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Found 62 results

  1. So, what do you think the Crystal Empire is to Equestria. Is it a vassal state, an ally, or an independent nation altogether? Share your thoughts and maybe we can find a conscience on this even if the writers haven't decided yet.
  2. Rainbow Dash was not out of character in "2 4 6 Greaaat". Rainbow isn't into cheer leading mostly because she sees it as to girly but just cheering for a friend is different. She mostly only knows cheering from her parents when they were cheering from the sidelines and what she knows by them is just the basics, so just teaching Fluttershy the basics of cheering is for the sidelines. Even in season 4 "Rainbow Falls" yes Twilght and Pinkie were wearing cheerleader outfits and were cheering for Ponyville but still they were just cheering not cheer leading, even with those outfits. Rainbow also looked uncomfortable when the 2 cheerleaders for Cloudsdale were cheering around her she only smiled a little for those 2 before she returned to the Ponyville team. Rainbow Dash is a tomboy being into sports, but not the cheerleaders and doesn't pay attention and/or as she said in "2 4 6 Greaaat" ponies get snacks during it. In season 3 "Games Ponies Play" is the ONLY time she was in fact cheer leading, but it was Twilight that came up with the routine and Rainbow had to go with it and had put on the act to get the Crystal Empire to host the Equestria Games so they feel "the crushing wave of disappointment" that she felt when Cloudsdale lost out of hosting. She never has been interested into cheer leading aside from that and that was just to get the Crystal Empire to host the games, and only the basics of cheering is what she really knows in general, but knowing nothing about the overall process of cheer leading makes sense.
  3. Hello everypony, I just finished watching the Season 6 Premier, which was great by the way, and a new alicorn was introduced. Now, this alicorn is the baby of Cadence and Shining Armor, and I was wondering why the baby is an alicorn if Shining Armor is only a unicorn and cadence isn't naturally an alicorn. Granted in the show, even Luna and Celestia had no clue as to why the baby was an alicorn, but does anypony have any predictions and/or theories about this that they would like to share? To follow up on this, until the end of Season 5, only princesses could be alicorn as far as anypony knew, so does this suggest that baby Flurry Heart is a princess, and if so, would Cadence be considered a queen? Hopefully in future episodes, we may find out the answers to these questions, but as of this moment, I'm very deep in thought and am curious as to what you all have to say about this. Please... fuel my ideas! Thank you kindly, Thundershock
  4. Are all crystal ponies earth ponies? I know they've shown other kinds of ponies in the Crystal Empire but it seems that crystal ponies specifically are just Earth ponies.
  5. Imagine an alternate history where the Crystal Empire didn't disappear for 1000 years. Imagine that the small but significant population kept growing and eventually had to come to a decision of balancing their land usage between farming and living space. Because the Crystal Heart can only provide a finite amount of land that is arable and untouched by snowfall, the most obvious and readily available solution would be to build upwards. But how would they have gone about in doing this from an engineer's standpoint? And what would the Skyline of the Crystal Empire look like after a few years of high-rise construction?
  6. Spike, you really deserve more. One reason behind my sudden love for Starlight, was because you were so supportive to her and helped her when needed. You really do a dynamic duo. I'll enjoy every time you are on the same scene for sure. Not only it makes Starlight more likeable, but encourages your character to grow and improve by helping others. That's the reason behind supportive characters per se and after all. Cathy Weseluck has a lovely voice, we don't want it to go to waste, do we? All the cheers today goes to the Number One Assistant Spike. Twitter! deviantArt!
  7. I guess this kinda isn't important, but I've been wondering this ever since the episode where the Crystal Empire reappeared : is the Crystal Empire part of Celestia's kingdom, or is its own country. Come to think of it, are places like Saddle Arabia, and where ever the Griffins are from part of it too? Or are they like satalitte states, or providences, or completely independant nations? They all appeared at the Equestria Games but they competed alongside single cities that are for sure part of Equestria, like Ponyville and Cloudsdale. This makes me think that they're all part of Equestria. However, I'm thinking the Griffins and Saddle Arabia could be there own nations, since Celestia had to meet with ambassadors from SA, and the Griffens seem pretty far away from the rest of Equestria, but the line is blurred for the Crystal Empire. Celestia sent Cadance and Shining Armor to rule the Crysal Empire, which makes me think its a satalitte state or part of Equestria, but the title "Crystal Empire" implies its a soverign nation, or at least a city state. Plus Cadance and Shining Armor rule it; if it were part of Equestria it would all belong to Celestia. But I want to know what other people think.
  8. With princess cadance and twilight granting thorax access to the crystal empire do you think this would of been a terrible idea that makes protecting flurry heart more harder. Changelings look just like each other, there is no way of telling them apart. Thorax is no different, only that his personality is unique to them. It would just be like taking candy from a baby. All queen chrysalis (or whatever the way you spell it) has to do it simply send a changeling over to the crystal empire, fool the guards into thinking the changeling is thorax, convince twilight and cadance he was thorax, Cadance hands baby, grab flurry heart and fly out the window. As soon as chrysalis see's the imposter thorax making a b-line for the hive through the sky she could then order a the changeling army to guard the imposter from attack by sending a swarm of changeling to slow the progress of an angry twilight sparkle trying to rescue flurry heart. It's important to keep flurry heart away from ground, if this happens twilight could get an upper hand. The mane 6 would be able to attack and who knows what could happen, the elements of harmony could be possibly used if they were grounded. Keeping in the sky would limit reinforcements in this situation only allowing pegasus like rainbow dash and fluttershy to help, also rendering the elements of harmony unusable. The sheer size alone of the changelings could keep anypony away from flurry heart, looking at the invasion of canterlot they actually did stop the mane 6 to some degree. What do you think of befriending thorax, a friendly welcome or a really stupid move that can put flurry heart at risk?
