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Found 9 results

  1. Do you like changelings? Of course you do, that was rhetorical. Buggos are cute. Buggos also crave love and your biggest of hugs. How fantastic! Ever since Thorax's debut in The Times They are a Changeling, he has been one of the warmest, friendliest and cutest characters on the entire show - that's right, Fluttershy, you have serious competition as Top Cinnamon Roll. Thorax is as loving and kind as Chrysalis was cold and brutal, which ultimately helped him ascend to the throne as the new King of the Buggos. Now a peaceful race of fairy bugs, Thorax and the changelings share love as opposed to taking it. What better way to celebrate Thorax Day than by coinciding it with National Snuggle/Hugging Day? That's right, January 6th is officially recognized, at least in the US and Canada as National Snuggling/Hugging Day. As such, let's take this day to focus on not only being kind to everyone around us, but to give out hugs like candy to those who welcome it. Just a Few Things YOU can do for Huggo de Buggo Day: * Post in topics regarding Thorax - episode discussions of episodes he's been in, lore topics, discussions, etc! * Put on a changeling avatar - be it Thorax, an OC or even a modest drone, as long as it's a cute changeling it'll work! * Bother @Jeric and Friends and see if they'll create some Thorax & cute changeling related reaction buttons for the forum. He'll probably do it anyway though. Spread love on this day and show appreciation to our fairy bug friends. Oh, oh! It's lunchtime, do you guys mind if we hug?
  2. Princess Luna is definitely the cuddliest pony for me. Her fur and her beautiful mane is so warm and soft and fluffy, that some days I just want to give her all the hugs in the world. I love Princess Luna and all of her fluffiness!
  3. Share your emotions here on what just made you cry, For me just now it was the amount of people who gave me emotion icons in such a short time and two followers in less than 2 minutes I thought was kinda cool.
  4. I would like to buy some plushies and start a collection! Sadly all the Hasbro plushies are poorly made except the TY beanie babies, but I would rather have a 4D Plushie without brush-able hair. I have found a few online that I have liked, but they are normally about $150. I am a poor college student and I can't afford that right now. So I was wondering if any of you lovely people knew of a good place/store/online shop that I could buy plushies from!
  5. Name: Cuddle Heart (aka Cuddleshy; The Cursed Angel) Age: 22 (cursed of immortality over 3000 years ago) Relationship: Princess Platinum (Mother) Cutie Mark: cursed to be unseen Powers: Low Level Unicorn Magic, Type 4: Angelic Magic, Type 7 Angelic Strength (when enraged) Personality: Generally scared and shy but when she warms up to others "acts her age". History: Born as a pegasus from the royal unicorn family, cuddle heart was treated like a servant and later banished at age 3 during the last months of the great blizzard. She accidentally stumbles into a unicorn colt known as sombra who decides to curse her with immortality as well to forever wear foals attire for eternity and was casted near what is known as now the Crystal Empire but before she could reach help, she fell through the ice and lost a wing and froze there and no one to save her. Millenniums she finally gave up hope and anger enraged her to turn into a beast and break through. She launched into the air and landed into tartarus and scared a three headed dog (#oopsihopethatwasntimportant). Later she regained her originally form and walked to a small town of Ponyville who never saw such a site of an adult mare with no cutie mark and wearing foalish clothing. Soon ponies were concern of their children and ousted her out. The harassment surged through and once again changed her into her beast form and went into the Everfree to nearly wiping out the Timberwolves from existence. The next day, the main six decides to investigate a fire that appeared in the everfree only to find burnt timber and a mare who was covered in ash and splinters. After discovering her past Twilight decides to bring Cuddle Heart to the other Princesses. They all judged her and though she had dark energy, they all sought that with training, she can control it with proper guidance and over the first two years she became the Princesses' Apprentice and was given title as princess but decided to open up the first Adult Foal shop after discovering that there were those who liked what she did not see she had all along. She later found herself enjoying the comfort and began a chain of stores in big cities and one in Ponyville.
  6. ~~Just hug them =3 ~~ With text (*glomp*, *hugs*, *cuddles*, whatever), with images: or with video hugs (if you can find one, I mean ), whatever sort of hug you'd like to give them
  7. My Idea of Fluttershy's trip to see the breezies is so much different now and I like it
  8. §·¤·¤·¤·¤· Filly Chrissie thread ·¤·¤·¤·¤·§ §·¤·¤·¤·¤·DeviantArt·¤·¤·¤·¤·§ §·¤·¤·¤·¤· This is the thread that I will place all future artworks of Chrissie ·¤·¤·¤·¤·§ §·¤·¤·¤·¤· Feel free to comment. All new artworks will be put into the first post ·¤·¤·¤·¤·§ A short visit to the fair. A Work in progress