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Found 31 results

  1. So, this is just a random thought in my head. Would Spike ever think about (and possible go through) with eating Crystal ponies? Now this might seem morbid (which it is, I'm not gonna lie) but when you think about it, Spike (and I assume most dragons) like eating gems and the crystal ponies aren't like normal ponies, they are completely see through, like gems. It's not hard for Spike to put 2 and 2 together, and when you think back to his gem addiction problem it's not hard to see how this could play out. Of course there are a number of problems, but I want your guys thoughts on this.
  2. I saw this theory on another website and it doesn't sound unreasonable and makes King Sombra the most evil villain the show has ever had. There are statues of unicorns around the Crystal Empire, and even the jousting armor can be fitted for pegasi, that makes a gruesome amount of sense if Sombra's security system for the Crystal Heart involved a spell to open the way to a tall spire, you don't exactly want to keep around subjects that could circumvent it. As well, depending on what kind of racial traits you want to attribute to earth ponies, their enhanced strength and endurance makes them ideal slave labor, and their nature powers wouldn't do them any good deep undergroud where there's no plants or animals to aid them. Sombra might have committed straight-up genocide against those races within his empire.
  3. Why are no crystal ponies unicorns or pegasi? The only crystal ponies that are unicorns is Radiant Hope and Princess Amore from the comics, no other crystal ponies are unicorns nor pegasi. The crystal guard is also strange because the only crystal ponies that are guards are from the Equestria Girls movie. There are other crystal guards being pegasi but are NOT crystal ponies you can tell from their eyes they're not crystally like the crystal ponies eyes are. Also why would the Crystal Empire have guard/jousting armor that would have wing holes?
  4. How do crystal ponies work? They are completely see through, how do they work? How they eat? Is everything they do inside there body seen, like eating? It just seems very odd and I don't understand.
  5. Is anyone else dissapointed we still don't have one with a name? The librarian is still the closest one for a Chrystal pony character. I feel it's a shame since they have such a wonderful design and interesting culture and backround. My wish is that there is a map episode in Crystal Empire since we should get charcaters that way. Maybe Rarity should go so she would get 3/3 out of places she loves lol. Some history episode would be even better but almost impossible that it would happen. Or Cadance/Shining Armour episode (but they could just end up chatting with Sunburst and some nameless Crystal Ponies anyway...) Do you think there should be more Crystal Ponies and do you think there will be some named character in the future?
  6. I guess this kinda isn't important, but I've been wondering this ever since the episode where the Crystal Empire reappeared : is the Crystal Empire part of Celestia's kingdom, or is its own country. Come to think of it, are places like Saddle Arabia, and where ever the Griffins are from part of it too? Or are they like satalitte states, or providences, or completely independant nations? They all appeared at the Equestria Games but they competed alongside single cities that are for sure part of Equestria, like Ponyville and Cloudsdale. This makes me think that they're all part of Equestria. However, I'm thinking the Griffins and Saddle Arabia could be there own nations, since Celestia had to meet with ambassadors from SA, and the Griffens seem pretty far away from the rest of Equestria, but the line is blurred for the Crystal Empire. Celestia sent Cadance and Shining Armor to rule the Crysal Empire, which makes me think its a satalitte state or part of Equestria, but the title "Crystal Empire" implies its a soverign nation, or at least a city state. Plus Cadance and Shining Armor rule it; if it were part of Equestria it would all belong to Celestia. But I want to know what other people think.
  7. Possibly the earliest known race of pony, the Umbrum (the race that King Sombra belonged to) were of once a prosperous yet aggressive race that inhabited the tundra along side there proclaimed enemies known as the Crystal Ponies. Though they may not look like it on the outside, they were made out of red crystal to which they believed crafting this element from there deceased loved ones into useful tools or weapons would be the most honorable thing for those who have passed on. The Umbrum had a society that was so obsessed with perfection that as much as something like incompetence could result in a rather fatal penalty and that any other way of life was considered corruption. This of coarse being one of the leading motivations for them to despise there neighbors enough to result in a great war. After a century of battle they fought themselves to extinction. The commoners were pretty much the lowest rank within the Umbrum's empire. Though they did live further into the tundra than that of there rivals, they didn't require much in attire due to how they can naturally endure the cold better than any other race in Equestria. The common clothes were nothing more than simple robes for there mares, and togas for there stallions. For wives, to show they they were married they would have a specific order of colorful stones worn across there cheeks as the husbands would wear a ring around there horn. Some women in rare cases could be born with wings, but even then there wings were only useful in gliding rather than actually flying like pegasi. _______________________________ I would like to thank Mr. Siansaar for inspiration on putting this picture together. I might even be able to do more with my ideas for the Umbrum and there ways of life.