  9. Good afternoon ya'll, so sorry I didn't get this up earlier, been busy with the Ward Jenkins Q&A and some other Poniverse business. Anyways, welcome, welcome, welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews" and me oh my do we have a splendid episode to go over today!!! I really need to watch this episode again before I can determine whether or not I think it's the best of Season 6 so far, at least in my opinion, but I would say for sure that I definitely believe it to be the most exciting episode of the season so far. To put it into the appropriate perspective, longtime viewers like myself have been waiting for this episode, THE return of the Changelings in some capacity that actually affects the MLP setting and the Changelings' place in it, in a major way since the end of Season 2. This was a species that immediately grabbed our attention because of how unique they were in the setting, and to this day they have remained a fan favorite group, as evidenced by all the fan art and fan fiction centered around them. Today, we finally got that, and I have to say it did not disappoint in the least, in fact, it pretty much delivered as much as it could have. The only way it could have been any better were if it were a two-parter episode, but that was clearly not necessary here. Without further ado, this is "The Times They Are a Changeling," let's begin! "Oh, thank goodness it's Spike! For a second there we thought you were Carrot Top; man, that guy is the worst, not funny at all!" What? Seems legit, I'd ship it! Cadance, you... you do realize you can't use that as a test for ANYPONY ELSE right? Gosh, no wonder they were all freaking out, pony security against Changelings is apparently still crap! So let's start with our main character, Spike. Oh Spike, your character has developed so, so, SO very well at this point! Spike for way too long has been a character that the writers were inconsistent with, for good reason to be fair. He started out largely as a comic relief character; it wasn't mean-spirited comic relief, on the contrary it usually made sense since he's, well, a baby dragon with a different level of maturity. But given how long the show has been going, he obviously could not stay the same, and as early as Season 2 I would say the writers started playing around with how they could advance and develop. It was still hit and miss and that point, though plenty of highlights have come in Seasons 3, 4, and 5 for the lil' guy. Season 6, however, has probably been his most consistent season ever where it has been most evident that this is clearly no longer the same Spike as in earlier seasons. In fact, he's not even just another Mane 6 member; Spike has a very distinct understanding of friendship that is unique to himself, namely because of his dragon heritage. He is very much aware that he has (up until he met Princess Ember, that is) been one of a kind among his own kind, and in large part because, by a fluke of fate, he had the opportunity to grow up among ponies. What's normal for them couldn't be further from the norm for his kind, and he appreciates the opportunities he's been given and the friendship and love that has been extended to him his whole life. This has never been more apparent than in "The Times They Are a Changeling," even if his heritage did not ever once get directly addressed. We've seen already Spike's capacity, stemming I believe from his appreciation of the opportunities afforded to him, to give others a chance or second chances. This season alone, he has extended kindness and friendship to both Starlight Glimmer, being one of the first in Ponyville to really warm up to her and try to help her in her friendship lessons, and Princess Ember, giving in effect his entire species a second chance at changing for the better by helping Ember ascend to Dragon Lord but, more importantly, learn the value of friendship for herself and dragonkind. Yeah, I won't lie, I loved this gag This time around, however, saw Spike's bravest act of kindness and friendship yet in his entire character's arc through all six seasons. Neither befriending Starlight nor Ember ever risked Spike's place among ponies; Starlight had already been forgiven by most everypony, and with Ember the biggest risk involved was losing any support or chance at friendship among his own kind, not ponies. But in this episode, Spike risked A LOT. The fact that this took place in the Crystal Empire was very important for a couple of reasons. One, the place has a very good reason for being as paranoid as it was about Changelings; for starters, the Crystal Ponies have never had to deal with Changelings, at least to our knowledge, but to make matters worst, their rulers were the ponies most negatively affected by the Changelings the last time they attacked ponykind. So right off the bat you have two ingredients for a paranoid populace the second any news about Changelings crops up (doesn't help that the royal family had a newborn foal as well to worry about). Second, Spike's best reputation in all of Equestria is in the Crystal Empire; he's not just beloved there, he's a friggin' two-time national hero!!! There was a lot on the line for him in trying to befriend a Changeling and get others to do it, and his faltering in the second half of the episode makes a lot of sense. Who would be willing to risk as much personally as he did for a total stranger he just met who's a member of a reviled group? But in the end, he stepped up in what is easily his finest moment in the show yet, yes, even better than his saving the Crystal Empire, befriending Starlight Glimmer, and befriending Princess Ember. He didn't just apply the lessons he's learned his whole life, he used them to teach his own friends who needed some reminding about what makes them so special in the first place. Friendship and extending it to others isn't always supposed to be something that's easy or