the cutie marks , the power plus they'd all had sucky lives in their own ways perhaps it was time for a change . All five of them shook Dixie's paw . For safety reasons the pack relocated to the everfree forest . Which was ok because they had lived their during Discord's reign . Dixie , Angel and Shenzi who were the smartest began to plan and located Discord . They would speak with him later . Eric and later Bloo began to whine that they were bored they were both smacked by Dixie . Eric was especially grumpy he wanted to avenge his best friend's Kenny's death . Kenny usually returned to life after dying but for some reason when he was killed by Celestia that didn't happen maybe the pervert's time had finally run out . As a few days passed and the deeper parts of the everfree forest were soon filled with plunder seeds and chaos . Not long after the entire forest was consumed not many ponies notice because the forest was generally avoided . However Zecota noticed sadly before she could say anything ste was eaten by the hyenas out of hunger . Who couldn't beehive they're was an actual Zebra here . Dixie watched this unfold with Todd . Soon enough Discord got wind of fillies freeing his old friends . At first he was worried but they lied and told him they were just having fun . He didn't see the harm in a small bit of fun especially in a already wild place like the forest . So he let them be . The pack and the filles all smirked watching him go knowing he'd retern and join in the next day . Now the pack was free ,the fillies had chaos powers and " fun " would rise again . Of coarse this game would te sudden death . To be continued . I hope you all enjoyed the first part . Just a couple things The city Discird was drawing of was New York These characters were selected for two reasons 1 they're all awesome . 2 they're all very good at causing mayhem and chaos . The fillies have put aside their differences for the most part because DT and SS were saved from starlight glimmer by the cmc in this story . We will see starlight here eventually by the way ! Yes I know the crossover choices are we're but what can you expect they were picked by Discord blame him ! Anyway I hope you all liked it .
  11. Hello everypony ! Do guys like vocaloid ? Because I was inspired by them to write this . As many of us vocaloid fans know they once sang a series of songs titled the 7 deadly sins series having a title having to do with the sin it's main character embodies and the sin vessel they have . We also know that the vessels were moved around the world frequently . Well this happens hundreds of years after those stories took place. like most pony related problems and problems in general the source is Discord who decides to leave equestria and go on a vacation to earth specifically Japan . He here's a legend that there are artifacts that hold the sins in them . Discord knows they're scattered around the world so he finds them and spreads them farther ! Now they're littered throughout the multiverse . Now 7 individuals from different places will find the vessels and try to get them all why? Because if they do they'll be the most powerful life firms ever ! I haven't chosen characters yet so I'll need 7 of them one to represent each sin . They can either from MLP or elsewhere . I have a couple of things I'm working oo I may not get to this for a little while .
  12. So a few shows such as teen titans has had a few episodes referencing mlp and even made a entire episode where they used generic ponys that were obviously a reference to a certain show. So I was thinking what shows would you like to see or imagine a mlp reference in? I'm not to sure there will ever be a time where an other show has a crossover episode with mlp but would you like to see or imagine a mlp go into another show or have generic a representation of ponys used in the plot of a episode?
