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Found 8 results

  1. You can also read it in text form here:
  2. I would like to buy some plushies and start a collection! Sadly all the Hasbro plushies are poorly made except the TY beanie babies, but I would rather have a 4D Plushie without brush-able hair. I have found a few online that I have liked, but they are normally about $150. I am a poor college student and I can't afford that right now. So I was wondering if any of you lovely people knew of a good place/store/online shop that I could buy plushies from!
  3. Would you sleep in the same bed as a pony? As in just friends, maybe a little cuddling but nothing beyond that. As in like you are still human when you came to Equestria. Some of the ponies are such good friends of yours that they even like to have you cuddle them in bed with them? (And sleep in the same bed as them as you drift off to sleep cuddling them) Or as in very a cold winter night they don't want you to feel cold. So, let's say Applejack (or somepony else) wants to sleep next to you to keep you warm during a cold night. Since you don't have fur like she does, you can't handle the cold as much as her.
  4. I tried out doing my first drawing of a pony... Here's a description (Using another user's format, but I assumed it's universal): Name: Cuddle Cresent (Got the name from a name generator so...) Type: Earth Pony Age: 16 Job: Traveller, Odd jobs around towns Friends: Knew Twlight as a little fillie... Not too well though. Ends up being friends with most ponies she meets... Sometimes not so much... Cutie Mark: Heart Breaking a bar of steel (Represents 'Tough Love' which she shows to those she encounters. Also her strong will). Talent: Acting and Fighting. Personality: Acts very girly (stereotypically), but is a big bad tom boy on the inside. Loves fighting, sports, and action packed situations... Time to time, she may like other "girly" things. Flaws: Has a ton of pride, and can get mad easy. She can control herself though, after awhile of anger. She also is arrogant in most cases and is greedy when it comes to sales, and will milk any oppurtunity (May not be a weakness, but would definitely be an annoying aspect). Backstory (Off the top of my head): She grew up in Canterlot, and was always looked at as the cutest pony in her class. She hated it. She did tons of tough stuff, got into fighting, and sports of all sorts., but was still looked at like any other cute pony out there. So, once she was old enough, she left home. She at first planned on living off the land, and started to farm. She found it boring though, and didn't want to stay in one place, so she abandoned the farm, by selling it to a couple who wanted that sort of life. She got a good amount of bits for it... She could've done better! She thought, and vowed to never mess up a sales oppurtunity again. After she left the farm, she just started to trek down a path. It veered and turned to all the lovely things in Equestria... She wanted something different then that. She decided to leave Equestria, and explore the lands outside. She did, fighting nasty mythical creatures, unseen to many pony's eyes, and found rare artifacts, that helped her defeat powerful foes. She sold whatever she didn't need, and makes a fortune... Most of the time. She has now decided to come home to Equestria, after a long 6 years of travel (Especially the one adventure into the 'Place ofNo Time' :3)
  5. The air was thick with smoke... What the hay?! I jumped up in surprise, to realize my tent was on fire! As I pondered the fact, I hear a rumbling outside, probably the creature that caused the fire. I grab my saddle bag, and open up the big flab on the right hooved side. I rummaged around quickly, but not fumbling, and felt the artifact... The Lightning Bolt artifact, able to use magic to fire a single powerful shot everytime it's charged up. Perfect... Well at least it'll be cool to use. As I pull the artifact over my one hoof, like a glove, a sudden shadow appears with the sound of rushing wind. Something big is about to hit me. I get into a crouch and roll out of the tent in one smooth motion, feeling the leafy safety as it brushes up against my flank. Then as I get up outside, I watch my tent get scoped up by a large claw. I soon imagined what creature was angry. Just another dragon. "Little pony... You should have let me knock you out, then you wouldn't have had to suffer as I prepare you for my next meal..." The dragon spoke, with a slurred, slimy voice, but strangely, easy to understand. It stood easily about 20 times my height (Which was six and a half feet), and had evil yellow eyes glaring at me, hungry. Was I scared? I guess any sane pony would be... But I'm not that sane of a pony I guess. I gave a cheeky smile, and aimed my Lightning Bolt at the dragon's head. I think: At least he's not a grudge dragon, those ones are annoying to deal with... "And miss the expression on your face when I do this? Never!" I say, then dig my hoof in deeper to the artifact, a surge of magic rushes into it, and a charge emits a blue glow around the Lightning Bolt. The glow centers itself on the point of the artifact, and as the dragon gave a dumb look, a beam of powerful magic hits him straight in the face. The blast had a strong enough kickback, that it sent me flying back, overtop a steep cliff. I immediately grab hold of the edge, and hang on for dear life. As I hang there, dazed, I think about the events leading up to this moment... "Yep... Another usual, ordinary day..." She sighs, hearing the dragon cry off in the distance. "Can't wait for the rest of the day..."
  6. I PG'd it up a bit xD. If "kill" is too harsh, just pretend I said "never have anything to do with ever again." Rendering the pony "dead" to you. Pick a pony, anypony, to assign to each. The Mane 6 are of course permitted, background ponies are permitted, characters regardless of gender are permitted, etc. Annnnd it goooes like this: Marry: This one's easy - Rainbow Dash is my waifu, after all. *Cuddle* (perfectly innocent): Well, it'd be awkward if I cuddled with one of RD's close friends before marrying her... Maybe... Mrs. Cake LOL. Because I've actually no real desire to cuddle with her, and afterwards I could just tell RD, "It meant NOTHING! It was a mistake; you're the only one I want to cuddle with now." Kill (or permanently shun): Possibly Snails lol. He just annoys the fudge out of me. I can't imagine the other ponies really minding all that much. Your turn?
  7. How i fell asleep last night with him, it was 4 in the morning and i couldnt sleep, so he messages me Him - *cuddles* Me - *leans against shoulder* Both of us - *falls asleep*
  8. this is sort of like a ask thing, you ask what pony and you get to see this cute little guy hugging him :3 ill do OCs and original characters on the show (mane 6 etc.) so just ask in the comments bellow what pony you want to see, if you want to go to my tumblr and ask here ya go Me and my friend, Neon Voltage. I tried to go up to her and give her a draconecuddle, but she was to fast and picked me up and countered with a pegacuddle... I shall try harder next time... still an awesome hug ^3^