second-nature; it should be hard to do sometimes, as should be believing in others, especially when those others have either let you down in the past or been downright malevolent. In a beautiful conclusion for the episode and his own character, Spike reminded his friends and family that part of friendship and befriending others is having the capacity to have faith in others, even when you can't be sure if your faith will pay off. It's about taking risks, not just saying you'll be a friend to those you know you can count on, but being willing to befriend those you can't be sure about either but are willing to believe in. Everyone deserves a chance at friendship, a chance to prove their capacity to be good and kind and decent, and Spike reminded his friends how important that is and also that such an opportunity was afforded to him and a risk taken on him by virtue of ponies allowing him to grow up with them at all. A beautiful moment for his character, definitely the pinnacle of his development thus far in the entire show, and just all around a wonderfully done episode for the little guy, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Next, of course we have to discuss the new character Thorax, our first ever friendly Changeling! Voiced wonderfully by Kyle Rideout (a VA with not too many acting credits to his name), I feel like the writers came up with a great balance of fan head canon in developing this character and GREATLY expanding on the backstory for Changelings. In his origins, we saw that most Changelings are naturally inclined to a predatory nature, which fits about as many head canons as it doesn't, but works for me personally. At the same time, they conveyed that, as evidenced by Thorax, Changelings are capable of changing by nature, they aren't JUST born "evil," and if they're not just born that way, then, with presumably a lot of work, they could also possibly change as well (although I still hope this doesn't happen with Queen Chrysalis since I believe she has more autonomy than your average Changeling to start with, and did come across as genuinely evil and malevolent). So what we have is a happy balance of head canons; generally Changelings have been depicted as either entirely instinctive to an almost animalistic extent in fan work, OR conversely each is individual and unique in their own ways. I'm sure we'll continue to see this in fan work, but here we have a Changeling who is both instinctive (he had trouble controlling natural urges to predatorily react to the presence of love or kindness) but also a unique individual, a happy balance that I appreciate. In fact, it pretty much fits my own head canon on Changelings; I like the idea that they are capable of feeding off of love in a passive, non-predatory manner, simply by getting it from others who genuinely care about them, and giving it in return. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see the writers expand upon this idea in the future. This is... very oddly adorable Oh yeah, pretty sure she's still evil as ever Furthermore, Thorax in general was just super likable, and his plight very believable and sympathetic. This is a guy who's clearly been an outsider everywhere he's gone his whole life. He wasn't like any of his own kind, but he rightfully feared that ponies would never accept him either. Frankly, the fact that he survived this long is rather impressive, almost miraculous, and I anticipate that we're going to see some great fan fiction that does a great job of playing around with his backstory. The voice work on him was great, he didn't ever come off as a Gary Stu (the fact that he had natural urges he had to fight, and even reacted angrily at Spike's earlier dejection in the last third of the episode, definitely ensured that), and the animators and storyboard artists did a WONDERFUL job really conveying his emotions and what made him different from the rest of his kind in his body language. Ward Jenkins (who did storyboard art on this episode) mentioned earlier today that they had to be very expressive with his head/face and body in order to convey his emotions properly, because his eyes can't convey much emotion since Changelings don't have pupils like ponies do. I was very impressed with the job they did in that regard, and it never felt like the show was reaching either or being forced any time he got very emotional to the point of tears. It felt real, it felt earned, and this is how this type of character needed to be introduced. Definitely the best new character of the season thus far, exactly what the Changelings needed in order to advance them like this (and for that matter reintroduce them to the show in a serious manner), and just something I've waited to see for a long, long time in this show. I for one definitely believed moments like these, very well done if I do say so myself The final major element of this episode to cover was the latest song, "A Changeling Can Change." This was something we've been waiting for a long time by virtue of the fact that we've waited over five seasons for Spike to get a solo song. At this point, it had to be a song like this if it were ever gonna happen, it couldn't just be a fun song. It had to be something that hammered the message of the episode away, and on top of that it had to be a damn good message. Well, it was a damn good message in a damn good song in a damn great episode! Spike's vocals are hardly something to write home about, his voice alone ensures that, but that lends to the simple, quiet beauty of the song. The song isn't really beautiful because of the lyrics, or the tune, or the voice work; it's beautiful because it comes from such a deep place for Spike. He's never done this before, and I don't just mean sing a solo; he's never really tried to teach his friends a lesson like this before, ponies he's looked up to and learned from his entire life. On top of that, it was his way of repenting for