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Found 6 results

  1. My year so far has been a bit weird but not in a bad way. Most of my year so far has been great! I got a job, commissioned a few talented artists, celebrated my mom's birthday, celebrated holidays, got a new cat, and re-joined the brony fandom! What about you guys?
  2. With Nickelodeon doing whatever, Cartoon Network and Disney Television Animation have been pumping out numerous hits in recent years. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Wander Over Yander, Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and more. Which do you personaly think has the best current lineup?
  3. Current TV we are fans of :- My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic AND Doctor Who Torchwood The Big Bang Theory House Lewis Warehouse 13 Spooks It has to be TV series which are being made/shown currently
  4. I'm not trying to be a creep here, but I really want to know if anyone who goes to school is happy with their current grades. I'm happy about mine because this is the first time in years since I got straight As and Bs. :3 So what about you? Would you mind explaining why or why not?
  5. The other day I got alot of help from a bunch of other people that involved me getting help with making my original OC better. I'd like to thank them greatly for all the help, I personally love my new OC compared to my old one, but I still think my new one could use some work. Any advice to make my new one better? Old OC: New and improved OC. What do think? Any possible advice will help. PS. My Current Oc named Dashing Cloud has abit of a description to him but far from finished, unlike my old OC.
  6. So do you like the throwback soda or Current up-to-date soda? I prefer Throwback, the soda itself taste SO much better, and I think I would spend more money on throwbacks than I would with "Current soda". What do you think?