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Found 27 results

  1. Emotional turmoil and sensitiveness can make a person cry easily. Add in snowballing effects of problems, and you have a very volatile combination. Some people handle it better than others, holding back the tears, but others just release their emotions right away. Just now I cried for about a minute until I stopped. Over the past view weeks I've been building up some negative feelings about myself and my life, and finally let it all out. The actually crying wasn't strong, as tears just fell out of my eyes, but the sobs were rather loud... that and the Celtics losing to Miami (an emotional loss, mind you - but we won't get into that), and the fact that my mom yelled at me (we won't get into details), and later sympathized with me let me release the proverbial gates. Rarely do I ever cry, but I do feel emotions and sadness more than the average person. The past three years have been rather emotional for me and my friends, so there's that too. The last time I cried was late March where my mom and I got into a fight, and I ended up saying some stupid things. Realizing the error of my ways, I let my emotions go, to which my mom sympathized. Anything before that? Early April of 2010. Life was getting sort of tough for me, and I let it all out after being accused of hanging around somewhere after school (my mom saw me exiting the school a different direction, so she thought I was doing some bad things). That year in particular looked like it was spiralling out of control, but I ended up discovering what friendship meant a month later. So yes, that's some of my stuff for you. Post yours.
  2. I've just gotten back from my new therapist, I haven't had a therapist since I was 16; I feel amazing. At first I was feeling scared and worried that new job opportunities and people would think I'm crazy or scary but after talking to my therapist she cleared everything up. It's absolutely OK to admit that you have depression or feeling scared/anxious, crying and letting it out felt so amazing. What do you guys think? Do you think therapy is good for anytime you're emotionally upset, or should you be like me and wait till it's almost unbearable then go in? I feel like I should of done this a lot sooner. Also discuss how medical and insurance should offer more options when it comes to getting personal health, some insurance companies refuse to help you with getting proper health, even if it's mental or drug/alcohol abuse. Personally I think it's bullshit, you should be able to say "I need help, I need someone to talk to!" and go get that help without any hassle.
  3. I managed to do so earlier, so I was wondering if the most of you has done it before. If it was a nightmare, you could share it if you like. If not, was there any other reason? (I promise not to post as many threads as last night, it must be getting annoying. )
  4. okay, i know this topic might sound stupid, but when was the last time you cried? i mean like a serious sadness cry, a cry that meant everything? i honestly can't remember. and if i made you remember something sad and made you sad again, i apologize.
  5. Share your emotions here on what just made you cry, For me just now it was the amount of people who gave me emotion icons in such a short time and two followers in less than 2 minutes I thought was kinda cool.
  6. As she lies down on her stained, stinking mat which barely cushioned her against the cold ground, Twilight exhaled heavily as tears began to fall down her face as thoughts began again to race through her mind. She began think about things she had already thought about. She knows that the Want-it-Need-It Spell she casted was a Class 3 Banned spell, and that Mr. Cake had died in the scuffle that followed. Twilight knew that she would be held accountable for her reckless actions and lack of judgement. Nevertheless, she kept wondering about several things; How long was Princess Celestia going to put her away? Will her friends and family still love her when she gets out? Will her life return to normal after she had served her sentence? What will happen to Spike while she's incarcerated? What will happen to her in prison? Just the thought of having to spend years in a dingy, cold prison cell far away from her friends and family and surrounded by criminals sent chills down her spine. All of these questions and more would be answered tomorrow, when she goes to court to be judged and sentenced. "Get a hold of yourself Twilight." She said to herself. "You'll make it out of this. You can get through." To alleviate stress and to take her mind off her predicament Twilight thought back on the days when she was a little girl. She was a lonely little filly, with no friends and was socially awkward throughout most of her childhood. But despite her anxiety, she always had Princess Celestia to comfort her. She had always looked up to the Princess as something of a second mother who guided her when she needed her the most. But has her heart began to warm up from her sweet fillyhood memories, it fell back into a state of cold sadness and fear, because that same Princess that she loved her whole life was now going to put her away in prison to live with other criminals. Tears flooded down Twilight's face with hard and heavy sobbing. Eventually her tears began to form a puddle on the cold, dusty, concrete floor. Truly, her heart was broken. For those of you who do not know what is going on here, this is part of a Fanfic that I have been working on for some time now. If you want more info on it; click here: Tell me what you think, let me know in the comments.
