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Found 4 results

  1. MY REVIEW: I know that everyone loves this episode, but I'm sorry: I honestly despised it. My main problem is that everyone besides the Mane 7 is a complete asshole. The other ponies don't just act a little jerky, they just flat-out insult, berate and abuse the Mane 6. Seriously, a group of ponies openly attack Fluttershy, but these ponies don't deserve my sympathy. Why? Because they don't have it. There's no personality in them besides "act rude towards Mane 6". They don't even show minor characters act like this and show a character development from kind to arguing, they're all brand new background ponies. Another problem is a huge consistency error. In the episode the Mane 6 publish their Friendship Journal, but at first everyone doesn't care about the lessons but rather about every pony treating the Mane 6 like celebrities, but then noticing flaws and attacking the Mane 6. Here's my plot-hole: The Mane 6 have been celebrities since the 2nd episode of the series! They've defeated tons of monsters and villains, helped Princess Celestia and several other ponies. They are virtually politicians but with more normal lives. If Equestria was the USA then the Mane 6 would be the Cabinet Members of the Twilight Administration. In this episode, they act like the Mane 6 were invisible until the book was published. Not just ponies from faraway places, but NORMAL EVERYDAY Ponyville citizens act like they've never met any of them. There are a few things that I enjoyed, like the song they played near the end, the few little pokes at the Brony community, and the message, to be fair is very well-thought out. But the message is also a double-edge sword. While it is a good message about not letting fads or popularity get in the way of your life and friendships, but this could have been made much more enjoyable and funny, but instead the main point of the episode is how unlikeable everyone else acts. they don't even learn their lesson! The episode just ends with all of Ponyville just arguing over how "weak and pathetic" the Mane 6 are. Dear writers: Where is the goddamn resolution? Nowhere, you just forgot. I personally hated this episode, it was incredibly mean-spirited and disgustingly cruel towards the Mane 6. All the other ponies in this episode can go burn in Hell, utter pricks. [Sorry if this review was ridiculously swear-filled and angry, I just had to get my anger out]
  2. So, one of the people I'm subscribed to on YouTube, Mr. Enter, wrote a Deviant Art Journal today criticizing the actions of one, Judge Rotenberg Center. In short, they try to "treat" people with Autism through methods like shock therapy. They're like a more extreme version of Autism Speaks. My thoughts: This is fucking sick. As someone on the Autism spectrum, I do not approve of these methods. You cannot cure Autism. It's a neurological disorder, not a freaking disease! Stop trying to cure it, especially through such extreme methods!
  3. After an hour of confusion on what to write for a blog, I had an epiphany on what to write. Insanity and how it affects writing blogs. *Switches to Duncan's Voice* Why does insanity make blogs hard to write? To answer that, i'd like to ask another question, how does insanity affect humans? From my experience being semi to fully insane, it makes you act random and do actions you have no reason to do and have not sent a command to the brain to do. You are basically Pinkie Pie. And depending on how your insanity is, you may be like cupcakes Pinkamena. At least in social situations. I find, when alone just talking to people over the internet, your brain goes into a state of, Ignore the second part. Also, not much evil except the occasionally ranting aggressive things like wanting to eat babies. This state of "Confusion, Evil, Chaos" makes humans... have difficulty thinking straight. often words that would be thought of are replaced with random things, depending on the subjects mental condition. Instead of thinking of what to write about or what to write on your idea, all of the ideas are usually replaced with "Derp." At least in my experience. So yeah, random blog with no significance whatsoever made about a random topic. Cruel Cruel Cruel.
  4. Sorry if this thread is wrongly placed or even seem totally unneccesary .... but i feel i need to get this off my chest. I mean, of all PMV's i've seen, i seem to prefer the more gruesome ones, for some wierd reason ... even musically. There are only a very few exceptions ... I mean, here is the current list of gruesomes i like to listen to (no links): * Aperture Pony (Still Alive, ending theme from Portal, Glados as pony) * Aperture Pony 2.0 (Want you gone, ending theme from Portal 2, Glados' ponyform upgraded) * Discord "radio edit" (Live acting non-pony video, i find the other versions ... to "disco" in the wrong way) * Beyond her Tomb (Animated story, Mic the mike, wooden toaster, living Tombstone .... i sadly find the original "Beyond her Garden" to be .... wussy, if you excuse my poor choise of words .... ; ) Of the non-gruesome, i have thus far only fancied "Elements of Harmonics" by Chained Algorithm ... And i also of course like the shows own Smile, smile, smile, and a few others, but ... why do i find so many of the fanmade PMV's to be ... not very good if they are'nt gruesome as well? Have i just not looked well enough? Again, sorry if this thread/topic looks ... spammy ...