his earlier failing his new friend, Thorax. And finally, the quiet nature of the song and Spike's impassioned pleas hammered away that this was coming from a very real, desperate, sincere place for him as a character. These elements combined to make a song that is beautiful, unusually so for this show, largely not because of the tune itself, but almost entirely because of the substance of the song and the character of the one singing it. Great song, I'm sure it'll be a fan favorite for this season, and I can't wait to listen to it myself. Of this episode I really have no complaints, just things that I believe could have SLIGHTLY improved it. For one, I wouldn't have minded Spike's dragon heritage being mentioned at some point, but I believe that the idea of it playing a role in his development in this episode was still plenty there beneath the surface. I also kind of wanted Cadance rather than Twilight to be the first pony to listen to Spike and reach out to Thorax; I didn't mind that Twilight did and it made sense since she's both a sister and mother to him and also the Princess of Friendship, but I thought there might have been an added element of weight to it seeing the pony who most suffered because of the Changelings last time around (and probably has some trauma from that ordeal still considering she was abducted and held hostage, essentially) being the first to forgive them and try to make peace with at least this one, but again, it worked out just fine. It was great seeing Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer again, especially because, as some have pointed out, Starlight could very much relate to this Changeling seeking redemption, friendship, and just a place to call his own, to call home. Seeing Flurry Heart as well was great, she's as adorable as ever and I loved getting to see her make nice with Thorax too. I also thought it was impressive that none of the ponies ever came off as unreasonable, which would have been really easy to do here; I mean, let's face it, they had plenty of good reasons to be afraid of a Changeling infiltration. Some of the visual gags, like the mirror one (which Ward Jenkins said he drew inspiration for from I Love Lucy) were a lot of fun to see, as well. BEHOLD, a baby! No, before you ask, you cannot eat the baby Overall, this episode I would say was exactly what we wanted it to be. I don't think anyone wanted the entire Changeling race to be redeemed in a single episode or story arc, but to see that they have the capacity for good is exactly what we wanted. This baby step in that direction is exactly how one should do something like that, and it reminds me of similar treatments that both dragons and the griffons have received, although neither of them had quite the same stigma attached to them by ponies that Changelings do. I really hope we get to see more of Thorax in the future as well as further stories with the Changelings as a result of this episode, but for now, let's just revel in how very well done this episode alone was. This is exactly what MLP is supposed to be all about folks, doesn't get much better than this. That's all I've got for this week everypony, until next week this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  10. This is an Idea that has bin buzzing around in my head for months now and I decided that I should try and share it. I don't know if someone has already done something similar, so this idea might be redundant. I was inspired by the war with the Crystal Empire in the season 5 finale. My idea is for a fannon Newsreel video series based off that alternate time line. That will gradually progress with the fortunes of war. My idea isn't fully fleshed out at the moment. If anyone finds this idea interesting. I would be willing to flesh it out with them. Please note I have little video editing skill. All I have to offer is my imagination. Here are a few ideas that I had for the series. 2 main Characters: The first is a stereotypical 1930's news reader and the second character is field reporter with a masculine radio voice. The characters would use slang common for the 40s. Like calling someone "Mac" or asking for "a cup of Joe". Stuff like that. The news reader will report the headlines and give a summery of that particular story, then their will be a cut to the field reporter who will give a more detailed account of that days events Headlines would include stories that would Mirror WW1/WW2 for example "Princes Celestia Rallies Troops", "Cupcake Shortage Strikes Ponyville", "Sombre Lays Siege To Canterlot!". I don't want to get too dark with these headlines. I would prefer to stay as lighthearted as possible. Using the headlines the story will gradually progress, creating it's own lore in the process. I would like to keep each video short, around 5 minutes. To be able to post frequently, say once every week. The video quality will have to be simplified. No animation would be used. Except for a few vectors of the main characters and a few background images and headlines. I would like the video to resemble old black and white film footage. Maybe add some cracks and pops in the audio to go along with it? Well, this is the basic idea. I don't have a story or characters figured out, because I don't know if this will ever take off.
  11. In other threads I have seen people discussing the vase with the two alicorns from the Season 6 premiere. Many people have claimed that the vase is proof that there are more alicorns in Equestria. However, the video above shines some like on what the vase is really showing the audience. Pay close attention to hairstyles and cutie marks shown on the vase. I want to know what your take is on the vase and where it came from. Also, Spike says the last Royal Crystalling occurred a millennia (plural for 1000 years) ago. Who do you think was the last royal pony to have a Crystalling and are they still alive? If so, where are they now?