  7. "Hurry up and get your Jumpsuit on!" The Guard yelled as Twilight hastily buttoned up her prison issued orange jumpsuit. She then looked at herself in the mirror, and her heart sank as she saw herself wearing what was basically a badge of shame. Her tacky garment felt snug but made it a little difficult to move her limbs. The fabric was also stiff and not very flexible. It felt as though her body was imprisoned and restrained. Next, she was taken to what was the booking room where she had her hoof prints and mugshot taken. When she looked at her rapsheet, it reminded her that she was no longer Princess Celestia's Star Pupil and was now a lowly criminal. At that point, she began to tear up and started sobbing, but the guard's expression remained unchanged. "This way prisoner." He ordered her in a deep authoritarian voice. The moment he referred to her as prisoner and not ma'am or miss, Twilight's heart became heavy with sadness and guilt. The thought of being called Prisoner was unbearable to her, but she would have to accept that's what she now was, and would be living like that for the next two years. The guard led twilight down a dimly lit corridor with rows of steel doors on both sides. Finally, they came to a door on the left. The guard inserted one of his keys into the keyhole and with a loud click and thud, he opened the steel door. "Get in", He ordered Twilight. She did as she was told, and entered a damp, dark cell with a weathered cot on the right with a a toilet on the left with no sink, and it cold despite it being in the middle of spring. "Welcome to your new home little girl." the guard taunted before slaming the door shut and locking it. When the door closed all of the light suddenly disappeared, and with it all of Twilight's hopes and aspirations as well as her old life. She collapsed on her cot and began to sob and cry. Tears poured across her face, sadness took complete control of her heart and mind. She had been betrayed and abandoned by her former teacher who had condemned her to this dark pit of despair. She missed Applejack and her delicious apples. Rainbow dash with her talk of how she was going to be the best flyer. Rarity and her beautiful dresses. Fluttershy and her cute cuddly animals. Pinkie Pie and her fun parties. But above all, she missed spike, the baby dragon she had raised since he was an egg and considered her little brother. She would never see any of them again until she was released, which seemed like centuries, rather than two years.
  8. Since it seems I have lost a truly special friend today as of stupid actions, here is my emotional piece to accompany it. I honestly do not feel well or right at all, and hope that this serves as a reminder to me as how not be towards a friend, even in rage. My OC crying in pain.
  9. Everytime I watch that epic ending scene in Rainbow Rocks...I always cry, can someone please explain to me the reason for this? xD (btw I'm a guy)
  10. I drew this in response to how one of my recent mornings began. Funny how emotion can inspire things like this to occur. I'm fine now. I just needed time to calm down and realize I can always move on. Life is both up and down. You must learn to live with them both, and find balance.
  11. Drew this a few days ago and I decided to post it here
  12. So as you are aware, there was a little scene involving Rarity losing her dress and ending up in an embarrassing situation. Well, here's my take on that scene. Done using Illustrator and Corel Painter Lite.
  13. What would you do if mlp forums were taken down forever? I would cry till I die(hey it rhymes).
  14. So here is my latest drawing. I did this yesterday when I was feeling very down. Enjoy.
  15. im crying bc Babscon was all too much fun! The cosplay contest was the best part to me bc I loved singing and dancing infront of everypony while being surrounded by bronies! I now relise I might not get to do that every again... Tell me if you saw me! I was Lyra I won the cosplay competition if you were wondering sorry i brag a lot IM A HORRIBLE PERSON
  16. So...I've noticed an interesting trend in new Disney movies. Particularly princess movies. The trend started innocently enough in Pixars Brave. At the end of the movie, it looked like Merida had lost as the second sunrise came and her mom was still a bear. Only after Merida cried over what her mother had become, did the sun raise fully and her mom turn back to normal. (The only reason I'm counting a Pixar movie here is because Merida officially became a 'Disney Princess') The trend continued into the new princess movie, Tangled. This time it was more apparent, as Rapunzel's magic tears brought her recently dead boyfriend Flynn back to life. We could give this a pass seeing that she still had the magic in her from the flower. Then in Frozen, we see Elsa cry over her sister. Her sobs too seemed to bring her sister back alive, this time it was passed by an 'act of true love'. But if you put this all together, the trend is too present not to notice: In the Disney universe, crying is magic! Not just any magic, but bordering on the line of necromancy. And it seems that only Disney princesses can do this magic. So what do you think? Is crying the new 'true loves kiss?' Will this trend continue into the new princess movies yet to come out? Or does it stop at Frozen? Post below! It's just some food for thought. What do all of you think?
  17. ...of tears falling down my face, that lost sensation that has eluded me for years has come back and wrapped me in its warm embrace. Though the feeling only lasted for 2 minutes, I have never felt better in my life as tears trickled down my cheeks. I now know what loss is...
  18. ~Sole~


    Drew another picture, but there is something different about this one. I drew more then just sole... And for those of you who haven't read his backstory, the grave is of his best friend that was killed right before his eyes. I know it isn't nearly my best work, but I like it. It's sad, and it kind of reflects my feelings as of late. So as always, please leave feedback and constructive criticism. (Also, I know the talon really sucks and I apologize. I just couldn't get it to look natural.)