  8. This is an Idea that has bin buzzing around in my head for months now and I decided that I should try and share it. I don't know if someone has already done something similar, so this idea might be redundant. I was inspired by the war with the Crystal Empire in the season 5 finale. My idea is for a fannon Newsreel video series based off that alternate time line. That will gradually progress with the fortunes of war. My idea isn't fully fleshed out at the moment. If anyone finds this idea interesting. I would be willing to flesh it out with them. Please note I have little video editing skill. All I have to offer is my imagination. Here are a few ideas that I had for the series. 2 main Characters: The first is a stereotypical 1930's news reader and the second character is field reporter with a masculine radio voice. The characters would use slang common for the 40s. Like calling someone "Mac" or asking for "a cup of Joe". Stuff like that. The news reader will report the headlines and give a summery of that particular story, then their will be a cut to the field reporter who will give a more detailed account of that days events Headlines would include stories that would Mirror WW1/WW2 for example "Princes Celestia Rallies Troops", "Cupcake Shortage Strikes Ponyville", "Sombre Lays Siege To Canterlot!". I don't want to get too dark with these headlines. I would prefer to stay as lighthearted as possible. Using the headlines the story will gradually progress, creating it's own lore in the process. I would like to keep each video short, around 5 minutes. To be able to post frequently, say once every week. The video quality will have to be simplified. No animation would be used. Except for a few vectors of the main characters and a few background images and headlines. I would like the video to resemble old black and white film footage. Maybe add some cracks and pops in the audio to go along with it? Well, this is the basic idea. I don't have a story or characters figured out, because I don't know if this will ever take off.
  9. Hi! I recently had an interesting idea to make my first RP-able OC (I made a griffon earlier but the longer I proofread the less interesting he seems), but, since the concept is rather unorthodox, I'd like to ask for some critique before I spend a couple evenings fine tuning everything only to scrap it in the end... So, here it goes: I thought about crystal pony identical twins (stallions) sharing the same talent - crystal masonry. Now the talent itself revolves around my observations of Crystal Empire structures. Everything is made out of differently coloured crystal, and seemingly out of one piece. Just look at their roads and houses. So, I kinda headcannoned that there need to be some kind of "crystal menders" around, who can seemlessly join pieces of crystal together, since carving a three story house and transporting it form far away quarry is nearly impossible without some serious magic. Same with roads. They won't sprout crystals out of their hooves, but rather weld the pieces together into a single bigger one. Together with regular stone masonry skills, you get a Crystal Mender. Their special talent is restricted to the crystal form Crystal Mountains quarries, and they can't mend regular stone or gemstones. So the talent would give them a job and the reason to travel all over Equestria (after the Equesrtian Games crystal would be very fashionable) to raise crystal structures and sculptures. Now that I explained the trickiest part, let's present another major area of concern - I thought about identical twins rather than a single pony. We already know it's possible in the show canon to have identical twins who share the same talent: Aloe and Lotus. Although I intend to give my crystal guys the same color scheme with corresponding CM's (still WIP, I thought about halves of something to show their co-dependence). They could be distinguished by CM and personality. My plan is to write their bios so that they're siblings and best friends, and they're virtually inseparable. The older one (10 minutes older btw) is more rational and cool headed, while the younger one is more random and adventurous, so there's some balancing between them. I intend to make them a walking entertainment centre, since they love to play a private game of wits and humor, involving jokes at each other's expense and a never ending stream of funny comments aimed at showing the rest of the world who's the boss in this duo. So these are the major areas that I'd like to get some feedback on. Yay or nay? Also, in case the idea isn't outright rejected by the more experienced RP'ers, or crystal pony experts, any additional feedback and ideas for CM and names is appreciated. As far as colors go, I thought about navy blue coats and pearl white manes, thought the exact style is yet to be determined.
  10. I'd been wanting to create a piece like this for quite some time. This is probably set sometime during (or right at the beginning of) Sombra's takeover of the Crystal Empire.
  11. Silverquill pointed out a certain pony in one of his reviews. Now, I always thought that Crystal Ponies were their own type of Ponies. Like there are Unicorns, Alicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasus ponies, and Bat ponies. So is that guy an animation mistake, like with all the alicorns we sometimes see in the background? I'm thinking that this guy is an animation mistake, most likely. Or I guess a Pegasus who joined Cadances guard like Flash Sentry, and then got hit with that Crystal heart wave thingy and temporarily turned him crystal.