  13. Someone here started to write a MLP/BSG crossover. If I’ve got it right, in the series finale the Colonials jumped away after destruction of the cylon colony using The Song Coordinates, but instead of Earth they’ve found “Equus”/The Pony Planet. The idea looks very promising but quite difficult to execute. Unfortunately, the whole project seems abandoned: first two chapters are published almost three years ago and no update came ever since. I came up with a few interesting themes that could be a part of this story. The main theme: contact with the ponykind is the last chance of redemption for humanity. Do they screw it? Similarities between element-bearers and some of the colonials: Rainbow Dash = Starbuck. Applejack = Helo (these two are pretty obvious). Rarity = Baltar (self-made member of establishment, trained himself into sophistication early on, definitely a “drama queen” in his own way, and finally learned to be generous). Twilight = Athena (very smart and intelligent, knows asocial life, albeit being forced to it rather then choosing it, and definitely is a manifestation of magic, however, magic of love, not friendship). Fluttershy = Apollo (very kind and compassionate, gets upset when he has to disappoint those he cares about, often torn apart by conflicting imperatives). However, colonials don’t have they version of the bearer of laughter and optimism. This makes than “incomplete” and impossible to find harmony. Politics and ideology among colonials. There are three major ideological parties: Romo Lampkin, newly appointed “president of Colonies” backed up by Apollo. Their overall approach is of very practical nature, while Lampkin’s bitter cynicism and Apollo’s emotionality and righteousness outbalance each other. Gaius Baltar and his cult. Baltar is to adjust to the new situation while the cultists try to force him to the position of power on their behalf. Caprica Six tries to help him. Laura Roslin comes to the story almost dead but ponies try to save her. They put her into hibernation under work of several complicated spells. She survives after a few months of coma but ends up with a physical disability. She doesn’t claim any political or religious authority anymore, starting to work as a teacher instead. With a time she notices the effect ponies have on human children and sees it as both threat and opportunity. So, she forms and implements her own ideological view of the situation. Laura has Bill Adama on her side. And there are also quorum of Colonials and the speakers for each cylon model. Cylons among humans. Humans don’t mention this fact to ponies right away, while ponies at first have difficulties in distinguishing humans from each other (humans are much less variable in coloration, don’t have cutie marks and ponies are yet to learn to recognize human faces). So, some time goes by until several ponies notice that some humans look identical. Which rises questions. Meanwhile, cylons develop distinguished personalities and come up with idea to adopt the concept of cutie marks. Also. Equestria is already densely populated, so, ponies grant colonials but a few places to build settlements (with about 10 km of territory around each settlement) that humans can use as an operational base while searching for another suitable planet. A pony gets killed by a human, so Helo volunteers to investigate.
  14. Hello, everypony I'M back with more pony loving artwork enjoy yes MLP FIM ponies as Autobots and Decepticons there will be full of surprises hope you like them with rainboom smiles for everypony to see later !
  15. She has her very own Flattop. Get it? Flattop?
  16. Hi! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Long Winded. I write, act, and compose music. I run a Doctor Whooves audio play on Youtube and write all the scripts. I've decided to post my first serial here to see what you all think. I'm fairly new to this sort of thing, so I'll be open to any criticism that you may have. I'll also be posting the theme song which I am composing for the series. I'd like your thoughts on it as well. The Secret of Everfree: Episode 1 The Secret of Everfree: Episode 2 The Secret of Everfree: Episode 3 DWET Theme (Variant 1. Heavily inspired by the original Doctor Who theme. This version's second melody is off.) DWET Theme (Variant 2. Uses the same melody and bassline as variant 1, but has different instruments as well as a fixed second melody and an added rhythm)
  17. As some of you might know, I'm currently writing this very big fic on fimfiction that would be dealing with A LOT of issues in real life, which of course includes the haters. However, some aspects of the story is perhaps controversial for me to actually write them down. So I hope fellow bronies/pegasisters/any-intellectual-beings can tell me whether it is ok to include these aspects. This fic obviously has to be M-rated (mainly b/c realistic violence and gore) Question 1: Is it ok to use the "n word" in a fiction? I do realize this is a very offensive word but it is fairly necessary to convey the obvious theme it is trying to depict, Racism. I do have an African American in my story so this is a bit hard. So far I've been getting fairly ambiguous answers. So I'm turning to you guys. Do let me know!
