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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm a little new to Blender (still trying to figure out how to achieve certain looks and how all the tools work ), and I'm working on a low-poly cubic model for a pony base. I'm trying to make it as close to the style of the game Crossy Road as much as possible, but I'm just not sure how to achieve that with a cube- almost everything makes the pony either look bulky like they're wearing armor, or just makes them look kinda goofy. In this picture I feel like the shape is too alpaca-like...any suggestions on how I can improve?
  2. Hello, everypony look what I've found yesterday at DOLLARTREE something almost like a Rubix Cube called a Lazer Magic Cube it's 20% COOLER in Rainboom colors and it's larger then the Rubix Cube itself enjoy !
  3. This is just something that I've been noticing. Whenever we have company over some want "crushed" ice specifically. Do they enjoy every little crunch of ice with their drink? Others want it cubed; Just to make it cold, and big so that they don't get an abundance of ice? Some don't want any. Personally I like crushed ice. But to me, ice is ice. I won't yell at the person "This isn't crushed!" Give me your opinions please
  4. Ok, I LOVE the 80s so I wondered why there wasn't a thread on the 80s. People say the 80's had the best music, the best products, and the best...well...everything. Parachute Pants came in. The 80's were awesome. What were your favorite things to come out of the 80s. Bands Products Clothing Hairstyles genres books movies Video Games Anything else you can think of.
  5. :3 Yah, I was bored. Also, I got my webcam working again <3
  6. There is more to partying than you can see.