  12. Earth ponies have strength, Pegasi have flight and Unicorns have magic, so what talent do crystal ponies have? I've noticed that all the crystal ponies I've seen are basic ponies ( earth pony model). So is there talent strength? or something completely different?
  13. Hi everypony! ^^ This song is special to me. It's my favorite song #1 of all series of My Little Pony. I like to play this song when someone asks me to play a song on clarinet. Because this song is special, I decided to put my logo white background. On the other recordings I used the black background. I hope you enjoy it. I gave my best to you in this song YouTube:
  14. Rarity is Rarity, no more to talk xD That mane was the most complicated of all... Based in My New Style of Drawn
  15. The Crystal Empire was the most bizarre episode for any show I've ever seen. I found it so bizarre that it was extremely confusing to me especially when I first watched it. I didn't get what was going on until I watched it again and it made a little more sense. One thing I don't get is why the Mane 6, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Spike become temporary Crystal Ponies after they returned the Crystal Heart because I have no idea why. Also what makes the Crystal Ponies different from other ponies besides their shiny coat, are they immortal or more powerful? And why is it that the Crystal Ponies aren't transparent until the Crystal Heart is returned? I'm just wondering because the Crystal Empire confuses me so much that I'd love to know.
  16. Kay Dreamer, relaxing under a tree and playing a little song for the sleepy autumn woods. (How I wish we had an actual autumn here in Australia... I'll live somewhere with four seasons one day. I swear.)
  17. I've been distracting myself from my responsibilities by drawing ponies lately. I figured I might share some. =D If you like what you see I have a DA and a Tumblr! They're both on my profile, and the banner in my sig inks to my pony blog.
  18. I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow ( ) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums. Here is the URL to the script:
  19. We've seen a fair amount of these glittery ponies since we were first introduced to them back in the Season 3 pilot. They seem to have become a big tourist attraction, and/or have joined Equestria itself. For example, we saw Crystal Ponies in the crowds during Princess Twilight's coronation. So I was wondering. What more are we going to see of these ponies, and how deep will we be digging into their history? After all, most of the Crystal Ponies have memories from 1000 years ago! That could give us all sorts of insight into Equestrian history, especially since most of the major events in Equestria seem to happen around 1000 years ago. They could know about the fall of Discord, or the rise of Nightmare Moon, and they obviously already know about Sombra. These ponies are practically living history! Also, what about the Equestria games? That's a thing. And it's happening in the Crystal Empire. So, I'm guessing we'll probably get an episode on that at some point. That should be cool. We all know RD is excited. So that's just something I wanted to bring up. What do you guys think? What do you hope will happen involving the Crystal Ponies? Give me everything you've got!
  20. Okay, so... I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this thread (if not, mods/admins will move it to the appropriate thread, I'm sure), but I am here looking for people who have original characters of unusual races / species and would like to volunteer them to make short appearances in a fanfiction I'm planning on writing sometime between now and Christmas. The general storyline: The Cosmic Owl (yes, I did just make that Adventure Time reference, don't be hatin') has called for representatives of all the major races from Equestria and surrounding lands (I may need to think of a name for their planet, because I don't think it actually has one canonically...) to gather in a peaceful meeting at the top of a mountain, an ancient tradition that fell out of practice somewhere around a thousand years ago, when Princess Celestia was just a filly. When the appointed representatives reach the meeting place, though, they suddenly remember why they don't get along so well and seem to have a bit of trouble seeing past each other's differences. Below is a list of the races that I hope to have represented and whether I need characters to fill them. If I've missed a race or species that should be on the list, please let me know. If you have characters that you'd like to see in my story, please post a request here in this thread. PONIES Alicorns - obviously, Celestia and Luna will be filling these spots (I still haven't decided whether I want this story to take place before or after Twilight's transformation) Unicorns - Mane 6, got it covered Pegasi - Mane 6, got it covered Earth Ponies - Mane 6, got it covered Crystal Ponies - I really need some crystal pony OCs to fill in this space. NON-PONIES Zebras - Zecora will be in attendance, but she will be travelling as a guest and not as a rep, so I need some zebra OCs to fill in this space, por favor. "Bat Ponies" - (I don't like that these guys don't have an official name, so I think I may come up with one of my own.) I need some of these, so if you have a "bat pony" OC, I'd appreciate it if he or she volunteered for this spot. Changelings - I think I have permission from Niaeruzu to use Suncloak here, but I need to check to make double sure. Additionally, I need some changelings who are still loyal to the queen, preferably royal guards. Gryphons - There will be a gryphon king and queen in my story, but I haven't really given much thought to their characterizations yet, so if you happen to have a gryphon character who is royal, could I please use him or her for this position? I'd be grateful. Dragons - The ancient dragons need cool names. Younger dragons are also welcome. Donkeys - I already have a noble family of donkeys in mind (Lord and Lady Ass... try not to giggle), but additional donkey characters welcome, as well as suggested names for the Ass children. (hey, I said try not to giggle!) Buffaloes - I want Little Strong Heart and Chief Thunderhooves to be there, but I would also like to see some buffalo OCs. Yes... this is going to be one hell of a party. xP Again, I apologize if I accidentally left out any important groups. Please post your characters if you have them. I don't need any alicorns or unicorns, so please don't post those. Any other story-related suggestions are welcome too. Muchas gracias in advance to anyone who helps. c:
  21. Hello all! As you may know, I am Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. But that name's kind of formal, and way too long. So you can all call me Cadance! No need to bow, or refer to me as "Your Highness." I'm not quite ready for rule yet. Not exactly sure why, but Aunt Celestia keeps saying that my "true claim to rule will one day become clear." Whatever that means. She's always so cryptic, isn't she? So because of that, I don't see myself as a real princess yet. Maybe one day. Whoa, I seem to have gone off on a tangent, haven't I? Anyway! If you have any questions about love, or just even me in general, I'd be more than happy to answer them! Go ahead, everypony!
