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Found 6 results

  1. So, Its kind of interesting that dragons have crystal hearts that you can mine from them; think this might have be how the crystal heart came about?
  2. Realized how long its been since I posted here and decided to make the Crystal Heart! Here's the final result.
  3. my new signature! it has my oc in a cave full of crystals
  4. Get ready for something unusual! A hand built ukulele decked out in pony imagery. A while back I promised to do thread documenting the build process when I got around to making it, so here it is Here are the woods I'll be using: It all started when I saw that back/side set on a guitar wood site I buy from periodically. The two spikes, with heart-ish shape in the middle... remind you of anything? So, I decided it had to be built, and bought the set. For the main soundhole rosette inlay design, I'm actually going to be doing the changeling launcher scene from Canterlot Wedding. Only one episode before Crystal Empire, and the heart is Cadance's cutie mark anyway The image is just perfect for a rosette. So here's the plan: The soundboard will hopefully be that pinkish colored wood in the first image, which is giant sequoia. Hard to come by, and the guitar size set I had was extra long, so I took the two offcuts and glued them together lengthwise... look closely and you can see the seam across the middle. Normally you take two long, narrow pieces and join them up the center, so this is a bit unusual. Joining this way isn't particularly strong (although it's scarf joint at least... not straight endgrain to endgrain), but the line will be around the narrow part of the waist. Being a mostly inactive area acoustically, I can glue some reinforcement wood inside that won't show or hurt anything. And from the outside, the seam will be mostly hidden by the inlays and soundhole. Always good to save rare woods from going to waste The neck has a bit of work in it already. Starting from a straight stick of wood about 2"x3/4"x24" or so, I saw the end off at an angle, take the piece, flip it around, and glue it to the underside (with some cleanup of the rough sawn surface, of course) And take two pieces 2" long, glue them together to make a heel block, and glue that on to the neck. Then, the design for the headstock. Again going unusual, normally the grain of the headplate would run the same direction as the neck. But I had this little rosewood offcut which has a nice gradient from light to dark, and reminded me of the night sky when turned sideways... and then inspiration struck: aurora borealis! The crystal castle makes a sort of aurora thing, so it fits with the overall theme. I think I'll do a more natural style, all cut from that one shell blank that has nice wavy reflective properties. But there is this shot: I haven't actually cut the pieces yet, so I could use different materials to make it more multi-colored like that, but I'm not sure if it would be as... aurora-y-looking. Especially to non-bronies.
  5. We've seen a fair amount of these glittery ponies since we were first introduced to them back in the Season 3 pilot. They seem to have become a big tourist attraction, and/or have joined Equestria itself. For example, we saw Crystal Ponies in the crowds during Princess Twilight's coronation. So I was wondering. What more are we going to see of these ponies, and how deep will we be digging into their history? After all, most of the Crystal Ponies have memories from 1000 years ago! That could give us all sorts of insight into Equestrian history, especially since most of the major events in Equestria seem to happen around 1000 years ago. They could know about the fall of Discord, or the rise of Nightmare Moon, and they obviously already know about Sombra. These ponies are practically living history! Also, what about the Equestria games? That's a thing. And it's happening in the Crystal Empire. So, I'm guessing we'll probably get an episode on that at some point. That should be cool. We all know RD is excited. So that's just something I wanted to bring up. What do you guys think? What do you hope will happen involving the Crystal Ponies? Give me everything you've got!
  6. I've been browsing the forums and have noticed something. Every pony here seems to hate Sombra! I thought he was a great villain. He wasn't the typical villain that we see. The blank back story left a huge opening for fan fiction writers to mess around with. His dark demeanor and mysterious character was very appealing to me. And about the whole he looked like a badly drawn OC character, I have to disagree. He looked the best out of all the villains color wise. Now don't get me wrong, I loved loved discord and chrysalis, who is a big part in my story, and loved their character design and back story. But Sombra brought something new to the table. He had no reason that we know of to be evil, which could be said later at the season finale or next season. And remember, the episode wasn't meant to have much to do with him. It was meant to show Twi's progression to, what I believe, Princess. Am I the only one who thought Sombra was a good villain for his episode?