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Found 20 results

  1. Ahh yes, King Sombra. Famous for being one of the worst and most underdeveloped characters in the entire series. It seemed like he could of had more potential and screen time. Anyway, this kind of serves as a discussion thread and a thread for listing all the possibilities that Sombra could have had.
  2. Spike, you really deserve more. One reason behind my sudden love for Starlight, was because you were so supportive to her and helped her when needed. You really do a dynamic duo. I'll enjoy every time you are on the same scene for sure. Not only it makes Starlight more likeable, but encourages your character to grow and improve by helping others. That's the reason behind supportive characters per se and after all. Cathy Weseluck has a lovely voice, we don't want it to go to waste, do we? All the cheers today goes to the Number One Assistant Spike. Twitter! deviantArt!
  3. So, I'm just wanting to hear your opinions on my oc. I'm pretty happy with her design and story but hey, wanted to hear your opinions Constructive Criticism, not rudeness. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So this is my OC: Crystal with her little girlfriend :3 More refs: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her bio: Name: Crystal Vision Nicknames: Crys | Crysi Gender: Female Height: Larger than Celestia Body Shape/Type: Celestia’s body shape, but buffer. Quite dragon like Age: 28 Birthplace: Unknown, yet she says Canterlot Hair colour, length, style: Light blue with darker blue spots. It drapes over to the right and sits long and wavy. Cutiemark: Her cutiemark is blue dragon scales. They run down her back legs. How did they earn the cutiemark?: She earned her cutiemark by protecting two ponies from a pack of Timberwolves. The ponies ran away, ungrateful for their rescue but all was not a loss as she earned her mark. Cutiemark Meaning: As dragon scales/hide is hard to damage or penetrate, it represents her defensive instincts and skills. They are dragon scales to be a constant reminder of what she is. Race: Ice Dragon pony hybrid Accent: (include voice, style of speech, slang, signature phrases or words): She speaks formally, like Luna but has a slight slur on her accent due to her native Dovahzul language. She doesn’t know how she knows Dovahzul. (Dovahzul is native dragon language. Yes it's from skyrim) Marital status (Married, Single): Dating VelvetLexi ‘s oc Katisha Alcatraz. Scars or other notable physical attributes: She has a damaged tail, bound in bandage. Hurt by a poisoned knife throw from a bounty hunter. She has freckle-like scales on her cheeks. Athletic? Inactive? Overall health? She’s pretty athletic, loves to go for a fly. Accessories? None, unless the bandage counts. Favourite colours: She likes soft, cool colours. How does the character feel about his/her appearance? She is sometimes embarrassed of her appearance, scared she will scare ponies with her size and dragon features. Brothers/sisters: She has a fiery sister named Flare Shot. Relationship with parents: Did not know her parents. Memories about childhood: She and her sister were dumped in a box, abandoned. Resented by those around them, she and her sister raised themselves. They took care of each other until they were old enough to go their separate ways. Educational background? (Street smart? Formal? Does he/she read?): Formal in speech, can use thou, thy and speak in third person on occasion. She did not attend school so big words can stump her. Occupation: Unemployed Where does the character live now? Describe? She lives up in the cave system of the Canterlot Mountains. Her ‘main’ cave is filled with quartz stalagmites and stalactites; it also has a pure water pool. Is he/she neat or messy? She’s somewhere in between, she likes to be clean but eats like a carnivore. Sexual preferences: She’s pansexual, open to male, female and transgenders. What sex of friends does she/he prefer? Mares or Stallions?: She just wants anyone to give her a chance, so she doesn’t mind what gender. Most of her friends consist of the female gender. Pets? No pets, she can barely control herself so a pet would make it even worse. Enemies? Why? She doesn’t have any known enemies, but there are ponies that resent her presence due to her looks and traits. Bounty hunters can be counted as enemies. Basic nature: Pretty hostile toward people who judge her immediately (in a negative way) or try to hurt her, but she does have a curious and gentle nature. Personality traits (shy, outgoing, domineering, doormat, honest, kind, sense of humour): She is rather outgoing and smart (except for modern pony gestures and speech). When you get to know her, she is kind, curious and can be rather humorous. Strongest trait: Despite her hostile appearance, she is extremely kind and gentle to those who are the same back to her. Weakest trait: She can lose control of her emotions and get hostile toward others, even to the point of hurting them… badly. She calls this state of mind the ‘beast’. (Explained below) What does the character fear? She is scared that the ‘beast’ inside will hurt or kill her girlfriend and friends or she will be alone for the rest of her life. What is the character proud of? Crystal has been very proud of somehow achieving her cutiemark. She never would have thought of getting the chance to discover her true talent. She is also proud of having Katisha in her life, never thinking she’d be loved. What is the character ashamed of? She is ashamed of multiple things. Her race, she