  22. I decided to draw crystal pony Rarity. It took me maybe.... Um, two hours? Three? I lost track after one So I did two different edited versions-- And
  23. I do not own MLP. MLP Is owned by Hasbro Entertainment. I own nothing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have had a wonderful marriage up to this point. Together they ruled the Crystal Empire well, and their empire, and the Crystal ponies prospered. Shining Armor wasn't an old stallion. Quite the contrary. He was still fit, physically active, and mares still found him attractive. He still had maybe forty years, or even fifty. But a well placed dagger, or a crossbow bolt, can take many years away from any stallion. And that sudden illness? It only took Shining Armor three days of agonizing pain, to finally die. Distraught over the death of her husband, Princess Cadence has pulled herself into a dark retreat, weeping endlessly over the death of her beloved husband. Since Princess Cadence had been deemed unfit to rule due to her emotional state, the entire empire is now in the hooves of their five year old colt, Prince Gauntlet Armor (called Gauntlet the Terror by the other foals in his nursery school). Since Prince Gauntlet is too young to rule, a regent will be necessary to rule in his place. While officially this regent will rule in the young prince's name, officially, he will be allowed to do pretty much whatever he wants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are several ministers in this quest for the role of regent. Each having a select number of advantages over the other. Some will employ bribery, others treachery, some will even employ brute force. But perhaps one, will employ all three? First, there is the palace minister, Crystal Hoof. Duties include welcoming visitors, giving tours of the castle, and organizing meetings and parties. Essentially, Crystal Hoof is nothing more than a glorified butler. While he is the lowest in rank (the war minister and finance minster would simply laugh in his face if Crystal Hoof ever mentioned power), he does have a few advantages. The events to take place, will happen here, in the Crystal Empire's Palace. Crystal Hoof managed to keep knowledge of Shining Armor's illness away from the vast majority of the world. Even the War Minister doesn't know about it. Crystal Hoof has the advantage of time, and will with his right hand pony, Brutus, manage to outwit the other ponies? Second, there is the Finance Minister, Filthy Rich. This stallion is a master at handling resources and money, that he was personally hired by Cadence and Shining Armor to manage the Empire's finances. Having a near unlimited amount of resources, but lacking a killer instinct himself, Filthy Rich may try buying his way to power. Third, there is the War Minister, Sharpened Sword. Hired straight from graduation (first in his class). Lacks compassion, a total sociopath. He has no qualms about executing and murdering opponents (some weren't even a threat), is suspected to have personally gunned down Princess Twilight Sparkle's fiance, Prince Astro, at their wedding, just as they were giving their vows. Sharpened Sword has absolute control of the military, and will not hesitate to commit all of his available resources to seize the throne for himself. Very possibly, all Sharpened Sword needs is to be just informed of the illness alone to seize the throne. However, Sharpened Sword is stuck in a campaign as the Changelings, and geography alone will be his weakness. Next, there is Prince Gauntlet's personal tutor, Big Brains. A pony of high intelligence from the pony lands from across the sea, who was scouted to oversee the Prince's Education. However, it is suspected by some ponies that he is merely a spy, waiting for the opportune moment to bring in an invasion force of some kind from his own faction. Probably hoping to become the governor of a new providence for his masters. Each of these ponies are all in the quest to seize power for themselves. It will be a long road to power, but the rewards will be great for the stallion that obtains them. As the palace minister, there should be little to stand in your way, as long as you begin right away. However, this pedicure must be finished before you can begin. It's good to have priorities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof is sitting in his room, as his steward works on the pedicure for his hooves, contemplating his plans for seizing the throne. His rivals are all willing to kill one another to seize the throne. Hopefully, treachery will be on his side as the only ponies in the whole kingdom as of this moment that know about Shining Armor's death, is Princess Cadence and the Palace Minister himself. Time is on his side. Crystal Hoof got up from his seat, soon after his pedicure was finished, ready to begin the day of taking over an empire. First things first, he would have to call his right hand stallion, Brutus. Brutus was a very large pony, muscular and very tough in a fight, once even beating down four other ponies in a drunken brawl. Though such things are unseemly for someone like Crystal Hoof, however, these kinds of ponies have their uses too. Crystal