  19. It's been a while since I've sketched anything pony so I decided to freehand Fluttershy. I love this style of drawing! Same as always. Sharpie on pencil, colored in with colored pencils. I don't even have that much experience in doing this. This is probably the fourth freehand sketch I've made like this in my life. It took me about 3 hours to do. I know there are some imperfections. Like that right eyebrow...I'm a perfectionist. It messes with my head that it's there. But I wasn't going to redo the whole thing! My lack of supplies also kinda speaks for itself here. Some backstage tools were a ruler and a DVD to do the curve of her head. I also abused guide lines. The more I do this, it seems, the better I get. So this is kind of my shoutout to The Stare Master episode. I hope y'all like my drawing. I'll post more like this when I find the inspiration to do more stuff like it I told those fillies to stay out of the Everfree they're doomed... I have to find Twilight! She can help me! But I've looked all over Ponyville...and I can't find her anywhere! What do I do?!
  20. So this is the Nightmare Moon print I've been working on for the last couple weeks or so. I'm afraid to say, I'm not entirely happy with some of the details, especially the hair (I'm still working on proper shading and texturing for hair) and the drawing is incredibly large, so I was unable to scan it (the image was taken with my low-grade camera). Once I've signed it and added a date, I'll be off to get prints made, which will be available on Etsy. I have to apologize for the image quality. As I've said, the image had to be taken with a low-quality camera and it looks much nicer in real life. Hopefully, the prints turn out alright, and it doesn't wind up being a complete waste of time. I also have another picture in the works, but I won't be able to post that until I finish fine-lining it (haven't decided if it'll be in color), and I need my artistry pens to do that (I can't seem to find them anywhere D: ). Somewhat inspired by the song "Lullaby For A Princess" Yes, I did alter her color scheme somewhat. I like it better this way. ^^" Not my best color work, but it'll have to do I suppose. PS: THE IMAGE YOU SEE IS NOT THE ENTIRE IMAGE!!!! - Description re-posted from DeviantART I'm not particularly happy with it. ^^"
  21. Okay, well I decided to draw Discord because he seemed like a fun and easy character to draw. I think I did a good job. I tried out my shading skills as well. Did I do a good job?
  22. This is just a quick drawing/coloring I did of Lemongrab of Adventure Time saying something that causes Pinkie Pie to cry. One thing I can criticize myself on, is that I made Pinkie's flank a bit too thin, and I also messed up on Lemon's legs.
  23. So i'm just sitting here doing nothing...Well actually im slipping in and out of consciousnesses. I'm thinking to myself most of the users of MLP forums are in school right now so there will be less activity. Being in college, i have another 3 or 4 days to kill. The question is how to kill them. Most of the rps im participating in right now havent had activity so can't do any roleplay. I start to rewatch MLP episodes but then i fall asleep or i get real critical about the episode. Right now i am literally feeling my hair grow. I might just be going insane. well when the going gets tough the tough get Apple Jack. might not make sense but i am trying to hypnotize myself to be Apple Jack. didn't work but hey, its not like i can't pretend its working. my mind is all over the place so this blog may not make any sense when a sane person reads it, and thats assuming people read this. I like to identify myself as a dragon. the reason being is this: i try to separate myself from the generalization of human ways and the social structure. might not make sense but keep up with the blog and you might find out, Or you may lose a couple points in the IQ department. either way the choice is yours
  24. I have spent the last 4 hours working on this piece right here, so I hope you all enjoy this one very much!!! :3 Any critique is welcome! (CLICK!!!) *if that's alright with you...*
  25. So I threw together a compilation of every scene where a pony cried. Enjoy. -WARNING- May cause depression or temporary sadness if you have any kind of attachment to any of these ponies. And here's a little number crunch on who cried the most: Rarity: 2min56sec Fluttershy: 1min48sec Twilight Sparkle: 1min40sec Pumpkin Cake: 1min40sec Pound Cake: 1min36sec Pinkie Pie: 1min17sec Applejack: 42 seconds Rainbow Dash: 29 seconds (Darn it! Now you got me actin' all sappy!) Spike: 27 seconds Princess Luna: 21 seconds Big Macintosh: 14 seconds Princess Cadence: 11 seconds Queen Chrysalis (as Cadence): 10 seconds Princess Celestia: 6 seconds Granny Smith: 3 seconds Earth pony peasant: 3 seconds Cranky D. Donkey: 3 seconds Twilight's mom: 3 seconds Lyra Heartstrings: 1 seconds Unicorn peasant: 1 second