sometimes wishes she was born a normal race. She has also (in a rampage from the ‘beast’) eaten ponies. She regrets her actions but knew that she couldn’t stop herself. Outlook on life (optimistic, pessimistic, cynic, idealist): She is optimistic on life as she hopes it will get better. Yet she sometimes is pessimistic as she feels she may be alone for the rest of her life. Ambitions: She wants to be a mercenary, hired to protect whoever or whatever the employer desires. She hopes to work for the royals but isn’t certain that wish will come true. How does the character see himself/herself? She sees herself as a gentle and nurturing pony. She can be hostile at times but that’s only to protect herself or others. How is the character seen by others? Crystal has different opinions from different ponies, most see her as a dangerous, hostile half breed and is incapable of camaraderie. While others see her as a misunderstood, graceful creature whose curiosity can sometimes get the better of her. Backstory/Bio: Crystal and her fire dragon pony sister, Flare Shot, were dumped at the edge of a village. Ponies peeked into the box to see what was inside, only to be scared out of their wits by two hungry dragon-like foals. No one wanted to take them in, not even the orphanage, so Flare and Crystal grew up homeless and fighting for survival. As they reached young adult-hood, they parted ways as they each wanted to have a future. Crystal used to live in the cave systems in Canterlot's Mountain/cliff face, occasionally going into the city to eat and try make contact with any ponies willing to give her a chance. About her beast state: Her beast state can be triggered by immense anger, extreme hunger and sometimes when she just lets go of herself. In the beast state she will attack anything she sees, hears or smells. Her strength, speed, size and ice spitting abilities grow dangerously. Crystal can, and majority of the time will, extremely damage or kill the victim. She may or may not eat it. She can be rescued from this state by ponies reminding her of her true self or if she does something extremely horrible to someone she holds dear. This can differ depending on how she got to the state. She will punish herself afterward or isolate herself if she is truly distraught on the way her beast state made her act. Thanks guys!
  4. (I feel like there's already a thread on this, but I couldn't find one when I searched for it ) Sorry if there's already one. ;p ______________ So which pony race is your favourite? My personal favourite is the pegasi.
  5. mmmh yes i like BONUS PIC my little head canon, so when somebra gets his crystal power thingy to make shining's horn all spiky it slowly turns him to the second sombra! so like you can say he planted a virus inside of him to take over his mind then take princess cadence down and ect ect... i know this theory is impossible but meh, just a little idea i had
  6. Gasp! Dear Celestia, what have I done? I have destroyed the fabric of reality! I have doomed the world to complete and total fallout. I..... forgot to write a blog yesterday! EVERYBODY PANIC! No, Im just kidding. Im sure you didnt miss my blog THAT much. But hey, its the thought that counts. Hello, Everypony! And welcome back to the Juggerpony Blog! I am your host, the Juggerpony. And today, we are doing to be going to back and continuing an older post I made about a week ago. That post would be "Defending Kind Sombra". In the post, I basically defended a normally hated villain, and argued as to why he was great. THis villain is none other than the infamous Crystal Tyrant and Lord of Shadows himself, King Sombra. Now, must tell everyone that, since the new Fiendship is Magic is considered non-canon, it will NOT be included in this review, unfortunatley. I read it, and loved it. Still, it is not canon ;( When we last left off We were discussing how Sombra had left a lasting impression on the Crystal Ponies. Still in the first part of the actual Crystal Empire Empire. In this blog, we will be talking about his dark magic, and his final invasion of the Crystal Empire! Ok, so lets skip a little ways into the episode, when we come across Sombras Throne room. This is the scene where twilight uses a spell fueled by hatred and rage to find a secret door. Now, a lot of people have referred to the Hatred spell as "Sombra Magic". If this is the case, than this also shows that Sombra was not just a creature of fear and malice, but also one of hatred and anger, which would also explain his cruel treatment to his subjects. But then there is the door. The door that is opened by the same spell, and reveals your darkest fears. For Twilight, that was rejection from her mentor, Celestia. And for Spike, it is Twilight rejecting him. It makes me wonder, though, what Sombras secret fear is. For a pony known as the Lord of Shadows, and the Tyrant of Fear. What would be his greatest fear? Man, I could answer a lot of these questions if the comic book was canon. Darn you, canon! You are ruining my blog! After Twilight conquers Sombras second greatest weapon (Stairs), she finds the Crystal heart. The Crystal Heart is known to be the instrument that, as said in my first blog, brings light and happiness to the land of Equestria. Sombra, to maintain control of the Empire, hid the heart to where no one could find it. And this is sort of where Sombras villainy shines. He has a Back-up plan. He thoroughly thought his plan out, making sure to get rid of the one thing he knew could end him, and hiding it to where not even Celestia and Luna could find