Hoof took his phone, and dialed the number to Brutus' place of residence. "RING RING" The phone goes off "Hello?" A rather annoyed sounding voice says on the other end. "It's me Brutus, Crystal Hoof." "Ah, what can I do for you this time?" "Brutus, things in the Crystal Empire are going to become rather... unstable quite soon. I need you to come to the palace. You are not to notify anyone. Tell the guards I have sent for you." "Very … well then Crystal Hoof. Consider it done." Crystal Hoof frowned as he hung up the phone. If Brutus learns of the events that will unfold, somepony might try to bribe him, or somehow force him to work for them. That would not end well for Crystal Hoof. Now that his right hand pony had been notified to come to the palace, Crystal Hoof decided to get out his surveillance equipment. Lately, he saw some very unseeming things going on around the palace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Now Prince Gauntlet, I know you hate the other foals in your nursery school" Big Brains, the prince's tutor said the defiant young Prince Gauntlet. "But stabbing another colt in the class with a pair of scissors is outrageous!" Prince Gauntlet (or Gauntlet the Terror as his classmates have come to call him) is the son of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Prince Gauntlet is an Alicorn, and a little bigger than average for his age. On several occasions already, Cadence and Shining Armor had to punish him for his overly aggressive ways towards his fellow foals in the nursery school. It started out little by little, from kicking the mares in his class, to outright tackling the colts and throwing books and heavy objects at the teacher. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have resorted to hiring a private tutor for the young prince after several of the nobles complained that their children were being bullied and outright injured by the prince. However, with the death of Shining Armor a few days ago, the young prince had been left to his own devices, and recently stabbed a colt in the nursery class with a pair of scissors. Now forced out of the class altogether, the private tutor, Big Brains, has taken the sole responsibility in educating the young prince. "Now your behavior is unacceptable, Prince Gauntlet." Big Brains yelled "Well they're stupid and you're stupi-!" The prince was interrupted when Big Brains slapped him. "You will learn to respect your elders, young prince, or I will be forced to make you. Now let us move on to math." "Math's stupid!" The young prince said "AND I said you will respect your elders!" Big Brains yelled Big Brains laid in front of Prince Gauntlet a series of math worksheets, and instructed him to work on the math problems. Prince Gauntlet sat there, using his magic to write out the answers. A few moments later. "Times up, Prince." Big Brains said using his magic to bring the worksheet over to himself. "No... No... No.. and No. Well Prince Gauntlet, this has to by far be the worst grade I have ever seen. But I least you aren't as stupid as before. Look you even managed to write numbers this time." Prince Gauntlet merely glared at the tutor, clenching his foalish hooves in anger under the table. "Now, time for breakfast." Big Brains said pulling out a bag, taking one doughnut out of the bag. "Take one." "Oh boy!" Prince Gauntlet said eagerly taking the doughnut. "What a little piggie." Big Brains said to himself as he watched the prince devour the doughnut. After spending a few moments eating the doughnut, Prince Gauntlet licked the frosting off his hooves. Big Brains, then took a flask of wine, took a swig, and then offered it to the Prince. "Drink up." He said Prince Gauntlet hesitated, as he looked at the flask, filled with a disgustingly tasting substance. Gauntlet merely took a sip, gagged, and handed the flask back to Big Brains. "I said drink up! It's good for you!" Big Brains said as he picked up the princes head and forced the wine down his throat. Big Brains looked around the room, to make sure no pony could see him. Big Brains walked over to the door, and locked it. For extra insurance, the tutor also jammed a door under the door handle. "No interruptions this time." Big Brains said to himself as he walked over to the young prince. "Now young prince, are you ready to receive the seed of intelligence?" The young prince's eyes went wide with terror. "No! I want to go-" The young prince was cut off with another slap to the cheek. "You must have misunderstood prince. I asked: Do you want to receive the Seed of Intelligence?" Feeling defeated, the young prince looked down and said "Yes... " "YES WHAT?!" "Yes .. sir..." "That's better prince." The tutor, Big Brains, licked his lips as he approached the frightened colt. "Now Prince, assume the position." Big Brains began to loosen his clothes, when there was a loud knocking on the door. "KNOCK KNOCK!" "Yes who's there?!" Big Brains demanded. "Royal Tutor! I have important news. Please open the door." The tutor growled as he tightened his clothes again, and then he approached the door, taking the chair out of the knob, and unlocked the door. "Yes what is it? I was in the