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Found 2 results

  1. This is probably going to attract no traffic but I felt like talking about it. Cursive. I'm pretty sure we've all seen it. You know. You squiggly lines that people wrote in years ago. But do we still need it? I think yes. Back in um... second? yeah, second grade writing was a class where we were taught how to write cursive. Now my teacher was ancient (60 or something. Not that old but it felt like it then) and had the mentality that it had to be perfect. Every E had to be the perfect size and capital G had to have the exact loop. I wrote in cursive for years after this and that was my go-to writing style. Then after a few years we moved (That's the army for you). My next school didn't care for cursive nor did they teach it. I was directly asked by teachers to write in print rather than cursive. Bad for me cause I had almost forgotten how to write print and had to make the sudden swap. Now my hand writing is pretty bad and traces of cursive can be found when I do write (I mostly type now becasue of my handwriting) such as many times I never lift up and write full words with no break in the letters. I can still read and write cursive so I think I'm good. Now to get off my life story and to the point here. We need cursive. One argument is signatures. "It ain't a signature if it ain't in cursive" Says my 87 year old Southern grandmother. And that's right. If seen many times were someone writes print where it should be a signature. Public Schools don't teach it yet is a needed skill. If it's in print it can be forged easily. I'm not going to put the whole "Cursive is an art form" thing out there cause that's just stupid. Old documents written in cursive that hold historic value can't be read by many public school students and private school students from there lack of learning. I'm not saying everything should be in cursive rather that people need to know it when they see it and be able to write in it if needed. I ended on a weak note here but that's all I've got. I leave with this. Can you read it?
  2. Does anyone else use cursive anymore? I remember being in 3rd grade and my teacher wouldn't shut up about it and how important it will be in the future. Nowadays I only use cursive to sign my name on papers. No one likes trying to read scribbles.