it. But then, he had a back-up plan to his back-up plan. His second back up plan was that if anyone found the crystal heart, an alarm would go off, allowing the dark crystals back into the Crystal Empire, Love shield or not. And I find it interesting that if at least one Dark crystal is within the Empire, Sombra can still control it from the outside. This back-up plan almost gave him complete re-control of the Empire. If it wasnt for Twilights quick thinking, and Spikes bravery, Sombra would once again be the Crystal Tyrant. Guys, this villain is great. That is really all that needs to be said about him. Yes, he looks like an OC at the beginning, and yes, he looks like the cloud monster from Lost. But he is still a great villain. WHile not my first favorite (That honor goes to Tirek) he is still one of my favorites. Well guys, thank you for tuning in. I am so sorry for the lack of blogs, but I have been busy lately with school. i will not be able to bost a blog tomorrow, but I will be tuning in to watch Big Hero 6 tonight! So come on down to the Equestria TV area, and we can watch it together! Great Disney Movie. #StarWars7 Juggerpony out! Previous Blogs: Starlight Glimmer thoughts Season 5 Opener Review! Does the Shipping Community Destroy Lives? Controversy Talks: Bridle Gossip Defending King Sombra
  7. Earth ponies have strength, Pegasi have flight and Unicorns have magic, so what talent do crystal ponies have? I've noticed that all the crystal ponies I've seen are basic ponies ( earth pony model). So is there talent strength? or something completely different?
  8. The Crystal Empire parts 1 and 2 are my most watched episodes of MLP. It's not because they are some of my favorites but it was the most bizarre one I've seen and confused me the most. I had to watch it several times to understand what was going on. For example I didn't understand why some of the ponies were shining and turned transparent with gradient manes and jewelry. Anyway one of the things I've noticed was that when the Crystal Empire returned, there was no ruler present. We didn't even see one during Sombra's rule in the past. According to the Journal of the Two Sisters, there was a ruler called Princess Amore who used to be there who was a former Crystal Princess. And Princess Cadance has a cutie mark that resembles the Crystal Heart, and she has a gradient mane just like the crystal ponies. One of the crystal ponies referred to her as the Crystal Princess. Also Meghan McCarthy states she is a distant relative of Amore. And that means Cadance is part Crystal Pony. So here's my theory though it may sound a little silly. Princess Amore decided to take a break from the Crystal Empire and went on vacation and leave the Crystal Guards in charge of the empire. Sombra took over, Celestia and Luna banished him and he used the curse to transport the empire about 1,000 years into the future. And when Amore got back from her vacation, she noticed the empire was gone. On a side note Celestia also banished Luna shortly after they banished Sombra. Anyway Amore asked to stay with Princess Celestia. Celestia told her the next Crystal Princess will be whatever great granddaughter Amore has when the empire returns, in this case Cadance. Over the centuries Amore had children, grand children, great grandchildren, and so on until finally Cadance was born. And when the Empire was revived, Celestia sent a letter saying she is the new Crystal Princess. So that's my headcanon on the Crystal Empire and origins of Princess Cadance. It may sound weird or silly but that's what I can come up with.
  9. my new signature! it has my oc in a cave full of crystals
  10. TheBluScout

    Ask Yuki!

    Hi This Is Ask Yuki! Feel Free To Ask Me Anything But First
  11. Is there any way to get my hands on a real crystal statuette of Rarity? She's the only pony I don't have anything of yet, and I think that would be the best way to have her. Something like this, but with a purple mane. Anybody know anything?
  12. We've seen two big examples when crystals have been used as a medium for magic: when Celestia with dark magic made a crystal project an image of the past (and more), and when Twilight, also with dark magic, made a hidden staircase appear. But do crystals on their own possess magical power? The previous feat at least indicates that crystals are very responsive to magic which could be because they contain traces of magic within themselves. This could explain why Rarity uses magic to find gems but a similar spell to find other objects hasn't been shown. Chrysalis mentioned to the imprisoned Twilight she was in the caves under Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns in search for the gems the cave obtained. The Alicorn amulet's source of power appears to be a gem. The greedy unicorns possibly wanted these gems under Canterlot for their magical power. The Elements of Harmony also are studded with gems but this may just be the physical form they decided to take on. The crystals that make up the Crystal Empire have shown to be a very strong medium for magic, the crystal heart itself being a prime example. The crystals that make up the ground beneath could be what gives the crystal ponies their shining coats thus explaining why there aren't crystal ponies elsewhere. In conclusion gems are highly reactive to magic, possibly due to traces of magic already within. They're a lot more than dragon chow, that's for sure. What are your thoughts? Do you think gems have more magical power than I credit, or do you think they're just a bunch of shiny rocks?