middle of a very important test for the young prince." Prince Gauntlet had his head down on the test, crying quietly. If only somepony listened to him about what was going on. Not even his mother, Cadence listened to him anymore. All she ever does is cry. "I'm sorry Royal Tutor." The messenger pony said. "I wouldn't want to interrupt the young prince's education. That's very important for the future you know." "Get on with it messenger pony!" The tutor, Big Brains, demanded. "Oh yes where was I? Oh yes, I'm sorry to say, but... Shining Armor has died." "Shining Armor... is dead?" Big Brains asked "Yes, recently he passed away from an illness." Prince Gauntlet just sat at his desk. If the news that his father had died had affected him at all, he did not show it whatsoever. "Very well, I will have to... account for this. Good day messenger pony" "And to you too dear sir." Big Brains turned over to the young prince. "All right Prince, you're free to go. But if you tell anyone! You will pay dearly!" Big Brains yelled Prince Gauntlet merely ran out of the room as quickly as he could. "Now that Shining Armor is dead." Big Brains said to himself. "I should call my griffon contacts." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filthy Rich sat there in his office, listening to his music as he continued to write out financial forms. "Sir!" The messenger pony said. "I have urgent news." "Yes, what is it?" "Shining Armor... he's dead sir. And Princess Cadence is too distraught to rule. That means that a regent will be needed to rule in the place of Prince Gauntlet." "I see..." Filthy Rich said as he handed the messenger pony a few hundred bits. "Please... tell no more of this to others. Lets... keep this our little secret. The pony took the bits and put them away. "I... understand sir. Not a single pony will know." The messenger pony then left the room. Filthy Rich then opened up several of his bank accounts and direct deposited large sums of money into various pony's bank accounts. Knowing that he now has total control of the Empire's finances, Filthy Rich hoped to bribe each, and every single pony in his way. The guards within the Empire were already bought off. While Filthy Rich did not have a taste for violence, perhaps he could pay off other ponies to do the dirty work for him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "KEEP FIRING!" Sharpened Sword demanded as the siege of the Changeling Caves was going on. It had only taken the Crystal Empire a few months to reach the caves of the Changeling Empire. And very soon, they'd crush the Changeling menace once and for all. The siege of the caves had gone on for about a week, when Sharpened Sword receive the call. "He's dead? Are you sure? Tell no one of this." Sharpened Sword said to his cell phone. Soon after, Sharpened Sword demanded that each and every soldier withdraw from the caves. Sharpened Sword had a throne to claim, and no pony would get in the way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unbeknownst to Big Brains, Crystal Hoof had been surveying him for quite some time. The surveillance equipment had cost him quite a pretty bit, but it had all been worth it, when he had dirt on all of his enemies. Of course the fact that the Royal Tutor himself had been molesting the young Prince, would give quite an advantage. "All right.. I'm here." Brutus said as he arrived in Crystal Hoof's room. "Ah Brutus.. what do you think of this.." Crystal Hoof said showing the video footage of the Tutor and the Prince. "Receive the seed of intelligence? That sonuvabitch is dead!" Brutus said marching out of the room. Though Brutus was a blood thirsty brute, he had a soft spot for children. Brutus having experienced physical abuse himself as a child, would do much to protect a child. This time, Brutus' impulsiveness would serve useful to Crystal Hoof in eliminating one of his enemies. Most likely Brutus would be killed for the act, or at the very least imprisoned. But it would take all of Crystal Hoof's resources to gain the position of power he so desperately craved. Big Brains was in his office, collecting his notes and various things he needed to flee the Empire. Knowing that his army of griffons were on their way to seize the Empire for him, Big Brains did not want to be stuck in the middle of the conflict. The interior soldiers were probably against him, it would only be a matter of time until- "BOOM!" Brutus barges in into the room "HEY! Who are you?" Big Brains demands "You're the sonuvabitch who goes around molesting children aren't you?" "I don't know what you're talking abo-" Brutus him off with a crossbow bolt in the chest. The sharp bolt puncturing several arteries leaving Big Brains to drown in a pool of his own blood "I don't ever want to hear you've been harming another foal ever again!