  18. What would happen to the Mane 6 and all other ponies if they have crossover different worlds? (This topic is just for fun, so I may have to put out some rules for the establishment . ) To put it simply, I will either suggest a crossover or you ponies a crossover, I'll try at least a video of a crossover and let your imaginations go wild on the effects of this crossover to your favorite ponies or oc's. The crossovers may depend on. Suggesting the crossovers will be done during Wednesdays SGT. The voting until the first five polls came in. Time zones here,-390,6bj Once the poll ends, you bronies and pegasisters out there share your ideas of a short story, a single share of your ideas will do, and many more than you could think of about the current crossover. DA Rules:(not good with this one) #1 - No showing of vulgar pictures, videos, and the like. #2 - No spamming #3 - Respect other bronies/pegasisters ideas #4 - The rules in this forum is still applied #5 - Have fun! Yo HO! Gotta go! By the way Happy New Year!! Any more questions? Don't be afraid to ask! P.S Don't be shy, we appreciate any ideas you have
  19. I had this idea from watching all of my favorite shows plus, my top favorite show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What would happen, what would be the scenario if the MLP:Fim universe met with other fandoms? How will the ponies react to those certain ones? What will it unleash in them? Will they make friends or enemies? What will it be like? These are the cross overs I thought of: Equestria Girls and Bully: Scholarship Edition Equestria Girls/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Afro Samurai My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Brutal Legends Equestria Girls and Coraline Kingdom Hearts and Equestria Girls/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Left 4 Dead My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Rise of The Guardians My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Dead Rising I think some of these will go in different kinds of ways, but too lazy to list them right now. Tell me what you guys think and all the different scenarios of how you think the ponies will meet the other fandoms and how things will go down.
  20. Hey everypony! I really need some assistance here... uh, regarding my fanfic. You can find it on FIMFiction, although I haven't released it to the public yet. So some small details: It's a SKYRIM Crossover, It's like a Skyrim Dragonborn HIE (human in Equestria) and I'm kinda worn out on ideas here. I am also not that good at grammar and vocabulary (it's fine, yes but I make mistakes frequently) and I need an editor and two proofreaders...? Just about right. If you wish to help me, just PM me and I'll sort out the rest. Sincerely, The NEW blank flank
  21. Hiya! Thanks for viewing this!! Before we get into what the drawing is here is some info regarding it. > I gender swapped for obvious reasons, Kazegami is originally a Male. (Females seem easier to draw but I wouldn't know) > I used the Okamiden interpretation so sorry if its not the same as the Okami rendition. > Ko Kazegami's eye may look unfinished but she is actually winking its a little weird... > I am never gonna draw when I'm sick ever again!! (mental note) Enjoy!! Kazegami & Ko Kazegami *AMBIANCE* (optional)
  22. So I was watching a show called Draw Together (its about a bunch of fictional cartoon characters living in one house for a reality T.V. show) for the fact that Tara Strong (voice of Twilight Sparkle) is a voice actor for two of the Characters: Princess Clara and Toot Braunstein... but that's besides my point! My real focus is a piece of art that is hanging on the wall of the house they are living in... Here is the image of the painting on the wall. Look familiar?? If that doesn't help here is an image of somepony's Cutie Mark. Tara Strong, voice for characters from both shows... Is this a coincidence? Its really neat though... if you have watched this show have you ever seen it?
  23. Here are some drawings I made. Some recent, some older. This drawing was inspired when Pinkie Pie was answering a question about her hair in a video Hot Topic made about her. This one is a crossover of Super Mario Sunshine. A birthday drawing for Sibsy. Rainbow Dash playing the guitar. And at last, Fluttershy's House as a birdhouse.
  24. Here is a picture of my OC pony napping with some of her favorite dolls. You might actually recognize these dolls. For more information on this picture go to
  25. First off, I don't care about anything haters say on the Internet about our fandom. Just the one common thing I hear is "Stop ponifying and making crossovers of everything Bronies you ruin it!" confuses me. Sure, it can be annoying seeing your favorite show being ponified and crossovers made of it. Ironically, I discovered this show from seeing Futurama crossovers of it. It annoyed me at first, but then I ended up liking MLP FIM, so it didn't annoy me anymore. So whatever the crossover, may it be bad or good, or some weird crack shipping it in some way helps promote a lesser known fandom. Well if it's a very good crossover, it can help a lot. Even if you hate or like My Little Pony or anything else of that matter, whatever the crossover is, it helps those of a larger fandom discover your smaller fandoms. So even if crossover "X" with "X" annoys you, in the end it helps both fandoms. Though it might be very insignificant help if the crossover is bad. So in conclusion, if haters of "X" and "X" crossover just say something along the line of what I posted here. Or say nothing, whatever you want to do.