  13. So far, there are two toys that exist that utilizes Swarvoski Crystals. 1) Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon-3(Which I got 2 at Comic-Con. One for me, one for a older relative) 2) Princess Twilight Sparkle(I already ordered it) Will there be any other Pony toys that get the Swarvoski Crystal theme like Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Queen Chrysalis?
  14. So I re-visited my good old work, which can be found here - And I kinda like it. So hope you will download and enjoy it! Here is a link to it - -K97
  15. So guys! Wanna know what *I've* been working on these last couple days? Yes. Couple. As in I wrote this in just three days, something I'm still trying to recover from. @~@ This entire song was largely experimental, and originated from a commission I was working on. However both me and the commissioner felt it wasn't suiting the aim, so I scratched it and adjusted it a little and continued it on anyways. I was enjoying myself as I wrote it so much that I wrote all four minutes of it in three days. I was spending a *lot* of time on this thing. Anyways, yes, it's yet another piano piece! This one however was written with the history of the Crystal Empire in mind. I imagine this almost being a story. The first dramatic part, is the Crystal Empire's fall and the coming of Sombra. The second part represents the Crystal Kingdom being hidden. The third part represents the kingdom returning, and the Mane 6 (namely Twilight and Spike) saving the kingdom along with Shining Armor and Cadence. Either way I hope you all enjoy this unique little(ish) piece I whipped up, I know I'm pretty surprised with how it turned out. Better than I expected really. ^_^"
  16. So I decided to try to draw some Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards fan art. The result isn't that great, but I don't think it's bad enough that I should just let it gather dust in the corner nether regions of my computer until the universe finally collapses in on itself in the end of space and time. So here it is, but first, I want to make a few points. You may ask why 02 is on a black background, it's because he looked horrible with just an outline, and even though the image has transparency, it shows up white on this site since the text has a white background. For this reason, I opted instead to encase him in a black box. Originally I had a few more characters but I failed at drawing them so hard that I erased them. Kirby 64 is amazing. Bearing that in mind, here we go, I appreciate feedback because I'm horrible at art, especially since I'm on a laptop, not a tablet. (I dislike tablets and am not going to buy one.) To be honest, I'm most proud of Ghost Knight (The green one with the lance and shield), the crab (His name escapes my memory), and the fire breathing thing (His name also escapes my memory)
  17. Here, I did another picture today. I'd love critics and comments. It didnt work again ;_; Let me just : " " I used 5 hours, also Had a bit of crtisism from midnightive and Lava1o
  18. I've thinking about this upcoming Crystal Pony episode, and the Crystal Kingdom itself. There are a few questions that have popped up regarding it. *Are they a different breed of pony? Or are they all kinds of pony who are just called Crystal ponies because they herald from the Crystal Kingdom? *Is the Crystal Kingdom a part of Equestria/is it under Equestria's control? Or is it a sovereign nation with shared or similar culture to Equestria? (Somewhat like how Austria is to Germany, how Portugal is to Spain, though that may be ignorant of me to claim) *What is Cadence's relationship to the Crystal Ponies? Does she run the Crystal Kingdom? Is she a Crystal pony herself? *What is wrong with the Crystal ponies? Is it that crystals and gems have become so common that it makes them feel kind of reduntant, or that crystals are the backbone of their economy and them being so common is resulting hyperdeflation? P.s. Sorry for not writing the spoiler alert initially. My bad.
  19. Okay! So! I got myself to finish another EDM-song, this one made with double the love and care <3~ Artwork done by vex, thanks again!~ ps. Don't forget to watch on YT and up the quality to 1080p, eh?
  20. Hi everybody. I just started a series called "Let's Play Pokemon Crystal Enhanced!" Basically, I'm playing through a hack of Pokemon Crystal version called Crystal Enhanced. All of the changes can be summed up as thus: Everything just got a HELL of a lot harder. Seriously, this hack was created to just brutally beat the player into submission. And I'm also Nuzlocking it. For those that do not know, a Nuzlocke run is where you only catch 1 Pokemon in each route, and if any of your Pokemon faints, it is dead and I can never use it ever again. This type of run is already quite a bit more difficult than your normal run, so slapping it on to a hack that is insanely hard normally will be...interesting, to say the least. Admitting, it was designed in mind for people to have a ridiculous challenge while Nuzlocking, but it changes nothing for the sheer difficulty of the game. Anyways, here's the first video: I plan on releasing a video every day or every other day, so watch for the updates! Also, if you guys have any comments/constructive criticism, then I would like to hear it. Anything to help improve my videos is greatly appreciated.