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filthy Rich had called up one of his contacts in the Griffon Empire, hoping that enough bits, he might be able to bribe them to stay out of the conflict. "Hello?" A griffon administrator on the other picked up the phone. "It's Filthy Rich." "Ah, time for another trade already?" "No, a little bird told me an army was on the way to the Crystal Empire... is that true?" "Perhaps? Maybe? Maybe not? Perhaps a little gift of a sort will help me remember." "I've transferred ten-thousand bits already to your bank account." "Of course! However, it seems like the Crystal Empire has withdrawn from from the Changeling Kingdom, and is currently engaging our forces. It seems that that army won't reach the Empire." "Well … perhaps for another.. gift, that army won't engage the empire at all?" "Perhaps, maybe with another gift, I could tell my leader only to focus on the Crystal Ponies attacking the Griffon Army we've sent, but then to withdraw later." "Would thirty-five thousand bits sound good?" "Absolutely. I'll be sure to... tell the Griffon King not to march on the Crystal Empire. Good day." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof picked up his phone and directly dialed the Griffon Kigndom. Knowing that an army was on it's way to take over the Empire, Crystal Hoof had to act fast. "RING RING" "Ermm Hello?" A griffon administrator responded "Hello this is Crystal Hoof, Palace Minister of the Crystal Empire." "HAHHAHAHAHA! You're joking right?" "No I'm not." "It's just that... it's just that it's laughable that you're calling us at all." "I have some information you might like." "Oh? And what would that be?" "The Crystal Empire has been using your weapons against you for years." "What do you mean?" "I mean, our War Minister, has raided your weapons caches and took your weapons." "I heard reports that there were some weapons missing, are you sure?" "Yes, I am positive." "No matter, those weapons have a little fail safe on them. Should that be the case, a little surprise is waiting for him." "Wait! I demand ten-thousand bits for this information." "Fool, you've already gave the information. Goodbye." "NO WAIT!" "CLICK" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof threw a glass at the wall. Angry at his own mistake, he should have demanded money first, and then gave the information. However, it still means that two of his rivals would be eliminated, the Royal Tutor, Big Brains, and the War Minister, Sharpened Sword. Power was so close, Crystal Hoof could almost taste it. Crystal Hoof left his quarters, and walked down the stairs to just one of many of the palace's chambers and halls. "Ah Crystal Hoof there you are!" Filthy Rich said approaching Crystal Hoof. "I heard there was going to be a call for new leadership, and.. just telling you it will be great to have you on board. Well I can't stick around, I have to go to the courtyard, well nice talking to you." Crystal Hoof stood there, angry that the guard had allowed that scumbag Filthy Rich to talk to him. When Crystal Hoof becomes Regent, that guard will be the first of many that he sends to the guillotine. But first, Filthy Rich has to be taken care of. Following from a distance, Crystal Hoof saw that Filthy Rich was walking down a flight of stairs to meet with a pony in the castle's courtyard, in the corner of Crystal Hoof's eye was a balcony with a perfect view of the court yard, if only he could drop something on Filthy Rich's head, and quickly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "WOOT THIS IS FUN!" The young prince Gauntlet yelled as he played with a remote controlled toy car. Suddenly, Crystal Hoof had an idea. "Prince Gauntlet! How much do you want for that toy car?" "Two thousand bits!" "Isn't that too much?" "You want it that badly. I know." "You're a little swindler." "Good." "Fine take the two thousand bits." "Cool!" Crystal Hoof gave the bits to the young prince, and he dropped the car and the remote to take the money. Crystal Hoof looked over the balcony and saw that his last enemy, Mr. Filthy Rich was still there. "I have one shot at this." Crystal Hoof said picking up the toy car. "This thing is heavy... like it's made of iron." Crystal Hoof dropped the toy car, placing in front of the gaps between the balcony's wall. Pressing the up arrow as hard as he can, the toy car moved forward as fast as it could move, and went flying off the balcony. "AHHH!" Filthy Rich was heard to scream as the toy car flew straight into his head. A loud crash later, Filthy Rich laid there on the ground, soon he was dead. With all of the competition gone, all of the ministers, except himself dead. There will be no one else, except himself of course, for the job of regent. Yes, this would be the start of a new age for the Crystal Empire, and the world. And not even after his new pedicure, did Crystal Heart have to get his hooves dirty. He had a new job as regent to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stiff Shield is one of many of Canterlot's guards. When his friends found out he had been assigned to be one of many defending the walls of Canterlot, instead of being a soldier in the fields like them, they congratulated him, while calling him a bastard under their breathe. The reason why so many guards have been necessary, is that lately, the Crystal Empire, no Obsidian Empire, had been acting aggressively towards their southern neighbor, Equestria. If someone were to say that someone from the Crystal Empire would act aggressively, they