  12. Do you think the Crystal Empire would be the Atlantis of Equestria?
  13. This is a Fan-Fic that tells the story of my OC, Damien Bolt. So, without further ado, let us begin... Part One: Discovery Present day: Chapter One: Mike was an ordinary pony. He wasn't exactly very special, he was a janitor. Although he did work at a special place: The Crystal Castle in the Crystal Empire. His parents had told him to take his talent(cleaning) to a place he would love. So he moved to the Crystal Empire and landed a job as the janitor at the Crystal Castle. - - One day he was making his rounds through the massive castle when a bottle of cleaner fell off of his cart and hit the floor with a soft thump, he propped his mop against one of the ornate light fixtures on the wall and bent over to pick it up. After he picked it up, he went to grab his mop to find it stuck in the light fixture. He pulled on it, but it wouldn't budge. He then gave it a hard yank and the fixture turned to the left with a click. Then a secret door in the wall opened up right before his eyes... Chapter two: Mike was shocked! He knew that the castle had many undiscovered secrets but he hadn't expected to find one himself! Multiple thoughts raced through his mind,"I discovered a hidden tunnel!" "Is it safe!" "What's in there?" "Oh what the hay!" He said to himself as he slowly crept into the dark musty tunnel that lay before him. After a few minutes of walking he tripped on a rock and fell down what felt like ten flights of stairs. Once he landed at the bottom he got up and, as if on cue, crystal lights along the walls lit up, one after another brightening up the room. As he looked around he noticed a few things sitting on podiums, an intricately crafted obsidian sword, a helmet shaped to look like a wolf's head(also made out of obsidian) and a few other interesting objects. But what caught his eye the most was what appeared to be five crystal statues of ponies in the center of the room... Chapter Three: Mike was so shocked when he saw those statues, his jaw practically hit the floor!At first he had thought that there was somepony else in the room. As he walked toward the statues he heard a voice echo through the room say, "who is there?" Mike was instantly terrified by the mysterious voice and only responded with: "m-my name is Mike, I'm j-just the janitor." For about ten seconds there was just silence, then the voice spoke again. "How many years has it been since the fall of King Sombra?" Mike then responded with: I-It's been a th-thousand years." "A THOSAND YEARS!!!" The voice boomed. I'VE BEEN TRAPPED HERE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS!!! That is an- interesting development. Tell me, is Celestia still the reigning Princess?" Mike was startled at the sudden change of tone but responded none the less. "Yes she is, but where are you? And more importantly,who are you?" The voice then said: "Alright, I'm trapped inside the middle crystal statue right there. And my name is Damien, Damien Bolt... Chapter Four: "I'm pretty sure you want to know more about me than just my name." Damien said. Mike then nodded in response. "Alright, let's start when it all began. One thousand and fifteen years ago I was found alone and abandoned at only a few days old by two crystal ponies, Opal and Onyx. They took me in and raised me along side their two children, Sapphire, the older brother and Ruby the little sister. It was the day of my fifteenth (or so they guessed) birthday when it all went downhill. That was the day King Sombra took over the Crystal Empire and enslaved all the Crystal Ponies. But a few of my friends and I managed to escape being captured, they were: Topaz, a tall and strong orange stallion who had a secret crush on: Amethyst, a beautiful lavender mare who could make an entire group of young stallions pass out by looking at them. Emerald, a smart young stallion who could calculate the possible outcomes of a situation In moments. And last there was Jade, the most beautiful mare in the Empire(to me at least) who was incredibly fast and had a quick wit too. When Sombra took over and our parents were captured, we started The Resistance. A group of ponies devoted to overthrowing Sombra and freeing the ponies he had enslaved. It is getting late, come back tomorrow and I will tell you more." With his blood pumping with excitement from what he had learned, he said goodbye to Damien and went home for the night... The story for part four's Resistance was based upon the song "A call to Arms (Act I)" By "Crown the Empire". Actually, most of the plot of my story is based upon their music. Chapter Five: The next morning, Mike got up early and got to work as fast as possible. He then proceeded to pull the light fixture to the left and the secret door opened up again. "So it wasn't a dream!" Mike said to himself. Once he arrived at the bottom of the stairs, he called out "Damien! Are you still here?" In response he got: "ha ha ha. Very funny Mike. How would I go anywhere, I'm stuck inside s statue you know." "Can you get back to the story?" Mike asked. Damien then responded with: "Alright, where was I? Oh right, we had just formed The Resistance. So after about a month of recruiting, we planned our first attack on Sombra, a raid on his crystal mines to free his slaves. Everything had gone to plan until-until I went to find my family. I asked around and eventually found somepony who could tell me where they were. The news broke my heart, and my resolve, they had all died recently when a tunnel caved in. I-I was heartbroken, crushed. I didn't know how I could go on, until it occurred to me that there was someone to blame, Sombra. It was him who had captured my family, it was him who had sent them to the mines, so it was his fault that they had died. From that point on all of our raids directly hurt Sombra. From destroying supply trains, to razing his army's camps to the ground. Then, after months of planning and scouting, we finally had a plan to attack Sombra directly and storm the Crystal Castle. It took many hours of fighting, and both sides had many casualties when we finally made it to the throne room..." Chapter Six: "Finally, after months of fighting, I had found him sitting on his throne seeming to be waiting for me. 'So, it seems you got here at last. You've kept me waiting for quite some time.' Then I said: 'You killed my family, you enslaved the entire Empire, and kill countless ponies. But no more! Today you shall meet your end Sombra! Today you shall pay for your sins and you shall die by my blade!' Just then, a large group of Sombra's soldiers arrived behind us. 'We'll take care of them Damien, you go get Sombra!' I then approached the Unicorn King himself. 'Let's make this quick I have more pressing matters to attend to elsewhere.' Said Sombra. "Oh I'll make this quick, if you'll just stay still.' Damien retorted. 'Foolish child, you think that you can best me?' He then leaped down from his throne and used his telekinesis to pick up his scythe. 'Think again!' We then clashed for what felt like hours, with neither of us gaining any ground. Until my friends finished off the last of Sombra's soldiers and came to join me. 'Five against one is hardly fair.' Said Sombra. 'So if you cheat, I CHEAT!' He bellowed and then cast a spell. Before any of us could react, we were encased inside crystal. My body may have been frozen but my mind was not. Sombra then burst into a fit if maniacal laughter. 'HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!' I then used my magic to communicate via telepathy. 'You won't get away with this Sombra!' 