would laugh, as the Crystal Empire encouraged love and wouldn't act that way to their allies. But that was under the old days with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The Crystal Empire has a new king, no Emperor, he seized power for himself, killing all and any ponies that could control him. The regent, you think his name was, Crystal Heart or Crystal Hoof, realized the threat, and tried to stop him. The civil war was brutally put down by the emperor, and Crystal Hoof was saved for special vengeance. The emperor decided to make an example of Crystal Hoof, and had him brutally tortured over a period of ten days. Every single minute and hour, was broadcasted over the radio and television. Stiff Shield and Princess Celestia heard only a portion of the broadcast, and both of you threw up your stomach contents. A few nobles tried to stop him, they were crucified. The new emperor turned out to be a berserker, single handedly leading the Obsidian Empire's soldiers to battle against many countries, as as the Griffon Kingdom. Against the odds, this emperor defeated each country in every battle he faced, and only added to his own power. When his mother tried to reason with her son, he stabbed her to death in a fit of furious anger and threw her body down the steps of the palace, leaving her body to the carrion birds. Though it's unnerving to hear about these events to the north, Stiff Shield rests easily as he thinks the princesses will protect them. However... the recent invasion by the Obsidian Empire has proven otherwise, when in the early hours of the day, the Empire routed and utterly destroyed the Equestrian Army. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of the Emperor and Canterlot. Soon, Canterlot will be put to the sword by a ten year old foal. Gauntlet the Terror is on his way. May Celestia have mercy on our souls. The End.
  24. I loved the crystal Ponies episode and wanted to write a grimdark for it so I hope you enjoy. This is my first fanfic so please keep that in mind! Thanks! And enjoy the story! Each Chapter is broken into 3 posts per chapter! Warning!: Contains Grimdark! If you don't know what that is, It's best you stay away. Contains pony murder and torture! You have been warned, I am not responsible for you stabbing your eyeballs! Crystal Lust When Rarity herd about the crystal ponies, she had to follow twilight on the trip to the Crystal Palace! Even tho Celestia told them all elements of harmony had to go, she would have gone anyways. The fact that she was standing in the throne room; the wall covered in every gem imaginable! She almost lost her mind just staring a the throne, covered in red sapphires, the seat made of clear glass. "This is the most amazing palace! I wonder how many gems it took to build this place!" she said, her eyes exploring the room. She trotted over to a old bookshelf that surrounded the room. She looked at the jewels that allied the the bookshelf; diamonds. Her favorite. She examined them carefully trying to find out what carrot. As she was, a book fell off the shelf. "Hmm... What's this?" she said as she turned her head to look at the opened page. The book was on crystal pony biology and the chapter was on how the ponies got their shine. The page went into detail on how the ponies heart contains a rare diamond that takes red blood cells and crystallizes them; giving the ponies their shiny body. Rarity was stunned! To know that the crystal ponies were the same as her, but the only difference being a diamond in their heart! "Hey Rarity!" Rarity jumped in fear to find her friend Pinkie pie watching her "What cha' doing?" "Um.. Nothing!" said the startled mare trying to hide the book from her friend "Well, twilight needs us in the main room. Said we could save the crystal ponies with a book she found!" "Sound delightful." said Rarity following Pinkie Pie, who began bouncing up and down to the next room. Rarity took one last glance over her solder at the book. What she would do to be as beautiful as the crystal ponies. The better question was, what wouldn't she do? End of chapter 1 Part 1 Written by: Jimmy Wade Side note: Please don't steal this story, I am working really hard on it.
  25. I've been browsing the forums and have noticed something. Every pony here seems to hate Sombra! I thought he was a great villain. He wasn't the typical villain that we see. The blank back story left a huge opening for fan fiction writers to mess around with. His dark demeanor and mysterious character was very appealing to me. And about the whole he looked like a badly drawn OC character, I have to disagree. He looked the best out of all the villains color wise. Now don't get me wrong, I loved loved discord and chrysalis, who is a big part in my story, and loved their character design and back story. But Sombra brought something new to the table. He had no reason that we know of to be evil, which could be said later at the season finale or next season. And remember, the episode wasn't meant to have much to do with him. It was meant to show Twi's progression to, what I believe, Princess. Am I the only one who thought Sombra was a good villain for his episode?