'Oh but I already have.' He then used his telekinesis and put us in his hidden trophy room, where we are now." Mike was amazed at the fact that just a bunch of teenagers had put together an army and almost overthrown a king! "Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked. "All you could to is find somepony with strong enough magic to free us from our prison. Will you do that for us Mike?" "I will do my best Damien." He said. End Part One. Part Two: Change. Chapter One: Mike ran as fast as he could to the throne room of the castle. It was there that he knew that he could find the one pony in the entire Empire who could help Damien: Princess Cadence. As he got to the door, he was stopped by the guards. "Who are you and what is your business here?" One of them asked. "Well it's obvious he's the janitor" said the other. "Well I know That but what does he want?" "Let's ask him and find out then genius." "What is your business here?!?" They said in unison. "I need to tell the princess something it's urgent!" The guards looked at each other and they said. "You may pass." And opened the doors. He walked down the hall to the throne at the end, and when he arrived Cadence asked: "What do you need?" He took a moment to gather his thoughts and then told her the story of what had happened. After listening to this Cadence said: "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go free him!" Chapter Two: As Cadence and Mike reached the bottom of the stairs, Cadence was shocked by the sheer amount of relics in Sombra's trophy room. "Stop staring at those things and come on!" Mike said. "We have to get him out of there!" Cadence followed with a little reluctance. Once they got to statues, Cadence closely examined them to find out what kind of magic had been used in their creating. "Uh, Mike?" Damien said. "Why is she staring at my butt?" At those words Cadence jumped and fell over backwards. "Good grief! What was that?" "That was Damien." Said Mike. "How does he do that?" "He told me that he uses telepathy." "Impressive, how did you learn to do that Damien?" "I don't know really, I've just always known how to do some of these things. No offense, but could we please get back to getting me out of here?" "Oh, sorry, I kinda got carried away there didn't I. Alright let's give this a shot!" As she started charging her horn with magic it glowed an bright pink. Then after a flash of light the crystal encasing Damien and his friends exploded and shattered like a thousand glass windows breaking at once Thank you everypony for making it possible to reach 100 views! Chapter Three: Damien was free, FREE! After a thousand years of torture he was finally free! "Guys, we're finally free!" Damien exclaimed. (Fast forward a few days...) "What do you mean we have to be separated!?" Damien yelled. "I don't like it any more than you do, but it's not my choice, it's the way the system works." Said Cadence. If I could change it, I would but it isn't up to me. The council would have to change all sorts of laws and it probably wouldn't work out anyway." Damien was crestfallen, a few days after finally being able to talk with his friends again, he would have to say goodbye. - - At the ponyville train station, they all said their goodbyes, and Damien got off the train. "I'll see you guys again someday, I promise!!!" Damien yelled as the train started to leave the station. "At least, I hope so..." You can expect some t.C.o.D.B. animations soon because i'm working on some animations with a friend of mine called Bajam.
  14. So; the finale. I think its pretty clear that the thing that tends to be remembered the most about it, apart from starlight, is the initial timeline where equestria is at war with the crystal empire and sombra. Would you enjoy them finangling things to say that timeline still exists in an alternate timeline? and would you enjoy seeing it revisited? Maybe just in comics form, not in show, but still touched on in some manner? And if so, what angle would you want them to take with it? Still focused on the characters lives just with a more grim outlook? full on adventure? Darker? not darker? comedic? Ect. Anything specifically you'd enjoy seeing?
  15. Well, that wasn't long now was it? I already commented about this, but man, that was a short hiatus by MLP standards! They must've started work on S6 while they were still finishing up S5, cause it's only been about 4 months since we had new pony. Shortest hiatus ever, that's for sure. Anyways, welcome, welcome, welcome back everypony to another edition of Batbrony Reviews! Today we'll be looking at the Season 6 premiere, and thankfully, while there's plenty to talk about, it's not what I would call a mountain's worth of new stuff. This was something we really haven't had in a season opener since the first half of the season opening in Season 1: a very slice-of-life season opener. But considering what it was setting out to do, it felt very appropriate for that, and was actually a really relaxing experience. There wasn't too much new stuff to digest, and it felt like a very natural continuation from where Season 5 left off. So, let's get it. Without further ado, this is The Crystalling: Parts 1 and 2. So, expectantly but still very refreshingly enough, Starlight, NOT Twilight, was actually the main character of this episode, and even more surprisingly, technically had the A-plot even though the biggest threat stemmed from the B-plot. I was very, very glad to see that, even though things have clearly improved for her, everything's not hunky-dory. She's still very insecure, very unsure if this new chapter of her life is going to work out, and they did a great job of conveying that. There were moments where she just expressed her insecurity in her body language alone, and I loved that. Her interactions with Sunburst got all the attention and time they needed, and their reconciling did not feel rushed or forced at all. It flowed very nicely and progressed at a very good pace, and it resolved itself just as nicely; they're not on perfect terms, but they got off to a fresh start, and that's the best she could realistically ask for. It's nice the episode chose to resolve this, and I also liked how they seemed to convey that Starlight's the more powerful magic-user of the two while Sunburst is better at studying and explaining magic, so if they pair up with each other in the future, it would actually make a lot of sense. They naturally complement each other and that's why their lives went astray when they both separated; if you noticed in the flashbacks, she always accomplished the more impressive magical feats when he explained everything to her. They're kinda like the Wonder Twins in that regard, and I'd really like to see them pair up more in the future. So yeah, as the newest member of the Mane 7, Starlight's off to a great start and I look forward to seeing what the writers do with her. Aesthetically, her new mane style is very lovely and I think she's going to be a great addition overall to the main cast. Oh wait... Twilight's her teacher. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... pray for Starlight's sanity people. Pray for it Next up, ol' Spike had himself quite the episode as well. It was really nice seeing him giving advice to someone besides Twilight, and they wrote him really well. He was a nice combination of helpful and not helpful; he didn't have all the answers and sometimes he tried stuff that didn't work out, but it was never in an insultingly stupid way. Everything felt like actions his character should take, and I really liked that. I hope he gets to work with Starlight more like that as well as aid Twilight in becoming a better teacher too, because he also gave her a great pep talk at the end of the opener. Overall, definitely one of Spike's best appearances in a supporting role. Yes it's true, I am this awesome... wait, why are you ignoring me? I already covered a lot about Sunburst, but for one of the show's few male supporting character's who's actually contributed to resolving a crisis, they handled him very nicely in his debut. It was obvious that he was covering something up, but the revelation as to just what was wrong in his life was very nice all the same and, like I said, complemented Starlight's own past nicely and highlighted just how important their friendship is to bettering each other's lives. His design was pretty cool too (I was really digging that beard, loved that design choice). His voice actor was nothing too special, but he was fine. I do wonder how much we're gonna see him, but hopefully we get to at least one or two more times this season considering he seems very important to Starlight. Our lost new character, Princess Flurry Heart, is already proving to be controversial to quite a few fans, but I have no complaints about her myself. Her wings are still hilariously gigantic, but really I thought they handled her fine. She had some crazy powers to the point that her scream was able to shatter the Crystal Heart, but they actually explained that nicely. We already know that baby magic users in Equestria have strange power fluctuations as infants, and this wasn't just a baby unicorn, this was an alicorn, which even Celestia and Luna explained they didn't know how to handle or what to expect from. So yeah, it wasn't hard for me to buy that she could buck so much up so easily, this is new territory for even the alicorns over a thousand years old (though that does raise a question as to whether they were born alicorns or received their wings/horns at some point, weird, right?). Besides her power, and tendency to buck things up in spectacular fashion, she was quite adorable. I wasn't crazy about her design at first, but it grew on me, and I thought they had a nice balance of cute baby noises and motions without it being overkill. Plus the power thing shouldn't be a problem after the way they resolved things in the end. She's a happy baby who does adorable things (and we probably won't see her too much), what more could you want? D'awwwwww, you're adorable!!! Oh, and apparently very picky too Moving onto the original Mane 6, our favorite girls were, pleasantly surprisingly, all supporting characters here, including Twilight, who was basically the deuteragonist. This was unusual to see, but I really liked it, plus the new things they're going to get to do with Twilight. As I pointed out last season, the show itself has already identified that she is now stepping into a role in her own way that Celestia has been to her the whole show, that is, becoming a mentor and teacher to Starlight. This is a whole new responsibility for her personally and as Princess of Friendship, and one in which I imagine we'll see her acting quite a bit this season, so very glad to see I was on the money about that at the end of last season. Of course, she overdid it as only Twilight can by trying to get friendship down to a science, but she realized by the end that wasn't the way to go about things, and Spike did a good job of helping her take a step towards being a better teacher in the future by advising her on giving Starlight some space to grow just as Celestia did for her. Besides that, it was fun seeing her interacting with Cadance and Shining Armor and stepping into her role as an aunt, and she helped resolve their little crisis quite nicely. As for the rest of the Mane 6, they were just supporting characters here helping out however they could, but that's not a problem at this point. The show's always focused on them and they'll get their own episodes for sure this season, but after five seasons, yeah, seeing an opener not completely focus on them is totally fine. Majestic as buck!!! Pinkie, get that out of your face, you have no idea where that's been As for the rest of our supporting cast, Shining Armor might've very well had his best, or at least funniest, episodes yet. Seeing him panic as a new father was both understandable but also quite funny, but he carried himself well as well when the situation called for it. It's pretty funny that he handled himself better when he was evacuating the city than he did when he was preparing for the Crystalling, but again, understandable. Cadance didn't do a whole lot, but it's always fun seeing her with Twilight, and she too responded nicely to the situations at hand, doing what she could to save her people and take care of her baby. It was very refreshing to see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna there for a change and also helping in what way they could, and hopefully we'll get to see more of them, especially Celestia (Luna's still my best princess, but Celestia terribly needs her own episode at some point, and it needs to happen this season) later this season. Not to mention that their crystallized versions were FABULOUS!!! Fatherhood: it does stuff to ya Can we just have an entire Luna episode about this Besides that, there's just a couple other things to cover. The Crystal Empire was cool as always, and it seems too that apparently the Crystal ponies aren't always crystally; rather, it seems to be something that just happens when an especially large amount of love gets released in the empire, which I guess makes sense. It was nice that the threat wasn't an actual villain but just the terrible weather of the Frozen North itself, especially since the episode didn't have to get distracted covering it that much then (though I couldn't help but wonder if an especially large amount of Windigos are somehow responsible for the terrible weather up there). The themes in the episode were great, it felt very relaxed for a season opener (but in a very nice way), and I adored the pacing, everything felt like it got just the right amount of attention it needed and everything tied up very nicely. Finally, HOLY CRAP, Twilight's and Shining Armor's parents finally talked!!! It only took five seasons after they first appeared. All in all, Season 6 is off to a great start, and things like Starlight's joining the group, the birth of Flurry Heart, Sunburst coming on the scene, and just the fact that characters like Celestia and Luna could still get more attention show that DHX is by no means out of stories to tell for these lovable ponies. I think this is going to be a very relaxed and slice-of-lifeish season, but a very good one all the same, with hopefully some nice new developments for old and new characters. It's off to a great start so far and I can't wait to see where everything goes. Until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Hmmmmm... still needs more pony
  16. The same official German MLP which announced Flurry Heart, the supposed name of Cadance and Shining Armor, revealed a due to September toy set of the Crystal Empiyah. Sadly, no images yet, but I'll keep this updated once something else comes Alongside the second sneak peek of S6, and Princess McFlurry, we now got pics of the set, which couldn't leave behind the new death by diabeetus incarnate
  17. Imagine the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as Equestria, and the Russian Federation as the Crystal Empire, In "The Cutie Remark pt. 1", Equestria declares war on the Crystal Empire. Rainbow Dash was involved in this episode, and if we declare war on Russian Federation, all of Russians would be dead by NATO soldiers.
  18. GDocs As "The Cause" nears Sombra's frozen doorstep, the Crystal Empire digs in deep to defend its homeland. The war is almost over, but a few brave ponies are in for a long winter.
  19. Anyways, as the topic says, I'd kind of like it if in either a comic or an other episode (Most probably a comic since I know the show hates to get into depth on stuff like this) they tried to revisit the bad timelines of the cutie remark. While the plot between Twilight and Starlight was good, it kind of threw out the real payoff of an alternate timeline plot, letting you see and talk to alternate reality versions of the characters, like interacting with alternate Pinkie, fluttershy, rainbow dash, ect. I honestly don't care about seeing them revisit the concept of a villain altering time, but it'd be cool if they established those timelines existing as a "many worlds" type deal and had the mane six in some way end up back in the alternate timeline and having to help their alternate selves. (Hell, according to what Discord says in the comics about Time travel altering the past being utterly impossible, it kind of makes it seem like it should almost be canon that they were being just shifted into alternate timelines instead of altering a single time flow) There's a rich bit of plot potential in having the mane six meet their alternate selves (like Rainbow dash meeting her soldier self from the crystal timeline) and talking to them to have them kind of discuss the differences in their lives. Plus, the mane six helping their alternate selves succeed in saving their timeline seems like it would be a more epic plot than just talking someone out of childhood trauma XD I just think closing the book on the timelines we saw without exploring them seems like it was throwing out a vast amount of potential.
  20. ok so this has bugged me for some time now (sorry for the slew of topics I just had one of those bursts of questions) If we are to look at the kingdoms out there, a LOT of what we see in the interiors of these castles does not seem to match the outside. for one the interiors have too many windows. In the center of twilights castle there are windows all around but looking on the outside there does not seem to be a place that reflects that. In celestias castle there are many many halls with barrel vault ceilings and columns upon columns of either windows or stained glass - also not reflected on the outside of the castle. Cadences castle is harder to tell as it's so square.. this one might actually be ok. The castle of the 2 sisters - the original castle doesn't even match the second one they show, and it's got some inconsistencies with the one shown in the journal of the 2 sisters as well. ----- as an architect graduate this drives me nuts. If one were to do a 3d rendering of these castles how would they map out the rooms? I'd love to see a layout that shows me "oh ok they are in THIS part of the castle now" instead of just having random rooms and you never know what part of the castle they are in. What do you guys think? Are there architectural plans for these castles or is everything just drawn up when say, a new convenient room is needed?
  21. Been wanting to do a wallpaper with this guy for a while and I got one more in the works. Kept it simple but wanted to get a slight more darker to dirty tone with this one. Used a few textures and fading in a few parts, kept to colors of purple and greens we see in the use of dark magic in the show and smudged and some blur and texture and glow effects on the brushes. I changed Sombra's a bit into simple black and white and keeping in tone to the style I've been using the last months of no eyes and things simple. Used: Gimp 2.8 and Paint.Net Time: 3 days Textures:… Sombra:…
  22. I'm sure most of you know about the Crystal Empire (as in the location). There is something I've been wondering about it for quite a while... How is it an Empire if it's just a city...? A kingdom is one country ruled by a monarch, while an empire is many different countries ruled by a monarch. If it's just a city how is it an Empire?
  23. Thought I would do some new hair styles of my oc Sunflare just to play around with her a bit more and given shes one of my favs of OC ponies I have made, it just kinda fun! Kept to short mostly due to it just fits her mostly!
  24. Well been a while sense I have done a MLP wallpaper and working on two of them of Princess Cadence and this is first of two. Planned on just making this one a simple kinda feeling with a few effects and layout of the Castle of the Empire in a soft glow and just mountains in the background and cloud. Mostly done in GIMP and a few touch ups in Paint.Net:
  25. This is the classic game with a little twist. Traditionally, you pick 3 items to bring with you. I want to know what 3 episodes of MLP you'd bring with you. These 3 episodes will have to sustain you for the rest of your life, so pick ones you won't get tired of! 2-part episodes may count as one I'll start: Slice of Life, Inspiration Manifestation, The Crystal Empire pt. 1 & 2